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  1. Chilis

    Raised Boy

    Jack perspective I didn´t know what was happening. I was on the floor and my back hurt. I looked up and there he was. Carlos. He was standing with those ridiculous big clothes. He was looking at my with a sight I´ve never seen… superiority. He sat on my chest and flexed his thighs. I didn´t expect such… power. My body was being crushed and I yelled in pain. -Hell yeah! Feel that you faggot! -Carlos screamed with a huge smile. I growled and pushed him by the chest. He stepped back (but something tells me that he did voluntarily, not by my push). I got up. -You´ve been working out? -I said with anger- So what? You got a little stronger? That doesn't change anything! I am still superior to you! You are my bitch! He didn´t react as I expected. Usually he would try to hide that he wanted me, and then worship me, but this time I only saw… a smirk. He slowly walked to me. He approached his hand to my chest and with his fingers pushed me. He didn´t use a lot of strength, but I got thrown away so hard and far away to the wall. My super hard and heavy muscles make some cracks on the wall. -W… what -I barely could talk. He got close to me again and standing proudly in front of me, he ripped so easily his shirt and pants. I was in awe in what I saw. Tanned, hard muscles were all over that gorgeous body. No body hair, only dark stretched skin on huge strong muscles. For the first time in my live I felt… pathetic. Carlos perspective When I ripped my clothes I felt the most satisfying thing I have ever felt. It was like freeing my whole superiority to Jack. I grabbed his and made him felt my muscles. It was the first time I flexed so wildly. I was extremely hard. -I told you. You are a faggot -I said. -B… but my… my muscles -Jack babbled in awe. I pushed him to the floor and put a knee on this throat. My leg looked huge and powerful on him. He tried to get up, but my only one leg was too much for him. -IS NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE -I screamed- Look at me! I am, and always has been, your owner. Jack looked at me scared and I saw… tears? Ha! Pathetic. I set him free and started flexing. On his knees, he started touching every part of me, moaning. My dick started cumming by himself inside my underwear while Jack worshipped me. I was finally the god, I was finally putting him on his place. -S… so a… are you going to m… make me suck… y… your dick now? -Jack said without taking his eyes off my body. I smiled and said. -Ha! Not at all -I saw a mix between relief and desperation in his face. He really wanted me, so much, but he was thankful when he knew that he wouldn´t have to become my bitch. But I didn´t say that… -No no -I continued- I am a god here. Nobody can taste the pleasure of my divine cock. Only me can use other people. Jack opened a lot his eyes, in panic. -No! Please! -he begged- I don´t want to be a bitch. I am supposed to be the master, the superior god. He flexed in tears for a last try to convince me. I will admit that he was superior to everyone in the world… except… me. I smirked and grabbed his flexed bicep. I tightened so hard that he yelled in pain and put down his arm. I laughed and flexed MY bicep. THE bicep. -Look at this? -I said- This is what power looks like. Not your pathetic little ball you call bicep. Now it´s time I have fun. He got up and took off his underwear (the only thing he was wearing). His dick came out hard and magnificent as always. -No! -he yelled at me- Maybe your muscles are stronger now. But my dick is still larger. I am still superior. You are my bitch. I raised my eyebrows. I didn't think about that, and maybe he was right. But I was not giving up. I KNEW since the beginning that I was above everyone. He wouldn't pull me down again. I ripped my underwear with one hand and my dick came out straight up immediately. I was huge, but not enough. -Told you! -Jack yelled and grabbed me by the neck. He tried to lift me, but of course I was still stronger and he couldn't. -No so fast -I said and pushed his hand away. I ran to the gym and Jack followed me intrigued. There I took a huge weight with my right hand and grabbed my cock with the left one. Then I started masturbating as hard as I could while I lifted the heavy weights. Jack just looked at me with desire, hipnotized of my perfection. He couldn't stop me. I lifted and masturbated for ten minutes, then twenty, then forty, then one hour, then two. Every time I felt like cumming, I would handle it. When the arm that was working out burned like hell I would switch arms, but never stopped. Jack would cum all that time just for watching me. I was so hot. My dick and my arms hurt like burned metals. I had my face red of effort, but my plan was working. Blood were pulsating all over my arms and my dick. My cock was hard as any of my muscles, and almost purple for the effort the veins were doing there. I saw it became larger and larger, with more and more blood coming in. I felt a few “ripped” sounds in my biceps and my dick, but I didn´t stop. When my dick was large enough to satisfy me, I let fall the weights on the floor and approached Jack. He gave my a look of desire, awe and confusion. -I told you -I said- You can´t outstand me. I put my dick next to his and I smiled so happy when I saw mine was a little more larger, but way thicker. -Now you can´t say anything, faggot! -I claimed and pushed him to the floor, giving me his back… and ass. I laid down on him and start fucking him so hard that the screams were heard all over the island. My muscles were hot and, sincerely, I didn't even gave a fuck about Jack. I was only admiring my biceps, round and hard. My pecs, huge and strong. My abs, with a eight pack, hard as steel. My legs thick and ripped. I flexed all of them, kissing them, feeling them, while I fucked the muscular ass of Jack. He was moaning, feeling so much pleasure. But only I cared. Only I was important. I was a fucking muscle god.
  2. Chilis

    Raised Boy

    Carlos perspective. I lost track of time. Weeks passed? Months? Years? I was not sure. I only had one thought in my mind. To get free of Jack and his arrogant being, his tall and annoying presence, his huge and so beautiful muscles… Anyways! I wanted to go away. I couldn't believe my father left me there without any explanation. We never returned. So I became the sexual bitch of Master… I mean, Jack. I slept in bed next to him every they while he would hug me… but not in a nice way. He would grab me all night, with all his huge and heavy muscles on me, barely letting me sleep or even breathe. Sometimes (and I mean always) he would have some… “hot dreams” and rub his dick on me like if I was a toy. This would go wild until he would hug me so hard while sleeping that he crushed my back several times. Days were kind of better. I don´t mean they were good, but better. He usually kept me close to him, making me suck his dick and touch his muscles while he was eating, working out or just watching a movie or something. I never stopped resisting, but he was way stronger… And so I got an idea. When I could sneak away from him, I would go work out in me free time. I knew it was going to be hard, but I really wanted to be stronger than that idiot and put him in his place. It was so difficult considering that Jack would work out all day, making his muscles be pumped and strong all the time. However, I realized he was slowing down his routine. I mean, he was so superior, powerful and hot that he didn´t care much about getting stronger so fast anymore. So I was persistent. The little times I got to work out I would give all I could. No pain no gain, working hard. Also I would take secret notes of all the advices Jack´s trainer would give him and tried to steal some of the great amount of food that Jack had left. It took me time… so much time. But slowly I started to find improvement. My biceps would become visible in time, and I got some nice abs. Also my legs would become stronger and more defined. I kind of… enjoyed it. At first Jack didn't realize, but one day we finally did. He was finishing his last workout of the day and grabbed me by the arm to take me to bed, when he stopped and felt my bicep. -Umm? -he looked at my muscle it intrigued. I swallowed, nervous about the way he would take the news I was getting stronger. Finally I found courage and flexed my biceps while he felt it. Jack felt it for a few seconds. It was a hard little ball. Then he laughed. -It seems that you´ve been eating good, little bitch! -he claimed. I smiled shyly, relieved that he didn't consider I was working out. Later that night Jack wrestled me, something that he did from time to time to boost his ego. Usually he would overpowered me so easily, but this time I was so happy that I could open a little his body scissor crush on me, or I could handle a few more time when we arm wrestled. I felt… nice feeling strong. Time kept passing. Jack continued working out, cumming like twenty times a day while he embarrassed him and eating like an animal. He was getting stronger every day, but slowly. And so I was, but faster, better, more superior… My workouts would be so intense that at the end my muscles felt like melted iron… and looked like it, considering that I had the best tan ever. I kind of understood Jack now. Feeling so strong was the best. I loved the feeling of the weights trying to subdue me with the gravity, but I was stronger and superior. I would lift them even if my muscles couldn't handle it. I would push so hard that sometimes I would cry and yell in pain while my muscles burned. But I felt good… I even had a boner! The whole time! And time passed, and I felt stronger and stronger. It was awesome when the weights weren't enough and I had to put more. I was incredible to see my biceps getting round, firm, hard and powerful. And my pecs. And my legs. And my abs. And my neck. And everything! I was becoming the best! So after a long time I finally got strong enough to be a bodybuilder or better. Sincerely, I felt like the strong god I was always supposed to be… and I was going to show that to Jack. For the past months I covered myself in huge long loose clothes so Jack wouldn't notice my perfect body. He was so full of himself that even when he bangged me or grabbed me, he didn't ask why I my body so hard and firm. He would simply care about himself, and me satisfying him. But that was over. For a long time he wouldn't wrestle me. So when the day came I was more than ready. -Take off your clothes, I want to play with you -he said one night to me while he watched his own body. I smiled and stranded in front of him. -Why don't you come and get me, bitch? -I answered with the cockiest voice I ever had. I felt my dick raising inside my pants because of the thought of dominating that filthy boy. Jack laughed loudly and got up. He grabbed me by the arms and tried to throw me to the floor. I was afraid for a moment, but when I saw that I was still standing, with my strong, muscular legs overpowering the strong arms of Jack, I felt a spurt in my dick. He looked at me with confusion and I smiled with me perfect white teeth. I looked at him with vengeance eyes. He was taller my half a head, but I knew I was totally superior to him… I always knew. -Show time - I whispered and then grabbed him by the neck, lifting him in the air with one arm and then I threw him on the floor. I was so strong!
  3. Chilis

    Raised Boy

    Carlos Perspective. I woke up with a horrifying headache. I looked down and realized I didn't have a shirt on, but some bandages around my torso. For a moment I didn't remember what was I doing there, until I looked around and saw the huge bed, the great amount of exercising machines and the muscle men paintings. -Shit… -I said and my throat felt dry and scratchy. I tried to get up but my chest was so injured that I couldn't even move. I waited for a few minutes until some kind of nurse came in. She looked surprised that I was awake and she immediately left just to come back with a glass of water. -Thank… you -I said and quickly drank all the liquid. She nodded in silence. She wasn't smiling. -How long I´ve been like this? -I asked. She closed her lips like if she wasn't allowed to tell… wasn't she? -Master don´t want us to tell you… -she finally said. -Master…? -I tried to remember what she was talking about- Fucking Jack? He did this to me, you know? She looked away and blushed. Was she… was she fucking horny right now? -Ok, listen -I said with a angry tone- My dad is fucking Dave, do you know who is that? That's right, he is the owner of your fucking life and the one that pays everything about your life. So am I. Now, you are going to tell me everything I fucking want to know right… NOW. She gave me an intimidated look and took a deep breath. -You´ve been here for two months sir -she said- We´ve been feeding you with some medical tubes and you woke up a few times, but were too injured to remember or do anything. Your bones were kind of crushed, but you are alright now. I tightened my teeth with anger. -Where is he now? -I asked. -Working out sir -she said, considering she understood I meant Jack. I nodded. -Thank you for healing me. Now get the fuck out. She didn't complain about it and left quicker than you should have. When she was gone I made a greater effort and managed to get up. Everything inside my body felt like crushed garbage, but I was pissed enough to handle it. I stood there and looked down to see my body. I saw the bandages and then… WHAT THE FUCK? I was wearing the fucking tight shorts Jack was wearing when he was crushing my body. They weren't tight on me tho, considering I didn't have the exaggerated amount of muscle he had in his legs. -This fucking idiot… -I cursed him. I found Jack lifting some huge weight bar. The thing was so heavy that it bended down, but he was pushing with his steel hard muscles without any effort. The guy was covered in swear and wearing only some tight nike pants and some sporty shoes. I approached him and gave him my most angered look. He just looked at me back without interest, made a little more lifting and got up. He stood in front of me looking down (because he was way taller) and with his huge chest going up and down in front of my face. I pointed the shitty shorts I was wearing. -You fucking crushed my body -I said- And the last thing you do is putting on me your disgusting shorts!? What's wrong with you? Did you even washed them before putting them on my dick!? He smirked and looked at my crotch. -Nope -he answered. I looked at him disgusted. -I´ve been wearing your shitty sweaty shorts for TWO MONTHS!? -Yep -he said. -You are fucking insane -I yelled. Then he did something I didn't expect. He grabbed my dick with his right hand and pressed. -Don´t you like it? -he whispered in my ear- Having my superior sweat on you…? -he then smiled- I looked at your dick, ya´know? It is HUGE, I liked it, but is not large enough to compete with mine… I felt how my cock was started to grow between his fingers. I opened my mouth but nothing came out of it. -Admit it, I am everything you´ve always desired -he said and moved his hand to put his bicep in front of my face. He flexed and unflexed several times, making his mountain-like muscle to grow and stretch, making his veins pop over and over again. His forearm was steel-hard. -Go ahead, feel it -he said. I raised my hand but stopped when I was the closest to touch those godly like muscles. -No His expression was covered with anger. -What did you say? -he yelled. -You are miserable -I said- You think everybody desires you? Well, not me. You are supposed to be MINE, mh? So don't think I will be your little pet. You are just… a faggot. Big, yes, but still a faggot. He grabbed me by the neck and raised me with only one hand. -Do you want me to fucking crush you again? -he said. I tried to get off, but I only was able to move my legs around in the air while that hard and insanely strong arm kept me in floating. -Take me… -cough- Take me down immediately, Jack! He pressed his fingers around my neck and it got hard for me to breathe. -I am Master for you -he said. -Your name -cough- your name is fucking Jack! He pulled me and put my head between his pecs. I tried to breathe and I only smelled the pure essence of manly superior sweat. -My pecs are so hard, right? -he said with a smirk. I just managed to make a weird sound. For my disgrace, it sounded like a groan. Jack dropped me and flexed his biceps and abs, making them explode of power. He started kissing his biceps and I saw how a boner was coming out inside his pants. I just stood there and felt my dick hard enough to push my (or his?) shorts up. I took a look at my cock and I, even if I didn't want to admit it, felt horny about wearing the same clothes that Jack was using when he crushed, when his muscles were too big for the shorts to contain. Jack stopped enjoying himself and approached me. Without saying anything he ripped the shorts I was wearing with his incredible strength and made my dick raised proudly out in the air. I loved the size of my cock, it was always bigger than any other boy I met. I grabbed my dick like trying to protect it from Jack and took a few steps back. -That´s huge Carlos -he said and took my hand off my cock just to grabbed it with his- But I am the biggest here. I am superior than you, and you must learn that. He then pulled up my dick with his extreme strength, almost raising my body. -Aaagh! -I yelled. It hurted but at the same time felt like one of the best thing my dick had ever felt. He did again. And again. It was like masturbating me and torturing me at the same time. Jack was strong enough to tear my dick, but he controlled his muscles to just raised my hip a little pulling my cock to the sky. I started pre-cuming and he dropped me. Then he took off his pants and his underwear and the biggest dick I've ever seen raised in front of me. It was the size of a forearm, even more. -I am a god -Jack said and made his dick move without touching it. He started flexing his body, showing off his perfect muscles. Everytime he flexed a different muscle, his dick would get harder and larger. His tanned skin made him look like a bronze melted statute. -What do you think now? Uh? -he asked me. I shaked nervously. -You… are… a… fucking… faggot -I said. Jack laughed and grabbed by the arm. He put my hand on his bicep. I almost passed out for the pleasure of feeling that steel hard muscle. I then couldn't control myself and started feeling all of his muscles. Jack would flex everywhere my fingers touched, making me tremble of joy. -What do you think now? -he asked while I was feeling his pecs with both hands. -You are an idiot, and not at all superior -I said angered. -Then why are you feeling my strong muscles and enjoying it -he complained. -I… -I didn't know what to say, I was hypnotized by that body- I am just pretending to, so you leave me finally alone. He frowned and push me down to me knees. He opened my mouth and put his dick inside of it. -Feel my superior body, Carlos! -he yelled and pushed his dick into my throat without even waiting me to realize what was happening. I had a difficult time breathing, but I sucked so much. I felt the warm of his body, the manly superiority he had getting inside me, fulling me. He roared like a tiger and pushed his dick in my mouth aggressively, while he flexed both biceps and made them explode in power. I looked up and it felt like a was watching a divine view. He then took his dick out and grabbed me by the shoulder. He sat down in a weight machine and made me put his dick inside my mouth again. Then he started lifting a gigantic amount of weight while I was sucking his huge cock. -I AM SO STRONG! -he yelled while he roared everytime he pulled the weight. I was feeling the biggest amount of pleasure I´ve ever had in my life. My dick started cumming and it would´s stop, and I didn´t even have to touch or masturbate it for making it hard and spread around semen. Jack started sweating and his muscles were pumped like crazy. He moved for hours from one exercising machine to another, always finding out a position to make me suck his dick while he was working out. -My muscles are so hard, don't you think? -he asked at one moment- I am the strongest, I have so much power! I can crush anybody I want. I am an alpha male! I answered sucking faster and he moaned in pleasure while lifting the weights faster and faster, with his muscles on fire and pumped more than ever, when finally I felt how his dick got to the final point in my mouth and exploded with a pressure sprout so hard that my mouth came out of his cock and pushed my head back. All his cum got over me, fulling me and I felt it like if it was a pressure hose. I moaned and laughed, enjoying every moment of it. Jack cumed for various minutes until he roared with the final sprout of semen while flexing his wide pecs, showing every fiber of his fucking hard muscles. I smiled satisfied and said. -Well, you are finally over. Now you´ll leave me alone… faggot. He laughed out loud and gave me a smirk, penetrating me with his emerald shiny green eyes. -I like you, Carlos -he said- And I am not even close to be over. I opened my eyes scared and tried to run, but he grabbed me by the neck and put my mouth in his dick again, making my dick (and his) go full hard again. My cock even hurted for being up so long. -I am a sexual machine, I just found out -Jack said- And you go until I want you to go. He started pushing my head down so his dick got full inside me again and then he started lifting weight again, making manly sounds and sweating his manly essence that turned me so on. I kept sucking and soon I started cumming again, with my eyes closed. -I am your fucking god -Jack said- Admit it.
  4. Chilis

    Raised Boy

    Hey guys. Here´s the second part. If you like it I will continue, but I´d love if your cooperate with ideas and stuff, I like how I can make this story better with you. Thanks "ribcrusher" for the legs idea. Carlos Perspective. My dad is one of the richest man in the world. Maybe you´ve heard of him, Dave Himelson, owner of thousands gyms, industries, buildings and more. Anyways, with such money my father bought the best technology to define my sexuality, even before born! So since I am seven, he told he got this “special boy” for me. I always wondered what was it, and I was always excited to meet him. However, year passed and nothing happened between this mysterious “boy” and me, but my dad never let me get close to any other boy, so I had to wait for someone that might never existed. Until I was eighteen and my dad took me to this… “island” he had. We went to this huge mansion and told me to wait outside some kind of inside gym of the house. Finally I heard my dad calling me “come here, son”. I was so nervous, I long ago stopped picturing myself meeting my boy. So I took a deep breath and walked in. I wasn't expecting what I saw. The guy in front of me was a total god. His muscles shocked me and I couldn't move because of the impression. And then, my dad said something that I never heard before… -This is Carlos, my son -he said- He is 18 and he's all yours… I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “I am his?” -Wait, dad, you told me you got me a boy -I said offended- I am not someone's property. My dad laughed. -Son, be realistic -and he pointed to the blonde muscular guy in front of us- Look at this boy. He is superior than you, he deserves everything. Now go and be a good son. I looked at him open-mouthed and insulted. -Excuse me? -His name is Jack -my father said- But you can call him Master. Have fun you two. See you in a few… umm… years. Then he left so fast I wasn't able to say anything else. Did he just said years!? I looked at Jack and he gave me a smirk that, even though I wanted to deny it, made me want to surrender to his feet and love him. -So, Carlos -Jack said doubtful- Let's go to my room. His “room” was nothing more than another gym and a freak´s place because of all the muscle guys paintings in there. Jack sat down in the bed and I did the same next to him. -So… -he started- Are you actually his son? I nodded shyly. This guy made me feel like a little faggot. -I never knew he had a son -said Jack, with a little tone of sadness. I smiled with compassion for him. -Hey man, don´t worry about it -I said- My dad can be totally a dick… like, all the time actually. At the moment I said “dick” my eyes moved unconsciously to Jack´s crotch. He realized this and moved a little closer to me. He was wearing only this super thigh shorts and he was covered in sweat, with all his muscles throwing some kind of… sense of power. -B… but d… don't think I am your slave or something -I said, without enough conviction as I wanted- I have enough money to be your owner. He chuckled and standed up. -You really think you are better than me? -he said. -S… su… sure -I babbled, but I realized I was starting to sweat nervously. He laughed but said nothing. He simply grabbed my weak body and put me between his muscular big legs, the he laid on the floor with my torso under his dick and my head on his round and hard butt. -What the hell are you doing!? -I screamed. -Feel… my… power -he said calmed and then squeezed my ribs with his thighs. I screamed of pain, and tried to open his huge legs with my hands, but he was too strong for me, I couldn't even move him a little. -Please, I am not even making any effort yet -Jack said and he tightened harder. I felt a rush of pain in my body and some tears came out of my eyes, but also I felt some kind of… pleasure. I sensed the power of his legs with my hands, trying to get them away from me but also… feeling them, enjoying them. They were so hard, so big, so defined… -Jack! Stop! -I yelled but he tightened even harder and I couldn't talk anymore, because I was too busy crying of pain. Me head hurt, and my torso even more. -You must call me Master, not Jack -he said- I am superior to you, know your place. I said “no” with my head and started hitting his legs with my fists. I felt like I was punching some trees. -Your punches are so weak -he said- I can't even feel them. My muscles are too hard. He squeezed me extremely hard for just a few seconds, but I felt it like hours. I heard some “crack!” sounds. Then went back to the previous hardness of tightness. -I am Master, say it -he said. -No! He squeezed harder again with a roar and I sobbed. More “crack!” sounds. -I am superior than you! -Jack yelled, and he flexed both biceps even if I couldn't see it, because my head was looking at his massive ass. -You...are… not! -I complained almost without breath. He made a final attempt and I heard broken bones inside me, destroyed. My vision went diffuse. -You… -I couldn't even talk, everything hurted. But still… I just realized my dick was rock hard and my body was enjoying the warm of those strong legs. -Yes? -he encouraged me to talk. -You… you are… a fucking god -I said and then passed out.
  5. Chilis

    Raised Boy

    Raised boy (The first storyteller “Dave” will not have any growth or involvement in sexual activities. I am warning just to let you know what you are reading first and what to expect. Only the other protagonist and second storyteller will get activity. Thank you) Dave perspective. I saw him for the first time wrestling with some kids in the yard of the adoption house. He was a beautiful green eyes, blonde hair, tanned skin boy. He was kind of taller than the other kids, but kind of skinny. I approached and just at the moment when he was pushing the other kid against the floor. He had a proud smirk in his face and he flexed his right arm while his left kept his opponent knocked down. His insignificant bicep came out. It was so little, but strong. It made me smile. -Hello there. He quickly realized I was watching and he standed up and cleaned his clothes. -Hello sir -he said nervously. The other kids, including the one this boy defeated in wrestling, stared at me with expectation. They were all orphans and they were expecting me to pick one of them home, they wanted to make a good impression, of course. I totally ignored the other kids and asked my new beautiful boy. -How old are you? -Eight -he answered shyly. -How are you called? -Jack, sir -he said. I nodded thoughtful. -You are mine now -I explained. He opened his eyes in awe and then smiled. A giggle came out from him and he looked at the other kids, challenging -I told y'all I will be picked soon. I am the best -he said and flexed both arms proudly. I felt happy for him. He would totally became the best. The adoption procedure was incredible fast. Well… considering that I have enough money to buy a complete city. I paid hundreds of dollars for that kid… even thought they could´ve give him to me for free… I was driving him to his new (and obviously mine) home. He was seated next to me and watched me with interest. -Can I call you dad now? -he suddenly asked. I laughed and looked at him. -I didn't adopt you to become your dad - I said. He gave me a looked between confused and disappointed. -You can call me Dave -I said- I am 23 years old, by the way. He nodded quietly. We kept the silence for a while until I spoke again. -For now on, you will make others call you “Master”, even me, is that clear? He frowned, confused about his new name. -Yes, sir. -And you won't call anyone “sir” or give any respect to them -I established. -Uh… ok. I smiled and gave him a little affection rub on his perfect blonde hair. Master was amazed when we took a ship and departure to the ocean. We arrived to the island (even if he didn't know, it was his island now) and headed to the mansion in one of my expensive cars. He was open-mouthed when he saw his new house. It was a ten floor mansion with a giant garden behind, in which were fields for any sport (soccer, football, tennis, running…) We got inside and I showed him around. There was a giant table where he would eat and a restaurant-like kitchen where he wouldn't have to be any time, because the best chef would cook for him healthy and delicious food. There was two pools and a jacuzzi inside the mansion, and a little movie theater. He made a confused expression when he realized that the rest of the mansion was a giant gym. There were several floors filled of gym machines. I didn't say anything about it, yet. Finally I showed him his room. It the size of a normal house actually. He had a gigantic bed and two bathrooms inside. For his surprise, there were even more exercising machines inside, and even weirder for him, painting of perfect muscular (and not existing) men all over the walls. He sat down on the border of his bed and looked at me, waiting for answers. I smiled and sat next to him. I kept myself silent. -Why are there so many work out machines? -he asked. -For you -I simply answered. -For me? -Yes, Master, they are for you -I started explaining- I won't be your dad, you won't have a family, or school, or friends. You will stay in this island, forever. I saw fear in his eyes and some tears came out of them. I sighed. -Listen, don´t you think you are better than anybody else? He looked away, thinking about the question. -I am not, that ridiculous -he said- But… I guess I was way better than some kids in the orphanage I grabbed his arm and he looked at me with his beautiful emerald green eyes. -You will become a god, do you listen to me? -I said- I will make you a god, Master. You will be the strongest kid ever, the most handsome and strong. You will dedicate your life to be strong, healthy, powerful. Nothing else. I saw a little boner in this pants. He looked at it. -What is that? -he said. I laughed. -That… is how much you like being yourself. I left the island for business and left Jack (Master) with his new servants. I hired ten men gym instructors for him, and the instructions from me were “to train my boy since day 1, all day, at all the time”. Make his muscles explode of pain. And so they did (because I paid them an unimaginable amount of money for it, obviously). They wake up Master at 6am in the morning. He went to breakfast with all his ten trainers and shared the table. One of my chef gave Jack a weird drink with a special drug (that the boy know it was in there) created to make extremely hungry the user. Master drank and immediately started eating insanely all the scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, and all kind of food they served him. He finished one food and he would go for the next. The cookers kept getting out food for the boy while he was eating like a wild animal. The trainers looks uncomfortable while the kid growled and chew noisily and uncontrolled. At the fifth time the chef brought food, Jack stopped and smiled satisfactorily while he pat his now growth tummy. Then the boy had a whole two hours to watch something in the in home-movie theater and go to the bathroom… The second thing wasn't so nice after the whole food he ate. Then the gym trainers took him to the machines. They gave my boy another drink, this time for “energy purposes”. It was actually a drug to give him incredible stamina, strength and energy. After he drank it, Jack felt s spurt in his body. He felt his heart and immediately he demanded to the trainers to make him do some activity. They got the boy to lift incredible heavy weights that shouldn't be allowed or healthy for an eight years old kid to lift, but that didn't matter to Jack. The drug drove him wild, he lifted more than his muscles could and heavier than his body would be ever able to handle without the drug. He pushed his limits, roaring with every push and crying of the pain his muscles were getting. Still he was smiling, and his little boy dick was rock hard, even if he didn't know why or what that supposed to mean, From time to time the drug would increase its effect and Master would scream random things like “I AM SO STRONG!”, “I NEED MORE WEIGHT” or simply roared like a wild beast, pushing the weight bars faster and getting more series than they trainers told him. He kept hours lifting, jumping, stretching and pulling. His muscles were on fire, but he didn't feel tired. The whole time he had his little boner in his pants, even without realizing it. Then the same scene of breakfast was repeated at lunch. Another drink, another gigantic amount of food getting into the kid's body. Next the workout was continued with another dose of the energy drug. Then again the savage eating at dinner and the same work out the rest of the night until Master went to bed. This routine was kept for weeks. Then months. Then years. He was never allowed to “chill out” or have free time. He would work out all day five days per week. In the weekends, Master could pick many of the sports available for him. And the whole time the ten trainers would be there, pushing him to lift more, to exercise more, to eat more. I would visit time to time. He would hug me covered in sweat and breathing like a wild lion every time I came to visit. Every time I saw him he became taller, stronger and more handsome... Many years passed and Master nineteenth birthday was finally there. By the time, I hadn't seen him for two years, since he was 17. I arrived one Saturday. I expected him to be relaxing, swimming or playing soccer, but for my surprise he was working out, alone. -Hello there, my boy -I said when I approached him. He looked at me and smiled while he finished the last lift of weights. -Dave! You are here! -he said and came to hug me. He was now taller than me. I was tall, but he was now one head taller than me. He was so used to be covered in sweat, like if it was his natural habitat now, so I got some of it on while my head hit his hard chest. He hurted my back with the hug because of how strong he was now. He let me go and I gave a look at him, while he smiled at me, breathing heavily. He became so perfect in this years. His green eyes and blonde hair were brighter than ever, and he had developed a perfect and manly cheekbone. But his body, oh, his body. He had a neck strong enough to be a tree trunk. His shoulders and back were incredible wide (and I could look at it because he didn't wear any shirt anymore). His pecs were huge, round and you could see every fiber of the muscle in them. He had eight abs perfectly aligned and hard enough to be a brick wall. He was wearing some very tightened shorts (and only that and sport shoes) and I could see his legs standing and holding the rest of his body gloriously. His squads were huge and hard as steel. I knew those legs could break the bones of anybody's body it someone get trapped between them and he pushed. His calves were round, strong, veiny and looked hard enough to be rocks. They had the shape of diamond and even not flexed they emanate some kind of aura of stability and strength. Master´s biceps were gigantic too. Round like baseballs and huge like melons. Every part of his arm´s muscle could be seen under the skin, and they were unflexed now. Also his forearms were firm, strong, solid and defined. Every muscle of Jack was big, but also defined and sherred. He looked like a combination of a bodybuilder, a swimmer and acrobat athlete. Maybe because he was all of them… -You are such a god, Master -I said. He immediately smirked and put a hand inside his shorts, massaging his dick like if it was the most common thing to do. -I am, uh? -he said- Thank to you, I am superior to everyone. -I´m glad you are thankful about that -I said and looked at his hand masturabting his dick- Could you stop that? You know I am not gay. He raised his eyebrows and laughed. -You can't tell me what to do, Dave -he said and started masturbating faster. He flexed his chest and his muscles popped with power and hardness. -Look at me -he said- I am stronger than you, I can do what I want. I nodded. -You are right -I agreed- But you have been alone here for a long time. You need some sexual attention. He took out his hand from the shorts and grabbed me by the shoulders, he raised me making my feet leave the floor and put my head close to his. -And you will give me that, don´t you? -he said in a youngish but manly voice- Even if you don't like men you desire me. Everyone does. I see how horny my trainers get all day close to me, they feel my muscles power and can't control themselves. Even the people of the kitchen love to watch while I´m eating. I´ve seen some of them jerking off in secret while they look at me… His hands grabbed me stronger and I winced in pain. His biceps got hard and both of us looked at them in awe. He smiled and bit his lips, horny. -Even myself wishes I could fuck myself -he said- I always jerk off looking at the mirror. I am so strong. Look at my bicep! It is the strongest arm ever! He dropped me on the floor and started kissing his right bicep with over exaggerated passion, while he started masturbating again with his left hand. I laughed. Everything he said was true. I desired him, like anybody else, but I was not into men. -I brought a present from the outside -I suddenly mentioned. Master kept kissing his bicep but his eyes looked at me with interested. -Come here, son -I said, but I wasn't talking to Jack. A latin looking boy came into the huge gym. He had brown hair and blue eyes, he was very skinny but also incredible cute. He was MY real boy, my actual son, from my wife. -This is Carlos, my son -I explained to Master- He is 18 and he's all yours...
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