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    Chat roleplay with men into their own muscle, size, and freaky power. I like no-limits crushing play, muscle worship, getting my muscles and whole body destroyed and toyed with in the superstrong grip of a freaky powerful man.
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    5'9, 188
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    Chat fun and roleplay
  • What are your dream stats?
    for another man...7' or taller...400 pounds of solid, strong muscle. For myself...6'2, 275 solid muscle.
  • Favorite Stories
    Muscleboy Brandon, Passing through Town...anything muscley, cocky, strength, and crushing oriented.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Ben Pakulski, Branch Warren, Steve Kuklo
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    Crush play, muscle snuff, growth, muscleworship, bone cracking, extreme strength.

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  1. I'm curious about those of you who are into growth. Is the act of growing, in and of itself, enough for you? Why do you want to grow? What happens when you actually get big? Is there more to it than that? Your feedback is appreciated!
  2. Wow...great profile.  Your interests are right up my alley.  Let's chat, big guy.  LOVE HUGE MUSCLES AND SUPERSTRENGTH!

    Skype  live:musclestrengthfreak

  3. whoever that is in your avatar...wow!  

  4. that's one great looking arm!  

  5. It was 1977. I was 12 years old and taking a bath in my grandma's giant clawfoot tub. Just laying face down...sliding back and forth, thinking about what the Incredible Hulk (the Lou Ferrigno Hulk in TV) had mercilessly done to his victims and fantasizing what was about to to do me, when....WOW, I FEEL REALLY REALLY GOOD! BAM!
  6. great stuff.  love the pics, stories, subject matter!  love to chat with you.  

  7. I've always thought this is a very hot idea. Especially if I was feeling a guy's muscles...and then he just starts to make them grow...one by one as I touch...as if to say, "...and you thought you were big. Ha! I'm the biggest and strongest there is...now worship me, punk."
  8. damn nice arm, big guy.  looking strong and big!

  9. Hey.  So, tell us about you.  How "massive"?  What are you looking for?  Interests....

    Welcome to the forum.

  10. I sent you a skype message, big guy.  

  11. let's connect on Skype. live:musclestrengthfreak
  12. great profile.  I sent you a Skype message, big guy.

  13. nice profile!  not sure if you are the one who wants to be superstrong or you want a superstrong sub.  I'd love to know more!  

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