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  1. tomofutah

    Muscle Problems - The Pool Day

    I was wondering if the aspect ratio on your profile pic was off when I was looking at it the other day. It's a really impressive photo, your back looks thick, muscular, and broad as a barn. Great to hear it's gym gains rather than a foto flub...you're on a Muscle Roll!
  2. tomofutah

    Secret gay code in old Muscle Mags...?

    I think someone is yanking your (middle) leg...
  3. Sounds like the Daily Special at this restaurant was Beef, and lots of it...mind if I pull up a chair and join you?
  4. if your hands get tired feel free to send some over here to The Land of Zion...
  5. tomofutah

    What started this for you?

    that clip could turn a straight man queer....
  6. tomofutah

    What started this for you?

    You have great taste in stealing...Benfatto was a stunner...
  7. tomofutah

    What started this for you?

    NEVER thought another muscle fan would cop to stealing those mags!! I feel better already. And if any muscle mag fans ever get to SLC , I have a store-room stacked floor to ceiling with stolen muscle mags, going back to the 60's. Can't bear to toss them, looking for a good home!
  8. tomofutah

    What started this for you?

    RPJ...Not a face man here on a muscular man...if both heads are there and working I am interested....
  9. tomofutah

    What started this for you?

    Mdlftr! yeah..Never thought of them as pretty or refined... they were just beautiful masses of rock hard, chiseled muscle...The Bad Boys...mustache, with long black shaggy hair with a body that wouldn't quit. You knew they could easily lift up the back end of a car and not break a sweat...and they had solid blocks of punch-proof, cut abs. They were Raw Power, as strong as they looked...there was nothing subtle about their physiques, and nothing subtle about they way they made my pants tent... I thought computers would come and go, and in between Hercules Movies & the annual 'Worlds Strongest Man' contest on there was no place to get a muscle fix without buying a muscle mag. You couldn't be 5'9"/140# and just stand there in the drug store, stare and get hard, without outing yourself. You couldn't march up to the front of the store and pay the cashier without the fear of her yelling to someone in the back "How much are these um.. muscle magazines?" Stuffing it in your pants was impossible...there was enough going on in those pants already. I decided the only way to get my Mentzer Muscle Fix was steal the magazine. This was in the 80's, and I still have all those old stolen muscle mags stacked in my basement, many featuring The Bros. Some have pics cut out so I could stuff them in my wallet to stave off withdrawals & some have pages stuck together, don't ask. Bodybuilding wasn't mainstream enough to warrant a story when Mike died, or when Ray followed him 2 days later, so it was several months before the mags were out and I heard the news. Physiques got more refined, posers got smaller, but they were in a class all their own. And even at 70, I still can't look at a photo of them without getting hard. (thank god!) ...tom
  10. Gotta admit, this thread never gets old for me! So nice to read other guys on here that I chat with and respect have some of those same thoughts! It's also nice to hear from different sections of the MG community. I still have trouble separating muscle worship from sexual intercourse. In my mind, I am always sure a man will assume if I want to experience muscle worship I also want to have the full monty sex, especially when I get a full on boner the second I get close to or touch male muscle. And that includes being the toucher or the touchee. I am just a horny old man for muscle! I've lifted with and got advice and tips from some amazing straight bodybuilders. Guy that got me started was my best friend, straight, and he competed. Recently meet a guy I know from these boards that also competes, and lifting with him and seeing how big and powerfull these guys really are was an incredible experience. I must be too old, it confused me that a straight, married bodybuilder would flex & pop a bicep for me to feel...and I was the one feeling uncomfortable...good, but uncomfortable feeling that good.... For me, physical contact with real muscle is the craving that all the muscle pics or muscle stories in the world can't satisfy.
  11. tomofutah

    The new normal

    lol, I am not worthy...but thanks! Never really post too many selfies here. I think the the pics of you big guys and the words "bodybuilding" and "muscle" scares me off, so I post on IG. I didn't start until I was 49, way out of shape, and wanted to gain some muscle before I hit 50. It felt so damn good I would get a buzz...kind of like booze & drugs when I was younger, except with those I 'd get so high I couldn't get it up, and when I lift I have the opposite reaction. Makes it hard to work out in a public gym (no pun intended!) I truly believe there is a lid for every pot, and some day I will run into some built guy that is into flexing while getting a legitimate massage. I always think of it as "skin validation". I have always wanted to see what all that muscle feels like... how big, how strong, and how hard when its flexing. Been lucky enough to experience it a few times, and the experience is indelibly seared into what's left of my brain. I Think this might be TMI, so I will quit here and just blame Muscledrain for posting the nicest pic comment I have ever received, Thanks Stud! (Oh Lord, I hope he was posting about MY pic.....)
  12. tomofutah

    The new normal

    Luv this board! I lift alone in my basement, and love the feeling of a good chest pump but always feel guilty, so great to hear The Big Boys enjoy that amazing feeling too. I like to bench press with the bench between the side rails on my squat rack in case I miss or can't finish the lift. When you lift solo you can only do that "Roll of Shame" for so long, rolling the bar over your crotch when you miss a bench press, and then the thrill is gone. Pec pumps are amazing, get so filled with blood that they feel like they will burst. And pecs aren't the only bodypart that gets full of blood and pumped... there is some sort of connection for me there. Only thing better is to have someone around to pound on my chest to force me to tighten it up and push even more blood into those throbbing suckers...
  13. Just made my day, stud, Thanks! My face filled with blood as I blushed, and other body parts filled with blood as my pants got uncomfortable....
  14. another fan of big quads, I see...👍





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