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    Lifting, travel, reading, mass monsters, smaller guys who make me seem huge, dogs, gardening, music, art.
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    5'10, 225 lbs.
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    Friends, chat, STORIES!
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    6 ft, 400 lbs., all muscle, furry as fuck
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    Me and the Old Man (BBMikeNJ); A Perfect Revenge (FanTCMan); The Bet (Jaypat); The Prisoner (John D.); BoyGod (LuvsMusl); And Scott Grew Huge (QuoteTheRaven); Muscle Service Station (Josef Howard); and many more.
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    The Mass Monsters, whoever they happen to be at the time. These days: Big Ramy, Roelly Winklaar, Regan Grimes, Bruno Moraes Cunha, Antoine Vaillant, the list is endless. Back in the Day: Dorian, Ronnie, J-P Fux, et al. Gone but not forgotten: Art Atwood, Nasser el-Sonbaty, Mike Matarazzo, Matt Duval, and too many others.
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    Muscle, fur on muscle, big guys with little guys, older guys with younger guys, big dicks. The usual, in other words.

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  1. arpeejay

    m/m The Big Boss

    I'm NOT a fan of snuff but this one just begs for a continuation in which Big Boss gets his comeuppance from the world's biggest OSHA inspector!
  2. Today in thirsty...


    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      Looking amazing Richard!

  3. Your work is always great. This one is particularly awesome!
  4. And what WAS the number on the scale? I find it so interesting that your characters react to massive, ripped muscle with disgust and even nausea. I know it's not uncommon for some people (women especially) to do the "Eww ick!" thing when looking a bodybuilders, whether they're blown-up off-season mass monsters or ripped to shreds and contest ready. But I've never heard of anyone actually, you know, *hurling* at the sight of them!
  5. Very good story and the protagonist's growth is hot. The sadism / torture / revenge angle really isn't my cup of tea, of course (yes, I'm Muscle Growth fiction's one and only "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm..."), but, hey, it's Halloween!! Good luck with the finances and please keep on writing! Richard
  6. I think this one deserves MORE! Thanks!
  7. I'm glad, that you are back!

  8. My 100+ stories are archived on OneDrive. If you're interested in accessing them drop me a line: [email protected]

    Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram @arpeejaay -- knowing me I'll probably follow back!

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