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    magical muscle growth and/or super strength

    What happen if I have the gift to grow others or make them stronger ... can be a lot of fun

    Or what happen if a spell is going wrong ... lucky bully !

    I also like to write stories (only in german, sorry) and I like to morph pics.
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    biceps ... strong guys

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  1. Hey .. wie geht's dir ? Lange nichts von dir gehört ^^

  2. Hey. I'm trying to answer to you, but it says "Stoker can't receive messages" :D 

  3. Thanks for the follow.

  4. Great story .. I like the idea to grow by wishing or imagination about
  5. Guten Morgen ^^

    1. stoker


      Moin moin und Grüße nach Hamburg


      Was führt dich hier in's Forum ?

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