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    Muscles, Muscles, Muscles... ;-)
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    Height: 5'11 (181cm)<br /><br /><br />
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    Shoes: US8 (EU 42)
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    Big strong muscle tanks, the bigger the better...
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    Being the way I am, looking for someone impossibly huge and strong!!!
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    Too many...
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    Like all massive muscle tanks
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    + Guys who can burp on command<br /><br /><br />
    + Guys with huge biceps, massive calves and a monstrous endowement<br /><br /><br />
    + Guys strong enough to lift me with one hand

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  1. Lukullus

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Diese Story is so hammergeil, die macht mich echt mega HORNY! Wäre geil, noch mehr Measurements zu lesen!
  2. Lukullus

    Come to Me: Conclusion CONTENT REMOVED BY THE AUTHOR

    A truly awesome way to end this great story! Thanks again for your amazing work!
  3. Lukullus

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Echt HAMMERGEILE STORY! Freue mich schon auf Teil 2!!
  4. Hello guys! I know this is completely off-topic, but I need some help! I just found this funny little video clip about a black guy in a suit who whips out his HYPER DICK for a white woman. https://vtt.tumblr.com/tumblr_p8kwppLqtm1st24v5.mp4 Looks like a job interview or something! Does anyone know where this video comes from? Would appreciate your help!
  5. Lukullus

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Four

    OMG, how much I LOVE your stories, londonboy!
  6. Lukullus

    A Growing Love

    Holy shit, the way he made his dick grow at the beginning! DAMN, so hot! Awesome work, cannot wait to read WAY more!
  7. Again a truly awesome story! You really know how to make me feel really good after reading them! Congrats!!!!
  8. Sorry for not replying earlier, arpeejay! I really though that this was one fucking hot story! Young kid gets obscenly massive and strong! DAMN, wish I could read way more stories like that! Thanks big time!
  9. Lukullus

    (NSFW) Insane cumshots !!!

    Even though some of those cumshots are beyond real, there is nothing hotter than a guy cumming tons of cum! Massive ropes and floods of hot juice, more than I could cum in a year! And I am not a small shooter myself!
  10. GRRR, just the way I like it! Giant muscles, tons of fur and a mighty cock! I am sure with the cum loads of our stud there will be white christmas throughout the year!
  11. Lukullus


    Holy shit, I came halfways through the story as Brad lifted the guy just with his mammoth dick! That was a great story, I bet the cum flood would have been epic to see!
  12. Lukullus

    Post. Man.

    My god, this was a fucking PERFECT story! I just love that amazing size difference between them! Cannot wait to read more and see how big the post mans other muscles are!
  13. Lukullus

    Plane Muscle

    Damn, that was a fu**ing amazing story! The first time I came was when he crushed the armrest! DAMN, please keep writing such amazing stuff!!!
  14. Lukullus

    Krishna at the Pool (SNUFF)

    WOW, this is such a fucking hot story! Damn, wish I could worship Krishnas muscles and get blasted with tons of cum!
  15. Lukullus

    The Toy

    Gosh, everytime I see you posting a new story, I get hard as steel instantly! And this story did not disappoint me as usual! Well done again, mister! Cannot wait to see how far this story goes. Maybe our muscle daddy can really blast our little Winston to the ceiling with his power gusher!

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