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    Hyper muscle, Gym, Posing, Flexing, Kissing, Hugging, Watching, Listening, Measuring muscles, Orgies. Growing others and being grown. Sweating profusely with a pounding heart working out with intensity.
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    Above normal.
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    Good clean sex, feats of strength, vascularity, flexing, posing, worship and self worship. etc...
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    Height limited to the normal human range but shoulders as wide as necessary or desired to carry a torso as thick as it is wide. Unlimited Pectoral protrusions for sucking on, thighs massive enough to place a cup on top. Tear Drops to make grown men cry every time they see me! Biceps that take my breath away. Triceps that make men cum at a glance. Protruded Abs that have deep cleavages. Can;t think any more because I'm cumming as I now try and type....
  • Favorite Stories
    Stories with lots of FLEXING, tape-measuring, smirking,FLEXING, lifting weights, heavy weights and having sex at the same time. Deeply loving relationships, hugging, self worship while being admired by lover(s) as it happens. GROWTH, heart pounding feats of strength.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Me! And my reflection in a large mirror.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Handsome Fathers with magnificent cocks who take them for granted and who lover getting gym-huge and being appreciated.

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  1. Assuming I wasn't expecting to wake up suddenly huge, I'd believe I'd gone mad. After screaming and checking my reflection in other mirrors I'd squeeze my forearms. Then flex my biceps and kiss them. Then I'd flex my Pecs and thump them. Or maybe my eyes would stare at my huge cock where upon I'd scream out "YES" and do a backwards somersault. I'd inspect if my arse was a butterfly, the size of my Calves and I'd do some toe rises looking back in the mirror to see how wide they are. Feel my Balls for size then do a Lat's spread and probably stare at my refection for about an hour moving from pose to pose while trying to not cum without touching while self-worshiping my muscles, and only allowing myself to cum when my heart beat so loudly it was deafening and I caught or aimed or self-sucked every drop of my thick manly creamy goodness. After cumming several times I'd have a good meal, get fully dressed as best as I can, buy new clothes, hit the gym, a private men only gym. Get really really PUMPED while letting anyone to feel me up between sets, then go posing in the posing room allowing anyone to test my muscles and if they were handsome enough, let them kiss me for 1 Bitcoin.
  2. Brawnophile is a good judge of man-muscle.

  3. Your man is my self image!

  4. Freaker

    Growth Part 14 - FINALE

    The next time we see Matt and Dave! I expect it will be lifting massive weights and worshiping and?
  5. Freaker

    Growth Part 11

    I love the posing and lifting.
  6. Freaker

    Growth Part 13

    Love those Lats. They must be so hard to touch, even when relaxed. Can't get enough. So hard. So thick.
  7. Freaker

    Self worship: Pecs

    10cm deep cleavage! Great when a muscle monster self worships with a huge cock to match with crunching.
  8. Freaker

    Growth Part 9 & 10

    Such good writing. Love the plots. I so need to get huge too. Get completely immersed in the action when gym workouts and worship and sex mix. Matt must be simply huge and hard. Are those other 2 going to faint when they see Matt?
  9. Freaker

    Growth, Part 3

    I read this and can't stop cumming! While my hardon won't go away!
  10. Freaker

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    As ou work out, imagine having sex and growing huge.
  11. Freaker

    The Perils Of Writing Erotica

    I have this problem. I deal with it one of two ways. If a story is getting me really worked up and I want to continue working on it that evening, I walk away from it for 15 or 20 minutes. After that, I've calmed down sufficiently to continue working on it. Of course, its usually only a matter or time before I get brought back to a boil and have to walk away again. Usually these writing sessions end with my eventually taking the second option and that is to "release the tension." Once I've done that I usually find it hard to get back into the proper mood and call it a night.

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