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    Getting as big as possible, video games, tattoos, tigers, and firefighting.
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    5’11, 225<br />
    25 y/o
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    Inspiration, motivation, support
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    As big as possible
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    Iain Valliere, Brad Rowe
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    Muscle growth, muscle worship, beards, body hair, tattoos, butts.

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  1. Rockmelon

    Muscle Escort

    I offer muscle worship sessions, if anyone is interested in the LA area.
  2. Rockmelon

    snapchat muscles

    Snap: Rockmelon20
  3. Rockmelon


    PSN: Gowgks25 KIK: Rockmelon20
  4. Hard to find but not impossible. My partner is bigger than me and arguably has even more drive than I do to get absolutely huge.

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