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  1. The tumblr that we appreciate disappeared, I want to save some micro-stories, my favorites; if they have some put them too
  2. colaboraton: lixpex & musclegrowthmorph Panting, eyes locked, he started bucking faster and faster. “UGGGHHH!” he grunted, well beyond English now, feeling the power start to surge through him. Getting close, his entire body began to swell and grow at an alarming rate. His heaving back started blowing up bigger and bigger as his bulky lats doubled over with mounds of muscle. Snapping his engorged arms outward, his triceps fanned out bigger than his head. His cannon-ball like gluts clenched together as they exploded with bulk, slamming against the mass of his expanding quads. Looming over, his broad and growing wingspan virtually blocked out all light as his wrecking ball cock tripled in girth. Completely out of control, he was now plowing at a breakneck pace, each heavy thrust carrying more momentum than the last. They both began to sink deeper and deeper into the bed, the mattress caving-in beneath his new overwhelming mass. He was impossibly huge now—dramatically unrecognizable from even minutes before. His entire thick body rippled with bulky mountains of beef as his bull neck sank into his expanding pecs. He was literally shaking with power. Now unable to hold back, his lower abdominals clenched as his churning melon sized nuts twitched. Arching his back, he bellowed out with a room-shaking, “GAAAHHH!!!”
  3. Tumblr : agmsye Amulets of Masculinity - Roger In ancient times an aztec tribe had produced 6 differrent amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the aztec tribe was wiped out by the spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. —————————————————————————————————- At the age of 85 Roger had lived his life to the fullest, but all good things had to come to an end. A week ago, he had collapsed in his house, with heavy headache and now his whole body ached. Luckily his wife Cecilia called an ambulance and now he laid in a hospital, surrounded by his 3 children, their partners and children. His condition had terribly worsened in the last three days and he could feel himself getting weaker by the minute. Than his daughter Naomi approached him: “Daddy, can you hear me? I have a present for you. I know, you don’t believe in such things, but the woman I bought it from told me it could help you get better. Do you want me to put it onto you?” Roger smiled weakly and nodded. Naomi had always had a thing for this esoteric stuff, he remembered. As the lock on the necklace closed, the dying figure of Roger Schmidt faded away, leaving his family behind, their memory of him slowly fading aways, as his body dissolved. —————————————————————————————————- When Roger opened his eyes again, he found himself in a nice looking backyard in what looked like a quiet suburb. And much to his surprise, he stood on his own two legs, even though he had barely been able to lift his hand just a minute ago. And then he noticed, that it wasn’t even that hard to stand. To be exact, he felt like he could run and jump and do whatever he want. He felt better every second, more energetic, stronger and somehow … younger. Unbeknownst to him, it did not only feel like he was getting younger, but he really was. The years were melting away of him. 10, 20, 30 and ultimately a whole 60 years simply vanished from his life. He now even stood straight again, showing his complete height of 6′ even pretty good. Roger even had the same lean build, he had in college, as well as the same unruly mop of chestnut brown hair. But his hair was rapidly growing, refining itself into a bun of pitch black dreadlocks that reached halfway down his back. That wouldn’t be the case for too long, since Roger slowly inched higher, his back cracking loudly, as more and more inches were added to his height. The now 25-year old didn’t notice a thing as he scratched his dreadlock covered head. When the itching subsided, Roger stood at the now impressive height of 6′8″. And when the growth in height had stopped, the next transformation started. Starting from his new black mane a new skin coulour spread across his body, having it assume a chocolate brown tone. And with the process, the clothes he had gotten from the hospital dissolved and reformed into a pair of spandex pants with a grey, triangular pattern across it and some wristbands. A comfortable feeling spread from his chest, as his already lean build was replaced by a much beefier and much stronger set of muscles. His chest was expanded to form a pair of plate sized pecs, with the most perfect set of ab muscles you would ever find, laying underneath. His newly grown football sized biceps were connected to the now cannonball sized shoulders, with veins running all along his massive new arms. But the biggest fulfillment of the Afro-American stereotype grew between his newly transformed horse legs. His old 5″ prick got replaced, by a new 11″ schlong, that snaked down the leg of his spandex pants. Suddenly the backdoor of the house opened and a small blond boy, came out into the garden. “Roger, are you finished with your workout? Adam and me need you desperately.”, the twink said, in a soft, high pitched voice. “Go ahead upstairs and prepare your asses for getting pillaged. I’ll be following you as soon as I finish my protein shake.”, Roger replied all of his thoughts now directed on working out, fucking and spreading the glory of masculinity.
  4. Tumblr: mutabear I have to say, I am loving coach’s new workout. He promised that if I spent 30 minutes a day fucking the fleshlight he gave me but my cock would grow bigger and stronger. He was right, but my cock is not but the only thing getting bigger. I’ve spent hours and hours of my free time relentlessly fucking this sex toy, and I have to say I have noticed a big change. My abs, my pecs, my whole chest has definition and muscle tone that it didn’t have month ago. My ass is much more of an ideal bubble shape, and my legs are fantastic. Not only that, but I have the stamina to fuck for hours. When I told Coach, he said that was all part of the plan and I was well ahead of schedule. He said something about an orgy or my job would be to provide relief for any bottom that needed dick, but I started tuning that out once he brought out a newer and bigger fleshlight. He looked at me, proud, said he fully expected me to a 12 inch dick by next month and the stamina to fuck for 6 hours straight.
  5. Tumblr: amalianetwork The Incident: Mikey Wind blew against Mikey’s face as he dashed through the forest. His feet clumsily made their way over the loose gravel and roots. He held a hand in front of his face to block any stray branches from hitting him. The other hand reached up to brush a wet lock of black hair out of his face. All that was on his mind was getting as far away as he could from that machine. Just moments ago he was out celebrating graduation with his friends out in the woods. Southmount Forest was always a mysterious place to the group of youngsters. When they were in elementary school, then would run off to play in the area under a watchful eye of a parent. As they grew older, it became a group hang out spot. It was just outside of town, full of peace and quiet. Few trails went through the woods, so they often made their own. They were all getting together one last time at their meeting spot before they split off for college. It was a normal meeting, with a few beers involved. They snuck off into the woods often for a little drinking, nothing major as many of the guys were on sports teams, clubs, or the student government. Mikey chaired the recycling and sustainability committee of his school. Daniel, one of his friends, and him were both accepted to the same college, but had separate degrees. Daniel was going for a degree in art while Mikey was going to pursue environmental science. They wouldn’t have any classes together, but they did promise to go drinking together at the parties. None of that was on his mind right now. Just as his body was racing through the woods, his mind was racing from the past events. They were all out drinking and having a good time. Reagan was telling one of his stupidly long jokes. Then, out of nowhere, there was a huge crash. It scared the shit out of them, but of course they got curious. The origin of the crash was not far from where they had gathered. Just like in the movies, there was a crater with a stream of smoke coming from it. Not like the movies, the meteorite was cubic and had strange glowing etchings on it, not the neon green glowing rock they had expected. Greg had the bright idea to go over and touch it. It was steaming still, but the space rock didn’t seem hot at all. One poke was all it took and suddenly there was a bright flash. When everyone finished recoiling they saw Greg lying on the ground, looking like he had been burnt. That’s when Daniel shouted, “RUN!” The remaining members of the group scattered off in all directions, not actually knowing where they were headed. Mikey just made a 180 and sprinted into the woods. He didn’t see where everyone else had gone. Not much of a runner, Mikey had also slowed to a spastic jog. Stopping to take a breath, he crouched to his knees. He was happy he had worn his spandex shorts otherwise he would have had a nasty wedgie. Miker had to look down to double check what he just thought. Sure enough, he was wearing red and black spandex shorts. Then he noticed something odd, his shirt seemed to be stuck to his pants. No matter how hard he pulled, the shirt would not separate from the spandex material. Just as he was about to start panicking, a loud boom made him scramble to his feet and start running again. Right as he dashed through the bushes, his foot caught on something and he slammed to the ground. Pushing himself off the ground, Mikor looked behind him to see what he got caught on. His eyes followed down his toned legs to see his foot caught on something metal. Getting up, he say that there was a blue and gray bike just abandoned in the middle of the path. He looked around, his mind still frantic, wondering who had left the bike and if they were still around. After 30 seconds passed, which felt like minutes in his head, he grabbed the bike and started pedalling as fast as he could. He hadn’t ridden a bike in years. Thankfully, it wasn’t hard to find balance on it and get pedalling as hard as he could. It felt so awkward for him to ride with the seat so high, but it was quickly pushed to the back of his mind with the help of some adrenaline. Bending forward seemed to help eliminate some of the discomfort. He heard his back crack as it realigned straighter and longer until he sat five inches higher at six feet and two inches. To him, his back was just readjusting to his new position. It wasn’t just his back through, with each press of the pedal, his femur and shin lengthened by centimeters until another two inches were added onto his height. Miktor’s thoughts started to get muddled and foggy. In fact, he was feeling a little light headed. Reaching up to rub his aching head as he balanced on his bike, he noticed how short his hair was and how much sweat was on his brow. Forgetting why he was rushing in the first place, he stopped his bike and put a thin leg down to balance himself as he reached for a bottle of water on the bike that was not there before. Tilting his head back, he squeezed the bottle and let the water cascade into his mouth. Water mixed with sweat rolled down his thick neck, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he drank the cool liquid. Some collected in the divot between his neck and clavicle. The cold water felt refreshing against his skin. He puts the bottle back in the rack and a voice in the back of his head says he should keep moving. He hopped on the bike, much more comfortable this time, and began pedalling. He felt the need to go faster and pressed harder with his quads until he felt a tightness around them. Glancing down, he saw his quads stretching out and bunching up his biking shorts. With surprising ease, he reached down and adjusted his shorts until they felt more comfortable. As his fingers brushed the skin of his thighs, he shuddered. His thick legs felt so good against his hands. Distracted, Miktor went off the path and his bike wheel got caught in a hole and he went sprawling forward. Luckily, he was able to catch himself before completely faceplanting into the ground. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked down at the ground. His big meaty hands gripped into the dirt. His forearms were tensed and the veins in his biceps had just begun to stand out. He made a mental note to himself to work them more. Once he stood back up, he dusted off of his spandex clothing and picked up his sunglasses that had apparently fallen on the ground. He picked up his bike and once again got back on. Now he was pedalling hard. His thighs felt like they were getting a good pump in the gym. His thick thumb bumped the resistance higher and he felt his quads burn more. Loving the feeling he pedaled out of the woods into the path opening into the park. Looking at his watch, he said to himself, “I’m late.” He turned his bicycle towards the city and headed into town. He thought about how he would have to push his time in the gym into the late evening. His thoughts were interrupted halfway into town. A buzzing in his pocket distracted him and he pulled off to the side of the road. He picked up the phone and put it to his ear. “Hello. This is Viktor.”
  6. Tumblr: absqrst Jackson and the Magic Fleshlight Jackson rushed back to his dorm room, his backpack bouncing with each step. The heavy books slamming into his skinny back. Every few steps he had to push his glasses back up his hawk like nose, and have to focus so he didn’t trip over his ungraceful feet. He arrived back at his dorm, thanking god again that he didn’t have to share it with a roommate. The heavy books crashing to the ground as he dropped his backpack and closed the door behind him with a loud bang. Jackson kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt, stepping up to his bed he dropped his jeans. His briefs strained with the heavy slap of cock hidden within them, he scratched his swollen nuts and started searching through the bedside table. He hadn’t jerked off since this morning and was near to desperate for release. He found what he wanted, a small fleshlight. It was an XS size and used to fit Jackson perfectly, but now the rubber asshole was stretched out and the plastic holder was almost cracked from frequent use. The fleshlight had arrived at Jackson’s door two months ago, sealed in a plain brown box. After leaving it for a few days and failing to find out who delivered it Jackson gave in and used it. He was almost too small for it at first, his small 2 incher not even touching the sides. He dropped his briefs, out flopped 8 inches of soft horse cock. Jackson climbed onto his bed, his legs spread and his cock already hardening. Jackson was still in disbelief at the growth of his cock, it was now scary. Long, fat, covered in pencil thick veins and with a head that looked better suited to batter the gates of a castle down. As he lined up the terrifying head of his cock with the tiny rubber asshole of the fleshlight the thick foreskin which has somehow regrown since Jackson got the fuck tube pulled back to reveal the angry red head. Around campus several dozen athletes let out a moan of surprise as in unison they started to feel like they were being violently fucked by a baseball bat. Every player on the football team, not just the first string, but the second string, the backups and the backups to the backups, every single player was getting their holes extremely stretched by an invisible force shaped just like Jackson’s wrist fat baby maker. Some were in class, biting their lips and gripping onto the wooden desk or the chair in front of them. Grinding their toned athletic asses into their seats for some relief. Others had worked out the schedule of the invisible cock which bred them multiple times a day and were right now wrapped in bedsheets moaning. An entire frat house was filled with the sounds of bed rocking back and force as footballers were fucked raw by the biggest dick they’d never seen. Some would swear if they would even talk about it that they could feel two enormous orbs slapping their asses, they even had the bruises to show for it. Some players dropped out, including boys with possible NFL careers, all to find that once they did they weren’t getting power fucked by a jack hammer all day. One or two even rejoined the team only to get their asses stretched open again. Not one jock had told anyone what was going on, pride stopped them. Not that they could stop it or even find out what was happening, Jackson himself didn’t even know he was fucking the entire football team with his enlarged bull cock. Jackson just furiously slammed his cock into the tiny tube, somehow his entire cock vanished into the thing even though it really should be bursting out of the other end. He’d also never really thought why he’d never had to clean it. Jackson knew he was shooting huge loads, he could feel his hairy nuts emptying 20 or more ropes of thick cum into the tube. Yet it was always empty when he finished. Jackson would fuck his fleshlight long into the night, stopping for a short shower and dinner, and maybe an hour of homework if he hadn’t done it already. It was surprisingly well timed, as the footballers all needed to be at practice when ever Jackson had a long break. But the second practice was over and the athletes were home to get some sleep they were being bred into their mattress by the invisible cock of Jackson again. This had been going on for months, with Jackson’s cock, stamina, roughness and load size getting larger with each passing day. When Christmas break came around the footballers left for home hoping the fuckings wouldn’t follow them. Jackson though packed his things, including the fleshlight, and hoped he’d get some new underwear. As he went to leave he found a nicely wrapped Christmas present at his door. Glittery green paper with a bright red ribbon making a bow. He picked it up and stepped back into his dorm room, closing the door behind him. Dropping his bag he tore the present open, there wasn’t a card. Inside was a new fleshlight. Fresh and unused, it hadn’t been abused by Jackson’s horse cock yet. Jackson looked it over, smiling that the rubber wasn’t an asshole this time, it was a pursed set of lips.
  7. Tumblr: jakelandry Brandon looked at his body in the mirror. The added flab was really starting to get to him. He’d gone out to celebrate his birthday with a couple of friends the night before and struck out every time. The only person who still seemed interested in his aging body was his gay friend. Sean was the only one who still looked at him like he was the same star wrestler he was in college. But as time went on it just was harder to keep the trim athletic physique he had in his early twenties. He’d work out on the occasion but nowhere near as hard as he did in college. Besides he barely had time for that in his life right now. “Just part of life,” he gripped the extra fat and gyrated it; adding extra sounds as he played with the fat. It brought a little smile to his face. He wasn’t going to let it get him down too much. “Just have to start making time,” he said to his reflection. “Starting with breakfast,” he walked into the kitchen to see a present left for him on the counter. ‘Happy birthday, love Sean.’ “Dork…” he grinned tearing at the brightly colored wrapping paper. His face dropped as he realized what it was. The smile on his face only faded for a second as he pulled out a white jockstrap, “kinky little fucker.” It was something he hadn’t worn for a long time. Not since his college days and that was only for sports. “Always thinking about himself…” he quipped. He tossed it on the table and went to the refrigerator. His belly grumbled looking for something to eat. There was almost nothing in his fridge. He closed the door wondering if he should go pick something up. But his mind went back to the jock strap. “Wouldn’t hurt to try it…” He picked it up. “Just like old times…” Brandon dropped his pajama bottoms and underwear. “I mean it is kind of nice…” One of his legs was already in one of the straps and he was pulling it up over his nude body. He walked over to the mirror to check himself out. Even with his belly he could see the faint muscle he’d had back then. It was like they never went away, just got covered up. He gave his reflection a little flex. “Still got it,” he complimented his pudgy body. A thought of the previous night went through his head. “Well Sean will still like it,” his mind drifted back to his gay friend. He’d known he was gay for a long time. Didn’t really bother him all that much. He pulled out his phone and opened the camera. “What am I doing?” he laughed fighting the urge to send Sean a photo. He glanced at the mirror again. For some reason he couldn’t shake that his body looked a little different. Giving himself another flex, the muscle looked bigger. He gave himself a skeptical look but his hand brushed up against his crotch. Something about the jock got him horny. His mind drifted back to his wrestling partners. His hand rubbed against his crotch again. He kept thinking about them changing in the locker room. A wave of pleasure shot through his body. “Oh fuck…” he leaned his body against the door. His penis was throbbing at the sensation. “Shit…” he groaned feeling the intense pleasure wash over the rest of his body. The fat he’d gained over the years disappearing. Muscle replaced the size. His large belly flattened out into firm abs hidden underneath muscular pecs. He growled at the pain as his fingers curled into the door frame. Every part of his body was filling out with muscle. Like he’d been working out since he’d graduated. Not just for sport but actual size and definition. His frame was huge and bulky. His arms big and round, shoulders wide, chest large, back defined and legs thick. “Ooooooo,” he moaned. His cock leaked into the jock strap. He could feel an intense pleasure building up inside him. He leaned forward against the door letting out another moan. “Oh fuck,” he uttered. He needed something wrapped around his dick. It was throbbing in the jock. Forcing his eyes open he could see it developing into something larger. The small bulge ballooned out completely filling the small cloth. “Oh God,” he just wanted to touch it. His pre was leaking through the fabric and dripping on the floor. His large toes curled into the floor as he tried to reposition the extra weight. He needed his hand to touch his dick. The large mitt that could easily lift just about any weight or hold Sean’s head against him. The thought of his doughy eyed friend staring up at him while his dick plunged all the way in his mouth… “Fuck!” he shouted as the vibration went through his system. Brandon’s entire body shook as the orgasm overcame his senses. Down to his core he could feel the pleasure. After several pulses he finally relaxed. He was actually panting. “Fuck…” he breathed. “That was one hell of a trip…” His eyes finally opened and saw the giant standing in the mirror. “Is that…” he couldn’t finish the sentence as he stared at his immaculate body. The oversized muscles were too much too handle. “God damn,” he cursed again. He heard the jingle of his phone in the other room. ‘Like your present?’ Sean had texted him. ‘Why don’t you come over and find out. I might not have much use for it.’
  8. Tumblr: agmsye Night Terrors “Can I sleep in your room tonight?”, asked the brute in the hallway as I wiped sleep from my eyes. “You had a nightmare again, right?”, I replied, though I already knew the answer, seeing his terriffied look. The thing is that the guy in the photo looks like a fitness freak in his mid-twenties and his passport would support that guess, but the truth is, that this man is my 6-year-old brother Dominick. He nodded and tears started rolling down his cheeks. “Come on, Donny, don’t cry. Remember? You’re a big man now.”, I said patting his bowling ball shoulder, “Come in, you can sleep in my bed tonight, but this is the last time. You’re a grown up now and grown ups don’t cry because of nightmares.” As Donny and I climbed under my blanket I couldn’t help but be once again amazed by the body he now called his own. I had seen a few bodybuilders on TV, but they all paled in comparison to my ‘little’ brother. His already mentioned bowlingball shoulders connected to a pair of grapefruit sized biceps and humongous forearms. His traps almost swallowed his neck and his pecs were easily as hard and heavy as bowlingballs and overshadowed his thick sixpack. His legs were wider than an average person’s waist and just as muscular as the rest of his body, completed by the size 17 boat feet, that made up the base of his monstrous 6′5″ frame. Feeling the wide frame of my brother pressed against my back, i couldn’t help but remember the circumstances, that had let to my situation. My mother had died a few months after Dominick was born and our father, being one of the higher ups in the US military, was rarely home. So it was up to me to raise Donny. I brought him to school in the morning and after school I picked him up again with my bike. I cooked for him and read him stories, helped him with his homework and even managed to teach him a thing or two about life. Then one day, about a week ago, my father came back once again, carrying an ominous briefcase with him. He said he was on a trip to the other side of the country and decided to stop by and look how things were going. Turns out the thing in his briefcase was a bottle with some kind of liquid, that had to be kept cold and so he decided to pack it in the fridge, though he told the two of us explicitly how dangerous the fluid was and that we shouldn’t open the bottle under any circumstances. The next morning Dominick was up particularly early and still half asleep he wanted to make himself a bowl of cereals. Sleepy as he was he confused the bottle of milk with the bottle our father had had in his briefcase. I came into the kitchen just in time to see him gulp fown the last spoon of his breakfast. He just smiled at me and pointed at the empty bottle, standing on the kitchen table. I only stared at it in shock as he said: “Mike, the milk tasted funny.” As it seems, the bottle our father had brought home contained some kind of it super soldier serum the military had created secretly, It was supposed to be given to a seasoned soldier and not to a six-year-old. Within an hour Donny had grown over two feet and gained more than 200 pounds of solid muscle. Our father, on one side angered at my brother for drinking the serum, on the other hand pleasantly surprised by the effects of the drug, decided that it would be easier for us to move, than to explain why a hulking man with a face strongly resembling my brother’s had appeaared and why my younger brother was gone. The whole move went pretty well and with the new documents my father had gotten Dominick he was now legally 24 and made my guardian, though I still had to do everything around the house. Despite now being a grown up legally, my brother was mentally only 6 years old. but the aging and rapid growth weren’t the only changes the serum had made to my brother. The military had had test being run on him and the results were amazing. He was now not only super strong (He had curled about a ton without even breaking in sweat.), but his stamina had been lifted to superhuman levels as well (Donny had been running on a treadmill for more than 10 hours and then the equipment had given up.). Oddly enough though was that my little brother was still childish (He still played with his action figures, despite being in better shape than all of them.) but he was also ridiculously intelligent ( He had solved the Hodge Conjectur, one of the major unsolved problems in mathematics, within a few hours, a problem that mathematicians world wide had been struggling with for years.) Suddenly I was I brough back to reality as I felt a pushing in my back and heard the deep murmuring of my brother. “Oh yeah, Cynthia, just like that.”, he whispered as he grinded his growing bulge against my ass. Wait, Cynthia? Wasn’t that the 18-year-old daughter of our neighbours? But that wasn’t important right now. Donny’s giant erection had caused his comic print briefs to rip apart and he was now pushing his bare cock against my back. I just hope I can wake him up, before he lives out his wet dreams on me.
  9. _______________________________________________________________________ colaboration: mutabear & alakazam1988 Coach has started me on the best new supplements. It grew my muscles and body hair, but most importantly it has given an enormous fat cock. Plus, when I start cumming I can shoot as much as I want. My favorite thing to do now is fill up cups and glasses with my loads, and then chug it all down. It gives me a nice head rush, instantly hardens me up and makes me horny as fuck. I can keep cycling my loads through myself, but it’s way better to give it to other unsuspecting man. Not only are they drinking my jizz, but they were immediately ready to fuck after they swallow it. Nothing is hotter than a man with a cum mustache, bending over and begging me to shove my thick cock inside so I can fill him up from both ends. Coach says he will keep me on the supplements as long as I provide him with plenty of my man milk for the rest of the team. Sounds like a win-win.
  10. Hello namaste welcome to the forum! 

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