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    Muscles, Muscles, Muscles... ;-)
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    Height: 5'11 (181cm)<br /><br /><br />
    Weight: 230lbs (105kg)<br /><br /><br />
    Shoes: US8 (EU 42)
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    Big strong muscle tanks, the bigger the better...
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    Being the way I am, looking for someone impossibly huge and strong!!!
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    Too many...
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    Like all massive muscle tanks
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    + Guys who can burp on command<br /><br /><br />
    + Guys with huge biceps, massive calves and a monstrous endowement<br /><br /><br />
    + Guys strong enough to lift me with one hand

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  1. Lukullus


    WOW, that is an absolutely incredible story! Glad you posted it already and I cannot wait to read WAY more of it! Would be hot to get some measurements of Aras...
  2. Lukullus

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Diese Story is so hammergeil, die macht mich echt mega HORNY! Wäre geil, noch mehr Measurements zu lesen!
  3. Lukullus

    Come to Me: Conclusion CONTENT REMOVED BY THE AUTHOR

    A truly awesome way to end this great story! Thanks again for your amazing work!
  4. Lukullus

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Echt HAMMERGEILE STORY! Freue mich schon auf Teil 2!!
  5. Hello guys! I know this is completely off-topic, but I need some help! I just found this funny little video clip about a black guy in a suit who whips out his HYPER DICK for a white woman. https://vtt.tumblr.com/tumblr_p8kwppLqtm1st24v5.mp4 Looks like a job interview or something! Does anyone know where this video comes from? Would appreciate your help!
  6. Lukullus

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Four

    OMG, how much I LOVE your stories, londonboy!
  7. Lukullus

    A Growing Love

    Holy shit, the way he made his dick grow at the beginning! DAMN, so hot! Awesome work, cannot wait to read WAY more!
  8. Again a truly awesome story! You really know how to make me feel really good after reading them! Congrats!!!!
  9. Sorry for not replying earlier, arpeejay! I really though that this was one fucking hot story! Young kid gets obscenly massive and strong! DAMN, wish I could read way more stories like that! Thanks big time!
  10. Lukullus

    (NSFW) Insane cumshots !!!

    Even though some of those cumshots are beyond real, there is nothing hotter than a guy cumming tons of cum! Massive ropes and floods of hot juice, more than I could cum in a year! And I am not a small shooter myself!
  11. GRRR, just the way I like it! Giant muscles, tons of fur and a mighty cock! I am sure with the cum loads of our stud there will be white christmas throughout the year!
  12. Lukullus


    Holy shit, I came halfways through the story as Brad lifted the guy just with his mammoth dick! That was a great story, I bet the cum flood would have been epic to see!
  13. Lukullus

    Post. Man.

    My god, this was a fucking PERFECT story! I just love that amazing size difference between them! Cannot wait to read more and see how big the post mans other muscles are!
  14. Lukullus

    Plane Muscle

    Damn, that was a fu**ing amazing story! The first time I came was when he crushed the armrest! DAMN, please keep writing such amazing stuff!!!
  15. Lukullus

    Krishna at the Pool (SNUFF)

    WOW, this is such a fucking hot story! Damn, wish I could worship Krishnas muscles and get blasted with tons of cum!

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