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  1. Looking for stories with a lot of contact, touching and worship scenes.
  2. Stories with those themes. Because, you know, merry Christmas ?
  3. Dont tell anyone, but i wont mind 37 to 40 more parts
  4. Hey, I found this pic a couple of hours ago and it got me in the mood for stories w/ those kind of sports.
  5. Saw it on porn yesterday and that needed more muscle, a lot more :3 So... Any stories with the stuff?
  6. I finally found it on here http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/peterbilt/neighbor-man.html I wish it was longer xD Thanks for the help guys
  7. Thanks, but I think it's not. I think it was very old, but I'm not sure
  8. I'm looking 4 a old story with several parts where a bodybuilder moves to the apartment in front a closeted guy. At some point the big guy notices the narrator staring and slowly starts seducing him into a total worshiper. That's all I can remember
  9. I finished Mutant from Marquis and I'm looking for more stories where a straight guy grows too big and women start refusing to have sex with him. Them he fuck guys to satisfy his extreme sex drive
  10. Lust induced growth! Not looking 4 a specific story, just want to know if there are some around these lines.
  11. Looking 4 stories that where roiding is a huge sexual think for the character. Better if it's told from the character's sexual partner point.
  12. Uh... I'm using a galaxy tab S2 and mozilla 4 navigation. It's okay so far
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