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  • What are your interests?
    Chat roleplay with men into their own muscle, size, and freaky power. I like no-limits crushing play, getting my muscles and whole body destroyed and toyed with in the superstrong grip of a freaky powerful man.
  • What are your stats?
    5'9, 188
  • What are you seeking?
    Chat fun and roleplay
  • What are your dream stats?
    for another man...7' or taller...400 pounds of solid, strong muscle. For myself...6'2, 275 solid muscle.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Crush play, muscle snuff, growth, muscleworship, bone cracking, extreme strength.

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  1. damn nice bicep pic you got, man!  love to feel that baby!

  2. wow, man.  Love your pic.  you look massive and strong as hell!  Let's chat power and muscle.  No limits strength!!!

  3. Let's chat.  Into similar/same fetishes!


  4. Meaty pecs in that avatar, buddy!  Wow. 

  5. Love that avatar, bud.  Pecs for days...to be worshipped as they bounce and flex!  Pure power in those too! 

    1. hombre


      Thanks mate

  6. I take it from your nic that you are into strength.  correct?  Tell us a bit about your likes, buddy.

  7. Your avatar!  Hell the the yes!

    1. Astromuscle


      Both of your avatars...

      I don't know which I love more!

    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      i have two?  well...thanks for liking them. 

    3. Astromuscle


      ... I meant you and @mscllvr2000

  8. damn...that avatar!  talk about pectacular!  I could watch it all day...wanna feel that.

    1. MuscleStrengthFreak


      let's roleplay! Skype or in chat room, bud.

    2. MuscleRoleplay


      add me on skype! my username is my name on here ;)

    3. MuscleStrengthFreak
  9. Thanks for the follow, big guy.  Nice profile!

  10. Thanks for the follow, big guy.  Nice profile you have...esp. the strength interests.

  11. Hello Muscle strength just want to give you a shout out for an awesome physique!! Have a good week !

  12. Hell yes. I fantasize about this stuff all the time too. I also take it further with the bigger guy..or STRONGER guy...grabbing me and showing off his powerful muscles as he lifts me, starts to crush me down...no limits dominant strength.
  13. That arm is getting BIG!  Wanna wrap my hands around it, man.  Woof.

    1. Astromuscle
    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      Thanks.  like your profile too.  Strength and size!  No limits to either.

  14. I could watch your profile photo on repeat forEVER!  Thanks for that. 

    btw...msg me and let me know your fetishes, big guy.  I'd love to know.

    1. CaptainMuscle


      SO sorry, I literally just saw your post. Thanks! LOVE pec bounching, LOL. 

  15. Like the profile and stats, big guy.  Nic too!  You on Skype?  Let's chat.

    1. AlphaMuscleGod


      Thanks a ton bro. Nah I don't have a Skype account, sorry dude.