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    Jay Cutler, Aleesha Young, Shannon Courtney, Dallas McCarver
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  1. Hello fellow Muscle fans, ive been experiencing prostate orgasms using my aneros and a dildo. I use these while watching muscle porn and I just say, anal play is getting quite fun! I consider myself bi, but never experience Anal play until I recently bought a dildo and imagine myself being fucked. It’s quite an experience especially watching the roofed out Muscle beasts! Have any of you used dildos or prostate massagers? What videos (if any) get you off while riding?
  2. bearinthebay

    Sugar packets

    I remember reading this story in high school!
  3. Thanks for following me.

  4. bearinthebay

    MUSCLES - what got you started?

    For me, what got me started was in first grade and my dad was watching a bodybuilding competition on TV. I was awestruck. This was back in 1991/1992. Ever since then I was fascinated. In jr high people said muscles were gross. I kept it hidden even tho I started having boners about muscle in high school. Ever since then, all about it!
  5. bearinthebay

    Muscle...always on my mind

    I'm constantly striving for muscle. I constantly fantasize about being that big. I would love to feel how it is to grow big. I look at muscle all the time. Women and male.
  6. Thanks for the follow mate.

  7. bearinthebay


    Me too! I'm straight. Never been with a dude. But even viewing pictures my dick gets hard like in high school. And then take a viagra!!! OMG!! 😍 Like I started buying the musclehunks site and jimmyz productions just because of the muscles guys. Also, when I was roiding, gay sex turned me on even more in porn just cuz of muscle. Now, doesn't do anything for me. Glad I'm not the only one!!
  8. bearinthebay


    When I'm on cycle, all I wanna do is fuck someone with muscle. Doesn't matter. I'm straight, but the man on man muscle worship really gets me off. Is the testosterone? Lol
  9. bearinthebay

    Female Bodybuilder Worship

    I'm a bi man. I would totally worship female bodybuilders. I would want them to talk about how they grow! I would love to be dominated by them as well!
  10. bearinthebay

    Dallas McCarver's 23" Holiday gift to us all

    Wow. Monstrous. Almost inhuman. Would love to know his steroid cycle.
  11. bearinthebay

    Pec bouncing

    So...my cock twitched
  12. bearinthebay

    Muscle Worship Sites

    Hi Studs and fellow muscle admirers. I'm reaching out to share your favorite muscle men sites. This can be gay, straight, trans. These sites can include male/female/trans bodybuilders. Let's share them. Here are my favorite pay sites: http://www.powermen.com http://www.musclehunks.com http://www.jimmyzproductions.com http://www.awefilms.com http://www.hdphysiques.com http://www.muscleangels.com http://www.ftvideo.com
  13. bearinthebay

    Website Links

    My favorite muscle growth stories are.... WWW.metabods.com Agrowingconcern.com The NCMC http://ncmc.webfactional.com/ncmc/

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