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    Looking for that one sponsor that wants to grow me to super alpha proportions.<br />
    No size is too big. This is not RP but an actual growth project.<br />
    Only serious inquiries apply. No sex.
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    Jeff Long, Mike Matarazzo, Foud Abiad, Amit Sapir

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  1. xboy

    The Price of Milk Part 3

    I LOVE that! More!!!!!
  2. xboy

    Incredible Hulk

    Wait for the next Avengers film
  3. xboy

    Incredible Hulk

    Mark Ruffalo is the only one really perfect for bruce banner, Norton is an amteur. Ruffalo is a great Bruce Banner and his HULK in CG is better than ever. IMO.
  4. xboy

    The Commando

    Please, write more!
  5. xboy

    (un)identical twins (1)

    Love it! Love your works @Herald !!! Awesome, hot and great!
  6. I hate too...it's a shame cover the leg...also the pose like stupid dolls...lol
  7. xboy

    Incredible Hulk

    The hulk from Ruffalo is the best ever, but the Ang lee trasfromation are better in term of timing and show the morphing IMO
  8. hey guys! im looking for a story where a stepson or son working at a lab making pills and give to grandpa and his body grew and then ask if son make more stronger pills tkhelp grandpa grow stronger and found a guy in the nightclub hope you know what the title is? Thanks
  9. xboy

    Dad's grow

    Where are the others parts??
  10. xboy

    Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER EIGHT ADDED

    Ane news about?
  11. xboy

    The muscle app (final part)

    As always your story @Herald are pure art!!!
  12. Thanks for the follow mate.

  13. xboy

    The muscle app (3)

    Thanks so much for this new piece of art!!! Love Chad! Need to grow more, deserve to become a total alpha!!!
  14. xboy

    Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER EIGHT ADDED

    I agree with you about REAL life. The bullies must deserve to be punished. But, FOR ME, the win of Bruce means no the bad guys win, but the power and Alpha win. Onesty after reading the last chap, I hope Bruce and Mitch became friends, because they discover each one is the perfect Ying and Yang for pushing them self to the next level ( a mix of green and blue liquid, maybe?) - I know now Andy inject himself with 2 blue and for sure came back for a revenge bigger than Bruce...but I hope the end is different, and all 3 together decide to cooperate, for dominate a show stage! after a great sex, a big workout, musch more grow and veins!....so not a win fo bullies, but a win of power and testosteron!
  15. xboy

    Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER EIGHT ADDED

    I wanna Bruce grow the biggest and dominate all, and yes, him for th win!

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