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  1. Reading all your stuff for the first time, and I'm loving it man. I don't know how I've missed your posts!
  2. Without question, this is one of the best stories I've ever read. You ticked all of the boxes for what I enjoy. I do wish there had been more description of the girls and Patrick feeling his muscles, and more flexing during sex with Ariana, but again, bravo! Thanks, I hope we'll see more.
  3. Great, and just read some of the stuff on your website. I really enjoyed it, and hope you post stuff here more often!
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this and can't wait for more.
  5. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    Any ID on our AJ?
  6. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    Awesome installment. I, too, am completely emotionally invested in these two men, and cant wait to see how their relationship progresses. With that having been said, Noah needs to confess to AJ his love of muscle. Or, it's just time for AJ to knowingly, yet coyly, flex for Noah and stun him into silence with his body. You're character development t is amazing, but you're also great at writing super hot muscle worship scenes. I'm looking forward to seeing more of both!
  7. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    Great chapter my friend, I love the connection these two young men have. As an aside, I just had to pack up my dog and head out of town because apparently there's a hurricane headed straight for my house. Maybe you could expedite a chapter out of pity for poor old me while I sit in my hotel room, staring longingly into the distance, wistfully thinking of AJ and Noah... All joking aside, this is great work, and I can't wait to read the next installment whenever it arrives.
  8. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    I couldn't agree more. And I'm doing that thing where I vacillate between checking constantly, and trying to wait a while in the hope that maybe 2 installments have been posted since my last check. I can never wait that long, if I'm honest.
  9. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    I can't get over this story man, I think it's my new favorite. Like everyone else, I can't wait for the next installment!
  10. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    Still loving every installment!
  11. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    Oh man, I'm loving this one, you're hitting all of the buttons. While AJ may be outwardly cocky (at least in his pics) , you know inside he's a bit insecure-does Noah think my hyper muscularity is gross, or is he into it? I can't wait for that moment when AJ finally stands in front of Noah and flexes his arm right in front of his face, and Noah knows it's for him. And Noah can completely appreciate the size, shape, and the dedication it took to make that freaky peak that's right in front of his face. I love being teased by muscle, and the pace with which you're giving us these stories is perfect. While I'd love more, you're killing me (in a good way) by making us wait. Keep up the good work my friend. I can't wait for the next installment.
  12. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    If you like this story, I think you'll love MuscleAddict's other works as well. He's the best at writing Muscle Worship fiction that depicts realistic bodybuilders and regular Joe's. And, as you noted, he's great at getting into the heads of his characters and bringing their thoughts, feelings, excitement and awe to the page. I've never been disappointed by any of his work, and it's always seriously a treat to see him posting new pieces. I've been reading his fiction at his blog for a number of years now, well before he started posting here, and was excited when he started letting the forum members here meet his characters. And if you can't tell, I'm a bit of a fan myself!
  13. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    Ugh, I love it, the tension between possibly going for what you dream about (AJ) vs a great guy who obviously likes you (Eddie). If I know you, MuscleAddict, you'll find a way to marry the best of both worlds! Loving the story man!
  14. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    I'm loving this story my friend, like I do everything you write. And thanks for introducing me to the illustrator, he's amazingly talented. I can't wait for what's to come!
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