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  1. tomofutah

    Big Guys into Small Guys?

    Do you happen to remember the name of that bar? I have been looking for a place where I could get randomly groped for many years with no luck...
  2. tomofutah

    Putting a Squat Rack Together

    Everything Steve said, +when I was having trouble assembling mine, I ended up using 2 large C clamps so I could get it lined up from 2 directions, and have both hands free to insert and tighten the bolts...good luck! (and some incentive...most used piece of equipment in my basement gym. I lift alone, so I put my bench between the side rails so I can push my bench press lifts. Don't have to worry about losing balance or dropping the weight, and don't have to deal with rolling the bar over my nuts when I can't complete a lift...heaven!
  3. tomofutah

    Pecs - Different exercises necessary?

    I love the feeling of a pumped chest. If I am doing anything on the bench, I was taught to press the small of my back into the bench and imagine trying to clamp onto the bench with my shoulder blades. It's easy to remember, and for me, I've found that in that position I get better results with less weight . I work out alone in my basement, so this tip is great when I am maxed out and have to roll the bar over my nuts to get up. This message represents the official view of the voices in my head. Your results may vary.
  4. Men, whether they are gay or straight, do not ask other men (gay or straight) to grab onto their bicep while they flex, unless they enjoy either the sensation of the feeling or the effect it has on the feeler. Sounds like normal behavior for a well-built man that enjoys physical contact. He initiated it and enjoyed it, and you accepted and enjoyed it. Win/Win... What's his address?
  5. tomofutah

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    thanks mate! my standard are actually pretty low...if they can reach up and hang from it, or even climb up, get their mouth around it and give it a good lick or suck, I'm fine with that ... ...
  6. tomofutah

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    @Muscleinatl I'm a fun guy!
  7. tomofutah

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    @DaveMuscle...agree with you man! I lift at home, and am fine until the last few reps in a set. I try to squeeze out those last reps by visualizing the muscle straining, filling with blood, and slowly powering thru the rep. Thinking of that image and experiencing that feeling of power always gets me hard and cocky as hell. One more reason I only lift in my basement
  8. tomofutah

    Vacuum Pose Training

    sannong, I had an old book by Frank Zane that had some instructions. Can't find it now, but it might be a lead to follow. Also, you've probably checked it out, but there are several different vids on YouTube . Maybe try a few methods and see what works for your training. It's a classic pose that seems to be returning, especially in the Classic Physique contests.
  9. Glad to see you jumping into this with both feet and two big biceps man...you are making great progress, thanks for posting the pics!


  10. Thanks for the pic prop man!  Appreciate that a lot.  If I am hanging with Steve I know better than to take off my shirt next to him, but it was a hot day...


    1. ravenweremuscle


      Hmm, what did I say again? I don't remember commenting on a picture. :/

  11. man, that new profile pic of yours sure does get my attention ...amazing work, stud!


  12. tomofutah

    Exploring hard muscular bodies

    OMG...I'd like to report a robbery. CentralNJmuscle just stole my brain and all my thoughts for the last few years. But unlike me, he was able to put it down on paper without sounding like a pervy letch. Think some body image issues cloud the water for me too. There are a few things I've learned...see muscle=get interested...think of touching that muscle=get hard...and a couple of times I've actually touched that muscle, and felt that hardness and strength= instant Thar She Blows. Somehow I've never figure out a way to accurately explain that even tho I am obviously sexually attracted to muscle, I'm not interested in having sexual intercourse with a guy with muscles. Great to hear someone else on the board has similar feelings but can explain it much clearer than me Thanks CentralNJmuscl, appreciate your post! Good luck in your search! tom
  13. tomofutah

    How do you see yourself?

    Sexually, am I the only one that could care less about a mans age, how tall he is, or how big his dick is... as long as he has muscle and looks like a man I am interested. As far as friendship, no criteria there. Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and sexual preferences...a friend is a friend, period.
  14. tomofutah

    Enjoy your workout

    one of the most satisfying posts that I have read on here...thanks for keeping us posted on your progress..