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  1. I was sooo hoping for the final part as a Christmas / New Year surprise... pleeeaaase finish this great story!
  2. Please continue this one with another chapter! I‘m so much looking forward to them pumping each other full of roids.
  3. Yes, pleeeaaaase continue this epic masterpiece!
  4. Stupendous! You‘ve exceeded the highest expectations. My congratulation to this outstanding chapter!
  5. Is there a chance for an update of this great story? I‘m so much looking forward to it!
  6. Simply magnificent. Your range of wonderfully detailed descriptions is a testimony to true muscle lust. I‘ll be checking on this story for an update every day - please don‘t let us wait too long!
  7. Love the set-up and the great descriptions of the Hunger. Totally erotic! Very well done.
  8. Outstanding! Whichever direction you‘re gonna take this, please keep this great attention to (muscular) details. I love your sensual descriptions! Cheers
  9. chris9b


    Where have you been all the time? Two stories and they hit all the right buttons. Great Job! This forum needs more stories from you. Urgently!!
  10. Ohhh yeah... please pump him up even bigger!
  11. That plan sounds extremely hot, can‘t wait for the continuation!!
  12. Absolutely magnificent, an instant classic!
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