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  1. Muscle and romance

    Uh... I'm using a galaxy tab S2 and mozilla 4 navigation. It's okay so far
  2. Muscle and romance

    Indeed! I'm using a tablet and it is working pretty well
  3. Muscle and romance

    I'm in the mood 4 stories w/ one guy growing huge and a lot of gooey romantic stuff between he and his partner.
  4. There is very few things that I can remember of the story. I think it was posted in the old forum but I can't find it in the archive. There was a lot of muscle growth and the protagonist could fuck like forever. He would simply have a huge orgasm, cum a lot, take a few deep breaths and start pumping again.... over and over until his exhausted boyfriend asked him to stop. He would then grunt or complain but aways obeying, kinda of a tough macho romance. Okay... that could be like several stories... but I'd appreciate any hints.
  5. Long and intense sex scenes

    I will look at it, thanks!
  6. Your opinion on FISTING 💪👊🍩

    In this forum I did not find anything of the kind. I rarely visit coiledfist.org, most of the stuff there don't appeal to me, but you probably can find fisting stories there.(together with much darker stuff) If I find myself in the mood maybe I will search for it there
  7. Your opinion on FISTING 💪👊🍩

    Besides some porn I'm not really into fisting and never tried anything of the stuff. But after watching a short scene between Joey Jordan and Dyn0 I got a feeling that you can relate it with other fetich like muscle growth, muscle appreciation, size difference and so on. I think this idea originated mostly because I can't help but think that bodybuilders and other kinds of muscle men got all the hardware to take something already pretty extreme to a whole other level of... extremity. Then I noticed that there is not a topic about fisting in the site. So... just for the curiosity; and to know more about what people here think about it. Here it is Also, think about Frank McGrath or Morgan Aste getting serious about fisting someone... There is also the other side of the subject... (If this last guy demanded to be fisted I think that, even with zero experience, I would indulge his wish. I the worst case I could say that his size intimidated me to do his bidding xD) Besides opinions it would be fun to have your experiences, fantasies and whatever you want to say about it.
  8. Long and intense sex scenes

    Is kinda disappointing when every fuck in the story is done in a couple of frases I'm looking for stories w/ long, detailed and intense sex scenes (the same could be said to muscle growth scenes, I enjoy when they are very detailed, descritive and well explored)
  9. More than just for show: huge muscles and strength display

    I like the idea
  10. For me the main thing is the muscle size on a guy... in most cases, the bigger the better... so, usually, that is the first thing I notice in someone. However... it's a big, Big, BIG plus if the guy is willing what all that muscle mass can do. (For some reason i rarely manage to convince someone to show it off in any way) Does someone relates to that or feel the same way? How do you like to see the it displayed? (For me, just seeing a big guy toying with impossible weights in the gym near my college is already a turn on for the day. But that's is just one example) And... how would you have a partner to display his strength in intimacy? Does anyone have experiences of the kind and is willing to share? Thanks!
  11. Indeed, muscle appreciation sounds much better! Actually I try to avoid using muscle worship even in topics related to the subject, i think it describes poorly my attraction to muscle (also it sounds kinda demeaning, but that might be just my impressions of the term). Surely I will adopt your suggestion from now on. However, my point with the topic is another. Let me put this way... I'm under the impression that the community of people engaged in building a lot of muscle (I'm trying to keep the definitions as broad as possible) is more or less aware of the parallel community of people that is strongly attracted by muscle, strength and related stuff. What i can observe, almost exclusively from the internet, is that a few of the first group accept in some way support and attention from de second. But the most of it just try to ignore or openly ridicularize it, like people on bodybuilding forums joking and accusing athletes of doing gay4pay (as if they stole a car or something...). But i can't find one single situation of people of the first group simple enjoying muscle appreciation (including str8 relationships). So if there is people of the first group that feels aroused by or just enjoy thet people of the second group, they are very few or extremely discreet. That's my point, I don't think that I will ever find someone of the first group that would truly appreciate (and in some way reciprocate) the feelings, attention and attraction we show, for example, in this forum. We aways have to offer something else in return. But I truly hope to eventually find that my conclusion is wrong.
  12. I kinda feel that the muscle fetish, in most of its forms, is a really one sided thing. A few times on grindr and other apps i got replys from bigger/bigish guys telling me tha they don't enjoy or care for this kind of attention, one even told me that it is silly. Whyle i never got lucky enough to met or chat with a really big bodybuilder/musclemen i get the feeling that those people find it demeaning. It's hard to filter real opinions from bodybuilding sites or forums, mostly because the str8 community and general assholeness of the users, but it seens to me that when guys do it is just gay4pay. Most of the muscular gay guys that I know are around a physique build or light weight (but im into way bigger guys), so i dont think that i will ever get the opinion from a lgbt really involved in growing himself and what he thinks of the attention and worshipers. (Actually i dont like the term muscleworship, i need another kind of word for it)
  13. Bulging belly

    Looking for stories where the bottom is taking a cock so big that he's gut bulges to acomodate. Better if the top is growing Sutff like this: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/into-the-gut-2-216424 But with real meat!
  14. Chaturbate token tools

    There is a lot of advertisements about free token generators for chaturbate and other sites too. Does these hacks work? Anyone ever tried?
  15. Dallas McCarver's 23" Holiday gift to us all

    It not happens in this video because Dallas is just flexing. But sometimes; specially in older and longer videos, also in interviews, his way of speech, expressions and gestures can look very delicate to me. (I remember of a toxic a comment on a YouTube video calling him fag) I think that by themselves those gestures have little to no meaning but I wonder if that huge tatooed bodybuilder could be gay. (If he is into guys i dont think that would ever become public) Dallas is almost all my wet dreams in one giantic body... what a mind blowing thing it would be he coming out like Bob Paris did