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  1. Looking for stories where the bottom is taking a cock so big that he's gut bulges to acomodate. Better if the top is growing Sutff like this: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/into-the-gut-2-216424 But with real meat!
  2. There is a lot of advertisements about free token generators for chaturbate and other sites too. Does these hacks work? Anyone ever tried?
  3. It not happens in this video because Dallas is just flexing. But sometimes; specially in older and longer videos, also in interviews, his way of speech, expressions and gestures can look very delicate to me. (I remember of a toxic a comment on a YouTube video calling him fag) I think that by themselves those gestures have little to no meaning but I wonder if that huge tatooed bodybuilder could be gay. (If he is into guys i dont think that would ever become public) Dallas is almost all my wet dreams in one giantic body... what a mind blowing thing it would be he coming out like Bob Paris did
  4. I'm into guys much, much bigger than me. I mean Dallas McCarver size! Usually I just hit muscular guys on apps because I'm under the impression that "bodybuilding culture" is extremely homophobic (just take a trip to getbigcom, bodybuildingcom and other forums of the kind) So, unless I'm sure that the big strong guy is into other guys I will not try to chat or anything. (It sucks so much) Does anyone feels alike? How do you deal with it? What is your "strategy" if you are planning to approach a guy much bigger than you for small talk, friendship, sex or any other thing?
  5. Thanks, those are good More! More stories were the growing cock make the bottom really struggle to ride it, filling, stretching his hole to the limits
  6. Stories where the top grows inside the botton and he barely can endure the incresing cock size and girth Better if the scenes are from the botton's view point
  7. Need pecs Giantic, pumped, engorded, massive veiny pecs. Abused pecs. Over sensitive pecs. Pecsgrowth. Pecorgasm Anything focused om pecs and nipples
  8. Hello musclebeastcumdump97 welcome to the forum!