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    Chat roleplay with men into their own muscle, size, and freaky power. I like no-limits crushing play, getting my muscles and whole body destroyed and toyed with in the superstrong grip of a freaky powerful man.
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    5'9, 188
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    Chat fun and roleplay
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    for another man...7' or taller...400 pounds of solid, strong muscle. For myself...6'2, 275 solid muscle.
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    Muscleboy Brandon, Passing through Town...anything muscley, cocky, strength, and crushing oriented.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Ben Pakulski, Branch Warren, Steve Kuklo
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    Crush play, muscle snuff, growth, muscleworship, bone cracking, extreme strength.

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  1. MuscleStrengthFreak

    ***Cyclist Man Crusher*** (Part 2)

    Really nice short story. I like the freaky strength aspect, with the one who is stronger being smaller than the guy being crushed. It would be nice to read a bit more pretext and some more toying with the bodybuilder just to show off his power. Good job.
  2. Here you go: put in "lead AND guitarist" in the search engine. it gives you all his stories.
  3. MuscleStrengthFreak

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    This is hilarious. It's even a very young, pre-roided Antoine. Note to "Newbie": the guys in here are generally smart about distinguishing fakers from makers.
  4. MuscleStrengthFreak

    Ivan The Terrible

    Well, I seem to have sprung a leak.
  5. You have an amazing body.

  6. Love those crush/snuff/power fetishes.  Can't ever get enough, man.  If you care to chat on Skype or Discord, pm me.  

  7. MuscleStrengthFreak

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Five

    super sexy story. It reminds me of a number of roleplays I've done.
  8. Great pic for your profile, man!  wide, strong back!  

  9. Hi man, Great body. A question: where i could find link to instructions to upload a story in the archive of this site?

    1. MuscleStrengthFreak


      I am not an administrator.  So, I would suggest asking one of them.  Thanks!

    2. LuisCervantes


      Great body man, you look huge and aesthetic. Congrats!!

  10. welcome to Superstrength & Crushing group, BigBro!  I hope you'll contribute.  Feel free to send a message too.

  11. MuscleStrengthFreak


    I love to be crushed too!
  12. MuscleStrengthFreak


    Once he's done with the neck, he moves his fingers up to his victim's face...and decides to hear bones crack as his effortlessly pinches and crushes the boy's face flat!
  13. Love your artwork!  I'd love to meet a man like that...get toyed with and crushed...lifted, worship him totally!  

  14. Wonder...do you ever like being the superstrong one...being violent?

    1. TinyNico21


      Nope I exclusively like to be the regular/average one. 🙏😇