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    My own, of course! ;)
    I also very much liked LegionXP's "Super Powers Universe" from the old site.
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    Michael Fitt; I think I prefer the fitness model physique over the traditional bodybuilder.
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    I love anything super-human: super-strength, super-heroes, macro, magic. For some reason, I've always found super-breath very sexy. I'm also very fond of pec-bouncing. I like cocky talking, but I do not like degrading talk. I'd rather hear a guy talk about himself.

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  1. rockhopper

    Story Length Poll

    A good story is a good story, regardless of length. My preference as a writer is to write connected, but independent short installments of a continuing series. I've seen other series here that follow this pattern and some don't. It entirely depends on the author and their intent.
  2. Should I revisit the Nephilim series?

  3. rockhopper

    Can Muscles Be Cute?

    I'm not particularly muscular, but I've always been considered more "cute" than handsome. My boyfriend is also a "cute" type. Cute has a special place in my heart. There are plenty of muscle guys whom I would consider to be cute, among them: Lance Olson (KaimanGuy) Kevin Baker (Musclebaked)
  4. An author in search of a new series.

  5. rockhopper

    The Adventures of Super-Fitt: Alpha and Omega

    There was another one that I was working on and had almost finished, but it will stay unfinished for now. I may go back and finish it after a little while. I sent Mike an email (At every address I had for him. Some bounced back and some didn't) thanking him for all he has done. If and when I hear back, I'll let everyone know.
  6. Hi everyone, As you may know, Michael Fitt recently closed his Website, and all his social media accounts. I have not heard from him in quite a while, but I will respect his wishes and assume he has decided to move on--or at least take an extended break. Mike, of course, has been the inspiration for my Super-Fitt stories. I have decided, at least for the moment, to retire the series, but I wanted to give it some closure. Here is what may well be the final chapter. Thank you all for your support for this series. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When Super-Fitt saved the world from destruction by aliens, he thought that was the last he would hear from them. He had propelled the alien ships with his super-breath into a distant galaxy, billions of light-years away. Even with their advanced technology, they would not be able to get back or even contact their home. Unfortunately, when they failed their mission, their home planet assumed they had been killed. They had sent hundreds of ships before to demand that Super-Fitt either surrender to them to let them copy whatever it was that made him the most powerful known being in the universe, not knowing that his power was not something that could be duplicated. It merely was. This time, they sent the entire fleet--thousands and thousands of ships, with millions of alien beings--with the same mission. In the intervening time, Super-Fitt had become even more powerful and had a greater mastery of his powers. He knew by his super-senses that the aliens were on their way long before they had entered the Solar System. He would be ready for them. Bouncing his Super-Pecs, he caused himself to grow roughly to the size of the planet Jupiter. They would only get to the Earth through him. As he expected, the alien fleet sent him a telepathic message: “Surrender yourself to us, Super-Fitt, or we will destroy your precious Earth.” “You don’t learn, do you?” he replied. “With the power of my breath alone, I sent your little friends into another galaxy. Surely, you must know I could do the same to you. Or worse. I could crush you to smithereens,” Super-Fitt said flexing his planet-sized biceps. “I could burn you all to a crisp. I could make your ships disappear and let the vacuum of space run its course on you. Or I could just end you.” “We are aware of that. That is why we want your power. We would be unstoppable.” “Even if you could duplicate it, I would never allow it.” “That is your big mistake! We will now destroy the Earth!” “You wouldn’t dare!” “We would!” In the next instant, every one of those alien ships fired on the Earth, turning it to so much dust and ash. Super-Fitt normally has a face of preternatural beauty. In this moment. It was a face of pure rage. He let out a primal scream, inaudible in space, and bounced his Super-Pecs. In that instant, every one of the alien ships and every alien in them, those near the former site of planet Earth, those that had been sent to the distant galaxy, as well as every single member of that alien race on their home planet ceased to exist. They just weren’t. There was no dust. No residue. They were gone, as if they had never been there. Super-Fitt looked to the dust of the Earth. The aliens thought they had called Super-Fitt’s bluff. They thought they had destroyed the Earth. Or so they thought. In the instant before they fired, Super-Fitt absorbed the life energy of every living being on Earth into himself. The souls on seven billion humans, as well as every other living thing, now existed only within the body of Super-Fitt. Super-Fitt had a plan all along. There was a parallel universe in which all life on Earth had been destroyed by nuclear war. He would go to that world and rebuild it, restore it to its former state. He would then put everyone and everything back as it was. No one else would ever know they had been moved to another universe. Indeed, no one else would ever know anything out of the ordinary had happened at all. Super-Fitt looked again at the where the planet where he had been born had been. Then, bouncing his Super-Pecs, his teleported himself and everyone else to that other universe where he had a lot of work to do. And when it was all over, he took a well-deserved rest. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated to my friend Michael Fitt. Thank you for seven great years. Enjoy your next adventure. --Rock
  7. Another story may show up again some day.

    1. flamedelft


      That's vague, but yayyyyy!

  8. rockhopper

    Question about video guys

    That all makes sense. I realize that "Eastern Europe" includes a multitude of nations, cultures, and experiences. Thanks!
  9. rockhopper

    Question about video guys

    Hi folks, This is probably a silly question, but I've been wondering and figured someone here might know. Why are so many of the guys who flex in videos on the Internet from Eastern Europe?
  10. rockhopper

    Machu Man - Part 6: A Little Freaky Fun

    What a sweet, wonderful, totally hot story this is! Great job!
  11. Super-Fitt 5 is coming. Soon, I hope. :)

  12. Thanks! It's great to see that Super-Fitt has so many fans. I started writing a new chapter recently. I'm working on it. I always give the real-life Michael Fitt the opportunity to weigh in on the stories before I post them. So far, he's been very supportive.
  13. rockhopper

    My Dad is a Psychic

    You know I love super-powers! Great job!
  14. Most of mine are totally unreal: Macro - I had one character in a story grow larger than the galaxy.Super-powers in general - Super-strength, shapeshifting, psionic powers, transmutation, magic. I particularly find super-breath sexy.And then there's just plain ol' pec-bouncing and bicep licking.
  15. rockhopper

    Any interest for the macro genre on the forum ?

    I love macro! I think every "Adventures of Super-Fitt" chapter I've written thus far either has the protagonist grow to giant size or shrink another person so that he towered over him.

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