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  1. panama

    Justin's question - final part now added

    Good writing as usual ! Justin could meet Karl, the improved Joe or even Sal from your previous "The Car Salesman" :))
  2. panama

    Best coffee in town 3

    June 1st 08.30 I was in the middle of the rush hour : dozens of white collar workers wanting their coffee before joining their office and their dreadful job. - Come on, Gaspard, move ! I was going to curse inwardly, but then I saw it was Gemma, and she was smiling to me. A warm, real smile. - Give me a minute. I began to refill the big container of filter coffee. At the same time, I could see Gemma moving from one corner of the counter to the other, with magic efficiency... Her "best coffee in town" shirt hugged perfectly her generous breasts, and though she was far from being perfect, I also appreciated her curves, specially that bubble ass... But fuck ! I felt guilty. Am I a perv ? - Gaspard ! Is it ready ? - Yes ! I gave her a knowing smile. - Go have your 15 minutes. I turned my head. It was Brian. - I´ll replace you. Come on. I obeyed without saying anything. He didn´t add anything either. There was that big mirror in the staff room. That big mirror I tried to avoid every time. There was also a coffee machine, and I had the weird coffee in my locker. So it was quite simple to have a 10 minutes coffee on my own. I liked the fact of being far away from the customers and my work mates. Did I say mates ? Sorry for that. It was my second Java weird coffee. I really was enjoying its taste : strong and a bitter without being undrinkable. On the contrary. I really liked the way it tasted. And, as the previous day, I had a deep sensation of well-being while drinking it. - Argggh. Shit ! I had a stain on my shirt. That´s what happens when you forget you are on your 15 minutes break, not in the moon : you spill the coffee on your shirt. I took it off without thinking too much, facing the mirror. - Why am I doing this ? I don´t have another one... Well, maybe I can at least put some water on it... Reluctantly, I couldn´t avoid to see my reflection. But surprisingly enough, I didn´t feel as disappointed as usual : my chest was just flat, not concave. My nostril was slightly more inward. My greenish skin was more white-standard. My twigg arms were... Twigg arms still, but a slight improvement in my shoulders made it less ridiculous. That´s when the door opened. I didn´t have time to put my shirt on. It was Amanda. - Your break is over. She had a neutral expression on her face when she saw my bare torso. I even doubt she had time to realize it, because she shut the door after like 3 seconds. But I didn´t felt humiliated as usual. Just amused. - OK, let´s go back. Gemma saw immediatly my shirt was dirty. - I´ll find you another one. You must have some replacement. What is it, small ? - No ! Medium ! - It´s a joke. I know it´s medium. Gemma put her hand on my chest and briefly let it there. - Let´s go back to work. 11.30 Another shitty morning was coming to an end. I was obsessed with the clock in the opposite wall from the counter. - Yeah ! See you tomorrow. Brian gave me a knowing smile. I went downstairs to the staff room and opened the door without warning. Gemma was in her bras. As I suspected, her generous boobs were quite firm and so inviting. I could feel my dick stirring in my underwear. I was surprised with the intensity of my erection. After some seconds I was at full mast. It was so obvious I felt embarrassed. But she came towards me and gave me a kiss. Our tongues rapidly entered in motion, and soon I was throwing her bra away, and started massaging her breasts. She put her hand under my shirt, and began feeling my non-existent yet abs. I moaned in pleasure, surprised to feel that I was getting more excited by the second. It was king of strange, but my dick was still at full mast. My hand slipped down her flabby stomach, and I reached her lower stomach. I wanted to go southwards to her pussy. I unbuckled her trousers. They fell. My hand founded what I was looking for: her unshaven vagina, which had a roughness that made my dick pulsate with envy... What was happening to me ? We heard a knock. Twice. Three times. A brief silence. Then a last one before the door opened. It was Brian: - Are you leaving ? We just have had time enough to simulate some random casual. - Yes. Gemma went out without even looking at Brian. I followed. Brian stopped me. I thought I would be embarrassed, not knowing if he knew. But actually I wasn´t embarrassed at all, which surprised me. - Gaspard, are you OK ? I looked at him, slightly surprised because we were almost at eye level, which I didn´t remember that way. - Yes. Thank you Brian. I left.
  3. panama

    Best coffe in town 2

    You go back to the closer place where you think you could find work :)) And yes, that place is the place I want him to go. The coffee shop.
  4. panama

    Best coffe in town 2

    The following day, I was reluctant to go back to the coffe shop. Until I opened my fridge an saw it was almost empty. There was only a tuperware, full of white rice. I dressed in a minute, but it took five minutes before I found my glasses beneath some random book... Back to the coffee shop, I was frightened as I saw it was full : - Shit, there is work here. Amanda the blond beauty was talking to an admirer, while Gemma was frentic, between 2 american coffees, 3 capuccino and a fucking 600 Kca latte. She recognised me : - Hey ! Gaspard, right ? - Yeah, how is it today ? I felt stupid the moment I ended the sentence. Of course it was obviously hell ! - Welcome ! I didn´t know who had just talked to me, because my view was obstructed by the big guy talking to Amanda. I just avoided him, and saw another barista in his green polo : - Brian. Nice to meet you. We shook hands, and I couldn´t sustain his gaze much longer, because I didn´t know what to say. - You are hired if you´re still interested. As you can see, there´s lot of work here. I was so surprised I could only mumble a quick: - Can I begin today ? - Of course. Come on ! Brian smiled (again that fake smile ! I just hate it.) And he added : - Aaron is in the back office. I followed Brian, who was taller, but not much more taller than I. Maybe 5´9 ? His jeans were tight on him, and the polo fit perfectly, though he was not muscular. Just fit. I think he felt I was studying him, because he stopped. - Don´t be shy. He opened the back office door, and there he was, the boss. He was seated behind a desk, and didn´t react to my presence. I was slightly intimidated. He was exactly the kind of man I despised : broad shoulders, sharp eyes, shaven but with a stubble, and so in control. - Aaron, this is Gaspard. He´s OK to do his first shift today. Aaron rose up : his polo was tight in all the right places, displaying his perfectly shaped biceps, and also his triceps every time he relaxed his arms... - Nice to meet you. - So it´s OK if I begin today ? (I didn´t know where to stare : his square shaped pecs, though the best moment was when he briefly put his hands on his belt, revealing the end of his abs and his treasure trail. ) - Yes. Why not. I beagn to feel aroused, not wanting but failing to do so. Aaron looked at me, his piercing eyes mocking the out of shape loser I was : - Brian will give you your uniform. What are you : Small ? I really hated him, but I coul feel my dick hardening, my body stiff like a rock. Why ? This was so embarrassing, although I had assumed my bisexuality a long time ago. - I... (I hesitated.) I think I´m more of a Medium. Aaron smiled (fuck ! That fake smile again.) He briefly reached his perfect forehead as if thinking (what the hell had he to think about ?!) His bicep ballooned in a concrete ball of tanned marble. I felt my stiffening dick pulsating against my trousers. I was terrified. - OK, follow Brian. Have a good day. I think he knew, because he just adjusted his crotch, twice or three times the bulge I had myself, while going back to his desk. He then put his eyes on me, just for a second, as if that second was enough to discard me. I was relieved to follow Brian to the changing room, and felt rapidly more comfortoble in my underwear. As we entered in the changing room, I scanned the lockers and... fuck ! The big mirror on the main wall. - Come on ! Don´t be shy. I don´t bite ! Brian throw me the M polo, and I hesitated what to do next. He was kind of waiting, but I didn´t want him to see me bare chest. My concave, pathetic chest. My hairless, nuclear white, almost greenish torso... My twigg arms and weird belly button. I think he was intelligent enough to understand that, because he left almost immediatly, leaving me alone, face to face with the mirror. I had just put the green polo, and felt relieved, because my frail body was hidden, when I heard a quick knock : - I´m ready ! (I replied) I hadn´t ended my sentence when I saw something flying towards me... It was Brian throwing some random packet of coffee to me : - What is it ? - Your beginner gift. Some shitty coffe from Java that you´ll taste at home. Aaron doesn´t want it for here... I was really pissed off, but took it and put it in my bag. - Remember, said Brian, we only give our clients the best coffee in town.
  5. panama

    Best coffee in town

    Here I was, Gaspard, thirty-something, facing the humiliation of asking for work in a coffee shop... I was bankrupt, as the idea of resuming a year of classes at the University was a cleaver but expensive one... Being a foreigner didn´t help either, as I only could rely on myself... So here I was, giving my resume to a perfect stranger. Gosh, how I hated those fake smiles ! At least in Europe people are gloomy but don´t pretend to be friendly when they don´t give a fuck about you. - So, you´re name is... Gaspard ? - That´s it. Her smile was perfect, and I had to stretch my neck a little bit up to look at her deep green eyes. - Amanda. Nice to meet you. Right now we are not looking for other employees... Her body radiated health, some kind of warm energy. - Let me know if... I was going to add something when I was interrupted by another barista, another lady in her late twenties, big breasts, and... Oh ! A real smile ? - I´m Gemma. Nice to meet you. - Gemma, Amanda replied, without even looking at her, we just don´t hire. Besides, he has no previous experience (Amanda was holding my resume in her delicate tanned hand.) - I think Aaron just told me yesterday he was looking for someone else. I was kind of transparent, as they began to discuss... The coffee shop was almost empty, except for some lonely customers, surfing in Internet while having a 600 Kca latte... Of course the place was in perfect harmony with the neighbourhood, that is : wood tables, and everything so bio and healthy and shit... I wanted to leave this place. They both still ignored me, and I had a quick look at the mirror behind the counter : there I was, skinny, almost bald, pale, and... - OK Gaspard, can you come back tomorrow ? I saw her sensual lips in slow motion, while her perfect white teeth almost didn´t move... - Yeah, sure. - You´ll meet Aaron, he´s the boss here. - OK. - See you tomorrow. - Can I... I was going to ask for my resume, but Amanda had gone, entering the employees room. I could have a quick glimpse of the uniform : jeans and a green polo where it was written : "best coffee in town."
  6. panama

    Ten Holiday Muscle Growth Shorts

    Great once again. Thanks !
  7. panama

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 4

    Any chance we read part 5 some day ?
  8. panama

    The Price of Milk Part 4

    So well written. Thank you. Eager to read more.
  9. panama

    Fight Night

    So great ! Just perfect writing. Thanks.
  10. panama

    Just Add Water

    So great !!! Please, more as soon as possible.
  11. panama

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 4

  12. panama

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 4

    https://youtu.be/MbAHzV5zxZ4 This is how I imagine Joe after taking the Alpha scent... And this would be Sal if she takes it... https://youtu.be/AHziMjDoRaI
  13. panama

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 4

    Any chance we see the next chapter ? Thanks again !

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