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  1. Hehe, thanks, I decided to throw in this aesthetics in the bunch, just to make things more fun. Prime has always been a major icon for musculairty and proportions to me! I hope you had enjoyed, because there's still much more to come hehe!
  2. THE PERFECT STORM Story by Muscl4life Previous parts: I II Part III I opened my eyes, but everything was still black. I could tell I was lying at some kind of hard warm surface. I couldn’t move, I felt my hands were tied under my knees. My heart pounding inside my chest “Ughhh…where am I?” I moaned. “He’s up from the sleeper, Papi.” I heard the deep powerful voice and realized I actually laid across Miguel’s monstrously huge lap, just one of his enormous thighs thick enough to accommodate my thin little body. “Good, I was beginning to worry. I took it really light on him, but this kid’s pretty weak. We’re almost there anyway.” “Please sir…you don’t need that…I mean no harm to you.” I tried to reason, but there was no answer. Before I said anything else, I felt the huge hand of Miguel pressing my back. “Stay quiet, little dude. You must learn to only talk when commanded.” The giant muscle freak I created whispered in my ear, I could tell he was indeed worried to Larry’s reaction to my inappropriate behavior. We drove for a couple of minutes until I felt the vehicle parking. I heard Larry exiting the car, and opened the back door. The humongous Miguel easily lifted my immovable body and passed onto Larry, who easily put me over his shoulder and walked away. He carried me downstairs, put me in some kind of chair, and very gently, I must say. Then, after a couple of moments, someone removed the blindfold from my eyes and I could finally see the glorious face of my muscle daddy again. Larry was sat in front of me in an arm chair, and his looks was so serious and intense that I had no courage to speak anything until commanded, something which I think he appreciated, because I noticed a smirk on the corner of his mouth. “I guess all this silence is making you crazy huh? You’re too damn talkative.” He said, adjusting his muscular frame in the chair. I said nothing, but nodded my head. He chuckled. “At least you’re a fast learner, I must admit. Anyway, I am sorry about the sleeper, but I needed to get you to a safer place quick. I mean you had grown Miguel into a freaking muscle monster just to prove your point to me, what if someone else appeared and saw that?” I looked at his face for a second, but Larry did not show any sign that he wanted to listen to me yet. “So, yeah I had to put you to sleep and took your scrawny ass from my gym. Fortunately, Miguel miraculously fit in the back of the van, so nobody needed to see this humongous freak. Don’t take me wrong kid. I admire your dedication, I really do. But you’ve done too many mistakes.” I looked down, disappointed at myself for being such a flawed mess. Larry moved his bulking muscular physique closer and I felt his manly, calloused, harsh hand gently holding my chin and making me look back at him. He smiled and planted a quick kiss on my lips. “However, I can’t even tell how fucking happy you’ve made when you chose me to be your master, little Kirby.” He said as he returned to his position, noticing how I quickly recovered my enthusiasm. Larry stared at me for a few extra seconds, testing if I would commit another mistake, like thanking him without his authorization. I kept quiet, smiling back at him but not producing a single sound, which seemed to make him extremely pleased. “Damn…you’re a sassy little puppy aren’t you? Answer with your words this time.” “Yes, master. I aim nothing but to grow you into a monstrosity of unheard size and strength!” I said so enthusiastically that Larry nodded with a chuckle. “I loved your dedication to make sure I am to receive the optimized, super special kind of growth treatment. So, I’ve come up with a good plan of action, which you will follow strictly without ever questioning any single aspect, you got that kid?” He said flexing his right arm and feeling the huge ball under his hand, and I quickly obliged. “You’re in charge master. My powers are yours to command.” “Good, so you are going to grow me, but I will tell you exactly how much bigger you will make me.” He said with such determination that I understood his natural need to be in charge of everything related to him. “Yes, sir. I will follow your commands, but I tell you in advance I have never tried to set a specific amount of growth to any subject.” I said honestly. Larry nodded. “I see, well I think you just have to practice.” “You could say so…but… Sir, can I make a question?” “Yes, Kirby. What is it?” “Why do you want me to grow someone else other than you?” Townsend chuckled. “Well, I want you to grow me at the top of your capacity, and in order to do that you will have to learn how to establish different levels of intensity. So let’s test you in a more restrained and controlled use for your skills” “Wow…that makes total sense!” His savviness never ceased to amaze me. “Of course it does boy. You will never develop better control over your abilities if you don’t know your minimum and your maximum limits.” “And how are we gonna test it?” Townsend stood up from the chair and walked towards the door. “Simple, I will bring three subjects to you, and you’ll grow them at the same time in different ratios, intensities and proportions. I will let you decide which one gets to be the biggest. I need you to focus on refinement, aesthetics, to build three amazing bodybuilding legends, brought into inhuman perfection in different degrees.” I listened to his words in awe. Larry was coaching me on how to use my own abilities! Larry opened to the door on the opposite wall and to my uttering surprise, instead of some of his pupils; his own sons entered the room. “Dad, what the fuck is going on here? Who’s that giant who greeted us, and why does he look exactly like you?” Chad Townsend asked in shock. The 5’10” 185 pounds trimmed blond guy took some of his dad’s handsomeness. “If he called us here, he means to explain it precisely, Chad. Stop being so stupid.” Troy, the 5’8” 165 pounds seemed the most well educated of the family, wearing designer’s impeccable tailored suit. “You two stop bitching and let dad talk!” I noticed Brad was actually the one who took more of Larry’s powerful seed. The young man of his early 20’s stood very nicely at 5’9” 205 pounds of hard Townsend muscle pounds. His facial features kept a remarkable resemblance to young Larry’s uncanny standards. “Boys, boys…calm down. I know it’s hard to believe, but don’t worry. I’ve got it under control. That huge person upstairs is Miguel, my guest Kirby grew that little twink into that immense size and made him look like me when I was his age so I’ll tell everybody he’s my out-of-wedlock son. As you may have noticed, my new friend here has unique muscle growth abilities, and he will gladly display to you.” I expected the guys would question the logic on that situation, but after seeing the immense size on Miguel, there was nothing else they could doubt. They stared at me, each one in his very different and personal behavior, which I observed very closely.I realized my muscle daddy was indeed a genius! He provided me three perfect subjects because they all shared half of his DNA, so I could learn how to work on his material in advance! GOD, that man was such a beast! Chad was outgoing, not very bright but truly admired his father and wanted to please his dad. His body had nice proportions, his shoulders were wide and big, his chest a bit small to his arms and he had a bit of roid gut. Troy, on the other hand, was a free spirit, he clearly did not follow his father’s footsteps and pursued different targets, but judging by the way his suit bulged; he was very fit and had a magnificent base for me to work. Brad was the best out of those three. He had it all, volume, symmetry, and conditioning. I could tell he was the one who truly wanted to carry the Townsend’s legacy into the next generation. I only needed seconds to get a good profile of these men, so I hit my new targets at the same time with three different waves of muscle growth, individually set to achieve a specific outcome, which I hoped would please my very commanding muscle daddy. “Shit…this is real!” Chad moaned as his clothes felt tighter around his shoulders and his jeans were suddenly very snugly on his thighs. Troy’s usual sternness was instantly gone with the intensity of the muscle growth I set to his relatively small frame. I hit him with the most intense of the settings, because I knew he was a young man hungry for power, just like his daddy, and I really wanted him to physically become everything he needed to lead his brothers. Brad was the one I decided to become my Larry prototype. I sensed his muscular frame quickly responding to my stimulation. His muscle fibers reacting to my powers, provided me with a delicious taste for my ultimate daddy’s treatment. Meanwhile, I felt the strong hands of Larry touching my left shoulder. “I can see what you’re doing, boy. I like it…I really do!” He whispered in my ears, and I used the excitement to feed my subjects with more muscle but without ever letting go of my control of their bodies’ growth. With my daddy’s motivation, I behaved like a true sculptor, using my powers to change his sons into three different versions of the musclefreak concept. I quickly corrected Chad’s lack of symmetry and augmented his muscles in such a gracious, aesthetically pleasing manner that he already made Shawn Rhoden’s body look ugly. Still, I continued added more artistic perfection into his muscles, making him the kind of bodybuilder Michelangelo’s David would be if he ever existed. I smoothed his features and worked on his tan, making sure he looked like a crossed incarnation of Apollo and Adonis. His muscles exulted with glory, aesthetic perfection and glorious size, while his body continued to augment beyond human standards. Larry’s eldest son turned out into a 6’7” 750 pounds tribute to the aesthetics of the inhuman perfection. His divine symmetry and the flawless, super masculine, sensual gorgeousness. The sultry magnificence of those godly huge muscles turned Chad into the ultimate muscle hunk! As for Troy, I decided to take a true behemoth-type approach: I fed his body with incredibly surges of muscle growth, turning his once fit physique underneath his suit into a muscle-fiber powerhouse, generating incredible amounts of immense brawn that filled his once trimmed physique with subsequently expanding new layers of off-season type muscle. With such powerful feed, Troy immediately outgrew his expensive designer’s brand tailored suit, shredding the fabric with the intensity of his transformation. In a matter of seconds, he made the biggest FIBBO guest posers look like anorexic models, not to mention that I also chose the “intimidation package” to his transformation. On top of giving Troy immense super thick muscles, in that marvelous off-season look without actually rising his body-fat percentage (thanks to his hyper-dense muscle fibers). I also grew Troy to a whooping height of 7’6” feet tall, which would make him look down at most of guys. I accentuated the proportions of his mountainous shoulders along with the ridiculously immense traps, the gargantuan dimensions of his pectoral plates jutting out of his monstrous brawn, the insanely hot 10-pack abdominal wall incrusted into the giant turtle-shell gut I deliciously built for him. His buffalo-sized neck adorned his manly, rugged, square-jawed, brute, masculine face. With all the mass I fed to his hulking frame, Troy became a humongous, intimidating mountain of man, standing at 7’6” and weighing 1,600 pounds of absolutely super dense muscle! He truly achieved musclebound category! As for Brad, I took my sweet time to savor the wonderful response his body gave to my stimulations. His young, vigorous, stunning physique was truly hungry to grow. Each growth surge I fed him turned out even better than I ever estimated, so I decided to turn him into something that I knew Master Larry would become. The gorgeous young man became superhumanly muscular! I clearly went for a comic-book kind of aesthetics, and used this opportunity to change the youngest Townsend into a real life version of my favorite fantasies of comic book superheroes – an improvement of the Prime superhero from Malibu Comics– without the need for that ridiculous alien goo. Since his development was so phenomenal, I ceased the opportunity to give him muscles on top of muscles, and muscles that were not part of the human anatomy! His shoulders widened and thickened, while his traps and lats expanded tremendously, his forearms and biceps thickened tremendously and his chest increased powerfully with every second. His gorgeous boyish face increased its masculinity as I gave him an impossibly thick muscular neck, the squarest jaw and very rugged manly features, resulting in this commanding aura of a super powered being. Brad’s muscle growth was not only the most intense among Larry’s progeny, but also probably the hottest thing I have done to this day! I could bring a young man into unheard levels of muscularity! The incredibly thick veins engorged as I fed him with more brawn, inspired in the idea that comic book characters have no limits for the spectacular muscularity! One thing that I made sure was that all the boys would receive a humongous massively huge cock and matching powerful balls to crown their behemoth masculinity. I was proud to see Chad’s 16 inches long alabaster toned cock, not to mention Troy’s 20 inches of throbbing monstrosity and Brad’s full 24 inches of deliciously inhuman superhero cock! I must confess that I’ve always been torn between the original and the Rogue Prime’s looks. For once, the classic, immensely huge and clean aspect was a major turn on, but I also loved the longhaired, husky rebel attitude of the Rogue version. In the end, I decided to combine both standards, but go further and beyond, thus creating my ultimate version of super hero incarnate. I could tell my daddy was truly enjoying the whole process as he placed his huge calloused hand on my tiny butt and squeezed it so hard I thought he would simply rip a chunk of flesh from my body! With such kind of encouragement, my abilities reached new levels of power; I could actually feel that Brad’s body functioned as the clay to my sculpting skills. I could simply keep adding mass on top of massing and readjusting, remodeling, reshaping, increasing, expanding, augmenting, developing. I felt my hunger for muscle growth taking me into new heights of pleasure and intensity. I knew this body of Brad was just an appetizer for my Muscle Daddy, so I wanted him to be not just a decent prototype, but also one that would make Larry insanely hot for my experiencing my abilities! I used Brad’s natural similarity to Larry’s to make him my perfect billboard. I heightened his magnificent features, which only made him look even more like a young, glorious super hero character created from Larry Townsend’s own flesh and blood. As a masterful conductor, I suddenly ceased all the growth action, taking my time to admire the uncanny Goliath I had just brought to life! Brad Townsend became this epitome of inhuman muscularity of 8’4” and weighed 3,150 pounds of gloriously inhumanly developed muscular creature with flawless features and proportions that were impossibly achievable. “T…There you are…master!” I said panting, feeling extremely drained after all that growth, but still able to keep my senses this time, which showed my stamina was also increasing with training. The room was a bit cramped before, but now it was simply crowded with nearly 4 TONS of muscle I’ve created in a matter of simple minutes! Both Larry and myself were surrounded by musky warmth of those immense muscle monsters I’ve created! Their bulging cocks leaking huge amounts of precum, their bodies exulting in masculine, uber-powerful muscle glory. Although they have been aware of their transformation process, Townsend’s sons seemed to take a while to come out of their own growth trance, to realize not only the uncanny changes in their respective bodies, but the ones performed in their sibling’s as well. “FUCK! TROY YOU’RE A FREAKING MONSTER!” Chad’s voice sounded a bit different, it actually carried a deep, manly soothing tone to it. The augmented Chad said as he reached for the naked hairy immensity of his younger brother. “HEH, WELL I THINK I LIKE BEING SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU, OLDER BRO!” The humongous muscle behemoth moaned as he hugged the older sibling and lifted him from the air. Suddenly, the two of them felt the humongous embrace of someone who was actually WIDER than both of them put side-by-side. “YOU GUYS LOOK AMAZING!” Brad’s voice was something beyond description. It was sexy without even trying, it was friendly, manly, mandatory even. The inhuman proportions and the impossible size of Brad revealed itself as he kneeled down, bringing his two muscle freak brothers into a quick submission, just with the pressure of his mighty frame. “Damn…little bro…we can’t call you that anymore!” Chad hissed. “Yeah…you…look…immense!” Troy whispered. “I FEEL INVINCIBLE!” Brad hit a most muscular pose, still holding the necks of his brothers in the immense grip of his arms Both of the older siblings came in unison, dropping their hefty loads at the same time over Brad’s smooth valleys of muscle, which made my “home-made” superhero to fire his cum cannon all over the room, hitting the ceiling, the walls, including his daddy and myself, which felt so honorable for a true muscle worshipper like me. “I guess my newest little toy is a keeper, right boys?” Larry grinned, he stood there so very proud of his immense sons, but also from my own abilities. “YES, FATHER!” They all said at once, looking at me with ravenous eyes. “So, you go boys go play with each other…Don’t destroy anything I wouldn’t huh?” Larry chuckled, but if Chad and Troy had trouble squeezing themselves into the tiny stairway, Brad simply felt something different about his body. “Humm…sir?” He asked, noticing he was floating half an inch above the ground. Larry looked at me immediately, shocked and in awe. “Can I fly?” Bras asked me marveled “Yup, and you have uncanny superhuman strength, your muscles are bullet proof, you have near endless stamina, all the powers of the superhero, AND none of the flaws. I’ve always felt these would just destroy the character, so I removed the weaknesses of the basis and only worked to make you invincible.” “So, all the size and girth are not just for the show?” I shrugged. “I told you sire. My powers will change your life forever!” Larry kissed my lips passionately and whispered something that made my knees weak. “You’re mine boy…MINE!” He said kissing me hard once again. To be continued.
  3. It makes me so very happy to see this AMAZING story again, most importantly, to see it finally concluded! Thanks a lot Steve! Cheers!
  4. You've knocked another one out of the park Jaypat! My favorite part was that their relationship evolved along with the muscle growth and in the end they both matured and were no longer master and slave, but two companions, two equal partners. I say this because in the end Troy had the choice to grow bigger than Bryan but he decided to be just as big, so they could start a new phase as two unstoppable musclefreaks. Fantastic! Congratulations!
  5. OLD MAN STEVENS is the GRANDMASTER OF ALL MUSCLE DADDIES!!! I love this series Londonboy! You're the man! Thanks for another great installment, and making him even bigger! Loved the super-strength and the air cum cannon! LOL!
  6. Hey guys! Thanks for your support, I give you the next installment Cheers! THE PERFECT STORM Story by Muscl4life Part I Part II After several weeks of careful research, there I was, inside Dragon’s Lair, the place where bodybuilding living legend Larry Townsend mentored some of the hottest rising talents of the sport. As I imagined, the inside was plain, simple and straightforward: there was this tiny office, a few cardio machines, lots of heavy-duty work out machines, a free weight area and the locker rooms at the back. Since I have been studying the place’s clientele for quite some time, I knew that particular time of the afternoon was the most suitable for my current goals, because if I got lucky, Larry would be alone, taking care of accounting or something less exciting than making new legends of his sports. “Erm…Good afternoon…” I said very shyly, peeking inside the tiny office. It required lots of willpower not to ruin everything at the very moment I saw that amazing silver haired muscle daddy all tight inside the classic black polo shirt whose sleeves were nearly tore by the immense size of those massive biceps. Those immensely developed shoulders and the powerfully built deltoids framed his incredibly masculine, rugged, square-jawed, face. Even from the distance, I could trace the thick veins wrapped around those unearthed limbs. The impressive thickness of his forearms, added to the glorious horseshoe shape of his mind-blowing triceps only increased the sense of aesthetic perfection on that delicious muscle daddy! “I’ll be right there!” The manly deep voice tone of Larry Townsend echoed in the high ceiling industrial building. He checked some details on the screen of his computer, taking some notes. I particularly thought that the thinly golden frame of his reading glasses, which were so typical “Grandpa” material, only scored him more points on my evaluation. I absolutely loved the contrast between the elegant golden links of the chain attached to those glasses, which I guessed Larry had to customize in order to fit the hulking thickness of his bull-sized neck. Larry Townsend has been married three times, but is currently divorced. He has 3 sons: Chad, Troy and Brad. I will never forget an amazing photo where Larry appeared shirtless dressed in tight jeans with his three sons, in a very powerful image. The proud patriarch stood there gloriously wearing mirrored sunglasses with his classic styled mustache. He held a killing front double biceps, displaying his marvelous 21” biceps while his eldest Son, Chad hang on his right arm and the two youngest – Troy and Brad – hang from the right one. I cannot exactly express how jealousy I was of those handsome boys. Their dad was the absolute epitome of masculinity; he was also so strong and powerful. I could tell that supporting the weight of his offspring onto his frame meant absolutely nothing to his strength. Such a dominant specimen of muscle daddy! On the other side, I can only but imagine the kind of pressure those boys have been through. Chad and Brad decided to follow Larry’s footsteps, and besides their blessed genes and the careful mentorship of their father. Each one has won a few championships during their teenager years, but none ever managed to turn professional. Recently, the Townsend family appeared on a special feature of a major bodybuilding magazine. They tried to recreate the famous picture taken in the middle 90’s and it only made me more fascinated by that muscular patriarch. While his three sons seemed young, handsome, physically fit but average sized men, Larry stood like a beacon of muscularity and masculinity among mundane bodies. In the new picture, instead of holding his boys, Larry stands proudly in the middle flexing his arms (which I guessed were even bigger than back in the day) while his sons pointed at the tremendously sized guns. His rugged square jawline framed by the same classic styled mustache, the ripped, cut, veiny, powerful muscles of his bare immense torso contrasted with the respectable, but still not impressive (at least to my taste) physique of his three sons. Although anyone could notice many other physical traits Townsend’s sons took from their massive dad, in the end it only augmented the sense of superiority imbued in that picture. His front double bicep pose had undeniably improved, not because of any kind of manipulation, but 20+ years of maturation. It was impressive the way those marvelous, veined, powerful arms blew the smaller young men of the water. Even after all these years, Larry remained as the most muscular and masculine man of his family! “Can I help you, kid?” He asked gently, not used to see someone like myself. My overall look shouted that I belonged to some rich family at the noblest part of town. Of course, my absent-minded behavior also cooperated to give that humongous muscle daddy a not-so-good first impression of me. “Yes…hello there, Mr. Townsend. My name is Kirb…” I had mentally prepared my introductory speech so many times. Imagining different tones and ways to sound believable. Despite the fact he could easily kick me out of his gym any moment, I would convince him that I was there to make him the greatest men who ever stepped on the surface of the Earth. “I know exactly who you are, kid. You’re Kirben Fitzpatrick, and you have come all the way from Connecticut to stalk me for over a week now..” Larry said harshly. I froze. He suddenly looked very serious, angry almost, and it made my heart nearly stop. Less than 5 seconds passed and he already was on to me. How could that be?” “Sir, I…I..how?” The words simply refused to get leave my mouth, so intimidated by that hulking mass of a man standing in front of me. “Don’t you think I’d notice the same car, parked all day long in this end of the world? You stood inside the vehicle and spied on us with your fancy goggles. I ran your license on the system and could not believe you actually used your own car to stalk me! ” “Mr. Townsend, I am sorry, I need to…” Everything I planned was going down the drain, I needed to make things right! “Listen kid, I know you dig all this muscle I have and you’ve heard the rumors. I’m flattered, trust me. But you’re wasting your time and mine.” Each word he spoke hurt me worse than a dagger running through my heart. “You thought you would come here and become a member of my gym, got friends with, hoping one day I’d just take you back to the locker and make out with you. That ain’t gonna happen, boy. This place is for hardcore trainers only. Do both of us a favor and get the hell out of here, before I throw you out!” He said very calmly, but also very firmly. I knew I could not use my powers onto him just like that or it would ruin my plans. “Hey, Mr. Townsend, I’m sorry it took me so late. I brought an extra chicken breast for you…” I saw a young man entering the place. He had Latin features and had a very slim built, dressed in a restaurant’s uniform, so I guessed he brought Larry’s lunch for him. “It’s okay Miguel. Bring it over!” Larry told the delivery boy as he politely indicated me the way out, so I knew this was my last chance. “Please…watch this!” I pointed at the kid and focused my power like I never before, with such mental force that I felt everything spinning around me. Still, I used all my will power to feed as much muscle and size into Miguel’s body as I could in the few seconds I had until Larry ran out of patience. Suddenly, Miguel seemed to be going through some kind of seizure. At each step he took, his legs were thicker, longer and more powerful. Larry watched in awe as the kid’s right shoulder suddenly doubled in size and muscularity, busting out of his baggy uniform T-shirt. I knew this boy had to give Larry a hint of my power so I fed his body based on the mental images I had from Larry’s teenager bodybuilder days. However, since I knew I had to show all skills in a very powerful way, so I also threw Markus Ruhl and Big Ramy into the mix, hoping something HUGE would come out. Next, his chest inflated with new cords of hard muscle fibers. The arms thickened immediately with waves of growing brawn, his biceps engorged in a rate I’ve never been able to reach before, not to mention that Miguel neck’s girth augmented with ferocious intensity and his abdomen turned into a powerful muscular 6-pack washboard surface. “MADRE DE DIOS!” Miguel gasped as he took notice of the uncontrollable changes on his body. The young man dropped the food he carried as I hit him with another wave of the supernatural muscle growth power of mine. His skinny unimpressive triceps quickly became thick horseshoes, the non-existent lats suddenly flared with the fury of their growth, ripping the remains of the once baggy sized uniform. “That’s just crazy!!!” I heard Larry Townsend gasping as he touched the growing lad, noticing that all his muscle was real, hard and only growing harder by the second. “Keep watching sir, I came here for you…” I said with a shy grin as I muttered enough strength to hit Miguel with another round of miraculous growth. Miguel’s once skinny thighs shook violently as the new fibers of his new muscle erupted underneath his skin, growing thicker and more powerful, as the growth rate quickly reached for his calves, changing them into humongous sculptures of super hard striated muscles. “Miguel, how are you feeling?” Larry asked, concerned about the graphic display of muscle growth that took over his body at once. “I FEEL AWESOME! PLEASE DON’T STOP NOW!” He begged me, flexing his arm, trying to mimic all the guys he had seen in the gym, but his own muscle was by far bigger, harder, thicker and much stronger than any of those bodybuilders. “Don’t worry, Miguel” I felt relieved because his positive reaction to my powers would certainly convince Larry that I wasn’t there to harm him. So I focused even harder to change the young lad into something that would impress the legendary bodybuilder. Even Miguel’s butt, which was probably his best feature, hanging out because of his very baggy pants exposing his underwear grew into something masculine and immensely full of strength, finally paying homage to the name gluteus maximus. “Okay, kid you’ve got my attention.” Larry smirked, coming closer to me and watching as I continued to work my personal miracle on the delivery boy. Meanwhile, Miguel’s face also changed, because, unbeknownst to my own conscience, I was so strongly focused on Larry’s teenager face that I actually managed to alter Miguel’s facial features to merge them with the ones belonging to my massive muscle daddy. I was so deeply focused on pleasing my own obsessive standards of perfection that I managed to achieve a new breakthrough for I have never able to change a subject like that. “Holy crap…This kid…he’s my spitting image! If I were that HUGE when I was his age…daaamn!” Larry’s jaw dropped as he took a full glimpse of my artwork. From a meek delivery boy, I built a humongous monster of manly muscle of youthful vigor, incredible handsomeness and unattainable size! An overkilling mixture of Larry Townsend’s teenager days QUALITY, with the immense SIZE of Big Ramy onstage and the VOLUME of an off-season Markus Ruhl. The combination of the icons of muscle created an explosive result of manliness and vigorous success! Of course, I couldn’t leave the manhood out of this growth party, so Miguel’s 5 inches long dick became an immense anaconda of 15 inches of a cock within a few seconds, and his even his balls doubled in size at the same time span. I watched as the bulge on his crotch finally busted free from his underwear. “ARRRGH YEAAAAAH MOOOOORE!” Miguel’s voice had deepened tremendously as his body achieved incredible levels of masculinity. It was quite shocking listening to him for the first time in such masculine, thunderous, resounding voice tone, which actually made me very proud of my capabilities, especially I threw it all together under pressure. I did not expect Miguel’s uncanny transformation would peak up into such amazing results, neither that it would actually demand so much from my own psychic energies. Once I realized I had Larry totally convinced that I would change his life for the better, I stopped feeding Miguel, and immediately backlashed at me, and I passed out immediately, and would have fallen onto my face if it wasn’t for my muscle daddy’s quick reflexes. I woke up with the strong smell of chemicals; I opened my eyes and saw the masculine face of Larry Townsend holding my thin, frail physique in his massive arm. “Welcome back, Kirby.” He said, smiling at me for the first time, and I felt myself melting in those incredibly thick arms. “I didn’t expect I would black out like that, thanks for helping me, sir.” I blushed even deeper as he continued to hold me firmly like that. “Heh, I’m used to have guys passing out of exhaustion here, but never for the reasons I’ve just seen. You’ve got one hell of a gift kid.” He said at once, carrying me back to his office. “So, let’s get to the practicalities shall we? For starters, what should I do with THAT?” The powerful muscle daddy said as he placed me back on the ground. It was only then I noticed the IMMENSE bulk right next to me. I looked up and saw Larry’s younger face on a super massive young off-season muscular frame. “Hey there, little guy! Thanks for making me so fucking HUGE!” The new and improved Miguel said. I noticed he no longer stood in the remains of his destroyed clothes. Now he wore XXXL bodybuilding wear that looked painted over his immensely powerful physique. “Hey Miguel, I am glad you enjoyed. It’s a relief because I cannot undo it!” I said at once, which made the immense young lad scream a loud “YESSSSSS!” on his chair, while Larry just let out a muffled chuckle. “So, you took this 5’6” 160 pounds delivery boy and changed him into a 6’9” tall man who weighs over 800 POUNDS OF MUSCLE, with my face on top of those giant massive shoulders, and the buffalo sized neck just to prove me some point.” Larry said, stretching back on his chair, placing his legs on the desk and casually resting his head over the huge ball of his flexed biceps. “Over 800 pounds really?” “856, to be precise. I had to weigh that bull in my industrial scale.” Larry rolled his eyes and laughed aloud. I…didn’t think it all through, sir. I mean, I had everything planned on my head. I had to improvise.” “Well, I can’t say I didn’t like the outcome. Miguel here went from a hot chico to this humongous musclebound stud.” He said with an evil grin in his eyes and I noticed the immensely huge Miguel turning beet red. “Ohh, thanks Papi…Now I am HUGE for you!” The powerful behemoth hit a most muscular pose, copycatting the movement he had seen Larry doing many times. I felt so fucking jealous at that moment. “Calm down, boy. We’ll get to celebration in due time.” “Sorry, sir. I am just so horny…my cock is so huge and my butt so muscular, I can’t wait to let you feel it with your cock…,”He said in a luscious tone. From all the guys in the world, I just had to grow Larry Townsend’s sex toy. But then again, it also opened many opportunities because now I knew that my muscle daddy also enjoyed his share of twinks like myself. “It’s okay, boy. Now just be quiet. I already told your boss that you never showed up with my food. Miguel Castillo simply disappeared.” “Yes, daddy, sorry for that.” The behemoth replied and turned mute. “I am also sorry for causing such a mess, sir.” I admit that I was truly frustrated for creating this hulking clone of Larry exactly from this lad. “Well, you did what you had to do. Fortunately, Miguel does not have any close relatives around, or things would be much more complicated. I’ll get him a new identity, and since you made him look EXACTLY like me…well I guess I finally got the HUGE son I’ve always wanted. I’ll name him Michael Townsend.” “I’m more like Michael 1 THOUSAND pounds…” The lad quickly added and we all laughed at the impossibly huge size he grew in less than 2 minutes. (Fuck…less than 2 minutes! I’ve never done that so fast, and so intense! I could have blown that boy’s head! I was truly scared of my developing abilities, but I tried not to show that to Larry, he needed to trust that I could grow him safely). “So, back to you Mr. Fitzpatrick. You drove your car all the way from Connecticut to see me. Am I wrong to assume you wanted to grow me like you grew Miguel?” He asked directly. “You are correct, sir. I came here to use my powers on you.” “So you can basically grow anyone into a muscle beast?”“I can only grow male subjects other than myself, sir.” “Then why didn’t you fuck use it the moment you spoke with me? I bet I’d turn out much bigger than little Mike over there!” He finally expressed his manly, animalistic competitive side. I was happy to realize that my pocket-show had such tremendous power over Mr. Townsend. “Because my powers work better under certain circumstances. I wanted to make sure that I would get an optimized scenario for growing you, sir. You deserve nothing less than the full extent of my abilities.” I said at once. “Whoa…really? You mean Miguel’s growth was not your best work?” “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never done it so fast and with such quality. However, I am used to work on guys for much longer periods. At least for a few more minutes, but it all depends on the circumstances.” “That sure explains a lot…” He shrugged on his chair. “Okay, let’s hear them.” “#1: The target must be willing to physically change into a much bigger, taller, wider, thicker, more muscular and much, much stronger version of himself.” “And who wouldn’t like something like that?” Larry asked surprised. “You’d be surprised. Sure many guys come to you in order to get bigger, but many men are deeply scared of involuntary muscle growth, which interferes with the outcome. They do grow taller and much brawnier, but not merely as powerful as they would turn out if they embraced the growth as part of them.” I explained carefully. “You sound very sure about that.” I picked my cellphone and showed him the pictures of my brother Bryan next to me over the years. “Ah, I see your point. Your brother is sure one big thick log, but not exactly MASSIVE like Miguel. So, what’s #2?” He said handling my phone back to me. “The target must be also aware that I am actively growing his body. That is why I did not use my powers on you right of the bat, sir. It’s not that I wasn’t, or am not DYING to use them, it’s just I wanted you to experience the full extent of my capabilities” I noticed that Larry’s expression suddenly changed. “You’ve really put a lot of thought into this, huh?” He asked, frowning his eyebrow. “Yes, sir. I also discovered that targets who have been in great physical shape at any point of their lives react much stronger to my powers. The body responds to my stimulation in a much more intense way, even if they currently seem physically unfit, I can guarantee the result will be tremendous!” I said, not being able to hold back a smile on the corner of my mouth. “Something tells me you’ve grown some old skinny guy into a huge muscle stud huh?” Larry asked, almost salivating. “He was a morbidly obese man, and he turned out to be a phenomenal outcome. My best so far.” I replied proudly. “Your best work you say…Is he bigger than Miguel?” Larry said looking over the immense bulk of the young lad. “Trust me sir. Miguel’s growth was a lucky shot. It had everything to turn sour, but lucky for me, I’ve managed to accomplish everything I thought and more. However, I believe that under the three circumstances, my work’s outcome will improve exponentially.” “But you it’s not like you’ve only got one shot at each target right? I mean, it could be kind of frustrating.” He suddenly considered. “Well, I’ve been able to grow my targets in several occasions, but after some point their bodies weren’t responding to my stimulation.” “So if you wanted…let’s say to grow Miguel again…” He casually pointed and I got my cue. Without even looking at the hulking mass of the young man I’ve just changed, I focused a second time into his immense physique, allowing even more power to surge into him. “FUCK YEAH!!!!” I heard the deep moaning, the marvelous sound of clothes ripping to the strength of new muscle growing underneath them, the typical sound of bones adjusting to the extra muscular tissue surrounding them. I would show Larry Townsend that my power was not some “one hit wonder”. The young lad grew even thicker, even more powerful, even more muscular. During the time I grew Miguel, I kept looking intensely at Larry’s eyes, so he could tell I was in absolute charge of his pupil’s uncanny transformation. “Papi, Look at me! I’m so amazing! I feel like the HULK!” “You’re much bigger than him, chico.” Larry said as he looked at me and I knew it was time to stop feeding more muscle into him. “I guess now he truly became MIKE ONE THOUSAND POUNDS!” I said gently cleaning some saliva from the right corner of my mouth with a very cocky grin. “OH YOU BET I AM LITTLE DUDE! YOU ROCK!” Miguel thanked me. Neither Larry nor me imagined his immense bulk would move so fast as he did, he easily picked my thin frame and engulfed me in a monstrous embrace that could have crushed me like a bug if he wasn’t careful. “I WANT MORE! GIVE ME MOOOORE!” He roared, trying to get even bigger. I panicked! Shit things could turn very messy if he decided to get violent. “Miguel, you put Kirby back in this chair, right now!” Larry said at once. “But, daddy, I want to get bigger for you!” He suddenly went from an enormous muscle monster to a weeping little boy. Regardless of his uttering powerful size, the thunderous voice, and the monumental volume of his muscles, Miguel was certainly muscle daddy material. “You had much more than you deserved. You didn’t work for these muscles, they were meant for ME. Put him down and go sit on that corner, and if you only dare to speak…” Larry threatened and I was back on the chair, while the now even bigger muscle monster just said on the corner of the room. Still, his immense bulk occupied a lot of space on that room. I realized how dangerous my powers could be even for myself. “I’m sorry about that, Kirby. It seems your power can make your targets to react very impulsively.” He said calmly. “You saved me again sir!” Thankfully, I didn’t pass out this time, maybe my powers were getting stronger, or maybe Larry knew exactly when to stop me before I went too far again. “Well, being a muscle daddy is not just about size you know? Twinks come in all sizes even the EXTRA LARGE ONES!” He said looking at Miguel who, managed to bury his own head amidst the enormity of his massive cleavage. “So, let’s proceed, what’s circumstance #3?” He asked in a mischievous tone. I blushed, then I simply blurted out. “The target must dominate me, not just sexually, but in every aspect. I am a very submissive young man in the search of the ultimate muscle master. I’ll make you grow immensely HUGE, and you will dominate me, totally and completely.” Larry Townsend busted into a sonorous laughter. I simply did not know how to react to that. Even Miguel seemed a bit surprised at his muscle daddy’s reaction. “Sir…please don’t laugh at me. I’ve shown you my powers! You’ve seen how much I’ve changed Miguel…Everything I did, I did to convince you that I came here to service you.” The glorious muscle daddy still laughed, drying one tear from the corner of his right eye. “I’m sorry kid, I’m not laughing at you…I’m laughing because this whole thing is so fucking funny! I mean, here you are, this very hot little twink with a power to grow men into muscle beasts and muscle daddy obsession. And then, there’s me…” Larry said calmly as his massive arms suddenly reached for my thin body, lifting me from the chair and held me above the ground in a single movement. I was petrified, although my body shook violently. That immense man could snap my neck like a chicken. He looked at me so intensely, so deeply that it felt like my most secret thoughts opened themselves to him. “I’m a freaking power maniac, little boy. The reason for my laughter is that, from all the muscle daddies in the nation, you’ve picked the right one.” He lowered very slowly, his mustached lips speaking so slowly, getting each time closer to mine. I knew I was supposed to feel better (right?) However, something in the back of my mind suddenly told me that I wanted to bite much more than I could chew. “Thanks for coming, Kirby boy. You’re mine now, and forever!” He said kissing me so ferociously, his harsh, masculine tongue rubbed against mine. He tasted so manly, so musky, so perfect. I felt his hands going around my neck, embracing me ever so gently, so intensely. I was in heaven. Kissing the glorious lips of the man who could actually become the ultimate muscle daddy. The one that could at last fulfil my ultra-submissive needs. It was finally happening. “Oh sir…You’re not gonna regret this…I promise!” I said in a very flattering way. “I know, I won’t. You just need to learn who’s in charge here.” He said with a chuckle, and I thought he would kiss me again. It was only then I noticed Larry’s humongous biceps flexing harder and thicker, while he firmly pressed the glorious muscle against my throat, easily suffocating me. I gasped for air I needed to breathe! My skinny twiggy arms could not even scratch the powerful arms of that muscle daddy. “Pleassss….ssssssssirrrrrrr…” “Just relax, boy. I’m gonna take care of all of our needs. Now...you sleep!” He gently closed his arm around my neck and everything went black. To be continued.
  7. Hehe my queue line just keeps growing longer! I have several other projects going on, but who knows? Maybe i get inspired to write this graphically intense story.
  8. Your writing skills never cease to amaze me! You can deliver another mind-blowing, boner-inducing, muscle growth scene from the marvelous universe you created like it was the first time! So exciting, so vibrant and intriguing. On a side note, without losing the usual hotness, the transformation process seems a bit different, and I am dying to know the reason for that! Thanks for another masterpiece! Cheers!
  9. Thanks for your support guys. I actually wrote this piece as an exercise to overcome my writer's blockage, so I wanted some growth action right of the bat, which functioned better if told as background, in order to propel the story forward with more intensity. I am glad you enjoyed this introduction, so I feel more confident to tackle the search for the perfect storm! Thanks for your support!
  10. This is a bit different from my usual stories, but I had to write it. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is so desperately needed THE PERFECT STORM Story by Muscl4life Part I After long moments of hesitation, I decided it was time to put my gifts into full test, so I finally found the courage to enter the place. It was this hardcore gym built in an old factory building of the old industrial district, at the outskirts of the city. It was strategically located in the least attractive part of town, away from the bright modern ultra clean “Health and Fitness” centers, with lots of not so-brand-new heavy-duty equipment and tons of free weights. The owner was Larry Townsend and he named it “Dragon’s Lair”, but it could have been any other cliché name like “Muscle Pit” or “Larry’s gym”, because he pretty much knew his clients didn’t bother with fancy things, they just wanted a place where they could train hard and get great mentorship from a former world champion and sports legend. At 57 years old, former NPC champion, Mr. America and three times Mr. Universe, the amazing Larry Townsend was the best advertising for his business, because he still looked amazing at 250 pounds on his 5’10” frame, some would say he looked even better now than when he got his titles. Many of his protégés were taking over the bodybuilding scene like current NPC Champion Vince Stratford, or the latest winner of Arnold Classic Madrid Lazlo Prozinsky, not to mention two-time IFBB’s Mr. Australia Zander Vandross. In fact, The Lair was so famous and coveted that new potential clients had to wait at least 6 weeks in a line to get appointment with the famous trainer and hope he would take them under his still very muscular wings. At this point, I should have told you the reason I came to look for Larry. My name is Kirben but most of people just call me Kirby, although I really hate that nickname. I’m 5’6” tall, 145 pounds scrawny pale-skinned guy, 18 years old dressed in denim trousers and dress white shirt, with dark hair combed very neatly. No one would never picture a guy like me going to the Dragon’s Lair, but I was there in a mission. I needed to test my abilities. What exactly those abilities would be, one might wonder. Well, to put it simply, I can make guys grow. But, unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are a few “ground rules” that I’ve learned through the years. For starters, I can’t grow my own body, and I have tried, trust me. In other guys, however, my powers work well. I can actually make guys grow much bigger and more muscular, regardless their exercise routine or dietary habits, but, unfortunately, the outcomes of my supernatural interference over their bodies are not exactly consistent. Sometimes, the target grows in ways I did not foresee; I have attested that with my older brother Bryan. He has always been there for me when our parents split so right when I discovered my abilities, I rewarded him by making sure no one would ever bully him. We come from a very small-bodied lineage, none of our parents and grandparents stood above 5’7” tall, and Bryan used to be the smallest guy of his class until I started using my powers on him. I focused on his body and made his body grow during the night. I did make him get big and strong, but back then I was not aware of the several implications, so it turned out he just became very tall and big bodied. Now, at 22 years old, Bryan stands at 6’10” tall and weighs close to 300 pounds of rock solid thick pounds of brawn. He might actually be the biggest graduate at Stanford’s Law School. Sadly, Bryan has no other physical talent to compliment his phenomenal size, rather than a tremendous body strength that has hurt him more than it helped. He did try many sports like football, rugby and basketball, but he was far too slow and lacked of stamina. Therefore, despite having the perfect height to feature among the greatest NBA stars, he is just one “Big and Tall” man, and that truly frustrated me. I came to conclude that my powers alone would not function in the way I first imagined. Results also depended heavily on the target’s demeanor. I realized that Bryan was actually very scared of his sudden growth spurts. Our parents took him to several doctors, afraid of some kind of rare type of tumor pressing his pituitary gland. So, despite the initial happiness about his uncanny growth rate, until my family was sure his growth was “natural”, my poor big brother felt really miserable for his unusual height and augmented body, so he never accepted the growth. Of course, I only concluded that after comparing Bryan’s case with that of my second target: my best friend Theo. He was born in Laos and moved with his family to the US when he was still a baby and we became friends ever since elementary school. Unlike myself, Theo was very active, outdoorsy kid, who practiced wrestling, gymnastics and played soccer! Unfortunately, even that did not impede him from being victim of those bigger mean bullies, who loved to pick on my friend because he looked different. I knew I had to help Theo to stand up against those nasty dudes, but since I did not sleep in the same room with him every night, I needed to be more creative about the time to use my abilities. I soon discovered that Theo’s different competitions and physical activities were the perfect window for me to focus on his physique, feeding his body with my growing gift, without realizing that my external help actually made him excel in everything he tried! I stood there, casually cheering for my best friend while his body grew stronger and more powerful. Since I did not have the same amount of time to focus on Theo’s development, I soon learned how to pack the same kind of growth by focusing more intensely in shorter periods. Not to mention that the fact he was always playing, fighting or trying his best to overpower the challenges around him also contributed a lot to my goals. As it becomes obvious at this point, Theo was a rather successful experiment. Even at the tender age of 14 years old, Theo already stood at 5’6” tall, weighing close to 175 pounds of hard muscle, and unlike Bryan, he was visibly happy, and excited about his physical prowess. By that time, he decided he should focus on wrestling, and he was by far stronger and more capable than anyone he ever fought. I remember we used to talk about the way he always won his adversaries with ease, and how he considered me his “indispensable lucky charm”. Theo actually convinced the Coach to make me the official team’s mascot just to make sure I would never miss any championship he attended (although I hated using that stupid pirate costume). Theo became a true sports hero in our school, and a great role model for the other teammates, because not only he stood against who used to give him a bad time just because he was Asian, my best friend also defended anyone from being bullied. I was so happy that I finally was able to change a guy in such phenomenal way! By the time we were high school sophomores, Theo stood proudly at 5’11” and weighed 200 pounds of hard toned muscles with an invincible retrospect on his career. I focused so intensely on his development, but for some reason he was growing in a much slower pace. Theo actually told me very excited that he had a shot on Olympic team, but he needed to keep under 225 pounds. It was then I realized that I needed to let go off Theo’s growth, otherwise I would end up doing the same thing I did to Bryan. He eventually became an Olympian contender, and came back home with a gold medal, and I didn’t help him at all during the competitions. I discovered the target has to feel happy about his growth, but at that point, I did not know if target’s awareness could actually influence the outcome of my abilities. I accidentally found out the answer when I volunteered to work in a home for senior citizens, trying to spruce up my extracurricular activities to score higher at the fancy universities like my parents so eagerly wanted me to do. There I met Arthur Greenspan, a 72-year-old black man who had served many years as a police officer. Because of his bad eating habits and lack of exercise, Mr. Greenspan was seriously overweight and had developed type 2 diabetes associated to high blood pressure and suffered severe case of gout. Doctors also feared that he could lose his left foot, which was gravely infected. Despite all that, Mr. Greenspan was a very cheerful person, with whom I loved to talk during my afternoons in the home. He always had a good story to tell from his old crime-fighting days, but always asked me to sneak in candy bars for him. Deep down I realized that felt very lonely in that place, so I one day I told him that I could help him, but he needed to help me back. I spent that afternoon talking to Arthur, telling him all the story of Brian and Theo and how I managed to change their lives, and that I wanted to do the same to him, but he needed to trust me, and I knew it was very hard to believe at first. Mr. Greenspan heard it all very patiently, although he had a skeptical look on him. I did not care because all the time I was focusing on his body, trying to change the fat into muscle, trying to make his organism revert into a healthy state, which was rather different from my previous attempts, where I simply needed to wish my target to grow more muscular and stronger. However, to our uttering surprise, Arthur’s body reacted much faster than we both expected. Soon, he noticed his once flabby; fat body was tingling all over. His fat tissues were literally melting away, slowly changing into food for his muscular development. I still could not fully comprehend the impact of Arthur being aware of my abilities over the outcome, but I’d soon discover. I was prepared to spend several days working on Mr. Greenspan’s transformation, being careful to feed just enough not to hurt his old organism, but I forgot that in his prime days, Arthur was a man in formidable physical form. He stood at 6’2” tall and weighed 215 pounds by the time he joined police after being mariner for 7 years, so at the peak of his condition, Arthur was a prime specimen of muscular strong man, and for such reason his body responded promptly to my powers, in a way that I never witnessed before. We both stood there, watching the formerly obese man changing back into the physique he had in his glory days. On top of that, his injured foot healed immediately as the blood sugar levels lowered drastically because all the excessive sugar and fat instantly converted into muscular tissue, despite the fact Arthur was already a man of advanced age; his organism regained the same vigor and size of its prime glorious days. It was impressive that his peak condition could be so easily restored simply like that, without me having to build his size as I did with my previous targets. Arthur gasped while the clothes over his fast changing body became tight for all the different reasons. At some point, I realized that Arthur’s bodyweight was indeed much heavier than his glory days, so instead of just “slimming down”, I could use the energy stored in the fat tissues and sugar blood to foster new growth for his muscles! I focused harder to change his own spectacular form into something even bigger, even manlier, even harder! The retired police officer moaned, since that, along with his muscularity, I had also unadvisedly brought his libido back with a burning desire. His large manhood stood fully erect inside his pants, tenting up as his muscles augmented. I hear his deep moaning as his voice regained its regal, deep, manly authority. His powerful leg muscles increased and developed as I fed the transformation over his impressive physique. Arthur’s growing deltoids, expanding chest, ballooning biceps, widening shoulders, thickening neck and augmenting triceps continued to amaze me, because the reactions to my power have never been so intense. At that point, I also noticed that my considerably smaller dick was also completely hard, so I had added another component of that complex equation to the mix. My own state of sexual arouse contributed strongly not only to the result but also to its pace. I knew myself to be gay and attracted to muscular, manly men, but since my previous targets were my brother and Theo (who I cherished like a real brother), I actually had to restrain the sexual implications of the growth, which significantly reduced the outcome of my abilities. There I stood with a 6’2” tall massive Nubian King of Muscles, and Arthur weighed over 300 pounds of hard incredibly muscles, and a massive 11 inches cock, which I gladly discovered to respond to my powers as well. The glorious muscle grandpa just smiled as he stepped closer to me and hugged me in his powerful, manly, massive embrace. He looked at my face with such manly authority and determination. Arthur said that he never felt better in his life, and in order to emphasize his argument, the monstrous muscle man flexed his now 25” biceps, so hard and veined right in my face and ordered me to grope it, to kiss it, to make it bigger! Something inside me was so happy to oblige! I finally understood that my powers were to please a man who truly understood the amazing potential of those abilities. I kissed his flexed biceps, my tongue dancing around the hard fibers and licking the angled rugged stone of muscle, while my mind flooded his body with more growth, propelled by oy own lustful desires. Greenspan gasped, moaning deeper as his body augmented even further, while his clothes literally ripped from his body because his actual muscular size now surpassed his former obese forms, easily destroying the fabric and continuing to expand outwards as my feverish lustful mind commanded. He continued to flex his growing biceps and held my body with just one massive calloused hand underneath my arse. I felt the huge finger of my massive muscle master easily ripping through the fabric of my own pants and underwear, the invading body easily went up my virgin hole and I clinched in reflexive response. We both felt the sudden increase of the growth and Arthur just smiled and told me he would be honored to be my first. I blushed, he inserted his second and third fingers and kissed my lips, in such vivid, manly, passionate way that I lost any sense of direction. The kiss lasted until I had no air left in my lungs, gasping desperately to breathe. Arthur laughed at that, his growing body also made him look so regal, so magnificently masterful, so obscenely humongous! He gently caressed my face and threw his head back, amazed to the extent of his transformation. He thanked me once again, kissing my eager, unexperienced lips and firmly guiding me through the action. He stopped me to show when I should be sucking and when to let him suck, to savor our lips together and just let passion flow through us. His body augmented even more as my virginity blossomed to him, I could sense his enormous figure increased as I got closer to be fucked by the first time. The glorious black muscle daddy brought me to his bed, which, although fortunately reinforced to support his weight, creaked and squeaked as his new muscular figure laid on it. He just chuckled and removed the remainder of my clothes, ripping my shirt with his teeth, spitting them at the other side of the room. I thought I’d be nervous to be fucked by such a massive tower of man with an obelisk of black cock, which I realized to be over 14 inches of impressive size, but I was surprisingly calm and excited. Arthur was a massive gentleman, he gently spread my legs and used his own spit, mixed with the incredible amount of precum leaking from his member to lube my own boyish cherry hole. The moment Greenspan penetrated me for the first time I unleashed such an unparalleled wave of growth power into Arthur’s body that made him grow so much more muscular so fast that his entire left side grew too big for the right side. Fortunately, right at the next moment his body bulged back into this perfect monstrosity, and the glorious muscle monster just chuckled, complimenting me for not being a virgin anymore, which I replied by asking him to fuck me really hard. It was then I discovered that I can really grow a man when he is fucking my boyish anus, each time his engorged member went deeper inside my skinny body I made him grow ever so massive, ever so powerful, ever so muscular. Arthur just groaned, making me feel even better as he readjusted his bigger body, worried that his uncanny mass could accidentally crush my tiny skinny body underneath it. All of a sudden, I caused my first growthgasm as Arthur quickly nicknamed it. My eyes rolled back in their orbits and I let a primal scream of pleasure escape my throat as the monstrous cock dumped a hot torrent of jism inside my butt and right then I replied by unloading my own diminutive ejaculation over his black wall of abdominal muscles. But if my physical cum was nothing remarkable, the energetic breakthrough of my orgasm fed Arthur’s body into a frenzy of muscle growth. We were both shaking as his muscles developed even further, his body augmented and adjusted, growing even thicker and more massive, his shoulders expanded, his biceps engorged, his legs thickening, the calves flexing and growing while his chest pressed heavier over my head. The body convulsed with several different spots for uncanny muscle growth. Eventually, the bed broke down at the immense weight that Greenspan now carried into his monumental frame. I only came back to my senses a few moments later, with Arthur nursing me in his massive inside a room, which was not the same we fucked. He then told me that I had passed out after my orgasm, and he realized we could never explain the situation without running my secret, so he grabbed his stuff and burst through the wall carrying my slim figure with him. Arthur took us back to his house (that albeit listed to sell, fortunately never attracted a decent offer). It was the first time I saw him after the transformation, and he was proud to show me the facts, which got me so happy and shocked! The 6’2” 270 72-year-old formerly obese man was gone and in his place Arthur Greenspan now stood as a behemoth of 7’2” tall weighing 1,300 pounds of hulking, inhumanly HUGE massive size of muscles. His cock, which never got fully soft again, reached 14 inches long at that semi-flaccid state, and full 26” massive inches when fully hard. His flexed biceps reached 52” around and he had uncanny 120” chest, not to mention his 78” thighs with calves that reached the same size of his arms, which only made him look a perfect monster of muscle. The mixture of his senior features and the look of wisdom of his experienced days combined to the vigorous monstrosity of his new muscles made my heart melt. I hugged his monstrous body and begged him to fuck me again, sincerely hoping that I could make him even bigger! Sadly, I discovered that I would never grow Arthur the way I grew him. I mean, I still made him grow at least 250 pounds since we started, a few weeks earlier, but his massive transformation was limited to that fantastic day. Not that he complained, quite the contrary! Arthur made my life complete as he fucked me in ways I never thought possible, he taught me all his tricks and our sex is just incredible! However, my humongous muscle master is truly a wise one. He could tell I felt frustrated for never being able to grow my targets the way I really wanted to change them, so he told me that he would always be there to me, but I needed to search the world for a perfect storm. With Arthur’s motivation, I searched all archives about bodybuilding and strength sports in order to track down elder men with greatest physical qualities who still kept in great shape throughout the nation, I needed someone to combine everything I learned over the years in order to achieve full success. That’s why I came to find Larry Townsend. I want HIM to become my Ultimate Muscle Daddy, so I have to make sure that the subject is completely aware that I can make him grow, he must accept and embrace it, he must not only be okay with it. And most important, he needs to make me excited for making him grow. I truly hope Larry Townsend will fulfill all those requirements, because then I will have my Perfect Storm. To be continued.
  11. Yes, another great installment! Please continue!
  12. Really HOT idea, I loved the mix between a cute guy with HUGE muscles! Thanks for another great story!
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