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    New Orleans, Louisiana
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    real profile.
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    Urban planning, mass transit, transportation in general, anything mechanical, bicycles, travelling, reading, learning, food (duh, i'm from New Orleans), good times with friends, feeling like i've made a contribution
  • What are your stats?
    5'7" 175lbs average build, nothing special
  • What are you seeking?
    No idea. Any really honest answer is just going to sound cliche or typical. I joined this years back just looking for a MG fix but these days, while I RP a lot on the discord server, I'm also looking for more real connections (even if it means exposing myself to potential catfish, which I hate)
  • What are your dream stats?
    Probably the same height and weight but much more athletic/muscular with lower body fat. Since I'm attracted to larger/much-larger guys I don't want to be TOO big
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Yes but i'll only list my core fetish, which is size difference. I love being substantially smaller than a guy that I'm with. This is usually by height and build.

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  1. FINALLY another Louisiana guy!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Want2growhuge


      Lol oh im surr ill see you lol. Do you lift man?

    3. Sky


      No, not right now.  Life drama, excuses, etc.

    4. Want2growhuge


      MmmAh i gotcha sorry that. I know its hard ive had to deal with testicular cancer but still kept fighting to grow!!

  2. ha! bold move. I honestly don't go out much, partly because I'm shy/nervous/claustrophobic but also partly because i work 60hrs a week and only have one day off each. I complain about being single but to be honest it's my own fault for not being 'out there' i think.
  3. Bah, alligator just tastes like chewy chicken. Go find a copy of "Parade" (or whatever it's called, fuck the TP) which is the Times Picayune's social insert and check out what restaurants are popular. Also, if you haven't figured out how the RTA transit system works, drop into a Walgreens and grab a few day passes (please don't call it a 'jazzy pass') and download the Social Cycles app on your phone to use the Blue Bikes bikeshare system. Between the two you should be able to get just about anywhere although you should be aware that most transit routes in the city are NOT 24hrs and those that run late often have very long headways after a certain time. For example: I live a 4-minute walk from a JeT bus (Jefferson Transit) that connects with RTA buses and streetcars but after 7pm on Sundays it comes every 90min. That being said, if all else fails you can always hail an Uber or a Lyft
  4. It's The Bourbon Pub. Locals just call it 'the Pub' (New Orleans French Quarter Y'all)
  5. OH MY. Well it would have to be an above-ground dungeon. Sub-grade dungeons are very expensive and difficult to build here, rofl As for Decadence...you know, I've always had trouble finding a part of it that i fit into. I'm socially claustrophobic and photosensitive to a certain degree so extremely crowded rooms with lots of loud noises and talking and/or strobe lights can actually trigger fight/flight in me (once almost broke a guy's wrist at the Pub for randomly groping me...perv)
  6. Believe it or not, no they are not. The fact that the heat for much of the year makes strenuous activity outside not only uncomfortable but even dangerous (i almost got heatstroke once riding my bike home from work) doesn't help either. There ARE a couple of 'hardcore' gyms but i have no idea where the hell the gay muscle is at. Most guys here seem to either look like me body-wise or are extremely thin/overweight. Our food combined with the relatively laid-back way we do things really doesn't help. Now, are there fit guys? Sure. But truly 'muscular'? As far as I can tell they're few and far between. I was told that malarky about 'muscle for muscle' most of my life after i came out and it used to actually really hurt until i realized that that's all it was was bullshit stereotypes. That said, the last time i even went on a date was three years ago
  7. Heh, I fall into the category of 'smaller looking for bigger' fairly neatly. The funny thing is that I've always liked the idea of bigger, muscular guys. There was a vignette on Sesame Street years ago (that i'm sure has been redacted now for 'reasons') that taught about size and the visual that was used was a bodybuilder growing progressively bigger. Even when i was a little kid, i really liked that vignette, lol. Fast forward to today, and I'm coming to terms with the fact that New Orleans, LA is probably not the best place to find people whose physiques require...ahem...healthy diets, lol
  8. Hello Sky welcome to the forum! 

    1. Sky


      Belated thanks

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