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  1. Bumping this. This was amazing. Hope you're writing novels- your prose is warm and vivid. Good job, Big Guy.
  2. The story is great but it definitely needs an editor. Go for it! I'm also offering my editing services if anyone wants them.
  3. Ogun

    You wanted to rp?

    1. zine


      yeah that would be awesome I‘m zine234 #4588 on discord 

  4. Ack I was reading this at one fell swoop and was transfixed-i think I might be late for work!
  5. ... definitely a twist.
  6. hmm, think u can work with this stud?tumblr_o92gc0BFrE1vt5l75o1_1280.jpg

  7. (It's not that you put in weird stuff, i guess, so much as that I and others chose to push the story in new directions you never intended- but then, I never felt i had to stick to your script; rather, I felt free to push the boundaries, seeing it as a true collaboration, like improvisational theater, where the actors play off each other and adapt to the twists the other throws at them to form a whole. Before endeavoring to restart the flame I shall review the latest entries.)
  8. Ogun

    growth Bullet-Proof

    Hope he gets much bigger. Kinda hope the head har comes back however. The gnes cna fix his eyes too- but let the growth ramp up higher, as he becomes a giant.
  9. Try Muscle4life's Friendship and Londonboy's Awakening the Shy Muscleman for starters. Hope they're what you're looking for!
  10. I had no prob, cubetz; try offline then. oh and.. "For as long as you can remember, staring into the heavens as a youth with your trusty telescope in hand you have always been fascinated by the warm, orangey-hued planet and the spectacular white rings orbiting it's equatorial exist." Hubbawha? That makes no sense. BTW decided ot try being a tiger for fun BTW Samson gave me aslic eof cake before inviting me ot the tent, but didbn't stay inthe inventory..
  11. A young man with crimson hair spiked and tied in a ponytail stood before him, but Mr. Z stepped forward. "I'll take this one, thank you, Leroy." Murmurs of surprise spread among the crowd. Ellis stood bashfully in front of Mr Z, who closed his eyes and Moved his hands around a few inches from his body, as if he were feeling an aura. "Hmm, lots of conflicting energies here, but the sense of physical power, the removal of obstacles, is strongest. We'll put you under the auspices of the bull for now, OK? Repeat after me: επιτρέψτε μου να πηδούν πάνω από τα εμπόδια , όπως εάν το άλμα πάνω από τη ράχη ενός ταύρου." "'E-Epitrépste mou na pi̱doún páno̱... apó ta empódia ... ópo̱s eán to álma páno̱ ...apó ti̱ ráchi̱ enós táv̱rou.' What does it mean?" Mr Z smiled. ""Let me leap over obstacles, as if over the back of a bull.'" He held his hands outstretched, index fingers like horns, then brought them close to his body, pressing his hands in a v shape, fingers outwards. "This is the sign of your pact. Learn it well." Mr. Z made the sign and Ellis bowed, returning it, feeling a whoosh of energy like wind, before stepping aside. He nearly collided with a glowing, floating crystal that flashed in apparent annoyance. "Excuse me..." What seemed like ages later, Mr. Z stood n and the other staff stood onstage before the assembled students as did Rio, Leon, and Ellis, all clad in new garments. Ellis's was a metallic loincloth marked with the head of the bull. a.. He fidgeted nervously, feeling the eyes of the crowd upon him— a crowd made up of all sorts of beings, some seemingly human, others with the heads of beasts or octopoid monstrosities. There were glowing crystals like the one he'd had a run-in with, balls of rock with craggy crystalline mouths surrounded by glowing "eyes' on four corners,, flying snakes and lizards; two creatures made of brown, meaty orbs and long, pale filaments slapped noodly appendages in something like a high five, their eyestalks seeming to smile.. Mr Z cleared his throat, and began. "Welcome all, to the Bara Institute of Godhood! Some of you are returning students,; others take their first steps on a path that will change their lives forever." He smiled at Ellis. "Each of you has been assigned a pact, a link with an animal or being that symbolizes your qualities. Before you stand examples of each: The Eagle" he flexed-"representing leadership and wisdom; the Bull" —he nodded at Ellis—" with the solidity and strength of Earth; the Salamander-" Rio smirked-" with the flexibility of water, and the Wolf, with the passion and drive of Fire." Leon threw back his head and howled. "...Very nice. The hearts and souls of gods are a mystery, and you may well turn from the path you walk on to another. For now, rest secure in the knowledge that you are protected and guided by those who have guided man before you. In many ways you are still yet men. In time you may gather enough power to make worlds by your own hand alone, but for now, you must work together." He shot a look at Rio. "Let not arrogance and pride be your downfall, as did many before you. Keep an open mind and heart; learn the connections between man and nature, and between gods and man. " He bowed his head. "Happy hunting. Let the journey begin!" A mixture of cheers, whoops and howls filled the air. The tension in the crowd relaxed. Mr. Z spoke quietly to Ellis. "Now we'll introduce you to your pactguides and-" He looked at Ellis, who was flushed and fidgeting nervously. "Are you all right?" "W..warm.. burning up..." Rio raised his eyebrows." Another surge? You just had one yesterday!" Mr. Z. frowned. "It might be Surge Fever. We'd better quarantine him and whoever was nearby yesterday>." Rio Frowned; "That was most of us.." Ellis collapsed in pain and fel; to the floor. "Gather up those who were the closest while i deal with him." MR Z stretched out his hands, making a field of darkness that encircled him. Ellis felt it surround him, aware of how the cool wave of darkness encircled his burning body. He closed his eyes. He wasn't sure, afterwards, whether what he experienced next was real, a vision, or delirium. He was floating in space, black emptiness streaked with lights like stars at warp. It was cool, but his body was hot, so hot, like a glowing star. He shuddered as he felt a wave of growth run through him, then another, then a third... each one building on the last, expanding him ever larger. Spasms of force ran through his body as it expanded beyond his wildest imaginings and kept on going; bigger than a skyscraper, bigger tuna a mountain, bigger than a planet.. bigger than anything he'd ever felt before. The power was overwhelming and arousing, like burning fire. Larger and larger, stronger and stronger, hotter and hotter , a wild mix o pain and pleasure shooting through every fiber of his body.. his cock had long ago passe th point of hardness and was throbbing wildly. HE was titanic, immeasurable... suddenly, in a great pulsing spasm, he shot.. but it was not cum. A white-hot beam of energy shot out of his cock, blasting into the empty space before him concentrating into an infinitesimal point of energy that got hotter and hotter and finally exploded. Exhausted, Ellis sank down, the energy leaving him, sinking, smaller and smaller, into normal space and time .... Blackness. "Hey Dude," rumbled a voice, " You awake?" Ellis opened his eyes. "Hmm?" He looked over to find Rio staring at him. "Glad you joined us, big guy." Ellis looked down at himself, seeing his broad, powerful muscles and increased height. He was six-and-a half, nearly seven feet tall and powerfully built. He felt his jaw line and realized it was wider, more like a young man's.... and his cock was what, 18 inches? His gaze returned to Rio, noticing changes in him too; his eyes were red, his canines sharp; muscles were thicker and denser, but he still had the sense of wiry and dancer-like flexibility that seemed natural to him. His wings were more feathery, almost leaf-like, and a tail twitched behind him. And in front.... Ellis broke into a smirk, "Hey, Tropius!" Rio raised his eyebrows "Do I look like a Pokemon to you?" "Well, you have leafy wings and a biiig banana...." "True, True." Looking around the room, Ellis saw Bolt and Leon. Bolt was broader and taller, and his hair shimmered with golden highlights; his lats extended out wards like things of a giant bird.. Leon's powerful body had a wildness to it, with an almost vulpine cast, flaring nostrils, sharp teeth and nails, and yellow eyes like a beast, and was carpeted with hair the same orange as on his head. Ellis frowned and reached up , half expecting to find horns growing from his temples, but there were none. "Whatever you did," Rio said," it pushed us up to the next level level, and brought some interesting traits. " Elis frowned. "But Rio, why snake? Aren't you a salamander?" Rio Shrugged. " Didn't I tell you? I'm related to Quetzalcoatl." The door creaked, then opened. MR. Z entered. "Good! You're all recovered." He threw them some togas. "Follow me , please." HE led them into large room marked with few book shelves and sat down a desk, upon which there was a tube of pink liquid with a small black ovoid, floating within. It had a ring and dot within, giving the impression of a seed or egg. Ellis thought it somehow seemed familiar, as if he knew it, was connected to it... "New paperweight, Mr .Z?" "Something like that, Rio. Now... Whatever It was Ellis had, it wasn't Surge Fever- or at least didn't display the usual symptoms. As you can see, all of you were affected to some degree, amping up your power; it's also left you all a bit more .. unstable. There's a risk any or all of you might surge without provocation and more often than usual. As such, I've decided it's best if you all share quarters so I can keep an eye on you to some degree. Go back to Bolt's quarters and rest. Classes start tomorrow."
  12. In a short while they reached a huge building of pale-orange glimmering crystal. The place was bustling with bara of various sizes, from little fireplugs to giants whose heads scraped the ceiling, with hair of all shades- black, orange, red, yellow, even blue and green. Bolt grinned as he led them to a table. "This here is my favorite place to eat; the cooks have learned how to do all sorts of things with matter. Mind you, not every bara eats food or even has to eat; some of the more mature ones absorb the energy of sunlight. But many still enjoy it. Here comes our waiter." The waiter, wearing a tiny white apron, was trim yet muscular, with a spring in his step, a shock of green hair, and green feathered wings with gold eyespots. There was something familiar about his face.... "Hey, you're that guy from earlier, the one playing with the sky!" Ellis yelped. The boy blushed. "So you noticed, eh? Name's Rio. As you can see, I've got many talents, and changing color is one of them. " "Eliis." They shook hands. Rio grinned. "Nice meeting you. New here, right?" "How can you tell?" "You've still got that kind of pop-eyed look, like you can't believe the world around you. Plus I caught a glimpse of you at the welcome ceremony. I was like you once...." "Said the second-year," snorted a passing student. "Aww, come off it, Leon!" "Make me!" said the flame-tressed titan. The two started jabbing at each other. *FWEET!* "BREAK IT UP, YOU TWO!" boomed a voice from the kitchen." LEON, STOP BUGGING RIO; AND RIO, IF YOU'RE LATE AGAIN I'LL HAVE YOU CONFINED TO CAMPUS FOR A WEEK." "Yes, Argus!" The two chorused, as Leon wandered off to another table. Rio shrugged; "Argus, the head cook, sees everything around here. Now ,have you decided?" Ellis looked again at the voluminous menu in bewilderment; not only its contents but its very appearance seemed to change from moment to moment. Rio grinned. "Might I recommend the buffet?" Ellis nodded meekly. "Right this way, please." Rio led the two to a huge table stuffed with all types of food, some of which Eliis had only read of in books, and much of which he didn't recognize. Baras carrying huge plates waited in line to approach. -ΒΙΓ- Bolt watched Ellis totter over to his table, plate piled high with enough food to feed a family of four for a week. "Hungry?" "Famished." For a time the only sound was Ellis's grunting and munching as he wolfed down food. "Mind if I join you?" said a voice at his elbow. It was Rio. "I'm on my lunch break and thought you two might want some company." Ellis blushed. "Sure." Rio sat down. "I was lucky- I just managed to get my food before a fistfight broke out. Some of the guys don't take well to people telpeorting in front of them." Silence for a while, then.... "Rio?" "Yes, Ellis?" "I was wondering— why do gods need jobs, anyway? I mean, can't we just make what we need?" Rio shook his head. "Mr. Z says that even the earliest bara and ella had a job of some sort- be it god of thunder or protector of leaves. He says it gives life purpose; besides, it's good cover when we go back to live among humans. So every student- most in their second year, some even earlier- gets a job of some sort here on campus." Ellis frowned, munching on a dolmaka. "I'd think it would be be hard to pay somone who can create food out of thin air." Rio smiled. "They don't pay us with money, Ellis! They pay us with experiences. For example, I get opportunities to take trips to other dimensions." "So Argus was threatening a pay cut?" "Basically. Wow, you polished off that whole plate." Ellis grinned . 'What can I say, I'm a growing boy... Hnnnh. " He doubled over in pain. Bolt frowned "Ellis, you all right?" 'Mmmm.... yeah..... it's happening again...." Ellis flexed as he began to swell, his muscles filling up with power, his arms and legs and chest thickening rapidly , his shoulders broadening. As the others watched he swelled taller and larger, his cock hardening and ripping through his poser as it grew ever larger, his balls dangling ever lower. He blushed a bit but the watching guys loved it. "Grow! Grow! Grow!" they chanted over and over. Ellis flexed, growling and showing off for the crowd, the chanting continuing as he swelled. It was as if the cheers of the crowd energized him, forcing him ever larger until he dwarfed Bolt and Rio who barely came up to his abs. With an earth-shaking howl he blasted forth a torrent of cum, releasing a seemingly endless orgasm before collapsing, exhausted, into blackness....
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