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  1. arpeejay

    Fast Track

    << de-lurk >> I know your preference is for short one-shot stories (and they're great) but THIS one really deserves a follow-up! << re-lurk >>
  2. Their loss. You wrote a great story. Like most great stories, it draws on real life events and *fictionalizes* them. Unfortunately, too many people here don't understand the purpose of fiction or how it works. Again, THEIR loss. Please refrain from beating yourself up about it. And keep writing tremendously wonderful stories like this one!
  3. << de-lurk >> Quite the best series I've read in a long, long, long time. And I like to think even after everything this craptastic year has brought M-G my connoisseur cred is still, in fact, in tact. Many thanks for a memorable ride. << lurk >>
  4. Arpeejay!   GREAT to see you posting!  Hope all is well with you and yours --



  5. arpeejay

    Big Tyler part 2

    I deleted all of my Tumblrs when Tumblr announced its anti-sex purge in December. Why am I not suprised that links to deleted pages lead to sex sites? Idiots.
  6. If you would like to access my stories (or to discuss the dismal condition of the M-G world), send me e-mail: [email protected]

  7. Arpeejay,

    GREAT to have you back! Happy 2019!


    1. arpeejay


      Thanks, although in fact "back" in this case is strictly limited. Inasmuch as this site is now overwhelmingly for posting pix I will follow the crowd (for once) and use it as  a substitute for Tumblr.

    2. Hialmar


      The community is not really the same, since the time you went silent and GiganticBeast became an infrequent visitor. I will enjoy, when you de-lurk more permanently. I hope your exercise goes well after the Christmastide excesses (We celebrate it for 20 days here, not 12 days as in the English carol).

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