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    Big muscle guys, gym, training...
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    6'2 (188cm), 220lb
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    Getting to know other guys who share interests or a nice bodybuilder who wants to talk with me
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    Realistic: 6'2 and 240-250 all muscle and ripped
    Dream: 6'6 and 300lb of muscle
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    Danny Jones
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    Big muscle studs that grow even bigger and let me take control of them...

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  1. Palver

    Gus and Tyler

    Damn good story! Need to know how it continues!!
  2. Palver

    Desire: Chapter One

    Yeah. Make him grow taller and more muscular! Big hung bottoms are hot
  3. Palver

    Raised Boy

    Yes please! More of this! I like that Carlos is not subdued instantly...
  4. Palver

    My giant roomate pt2

    Thanks!!! It was as good as the first part,even more... Now you have to tell the rest of the story By the way, maybe 190 is a bit small for a 6’2 guy... I measure that and for being big and muscular you should be at least 205 or 210...
  5. Palver

    My giant roomate

    Yes please. It was an awesome story. When will we get part 2?
  6. Palver

    Big Guys into Small Guys?

    I love this topic... I'd love to have a bigger guy just for me to command and grow... Wish I find one someday...
  7. Hello Palver welcome to the forum!