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  1. Anpu

    Muscle suit version 2

    I dunno, I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again... If you ever achieve that look "naturally", and by that I mean building actual muscle to those proportions, you will, literally, be ungodly hot.
  2. Anpu

    Death of Jack Chapman

    Oh my word, just reading the Buzzfeed article, I did not know this was so dangerous. You see a lot of stuff about this on the net and I've seen one or two on YT about guys who inject, but I have until today never known that people have died from it.
  3. Anpu

    Political colours

    As I am not an American, my two cents worth is probably less so, especially taking into account the current exchange rate... but, at this point looking from the outside in, you should start discerning between the corporately owned republicans and democrats, colour them all the same, then take the most polarising extremists on both sides, choose opposite colours for them, then, whomever is left (if any) you should get to run your country.
  4. Anpu

    Death of Jack Chapman

    Thanks for posting this, I remember reading about it in a Forum news section and wanting to post it here myself, but I completely forgot. I thought it couldn't be the best thing for your health, but after seeing a good deal of men who did the same, seemingly even more than he did, living their lives without apparently any major issues aside from public reactions to it, I thought at least it doesn't seem to be life threatening. So this was quite a shock. That poor lady, oh my god, so incredibly sad. I honestly do not know what to say after watching the video, honestly don't.
  5. Well informed and gorgeous, makes me wish I was younger!
  6. Anpu

    Muscle suit version 2

    Yeah, this is so hot I can't even find the proper words.
  7. Anpu

    Where have you done it?

    Yeah like there should at least be a "Wheelchair stall in a public bathroom at the beach" option... shouldn't there?
  8. Uganda / Tanzania, most of Africa has an archaic attitude towards homosexuality, most of which but not all can be brought to lie in front of the two major religions that have dominated and spread across the continent. Although some few governments make allowance for homosexual / LGBTQ rights, unfortunately (based on SA where I live) the poorer the area, the shittier your experiences as a LGBTQ person will be. Cities for the most part are like flickering candles in the darkness (and oddly enough some small towns cast the light of acceptance quite strong) but even in cities like Cape Town / Johannesburg etc, you get to the poorer parts of the city and informal settlements, and you take your life in your own hands being out. Especially being out and lesbian can end up in you being raped and killed. For instance a certain coloured pastor, I will explain why I make mention of his ethnicity, (also in SA the term "Coloured" is not derogatory and is proudly carried by a whole group of people as their racial identity) made several statements concerning the drought here in CT and major forest fires in the southern coast near a town / city called Knysna. He happily blamed it on the fact the CT is basically SA's gay capital and Knysna was going to host a pro-LGBTQ event / associating with it. The usual God hates fags and will destroy your cities because of your sins. So no surprise that he is a fan (and affiliated with) a certain pastor in America who spews LBTQ hatred, has himself said that he would beat up queers and that gay people should be hanged or some such. Not gonna name him, BUT, the first time I saw an interview of his, I started smelling mothballs, like the kind your granny used to stick in her closet. So why do I focus on coloured where the pastor is concerned? Well because the coloured community in SA, though not wholly accepting of has generally always been more accepting of LGBTQ in SA, at least from my PoV. And the reason for this, I've always assumed, is because they know inherently what discrimination is like, discrimination for being born something or someone undesirable to the state. (Apartheid) So I was shocked to see this level of hatred from a man who is definitely old enough to remember what it was like. Generally, and especially in the past, acceptance in the White community in SA has been spotty at best, though I must admit it has grown a whole lot, whereas in the Black community in SA it is unfortunately not yet where one would want it to be, but at least it seems with the younger generations it is growing, for which I am thankful. It is just little idiot bumps (like the dude above) that make me worry, because there are people who are informed by these so called preachers (of God's love no less) and they inform their children. That is why you can have 17 yo's riding around beating up queers and / or spouting racist bullshit, when there is no logical reason / way they could have been exposed to it other than their parents drilling it in to them. You know, there are a lot of problems out there, that need fixing, homosexuality (LGBTQ) isn't one of them. Let people be, let them live their lives and be themselves. They are not as different as you might think. And a little difference makes life more interesting. Their is every kind of topping for the pizza that is life.
  9. Anpu


    Well, honestly, if they can do a total and complete upload of a human mind into a machine, along with the ability for it to function like (or to some extent like) a human mind... I would honestly not mind getting uploaded onto some kind of Von Neumann type device, even if it destroys the original / master "copy". I'd be off in a flash, tataaaaa to the human race and nice knowin' ya. If you want a sense of what I mean, read the "Bobiverse" series of Sci-Fi. But essentially, all the way from enhanced bio-electronics / robotic limbs etc, to just enhancement on a whim - to a final and complete transcendence to a "machine" intelligence... no issue with it. Evolution got us this far, gave us the tools to go further. Right now I honestly think it will probably be a tie between genetic alterations and mechanical / synthetic alterations and enhancements for a while, but, Imho genetics and biology will simply take us that far and no further. We could also take the long route, like in Dune, where through rigorous training over millennia we guide our own evolution like we did with animal breeding, but we would have to first turn this generation Google around who have attention spans shorter than those of a gold fish. All of this is long term planning type stuff. And as with GE, it will only go so far and no further.
  10. Anpu

    Logan Paul - woof

    Yeah, that piece where he finds a suicide victim hanging in the Suicide Forest... not good, if I thought he was a low piece of shit before, he just did the equivalent of "Dude, hold my beer...". Thereafter that having seen the take of a Japanese gentleman who is on YT, about his "Japan videos (not just the suicide one) and how atrocious the Japanese public he interacted must have found his actions, I can honestly say I do not find him in the slightest bit attractive. In the past I might have though his brother and himself were PHYSICALLY attractive, but now their obviously overloaded egos etc. just make them butt fucking ugly.
  11. Hey guys came across this: https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/ used to be a zip file also, does anyone know if it still is available or how to strip a site like this from the net for keeping on disk? If this is okay to link? (Admin?) Regards Me
  12. Anpu

    Instant orgasm content thread

    Comics definitely do it for me, sometimes more so than video / pics. And I know why Josman has that power, cause God knows it's the combination of the taboo trysts and the insanely gorgeous art style that just blows you mind and your load. Also, that man knows how to draw dicks. Holy effing fuck.
  13. Anpu


    I'm not saying he is... though he is hot... I'm just saying... In-te-rest-ing indeed. (Nice surprise at the end.)
  14. Well yeah... that was ummm... errr....
  15. Anpu

    Planet Right

    With the rather stunning results in France, is it just me or is the world going all nationalist and conservative again? Oh, and isn't it funny that the Le Pen woman has previously stated she is getting funding from Russia... mmm, where have I heard this story before?

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