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  1. LOVE a vulnerable beast!!! Great short story with lots of potential for expansion. Hope to see this story "fleshed out" in the near future!
  2. Tobias

    AJ & Noah

    Loving the dialogue in Noah’s head. Almost able to see AJ through Noah’s eyes.
  3. I LOVE THIS! Your stories have been missed!
  4. I actually know guys that get so caught up in their “normal routine” and, yet are frustrated that they’re just maintaining. I love it when one of them finally steps outside the box (and actually listens to ANYONE with some good advice) and really responds to a new routine. Though, “a jar of muscle growth formula” from lost and found is definitely a new kind of shake up. Looking forward to where you take this story!
  5. Thanks for the follow =D

    1. Tobias


      Thanks, too! I follow your tumblr as well.

    2. Kinnikunonaku


      Great, thanks! Got nothing in queue now but I'll update it in a few hours 

  6. You sure got the Halloween gore and mystery factors down. Great read!
  7. nice to see ya in the dumbing down club bro

  8. Back at ya! We have similar tastes from opposite perspectives, I think.

  9. Thanks for the Follow Tobias. 

  10. Heading out today for a European road trip...availability dependent on internet access over the next 3 weeks. 

  11. I thought "the boys" were getting a new roommate! Hot story!!!
  12. Here's a link to one story: https://sites.google.com/site/bulkfictionarchive/system/app/pages/search?scope=search-site&q=erinbbby
  13. Hello Tobias welcome to the forum! 

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