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  1. Harder to fill in a frame that size? Yeah... But when you finally pack that frame with quality muscle, it can be a spectacular physique that is hard to match!
  2. Thanks Tom, you and many others are a great inspiration for me and the whole forum! Keep strong my friend!!!!!!!!

    1. Mdlftr


      Hear hear!  TomofUtah -kicking butt and keeping strong!

      Ps Great guy!

  3. Thanks Gents for honoring the requests for a simple verification process! I realize it's not fool-proof, but I've found on other sites it drastically reduces the amount of fakes and/or scams. There are just too many fish in the sea, it's easier for the fakes to just find another shill. Also, I am here mainly because I love muscle and/or men that also find it attractive. Not looking for a lover, a life partner, a BJ, a piece of ass or a Boy Toy. I just enjoy meeting men that are interested in lifting , muscle, flexing, and staying in shape. After all these years of lifting and looking at magazines, or watching videos, I've finally exploring how cool it is to swap feels & flexes with another man. l admit my social skills around muscular men suck (there.s probably a better way to phrase that but you get the drift. After being out of shape for so many years it still amazes me that someone would actiually want me to flex for them! am 70, so I have tennis shoes and tee-shirts that are older than most of the guys without profiles that end up wanting to "meet me." But luckily, there are also some real quality men I have met on here that, for one reason or another also choose to remain anonymous, but they have been there for me when I have lost friends, or just want to ask some questions or chat. One guy I met online competes, and let me watch him train in my basement one day. That was a year or so ago, and I still get stoked going downstairs to lift and thinking about all the knowledge and motivation I got in one afternoon. It's a pretty amazing group of guys here, so thanks for listening to our requests...your time and efforts are greatly appreciated...hopefully, since this is simple and voluntary, you will be providing a pleasant experience for us all! tom fun size!
  4. that story has the ultimate Happy Ending.......
  5. LOL! Thanks Man, appreciate the kind words! One big difference between my pecs and cannon balls....both round and solid, but you shouldn't play around with cannonballs!
  6. tomofutah

    The Natty Thread

    Thanks man...truthfully, if you saw a pic anywhere, it was of the good side, don't usually take pics of the warped side... LOL, no door tearing, just got it unstuck so we could get out. You should be writing stories tho, you have some mad story-telling skills!
  7. tomofutah

    The Natty Thread

    Something else...was in a 4 passenger plane crash near Placerville, CA in 2000 & tore it trying to get the plane door open to get out. Doc said good news/ bad news. If I wasn't lifting wouldn't have been strong enough to get the door open cause the frame was bent from the impact. My arm would have been OK but I would be toast from the fire instead of just a torn bicep and some burn scars on my leg. Pisses me off still when I lift or try to flex it, but my left bi has gotten big! ps Thanks for the kind words, love your posts! tom
  8. tomofutah

    The Natty Thread

    ptr..welcome mate! and steel..you've added some quality muscle there bud..nice work Thanks for starting the natty thread for older guys, something like this has been sorely needed. I'm back down in my gym, pretty much healed from the rotator cuff surgery and the bicep tear, so look out! Be great to hear a bit about what's working , both of you are looking great! Might have to modify your methods a bit.. my doctor says go ahead and lift, but he does NOT want to see me again. So I have accepted the fact that I'm in my 70's and might have to cool my jets a bit...but just a bit
  9. Sounds like it's time for some new clothes, Brother....congrats!
  11. Mdlftr I always idolized those tight, square, thick, blocky pecs I'd see in Greece or Italy, or in the Hercules movies. Always worked the top, middle, and bottom to keep it in proportion, and I was younger so I could lift a lot heavier. My workout buddy and I would take turns with one guy pec-punching the bejesus out of the other guys chest while the other guy flexed as hard as he could to keep his chest pumped with blood. After a few years the results were that instead of big pecs that looked like steel plates, I had built big pecs that looked like cannon balls. Up side is they are still strong and real solid as long as I keep lifting regularly.
  12. Damn hot, man! Would love to share body contact with that much muscle. Mmm

    1. tomofutah


      Appreciate the kind words bro!  I sure wish I could see more progress in the mirror, but I'll take a compliment like that any day.  And a little body-contact is ALWAYS welcome !! tom

      11 11 18  w1.jpg

  13. Just stumbled across this thread tonight, thought I'd make sure you can see all your progress! Was really surprised at your last comp pics at how much muscle you had put on those long legs of yours, they were symmetrical with the rest of your big bod. And in these pics, you've added even more mass! Really nice work...can't wait for your next competition to see those big quads shredded !
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