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  1. Wow, so he IS a science experiment!
  2. This link has Instagram posts of a vacation posted in November 2018.
  3. Tobias


    Exasperation works. He broke his wand...kind of a "what next?" moment.
  4. You’re welcome. Glad it made sense because I was running on fumes. FYI, your examples were VERY descriptive.
  5. Looking at it from a grammatical and not a measurement standpoint might help: 1) “some twenty feet away” is a count or actual measure of a distance, “feet” being used as a noun, while, 2) in “the twenty-foot drop”, “twenty-foot” (and, it should technically be hyphenatated because) the measurement is used as an adjective describing the noun “drop”. Technically, “100 yard sprint” should be “100-yard sprint” (though, hyphens are being forgotten more and more) AND you’re using the singular “yard” vs “yards” because the measure is being used as an adjective describing “sprint”. So, it’s the same for distance and height/depth...all in how you’re using the measurement grammatically. Why? Who knows? It’s just the set of rules I learned. There may be exceptions, as there are to almost every rule in (American?UK?) English, but, I can’t think of one right now.
  6. Actually, Dolph Lundgren, in Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991), and Brandon Lee are strapped to metal grates with wires connected to acupuncture needles sticking out of their muscles and “electrocuted”...the banter between zaps is pretty funny but they make some other interesting noises, too. Dolph wasn’t shy about the torture scenes in his earlier action movies. Red Scorpion (nail through the biceps) and The Punisher (a rack scene) have some intense scenes, though, I don’t remember whether he screamed or not. But...if you don’t want to go down the tortured muscular hero path, the part of your last sentence, i.e., “...asking a question about muscular heroes being tortured isn’t quite the same as asking ‘Did Phil Heath deserve to win all the Olympias he did?’ is it...” made me laugh and is a perfectly fine response to end it right there.
  7. Guys...this is a slightly edited copy of a post MDLFTR already posted on this thread: RPJ did not take offense and actually responded at the end of the thread. No daggers needed.
  8. Tobias

    AJ & Noah

    Loving the dialogue in Noah’s head. Almost able to see AJ through Noah’s eyes.
  9. I happen to think "box-cut" trunks/shorts/whatever you want to call them that have more material than a G-string but cut nicely across the tops of a pair of BULGING thighs are hot as hell. Two points of opinion (mine): 1) Follow the money (yeah, I'm a cynic) There are only so many men that have the drive AND the genetics to become a MASS monster to compete successfully in traditional bodybuilding contests so the profits and the winnings are limited. Plus, the image of steroids is still somewhat negative in the non-lifting world regardless of reality and most men can't quit their day jobs. Therefore, the supplement companies and contest promoters, after that ever-elusive next dollar, looked to expand their markets to a body type that's more easily attainable (and more "acceptable") by a LOT more men...who are potential contestants...for lots more contests. 2) "Physique Division" is a misnomer - LEGS ARE PART OF THE PHYSIQUE! Some of these contests should be called "Torso Division" because, even if they have thighs, underdeveloped calves below dangling board shorts is a turn-off for me. I like reading the different opinions of members of this forum on this topic.
  10. I LOVE THIS! Your stories have been missed!
  11. Jay Cutler sporting a stubby onstage. He’s not there TO get turned on but...it happens to the best. https://goo.gl/images/KerSqe
  12. Never heard of "Altered Carbon" but...someone definitely needs to do a series like "Enhanced Carbon". SOOOOOO many possibilities. You nailed this!
  13. I actually know guys that get so caught up in their “normal routine” and, yet are frustrated that they’re just maintaining. I love it when one of them finally steps outside the box (and actually listens to ANYONE with some good advice) and really responds to a new routine. Though, “a jar of muscle growth formula” from lost and found is definitely a new kind of shake up. Looking forward to where you take this story!
  14. Adapt your favorite RP into a story.
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