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    fantasy profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Art, Music, Gaming, Men, Pecs, Muscle in general.
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    Yet to get started but ill keep posted
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    Making this life worth living, doing whatever it takes to get to a goal, become a better person, Become a bigger person if not in size in the way I care for myself and others.
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    Well see someday...bodybuilding is still the dream
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    Justin(Bigger the better), Tiny Red pill, The Hose
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    Ronnie Coleman
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    Hyper Muscle, Hyper Cock, Muscle Growth, Size play(Not bigger thanself),

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  1. Given theres nothing here..I figured why not be the first tho I am not one to draw, 3modeling seems just as good -nod nod-
  2. Hyper Muscle beast- Leather shirt and pants with defined detail. Model: Prince Charll Colors: Black and White Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hyper-Muscle-Beast-Leather-Shirt-and-PantsCasualBlack/16085655
  3. Will post my my store entries here and such the content i have planned is well worth it.
  4. Nice story dandi :0 really can see the sense of indulgence ;3 and passion for bulls
  5. I dont know him that well but being he ran umg he made things happen a place for guys to com me together and enjoy people of similiar company and he had plans to bring it back...but it just may not happen...but memories was made so he shall not be forgotten
  6. Swiggity swooogity thats some meaty booty ?
  7. Hyperion Philias Megamute aka (Aerohalo) or secondlife:///app/agent/3e49820d-9f07-4dfa-a610-68d236b278af/about
  8. Aerohalo


    It looks like a small compressed alex 1.5x slider work and stretcher type come into play by the looks of it.
  9. Aerohalo


    Asidde from the missing hand nice!
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