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    Interested in live music, meeting new people and working out. Goal is to get as big as I can.
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    not big enough
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    Seeking other like minded individuals. Also, seeking sponsor and supporters. I am on instagram at Boston_muscle
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    no limit :)
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    Jay Cutler!!!
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    muscle and growing bigger

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  1. Looking thick and strong, man.  Keep it up!

  2. amazing arms big guy

  3. Love to role play with you so I can grow 

  4. Hi Collegeboy. Is that you in the blue shirt? If it is, I don't see how you can feel small! Dayyuuum!

    I'm not a bodybuilder, but I am an admirer who loves to talk about muscle. Get in touch with me on Yahoo Messenger if you want. My Messenger ID is leandro1920.

    Take care,