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  1. Looking for stories with a lot of contact, touching and worship scenes.
  2. Stories with those themes. Because, you know, merry Christmas
  3. Dont tell anyone, but i wont mind 37 to 40 more parts
  4. Hey, I found this pic a couple of hours ago and it got me in the mood for stories w/ those kind of sports.
  5. Saw it on porn yesterday and that needed more muscle, a lot more :3 So... Any stories with the stuff?
  6. I finally found it on here http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/peterbilt/neighbor-man.html I wish it was longer xD Thanks for the help guys
  7. Personally I never saw anything of the kind. But the gym I'm going is a small neighborhood space and there's not much to see. The "biggest" guy there is really tall but fitness size at the best. He's discreet and polite to the employees, and barely talks or does any sounds besides one light clank or another. Kinda eerie actually. I do remember reading once that Donte Franklin got kicked from his gym for some reason and a while ago sites telling the case of another bodybuilder being kicked for bullying an old lady online after taking pictures of her at the gym.
  8. Thanks, but I think it's not. I think it was very old, but I'm not sure
  9. I'm looking 4 a old story with several parts where a bodybuilder moves to the apartment in front a closeted guy. At some point the big guy notices the narrator staring and slowly starts seducing him into a total worshiper. That's all I can remember
  10. I finished Mutant from Marquis and I'm looking for more stories where a straight guy grows too big and women start refusing to have sex with him. Them he fuck guys to satisfy his extreme sex drive
  11. Lust induced growth! Not looking 4 a specific story, just want to know if there are some around these lines.
  12. Dentistclark, if you find yourself in a mood of telling us more feel free to do it
  13. I watched the movie yesterday and those guys hit my buttons really hard, maybe even found new ones. I left wishing they had more screen time, a lot more. But can barely find images of the actors on internet, sadly. Does anyone feel alike? I'm thinking about requesting a story based on them
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