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    I do some casual bodybuilding, which is maybe why I've seen fairly meager progress so far. Nutrition remains the hardest job. I do art. Mighty aesthetic physiques, their growth and health are the more obvious ones. I have a more obscure interest, see below.
  • What are your stats?
    80 kg as of this moment. 5' 9". Have yet to measure anything like chest or arm progressions.
  • What are you seeking?
    People with mutual interests. Enjoyment. Friendship. Bodybuilding advice?
  • What are your dream stats?
    Probably something like 150 kg of lean, Olympian muscles. I'm no good with thinking up stats!
  • Favorite Stories
    haven't read much, really
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Stan McQuay, Rabih Laz, Sangram Chougule, Peter Molnar, Kevin Levrone, Kevin Ross/Sun, Ahmad Ahmad, Arnold in his prime...the list goes on, but tends to be the aesthetic guys.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Aside from beautiful muscles, I have this fetish on the strength and athletic qualities of men's beating heart. I enjoy the mighty bass thumps of an athletic heart, the feel of cardiac muscles kicking against the pecs, like a well-honed martial artist. Often, I even visualize big, muscular hearts pumping under Arnoldian, massive pectorals. The engine in a strong man's chest, that powers his life, strength, and growth.

    For me, the heart is a heroic organ, a sacred and timeless symbol of life and power. After all it is the strongest, most enduring muscle in your body.

    I am acutely aware that this fetish might be disturbing to some. However, rest assured that this fetish of mine simply honors life - prime bodies and physiologies turn me on. I don't enjoy excessive gore, lasting damage/disease or snuff.

    So yeah. Pumping muscle, in its idiomatic and literal sense. Feel free to PM me if you happen to share similar interests.

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  1. What an incredible muscle puppy. I love it when he offers you his godly pecs. Damn.
  2. Looks like a massive physical tribulation, but I'm sure his core engine will withstand it well
  3. DAMNN. I won't lie, I'm having a real hard on as I'm typing this in, and my heart's still racing like hell. This is the best Christmas gift yet. Seriously, I can't thank you enough What a stud. What a demigod. One can only imagine the sheer muscularity, size and strength of Roger's heart. It would complement his godly muscles extremely well. A thumping, invincible powerhouse under an armor of mighty muscles, ain't that poetic? Colin had a much, much better self control and endurance than I would in that situation.
  4. Hello powerbeats welcome to the forum! 

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