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    Looking for that one sponsor that wants to grow me to super alpha proportions.<br />
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  1. xboy

    The Commando

    Please, write more!
  2. Love it! Love your works @Herald !!! Awesome, hot and great!
  3. hey guys! im looking for a story where a stepson or son working at a lab making pills and give to grandpa and his body grew and then ask if son make more stronger pills tkhelp grandpa grow stronger and found a guy in the nightclub hope you know what the title is? Thanks
  4. Where are the others parts??
  5. As always your story @Herald are pure art!!!
  6. Thanks so much for this new piece of art!!! Love Chad! Need to grow more, deserve to become a total alpha!!!
  7. I agree with you about REAL life. The bullies must deserve to be punished. But, FOR ME, the win of Bruce means no the bad guys win, but the power and Alpha win. Onesty after reading the last chap, I hope Bruce and Mitch became friends, because they discover each one is the perfect Ying and Yang for pushing them self to the next level ( a mix of green and blue liquid, maybe?) - I know now Andy inject himself with 2 blue and for sure came back for a revenge bigger than Bruce...but I hope the end is different, and all 3 together decide to cooperate, for dominate a show stage! after a great sex, a big workout, musch more grow and veins!....so not a win fo bullies, but a win of power and testosteron!
  8. I wanna Bruce grow the biggest and dominate all, and yes, him for th win!
  9. Wow! I image next installation like"Andy goes upstairs for taking some medicines to treat Mitch's wounds ...Bruce, wake up after the shots of the old beast when he realizes he is tied with the chains, Mitch is setting up the room after the slaughter combined by their fight ... Bruce uses his primordial force to free himself... a scene of pure brutal power ... Mitch looks upset at the scene ... when a piece of the chain hits him on the face sending him to the carpet .... Bruce, swollen with rage and hysterical laughter, goes in search of his victim ... Andy .... I find it .. .him demonstrates what a real beast is and brutally fucks him and leaves him in the room .... he finds the mitch's steroids .... he uses them .... it's time to grow up and teach the daddy (Mitch) who is the true alpha mutant! "... here I imagine it so more or less ...
  10. Great story/start!! finally a mean bully story. I hope that Bruce can become bigger and more aggressive! Show off more! found out he gets to turn on by muscle and dominance, love it ! Great story!!
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