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    Talking about muscle in general, growth, nutrition, experiences, juicing, mature muscle etc.
    Also on advice to grow

    Also into instrumental and classical music, rock, anime, somber themes, intellectual discussions, cooking and eating, adventures

    Tambien hablo español si prefieren :)
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    175 cm at 77Kg
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    Becoming someone's little muscle experiment or musclepup would be welcome :P i'm into being experimented on so long as i benefit from it

    Also into getting to know other people with the same interests as me, as well as getting tips on how to build myself up, or just talk on common interests
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    Short term; 85kg at 19%bf
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    Dream; 104kg at 18%bf
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  1. DutchPump

    Protein daily amount and growth

    me too, when i grew the most were the periods i was actually enjoying myself and not barely hanging on to sanity by a thread I don't use creatine but i've had good experiences with using collagen protein supplementation instead, as it aids in the joint department as well, but generally just having peace of mind has been the thing that works the best (a rare luxury this semester -_-)
  2. DutchPump

    Protein daily amount and growth

    This is just what i learned from the fitness personalities i follow who usually have studies to back up their reasoning, i can try to link back to their post if you want, in general, most state the ideal is from as low as 0,3grams to 1,5grams per kg of body weight per day ordinarily, and as high as 2-3grams/kg body weight/day when in a caloric deficit. However, keep in mind these numbers are the median of a variety of results within a pool of subjects, with some subjects benefiting from even less than the results of the study to other subjects not benefitting at all and some even losing muscle at those numbers, so it's still very individual and should be used as a general guide that can apply to a broad spectrum of people but won't be ideal for everyone and can be adjusted on a case by case basis as results may vary from person to person. So i would say try to aim for around 1,5g/kg-bw/day since that range appears to be working for you and if it does maintain that, if not adjust it a little higher and go on from there, but it really doesn't need to be too high, you mentioned you went through some very stressful periods and stress (among other factors like loss of sleep) can be pretty detrimental to muscle gain even if you keep your diet on track, i've lost muscle during stressful periods at my university on the same diet that kept me growing.
  3. DutchPump

    Death of Jack Chapman

    I can't say that i know the story since i didn't know either one but regardless of that, just from the outside he handled everything surrounding it very very poorly and it paints it in a very bad light. I do understand that these relationships exist and some people do enjoy them quite a bit but once it involved serious health issues and definitely his death that goes outside the roleplaying and a master-slave relationship and he should have addressed it and all the matters concerning it with more diligence and care as a sensible person, especially with regards to failing to inform his immediate family immediately even before he was dying when he was critical and definitely cremating him is just unacceptable, even if you hate your in-laws it's never a partner's prerogative to bar them from being able to say goodbye to their child.
  4. DutchPump

    How do you manage your gym time?

    if money isn't much of an issue buy dumbbells and reserve all workouts that HAVE to happen in the gym due to equipment for gymtime, and everything that can be done at home (or in the neighbourhood like cardio or pullups if you have a monkeygym nearby) do it inbetween things like right after or before homework or bed and such.
  5. DutchPump

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I personally work out 60-90mins normally per session, go over that upper measure on lazy days when i dont have much to do so i take longer breaks, even professional bodybuilders don't work out all day so it wouldn't do him any benefit (likely even be detrimental during the gaps when he is off-cycle since the body is being overtrained and cannot recover as efficiently and quickly as when someone is on gear) plus you should consider that the bodybuilding lifestyle is pretty expensive, food and gear aren't cheap (darn that blasted HGH premium) so having two sources of income would benefit you there too being able to afford more and/or higher quality sources of food and gear, not to mention even he will age at some point and you need to keep in mind a reasonable pension scheme in the future which would greatly benefit from more investment from two parties instead of one, plus it can also be a safety net, if you depend on a single provider if they are left out of work for whatever reason for a period of time, your lifestyle will suffer immediately from the abrupt shortage of funds, having two incomestreams is a safer bet for a consistent lifestyle. Additionally, if you want kids in the future you should also keep in mind parental leave if you will adopt very young as the child will demand a lot of attention, and taking a baby to a gym surrounded by weights (and bacteria) isn't ideal (unless your gym has a daycare and they will care for children so young).
  6. DutchPump

    What draws you you to muscle?

    I enjoy it both on myself and on others, but I'd say on myself its more about the power to intimidate and stand out, while on others it depends, I prefer smaller ripped muscles on more rugged or traditionally handsome guys, also on tall guys, and like the rough manly or intimidating look, while I prefer big beefy muscles on short or more cute and boyish guys because it find it makes them cuter (odd I know but I don't find huge soft beefy muscles that rugged looking especially when the face is very boyish, at least when they aren't very hairy). Personally, I do prefer (proportional) size over super ripped muscles. Additionally, I love seeing muscle growth and transformations, especially if its a big change, I love seeing the changes over time, on myself but more so on others, especially if on others it becomes an obsession. I personally don't like working out though, I do it purely as a means to an end, I train for vanity and not for strength or a goal as lofty as 'health' as sad as it sounds XD As for my favourite muscles, they are the shoulders, the legs (both calves and thighs), huge calves especially are a big turn on, I love big pillowy pecs, and broad lats, I also like a very developed and beefy apollo's belt but that's very rare, and although not a muscle I do also find exceptionally beautiful and eye-catching when the torso itself is very thin and long compared to the muscles on the frame themselves, or when the build of the muscles is very big thick and more like a beefcake all over and the waist is very small, I also like oversized arm muscles when compared to the waist (another peculiarity).
  7. DutchPump

    Real Life Bullying in Gyms

    I have seen something similar, not bullying but an act of aggression I suppose, there is 1 big but not huge guy at one of the gym locations I frequent, he's about in his early 30's I'd say, and he behaves very aggressively in general, when he is in the gym him and his best buddy (who is also loud but quite friendly by contrast) make enough noise, grunting, yelling and moaning that you know they are there even if you didn't see them yet and I have seen him get aggressive once with 2 other patrons starting to yell and get in their face and threaten them after one of the two guys told him to not hog 3 machines at once (he does it often), but he is good friends with the staff at the gym so nothing came of it, he is the only one though, the bodybuilders and powerlifters are generally either nice and social or super focused doing their thing and don't intereact with anyone, he's the only one who embodies what you think of when you hear "roid rage".
  8. DutchPump

    Need help coming up with a Meal Plan

    @bigknux i know the ectomorph struggle, i had to nearly double my food intake to gain even a little weight 😕i eat around 3000 kcal a day when i bulk
  9. DutchPump

    Need help coming up with a Meal Plan

    Just a question, why can you not use the same diet plan as your boyfriend, or hire in the same nutritionist? Wish i could help but i prefer to eat deliciously rather than very strictly watching all my macros, i focus only on minimum protein and overall sodium intake, and everything else i do normally although i generally eat decently healthy so i don't really need to worry about gaining much unnecessary weight. Goodluck
  10. DutchPump

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    @CentralNJmuscle that's interesting that you bring it up because i've also had the same considerations before, when i get big enough that i could compete in an amateur contest, if i did, would i be able to stay "appropriate" when on stage? or even backstage? I think you will get hard at some points but you wont stay hard throughout once you realise no one is paying attention to you but to themselves and its a competitive environment. And you cant let yourself be swept away by the wave of stimuli, plus contest prep can be murderous, i think horniness will take up a smaller portion of your attention then you think once you are so carb deprived, dehydrated and feeling like shit while trying to look your best. Especially in a competition where everyone else looks amazing as well. You cant let your mind drift away from the goal for a single second and you have to do your utmost to best every other guy there, you might get hard but it will be like when you see a hot guy then talk to them for a while or befriend them, you wont be hard the entire time around them, you become accustomed to their presence with only occassional flare ups, my best guess is just research what other gay bodybuilders do to deal with it or at least google how drag queens tuck away or hold down their penises and use that to keep your own in check.
  11. That's a very personal question, for some the ultimate goal IS muscle and nothing else, they are willing to ruin their bodies and cut years off of their lives for it, the end goal will be to die muscular, while others will have a longing for something more, just like how muscle eases an itch for me nothing else does, there are other cravings in my life that muscle doesn't fulfil and even at my age of 23 i've also started to ponder on that "what then?", that's also why i also decided that i will make myself as large and freaky as possible by dedicating only the maximum amount of time i can to the gym without it interfering with my "ordinary life", i have no intention of becoming a fitness star nor to slave away my days to an endless pursuit of muscles, i want to satisfy my curiosity of many other things, education for one, professional life, personal life (both partners and friends) i often and gladly modify my gym time around my friends because i'm very busy and so are they so when i see a chance i will cram gym time into any other available slot and let myself waste hours way on mindless banter and conversation, i don't want to satisfy that itch for muscle and neglect the other itches i have, life is too short and i only get one so i won't use it on just one thing, i want a bit of everything. I think if muscle is your alpha and omega, go for it wholeheartedly, but if its not and there are cravings or voices in the back of your head that demand something more, don't ignore them or you might possibly end up one day muscular but not necessarily satisfied beyond your body.
  12. I think we should also keep in mind that not everyone is into muscles, let alone questionable obsessions with it, my ex-boyfriend for example dreaded the idea of me becoming bigger because he met me at about 62kg and he liked skinny guys, me gaining weight didn't stop him from loving me though. We should keep in mind that what we want to become might not exactly be who they first fell for (or might even be far off their ideal), however a partner that doesn't support you doesn't make them a bad partner, sabotage yes, but if they let you pursue your thing even when they are uncomfortable or put off by it i think that's commendable and worth praise
  13. So been following this youtuber for a while and since I didn't see anything of his on here I felt compelled to share this cutie. I present, the topless baker, a lankier but still very nicely built guy making deserts with an apron on instead of a top, and boy am I grateful. It sure helps that he's cute too, and I very much like his moles, like chocolate chips on a delicious cookie..... Enjoy the goodies (both visual and edible ) And of course, can't forget the video where he went apronless and for those looking for something a bit more savory, fit for those who like meat and vegans
  14. DutchPump

    Extreme horniness to a fault

    @qwerty47666 best course of action is to talk to him, i will assume here that he was raised traditionally in his family being middle eastern or might have been even born there, he will have a very different cultural lens through which he sees the world, so something that doesn't make sense to you might to him, and vice versa, explain how you see it, and explain your needs, and then get him to explain to you his own views, im not talking stating the obvious "i don't like this because of ....." but the why he interprets it that particular way, so you can also understand him better, but be pragmatic, since what you might believe to be the "correct" social normal might not be for him and if it comes across as "eventually you'll see things my way" it might make him even more reserved. I think a compromise would be for you to masturbate when he shows off to you possibly, sex doesn't always have to boil down to penis+anus=sex, if that is too demanding because either or both of you might be exhausted from work or daily life try to play around, get in the shower together and jerk each other off before bed, when changing clothes play with and tease each other tentatively, that way he can still be "in the picture" and you can jerk off, i have experience with a muslim friend who also struggles sometimes between being gay and the cultural values and standards he grew up with, and personally im also someone who had issues with their partner because they had a sex-drive that far exceeded mine, it can become quite a daunting and intimidating task trying to please the person who seems to not be able to be satisfied. Also if he doesn't know about your muscle fetish yet, i recommend you tell him, maybe not in-depth but the basics, it can help him understand you as well as motivate him to experiment around with what to please you.
  15. DutchPump

    Spidey and Venom's Experiment (Edited)

    I've now included the extended ending, as well as touched up a few things here and there, I will no longer be changing the story further

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