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  1. Before I continue, I would just like to say I am honestly interested in peoples opinions in terms of the turn ons, the writing, etc I want to become a better writer, let me know
  2. Chapter 2: One week had passed since Stephan and Ophelia were infected, but their progress couldn't have been more different. Stephan and Armageddon Sr were getting along well. They worked together. They helped one another. They're minds aligned a lot. Both were trouble makers, and both were so excited of what they could do in each others hands. To their credit they would often go through various forms of training. Combat, teamwork, and physical augmentation. As Armageddon had guessed, Stephan wanted to grow stronger more then anything else, and that did mean physically more then any other area. Together they worked on growing his body, forcing the blood to expand him, and grow different areas. It was not so easy as may have been thought, but together they grew him a few inches taller in the week. Even beyond that he was beginning to fill out a build, comparable to that of a swimmer. Meanwhile Ophelia was having a very different experience. Armageddon Jr spent his time bullying her, berating her, and ultimately attempting to control her. As Stephen had said, she was not mentally very strong, and Armageddon broke her down easily. With every session of taunting he gained more control over Ophelia, and it showed in how he manifested. Armageddon Jr towered above Ophelia in a mass of pitch black mass. Even still the vascularity was clearly visible, giving the impression this manifest of black blood had blood himself. It was interesting to see the scale at which both Armageddon's grew. Sr grew slowly, as his and Stephan's relationship grew, whereas Jr grew by leaps and bounds every day. By the time Stephan called for Jr to join him for something, Jr easily could raise himself up higher out of Ophelia then Ophelia herself was tall, and was just as wide in the shoulders as that. He was completely filled in with so much muscle no human could ever hope to obtain those proportions. Jr, true to his name, reveled in being larger then his "parent" and laughed as he looked down at the other 2. "Morning pipsqueaks. What's so important you had to drag me out? I was just telling Ophelia how worthless she was, and going through her childhood diary. You should hear about the time she asked this guy out, and he publicly announced to everyone about how she would never find anyone to be with, and she is still single." Jr laughed very hard as Ophelia shed a tear, and Jr thumped with more power. Stephan chuckled a little, but stopped after a second. "Armageddon, I'm glad you like the sacrifice I have offered you. But you know what. You have done so well with her, I think you deserve more to work with." Jr's face twisted in confusion, but Stephan took him into the living room with him. Just before entering he asked both Armageddon's to retreat for now, to which they obliged. As Stephan and Ophelia walked in, 30 various people were sitting around the room. Stephan took that opportunity to walk up in front of them and address them. "Good morning, ladies and gentleman. As you know, I have invited you all here to host a help meeting. You all are addicts to various things. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. We are here to help... in a way. Essentially the reason you are here for this meeting is because your minds are often too weak to fight the voices in your head. I am however afraid to tell you all that sadly, I have not come here to help your issue." Everyone looked around quite confused and nervous. With that Stephan walked amidst them and Armageddon emerged from his back. Stephan brought his hands in close to him, and just as people began to scream, Stephan Shove his arms to the sides, and Armageddon oozed out along the ground in a line to each person, and then ran up them in tendrils and veins, all in the space of a half second. Everything froze except for Ophelia as Jr emerged from her back to stare in wonder at the scene. From his pose, Stephan turned his head over to look at Jr, and opened his eyes to reveal pure black voids in their place. Stephan's mouth made words, but the voice was neither his, nor Sr's. It was some amalgamation of the 2 echoing off of each other. "Listen here Armageddon. You are doing well, and will continue to do well, but here me now. If you simply consider this type of growth to be the only kind worthwhile, you will perish. One day, you will need me, because despite all you have you will remember that I am powerful as well. Don't forget that." Two heartbeats later, the veins that were holding all the people in place pulsed again and again. It was as if time started as everyone began to scream in pain as black blood flooded their bodies. Armageddon Jr had been a little afraid of Stephan's speech, but now laughed at the scene coming out before him, and about the mastermind plan that was unfolding. Stephan eventually broke his pose and the lines that had shot out from him retreated back and Armageddon Sr, formed once more from him. Sr looked very pleased with himself but very tired, but Stephan congratulated him, though Jr was unsure how they could carry a conversation amidst this chaos. Now that Sr had retreated, the people were running, hiding, screaming, talking to themselves. One person had retreated to a corner and was hugging herself and rocking back and forth, all with black blood vessels clear on their bodies. After a minute the first new Armageddon emerged, and this was the catalyst to more and more bursting out. All huge, identical, and ripped as Jr had been at first creation. All looked around, confused and excited to see all of their brethren. With that Stephan looked over at Jr, this time with his usual hazel eyes. "Armageddon, these are not your brothers, these are pieces of you. Join together with them into one great being." Jr looked so confused. "Wait, what are you saying?" Stephan looked over as it dawned on Sr what Stephan was saying. "Why can you only control one person at a time? You are blood, they are blood. Combine yourselves." Ophelia whimpered at the idea and Jr saw what she was thinking of, and he licked his lips. The other Armageddons had heard what Stephen had said and had gathered their humans together by whatever means necessary. Jr looked over all 30 of his smaller counterparts and they all looked at him expectantly. With that he walked Ophelia into the center of them, and all the Armageddons melded together. At first it was just a large blob, but suddenly the group of humans felt a large force pull them in closer. The black form was still supported from their backs, and after a minute it began to take shape. A solid round core of abs and obliques formed above the humans, and just above that muscle burst out from all sides. Pecs, lats, and back muscles ballooned out from the core, all displaying hills and valleys where one muscle ended and another started. Two large, heavy arms burst from the ever more defined mass. Each one bigger then any given person below the black beast. Veins streaked along every inch of the arms, from the defined strong fingers up the bulbous bicep and even across the massive tricep head behind it. Traps began rising up higher and higher out of the top of this monster. Finally After everything had formed and solidified, a normal sized Armageddon head popped out in front of the traps. He seemed to take himself in, as did Stephan and Armageddon Sr. Jr was huge. All the humans below him took that opportunity to move out a little and look up at the creature attached to them. Jr saw all of them and could feel their thoughts of fear. It felt like a rush to him, and he flexed. He reached down and picked up one of the men who was proving more resilient to his imposing figure. It only took one arm to bring him up to his face. "Listen little shit. I own you now. You can resist me, I'm fine with that, but know that I will broke you down. I will make your five times through rehab withdrawal look like the happiest day of your life. You get a choice. You can let me have my way and listen to me, or I can get... creative." The man's face sunk, as did several others in the group at the implication of what that meant for them. Jr felt their hopelessness feed him more. It pumped him bigger and bigger, and he even noticed a residual effect as his captives noticed the size increase and lost even more hope. His arms extended longer and more so even thicker and stronger. His chest pumped out, taking up more of his view but he felt his back expand as a counterbalance. He couldn't help but laugh at the sheer power he felt, and looked over at Stephan and Armageddon Sr. "Boys... This is... I have never felt this good. It's amazing. Join me." Jr's giant hand reached out to them. Armageddon Sr began to reach out subconsciously, until Stephan grabbed his wrist. "That's fine Armageddon. We are glad you are excited, but I don't want to become one of your slaves. We have other priorities in mind. You will appreciate them in time I think, but please, let me be me. If not for my benefit, please do it in thank you for bringing you these people and this idea." Sr looked down at Stephan, incredulous. "Boy, you have wanted nothing more since day one then strength. You go to great lengths to create this powerful creature, and he offers you assistance, and you say NO?!" Stephan laughed. "You think he was going to let me be in control? He wanted me to be another drone to feed him. That's not what I need." Jr laughed and nodded his head. "He's not wrong, but then ask me this. Why give me all this strength when you are the one who wants it?" With that Stephan grinned. "I have a plan, and you play front and centre." With that Stephan dropped his mental barriers he had kept from Sr. Sr saw Stephan's vision in full for the first time. He went wide eyed. "HAHAHA My boy. That's risky. It's bold. I love it!" Jr looked on in confusion, like a child who couldn't understand what his parents were talking about. "I can't say I understand, but it's fine I guess. I'm benefiting after all. But can I at least know what your plan for me is?" Stephan's eyes lit up with both the Armageddon's accepting his plan. "Well Jr. Think of it this way. 30 people is just the beginning..." The humans attached to Jr gulped, and Jr moaned as he felt another wave of power surge into him, as he began to fill the room even more, nearing the ceiling. He couldn't help but laugh at the thought of multiplying in strength, and Stephan and Sr laughed with him.
  3. Samar returned home and threw his bag onto the couch. He looked exhausted and crashed on the couch, causing something in it to audibly crack inside and Samar fell further into his ratty couch then he should have. He gets up and kicks the couch, causing the wooden frame inside to crack as well. "Fucking piece of garbage." Samar needed to unwind. His body thirsted for size. He knew left to his own devices he could be positively gigantic but it wasn't realistic. He felt so confined in fear of what the outside world would think if he suddenly shot up 5 feet and added 1000lbs overnight, but he wanted it so bad. It was then he came up with an idea... He was so excited. He could kill two birds with one stone. With that he began texting furiously. He asked everyone to spread the word, He would hold a party. That evening Samar's house was bustling with so many people you couldn't move without touching someone else. Better yet for Samar, it was an ABC party (Anything but clothing). In essence someone could come very well covered but it was so much easier to wear barely anything. 90% of the people there could barely have strutted the streets without the police pulling them into a cruiser for indecent exposure. Samar was practically drooling at the prospect. Every other moment a new person was apologizing for touching him. For him, it was an all you could eat buffet. He was holding back to start but as the night went on Samar took every opportunity. Samar despite being very large had become an expert at having a subtle touch to his powers. Pound of muscle here, 1/4 inch of height there, but it was all adding up, he could feel it. At some point he approached a group of bros he had seen at the gym before. "-never seen someone that huge and I swear every day he gets bigger!" Samar finally steps next to them, and they must have sensed him, or felt his footsteps in the ground because they stopped awkwardly and all turned to look at him, all a little shocked as if caught in the act of something. Samar grinned from ear to ear. "I hope you were talking about me, but man I have seen bigger guys. Hopefully not for long though." With that Samar did a most muscular. Samar to his credit had worn a makeshift duct tape poser and nothing else, so his muscles were on display as much as possible. The men appeared transfixed. Samar began to wonder why he had such an effect to turn every guy gay when one of them snapped out of it and whipped out a 50$ bill from his pocket. "50$ to anyone who can pin Samar down!" He announced to the party. People quickly shifted away from him in case anyone immediately acted on the bet. No one moved towards him. Samar laughed, and looked around. "I mean if some people worked together I bet you could split the prize money. But wait what do I get if I win?" Some people laugh but then 4 women all step forward, clearly also people who had taken the hint to wear barely any clothing. "Well big boy if you prove you can handle yourself around a bunch of men, we may just be interested enough to see how you handle a bunch of women." With that she winked and loosened what passed for a bikini. Everyone cheered and Samar's eyes bugged at the gorgeous women before him. "NOW!" Samar barely had enough time to react as three boys came from behind him. One jumped and barely got his arms around Samar's neck. The other 2 went for his legs, trying to tackle them out from under him, but the exclamation was warning enough and he tensed all his muscles, and managed to stay upright. Now that they were there Samar moved his weight distribution to avoid falling over from their continued efforts. A few moments later he breathed in heavy and jumped in the air, only to come back down on the guy who was dangling behind him with a thud. A heavy groan immediately comes from behind him, and Samar pulls muscle from him. He had just been wailed from Samar's large mass slamming him to the ground. No one would notice if he lost some mass. The other two men had moved out of the way in time but Samar hadn't lost them in the crowd. He managed to grab each ones arm and began draining them too immediately. He slammed them down on top of their friends. Samar proceeds to press his chest down on them, grinding them into the ground as he drains more and more size from them. He had to go slow, he did not want these men realizing anything but being sore and tired. He desperately wanted to let the floodgates go and do more, but he knew better. On that notion he was surprised to feel several people pile on top of his back. Samar looks over his shoulder to see 10 people of various sizes had hopped onto him, trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Samar grinned as he saw them all doing their best, and he began draining them too. No one of them would notice a different but piling onto him he was in heaven. Samar felt the power piling into him. He dug his palms into the ground and began to do some pushups with the people on his back. He held himself up on the second one to let the men under him crawl out in pain, but then began to continue. The exercise was not easy by any measure but right now Samar felt like he could do anything. The people on top of him laughed and cheered and counted him on as he tried pressing a few more times, but it did not appear that he would make it to 10. He did come crashing down on 8 but everyone was laughing including Samar so much. He had made his point. Samar noted how far off the ground his head was, what with a pump and the muscle he stole. The same man from before now was looking on at the monster he had created. "Samar it looks like we've finally tested your chest out. Now how about the rest of your muscle. We wanna see it all pumped." Everyone got off Samar and he stood up. He actually hit his head off the ceiling, which was a shame given he had found this place because it was one of the few houses he hadn't needed to duck in constantly. "Well I mean I guess we could all go to the parking lot and test some shit out! Who wants to see what I got in me!" Everyone cheered and he smiled. Everyone piled out of the house. The people behind Samar a little more slowly as he worked his way out of the house. When Samar saw most people were outside he announced in a deep voice. "OK Listen up. I don't intend to skip leg day so here's the deal. I want 10 people to get onto me, anywhere you can grab and not touch the ground, get creative!" Samar knelt down on one knee. most people grabbed around his neck, until someone had a great idea. They found some rope in Samar's house and tied it both ways around his chest, making an X on his chest and back. With that people found it easier to hold on. Samar was about to begin when the tall thin woman who had been offering her body got up and dangled from him like a necklace, but used her feet to hold herself up face to face with Samar. "Hope you don't mind if I get a front seat to this action." Samar simply smiled, and got up in earnest. "No, but the real show goes on later. Wouldn't want you to get worn out by my face too much to miss that one." The girl smiles as she adjusts to be ready for Samar to squat. "I somehow don't think your face will be my focus. You got a lot of body to satisfy, and I never leave until I make sure every inch is satisfied." With that she licks her lips and bites them a little. Samar went a little weak at the knees, but then set his stance and began squatting. Once he was beginning to be tired, he began draining from the people touching him. He found newfound strength as the ropes tightened around his his chest and back, but he was more focused on his thighs pushing out, allowing him to go up and down more and more. At some point he let more people on and drained from them to get the last few reps out. He laughed as he got down and let everyone down, but winked at the girl who looked hot and bothered by his even more pronounced muscles. As he got back up everyone marveled. There were whispers that he seemed bigger then at the beginning of the night but between the pump, the night, the alcohol and everything no one could be sure. This had been Samar's plan, though he hadn't expected another man to egg on everyone to get them to touch him. Samar went over to the others to have them cheer for him. "Now without some equipment sadly I don't know about having you all help me with any displays of strength, but I want to see what you all got! I like to think my displays make me king. If you disagree you can try to fight me." To this comment everyone laughed. "But ti seems to me like kings usually get carried everywhere. So let's see what you guys are able to do!" Samar lays down and waits for others to come, everyone gathers around, a mix of emotions from incredulity to overconfidence were on their faces. The man from before helped coordinate the efforts and eventually with all 60-70 odd people they were able to lift and move him. Just about every person in the party was now touching Samar. This was his chance, Samar could sense which people weren't supporting him as well so he instead pulled from the people who were stronger. As always slowly but pulling from 50 odd people at once had dramatic effects on him immediately, the rope around his chest digging in further and further, actually to the point it was very uncomfortable. They neared the door but between Samar's weight gain, and the strength loss of the biggest contributors to carrying him, they were not going to make it. "OK all, you proved your point. I am not giant enough to squash you all yet. You can put me down now." With a collective sigh of relief everyone worked to put Samar on his feet. He was towering over a lot of them more then ever, and he loved it. It excited him, and that excited his member. Samar had nearly forgot but now he was anticipating how much he had grown between his pants too. Everyone noticed and laughed, but Samar was not embarrassed. He had always been big, but now he would be surprised to hear he didn't have the biggest dick in the world. The woman from before sauntered over to him, and reached up to teasingly caress his pec overhang. "Big boy, that looks painful, and I think you won that bet earlier. Clearly 70 people can handle you, but I wanted to see what power a few women might have." As if on cue 4 other women come up and reach for whatever was still within reach to them. One of the shorter ones face seemed to only come up to his dick, and she seemed content with that. Samar laughed and let them lead him away, shouting back at everyone to help themselves to the beer in the fridge. The second the door was closed the girls got to work ripping away his makeshift pants. The fresh air was all his dick had needed to be unleashed and grow uninhibited. "I hope you all aren't scared by size. It's big, even to scale." The girls giggled although they did look a little concerned too. "Big boy, if that was a problem we wouldn't have come in here." With that Samar let himself be pushed down onto the bed, and having the girls crawl over him. Samar could see and feel how small they all were on him. That more then any of their individual physiques turned him on, his dick slapped hard and heavy onto this abs as it pumped larger and larger. Everyone, including him, looked down and were impressed to see how big it was and still inflating. In some porns he had seen, women put their arms next to a mans dick for comparison, but this was approaching being more comparable to a thin waist in girth, it outweighed even a bigger mans arm. One of the girls began rubbing it with both her hands, but she pulled another girl to help when she could see she was barely covering any surface area. They found a lube bottle in his drawers and poured the whole contents on him. The woman from before was too busy massaging both his nipples. She had her arms stretched out wide to reach, displaying her chest. Samar looked down and laughed. "Honey, you got a huge rack, but I think you have to agree mine are bigger." Samar flexed his chest which bounced the girl up a little. "You like that baby? I like flexing and making you bop around." The girl grinned and went to work sucking his nipple. Samar moaned. Another girl came up around his neck and began kissing him. She barely could move his lips, but he shot back, powering into her mouth and having his way with it, losing himself in the ecstasy of the tiny girls working him over as well as they could. Eventually he decided it was time. His dick was hard and at attention now. A full 20 inches sporting out. "Listen honey's you are all great, but there is NO way any of you small things can take this dick so how about this." with that he got up and arranged them all on the bed, except one. He half straddled his own bed, which he had outgrown and laid his dick down on the lucky girl who was in the center at the bottom. He laid the last girl on top of his dick, and then propped himself up over all the girls. His ripped and huge muscular torso cutting off the light from the room. He leaned down further until he was resting on each girl just enough for them to touch and feel him, and then he began humping and driving on top of them all. They all moaned at the sensation of this hard strong man driving them into the bed, and feeling his dick plowing back and forth along the bed and the girls. They could not see anything in the flurry of sheets, penis and body but they kissed, touched, rubbed and sucked anything and everything. His pace sped up and the bed creaked and shook violently. Cheers came from the other room and Samar no longer hid the noises. All the girls were loud and enjoying themselves and he could feel them cumming in turns. He was holding out but then he pulled from all the girls. One solid good pull of size from all of them. The power surge to him was enough to bring him over the edge and cum spurted along the bed, splashed the headboard, and splashed back even on the girls near there. The surge must have been felt by the girls, either because of the added weight of Samar on them, or the power loss pushed them over the edge (for some of them for a second or third time). Samar laughed as he looked down at the squirming in pleasure women, and laid down next to the bed to look over at them all. Samar had had a special bed made to fit him but now it wasn't even close, but these 5 women barely filled it themselves. The thought excited him again but he pushed it to the side. He went over to the closet and pulled out a bunch of towels. he threw a few at the bed for the girls, and began to clean himself, until a light arm stopped him. "King, allow your subjects to do that for you." The women, still wet from his cum themselves began polishing and drying him off, until all that was left was the parts they could not reach. Samar looked down at them and raised an eyebrow. "Surely you don't expect your king to kneel for you, right?" The girls all laughed, and then one sat on another's shoulders. This raised her up level with Samar's upper pec, so she could clean the rest. Samar still looked down at them, which he loved. "Even two of you can't get up to me. May arm is bigger then you girls. How does that make you feel?" The girls shivered. If Samar didn't know better, he'd think the girls may have been close to cumming again. "Sorry to say ladies, but I think it's time I share my size with everyone else again." With that Samar went out into the living room again and cheered, as did everyone else. The girls giggled as they looked down and saw the duct tape poser he had been wearing at the beginning of the night, now discarded on the floor. One of them runs to give it to him, but Samar leans over his pec shelf to see what the girl is holding and laughs. "I'm not embarrassed, why should I hide?" Everyone at the party cheered and drank more. Samar only picked up the odd pound here and there now, but surely now the people at the party would spread the slurred words of his growth, which was also a part of the plan.
  4. Chapter 1: (AM note: as every story goes, first chapter lays a lot of groundwork for some major growth later) Medusa seems confused as she look at her stores of black blood. She looks around the room only to see a shadow slide out of the room. Black arrows slide along the walls as Medusa chases the shadow. The shadowy man flips and dives away as arrows attack off the walls, slowing his getaway attempt. a clash of a dagger helps divert arrows away from dealing any serious damage to the man. Finally however the magic takes the better of the man and the arrows whip around him, constraining and tightening around him until Medusa comes to face him. The man himself was a rather shorter 5' 4" man, wiry and lithe as only someone taller can normally be, but athletic enough to explain the aerial maneuvers he had been doing previously. Maroon brown short hair topped a rather cute face that gave the impression of being that of a young boys, but with enough lines to show the true maturity of his age of likely 30 years. Medusa began to put together how she would respond in a witty way when the man began laughing. "Well I knew this was a stupid idea but guess my luck finally ran out. Before you decide to bake me into a pie I should mention I'm not quite the spryest spring chicken" Medusa couldn't help but smile at the humour of her hopeless prisoner. "It was particularly more stupid then I think you could imagine. Do you even know what you are messing around with?" The man laughs harder. "Black blood? I've seen the damage your little son has wrecked. Colour me intrigued." Medusa seems to weigh the man up. "A power thirsty man. Can you explain to me why I should entertain this talk any longer?" "Because I think you would be interested in putting black blood through it's paces." Medusa seems to chew on this "What did you have in mind?" "You made Crona so mentally traumatized, in an effort to allow Ragnarok the ability to control him. Aren't you at least a little curious to see what happens when someone's goals align with it?" "Now listen here little man. Based on our conversation, you just want power. Let me guess here. You have always been overlooked and felt weak. You have spent your life trying to make yourself skilled, but it's not enough. You can't hunt for the academy, you can't even steal from me well, or escape." The black arrows let the man down, humour not seeing to be present on his face any longer. It all had bled into Medusa's toothy grin. "Boy, you think you are so different then Crona, you are just as hopeless as he is." With that Medusa approaches, takes the black blood from the man's pocket. An arrow comes from behind and pierces the man through the chest, suspending him in the air before Medusa. She unstoppers the black blood and pours it into the wound. "Let's experiment." The black blood seeped into the man's body immediately. With that Medusa's arrow flings him out a door and onto the ground. The man, groggy as ever got up and slowly slumped away, trying to piece together what had just happened, and what had cut both sides of his shirt but not so much as scratched his skin apparently. Stepping into his house he stumbles on, his mind a buzz until a voice comes from the corners of his mind. "let me in, and I will give you the power you crave" He moves on, stumbling into a kitchen to get a drink. He had gone to steal the black blood. "You did, and you succeeded. Let me take control, and I will make you strong." The man stops. He definitely heard something that time. "I can make you do anything. Untold strength. Give over to me" It came back to him. The theft, the attack, the blood. "You are the black blood... Aren't you...?" "I am. You are weak, do you want to be strong?" The man grabbed his water and looked across a kitchen island, as if he were talking to someone sitting there. "I will be strong." "I want to help you." "I want your help." "Give yourself over to me" The man looks down, and then once his deliberation was done he lifted his head. "I won't do that." "WHAT!" With that a black figure bursts from the man's back. Pure black and muscular with a large white 'X' over it's face. "You are small, you're weak, you're pathetic. You couldn't become anything without me, so give into it." The man grabs the creatures wide shoulders and pins it to the island. "And how pathetic would it make me to give myself away to you! I don't want you to control me, I want you to help me. I worked for it, and I will continue to work for it. So you can help me or I swear to god I will rip you out of my back, throw you in a blender, and drink you down just so I can do it again." The black blood monster laughs uproariously, catching the man off guard. "I don't know if you know. I'm already in your head, Stephen. I'm so muscular and huge right now because you want me to be, because you want to be like this." The black figure flexes his pecs one at a time. "But that also means I know you are serious when you threaten me AND I LOVE IT." With that the black monster raised itself off and flexed itself in front of Stephen. "I can make you like this. You will be so powerful, but if you want me to be in, I need something in it for me." Stephen shakes himself back to his senses from being transfixed by the face full of chest and arm muscles before him. "Oh so you don't know that part? I have something in mind." With that Stephen began walking, the monster attached to his back followed along. "Wait are you blocking me from seeing what you are doing. Are you doing some meditative bull to keep me from reading your mind." Stephen seems to grin "Just testing to see if I have ANY privacy. Plus I prefer to think of it as anticipation. Are you excited... What do I call you?" "I go by Armageddon" As Stephen goes though his house he opens a door only to find an old maid cleaning the room. "Armageddon, meet Ophelia." Ophelia sees the imposing muscle monster jutting out of Stephen's back and screams and falls back. "Ophelia, you seem afraid. I like it. You should be." "Ophelia, I wanted to thank you for your service, but unfortunately I have one more task for you. I'm offering your soul in place of mine, to become a servant of Armageddon." Ophelia screams as Armageddon laughs, their voices fighting to fill the room over the other. Stephen sticks out his hand and a black blade juts from the end of his hand and pierces Ophelia through the heart. "My blood should now be black, infect her and replicate Armageddon. I have known her for a long time, she doesn't have the willpower to fight." Ophelia cuts off her cry to process Stephen's betrayal and Armageddon stops his laughter in turn. "I accept your sacrifice. You will have my strength at your disposal. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN." With that black blood dribbled down the blade flowing down towards and then into Ophelia. The blade retracts and Ophelia convulses on the ground as her veins go black. Stephen and Armageddon watch on as the convulsions stop a minute later as Ophelia gets up and out of her back a clone of Armageddon, with just as much muscle and vascularity jets out of Ophelia's back. Ophelia, now aware looks back up at the beast that frightened her before, and now sees it coming out of herself and screams once more. The new Armageddon leans around to look her in the face. "That's right honey. I'm in you, I can read your thoughts. I am infecting you more and more every second, and there's nothing you can do about it." Ophelia's eyes at first show defiance but then glaze over with hopelessness. In this moment The new Armageddon's body appear to pulse, and visibly grows larger. Where before it would have been fitting to say it was a ripped bodybuilder with the packed muscle of a 5'6 competitor, now it had that same if not more muscle packed on, and appears as though the bodybuilder in question were 6' in height. Stephen's eyes bulge at the view. New Armageddon laughs looking down at Stephen and his Armageddon. "As we take over, we gain power, and I prefer to show it in my size." Stephen, attempting not to drool over the muscle in the room reaches out his hand. "I agree, this is going to be fun. I have plans for us all." Ophelia's Armageddon reaches out his large hand, thick with the same strength the rest of his body conveyed, and a smaller but identical and strong hand reaches from behind as Stephen's Armageddon puts his hand into the mix. "I am shivering with this anticipation."
  5. Ok *cracks fingers* lets see what I got There is a group of people who can time travel by touching a stone, called TimeSplitters. This transfers their consciousness back to an earlier time. The reason for it being these specific people was that there was a massacre where everyone in the school died except them, and the stone in question was also found on site. In this massacre Zeke, a short teacher, tried to save one of his students, but she killed herself over all the death of the students and the plants she had poured her energy and life into. Daniel, a taller lithe man, found his friend Mark in the halls as the explosions happened. Mark was coughing up blood after and admitted to loving Daniel, but Daniel wasn't gay. Robert, a hulk of a man, got caught in the wreckage but due to his strength survived, and chased down a man in a hoodie who always sports a toothy grin. Despite the size advantage, the Reaper outmaneuvers and beats him in a fight, and tosses the stone they use into the boiler room. Now these three are in an institution studying the time travel. What's interesting is that there seems to be a side effect to jumping. Robert grows bigger, Zeke becomes more depressed, and Daniel is reluctant to say, but eventually Zeke gets it out of him that he is getting gayer with each jump. Eventually Robert finds out, and Daniel in frustration rebuffs him, saying he's not interested. This hurts Robert as he really likes Daniel, and Robert breaks into the stone room to use it to grow to unparalleled heights. Daniel catches up and the head scientist, Kevin, tells him Robert is threatening to kill them all. They need Robert to be eliminated, but he is too big and strong now, so they ask Daniel to travel back and kill him in the past. Daniel travels back to age 5 (by accident) and takes a throwing dagger from Mark's older brother, but Robert overpowers him and they discover that Robert was simply growing to cope with being rejected, and would never imagine threatening anyone. They become friends as they grow up, with Mark as well being close. The massacre happens and despite Robert being even bigger this time (the growth has smaller retroactive effects) the Reaper still beats him, and for good measure also handily beats Daniel. Daniel couldn't change anything with Mark, but when Mark confesses his love, Daniel is gay and tells him he loves him too, but Mark says that he loves someone else. Over time Robert and Daniel begin to forget about conversations they had had with Zeke, and as it turns out (AM: I never did actually say this explicitly) Zeke has been traveling back to try to save Margaret again and again, failing, and becoming more and more aloof due to his side effect. This time Margaret, the student who had been killing herself, is with the boys. She has a note from Zeke telling her about everything he knew, and she is also friendly with the Reaper. She loses her cool when Daniel turns her advances down, and she assaults him and Daniel with the knowledge of Zeke that they seem to have forgotten. This causes a painful memory recalling in them, but since Zeke was part of their journey up until now they do remember. They make things up with Margaret and they become closer in time. Margaret and Daniel train their fighting skills, and eventually as a joke Daniel and Robert fight, and despite Daniel holding his own for a bit, Robert wins. Margaret eventually challenges him, and was winning until Robert begins growing uncontrollably. Every time that was traveled back to at any point still has the effect from before, so at the time Robert was upset and compounded his growth before, it is now happening again. Margaret almost gets crushed. Everyone decides to travel back to try to save Zeke. Daniel doesn't go to save Mark, and Robert even ignores the Reaper to go help, even when the Reaper admits he is the cause of the death happening. Margaret manages to stop Zeke, and Robert and Daniel find that Zeke had been preparing adoption documents for Zeke to be Margaret's guardian since her parents had died in hurricane Katrina. And that's all the way up to Chapter 15. There is a recurring theme I should mention of what will happen to Robert when he becomes a giant in the world. Will he destroy himself trying to protect people who can't always be protected, or will his strength go to his head and he will act as though he were god ruling over the earth. Daniel and Margaret have been very concerned over it, and Daniel has run into moments of Robert hypocritically saying he isn't any better then Daniel, and yet treating Daniel like a kid who needs to be protected, when based on everything they have learned over their time, Robert is the only one in danger.
  6. Chapter 16: A new player The four new Timesplitters looked at each other as Kevin tried explaining the rules to them. At moments they would recite the speeches he was making before he said it, and then burst out laughing. This put a confused look on Kevin's face, which made the friends laugh even harder. At some point Robert was laughing so hard he leaned back and broke his chair, which caused an even harder bout of laughter. “Umm.. Am I missing something here?” Margaret recovered enough to give him a look. “We are time travellers, we have all heard it before.” Zeke sighed, “Dear god have i heard it so many times. It's insane how many times..” This cut off the laughter. Daniel interjected, “Kevin, we get it, we will sign the forms.” Kevin handed the forms over to them, but before they could sign the door opened. “I'm sorry to hear you find all this so hum-drum. I trust then that my presence should be right on par then?” All four of them looked over at the man who had just walked in. He was not particularly tall, on par with Zeke but he looked built like a tank in a suit that must have been fitted to that frame. A well trimmed but full beard adorned his face as hard eyes stared at everyone. Robert got up from the floor he had been sitting on, but even his towering physique didn't diffuse the serious air that had entered the room. “Who the hell are you?” The mystery man laughed a little, it was hearty and deep and he stared right into Robert's eyes, not backing an inch. Kevin peeped up from off to the side. “That is the director of this facility. He started the TimeSplitter initiative.” The man nodded his head and walked around to look at them all. “Funny, I had only been expecting 3, guess I misread the report. Silly me. As it is we had to practically make a warehouse to house that brute there,” he motioned towards Robert who was twisting around to keep an eye on the director, “an because of this it actually makes the most sense to house someone there until he outgrows it. Daniel, I assume that's not a problem for you?” Daniel went to admit he was ok with that, when the director went on. “Anyways, Kevin get them to sign the waivers and we can get things started. I have high hopes for you. Despite you having gone through this all so much, I hope you can find something this time that's new.” He seemed to have a huge smile on his face, but no one seemed amused. This man turned to leave the room, when Daniel spoke up finally. “Sir, how do you know Robert is gonna grow big enough to merit a warehouse?” The man stopped as he reached the door. “Daniel, I'm sure you can see he is already big enough to merit it, and he's still rather young. I suspect he has some growing yet to do, if he ever stops. Maybe if he wants we can give him an MRI to see if something in his brain is causing his record breaking height and make sure he is in perfect health.” He went to leave, but Daniel was not done. “No see, something's bothering me. You said he might even outgrow it, meaning you suspect he is going to grow a lot. How long do you plan to keep us here if you think he is going to outgrow a warehouse for himself?” Kevin seemed to giggle nervously nearby. “Daniel, we do not question the director... He is a genius. The things he's uncovered about this stone in the short time since the incident where it appeared the government has provided a lot of funding. I'm sure if he thinks Robert needs that much room he must have his reasons.” The man nodded. “Kevin is right. I had simply thought the big guy would like a big room, one he might not outgrow as I'm sure he's outgrown even his own home. I could see about getting him a normal room, if that is what you are asking for Daniel. I simply care for you all and want you to be as comfortable as possible.” This time the man opened the door and left. Margaret was the first to speak. “Wow, and I thought Kevin was slimy.” Kevin coughed next to them, and Margaret's eyes shot open. “Oh crap you are still here, I'm sorry man... It's just... In our times...” Kevin tool a deep breath. “It's fine... I guess.” I'm just going to leave the contracts here, sign them and leave them on the desk, I'll be back to pick them up at some point.” With that Kevin left the room, despite a couple half-hearted cheers to try to make him feel better.” “Crap, how long until I can jump back and stop myself from saying that.” Zeke gave her a side hug. “Jumping can't be your solution to everything. He'll come around. It may have been harsh, but sometimes those moments are necessary for change in someone. Work to mend it.” Robert shrugged. “I mean I think even he would have to admit it after sending Daniel to try to kill me.” “Guys, listen, I can't believe I'm the one here to cheer us up, but guys we are here, together, all of us. We survived.” Zeke motioned around. He then went and signed the contract and went for the door. “Come on, I'm sure Robert is hungry.” “Hey now...” Robert stopped and thought. “God damn yes I am.” “You're always hungry!” everyone called out in unison. Everyone signed their names and headed out. As Robert was heading out he felt Daniel slap his ass. He looked back, surprised at Daniel's boldness. “Boy, don't tempt me. My height and weight aren't the only thing that have grown. Things are getting impractical, but tease me too much and I might just try my best.” Daniel smiled and winked back to him. “Bitch, big or not I will satisfy you. Alternatively, you could get me off. Don't think just because you're the bigger guy that means you don't get to do some of the work.” Robert laughed at this and flexed his bicep in front of me, almost my height now. Daniel stopped and was transfixed. “I mean I'm hard now so thanks for that, but no I don't cum that easily.” Robert laughed, “Guess I need to do some heavier lifting then. I hope at some point I can become enough to simply flex and make you cum.” Daniel smiled. “I hope you never do. That would be a very short session. It's not a race, surely someone has told you that before.” “Literally every partner I have had has told me that. All 1 of them. Got I might have a problem. I think I am going to need some practice working on not cumming too soon.” “Don't worry Robert, I will help you bang it out again and again until we fix your problem.” Both boys laughed as they walked into the hall, and saw Zeke and Margaret further down, waiting for them. Zeke was talking to Margaret while she stared down at the boys and tapped her foot impatiently. “Come on guys! I'm hungry too.” Robert smiled and took off down the hall. “As the past... or future has shown I'm not the one you're hungry for. Daniel is clearly the one you need to be talking to.” Margaret chuckled a little and when Daniel approached she launched into him and pressed her body into his. “Robert mind your words. Dangle a piece of meat as fine as this in front of someone as hungry as I am and I might just bite a little.” Margaret gave a tiny air bite towards Daniel which he dodged away from and wormed out of her grip. “I guess I will have to settle for ham to meet my meat needs.” Robert couldn't resist. “The only kind of porking you'll be getting from any of us.” Margaret was shocked. “You know Robert. Last time we fought I was winning until you decided to grow uncontrollably and nearly squish me into a pulp. I can still take you.” “Children, I am not going to stand any fighting. Besides despite my feeling a little better, it has been a long while since I got a nice home meal... Actually how would you all feel about me whipping up some food for us. I am a mean chef, so my friends like to tell me. Robert can feel free to of course eat any and all appetizers he likes, so long as he doesn't start putting on the pounds.” This airy light conversation kept up for most of the night. Robert was eating through most of it but he also participated where he could. Zeke ended up making a potato leek soup, some turkey croquettes and even had enough time to make two pies for dessert (one and a half of which went to Robert). We all knew that tomorrow tests would start, that the reaper was still out there, that Kevin and this director were up to something, but tonight was about celebrating how far they had come. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The director took off his suit jacket as he entered his office. He went over to his computer, and turned on the security feed. All the TimeSplitters were in the kitchen, having a good time. On another camera he saw the hallway outside his office, and a hooded figure coming down it and entering his door. He returned to the camera with the others, they were laughing and Zeke was chopping potatoes for what looked to be a soup he was making. “You know Reaper. I spoke to them today.” The Reaper chuckled. “Oh, and how did that go?” “They hate me. I was intolerable, but Daniel is smart. I slipped up and he caught on. I can't tell if I should be excited about that or worried.” The Reaper looked over at the computer monitors as well. “Not often all 4 of them make it. That is interesting. You know that Robert didn't even fight me in the school. Came awful close though.” The Reaper smiled his characteristic grin. “Hmmm...” The director clasped his hands together. “Could this be the time? Do you think they will do it?” “Can't be sure. Margaret and Zeke are both here. Wait!” The Reaper and the director had stopped looking while they discussed things between them. As they looked back, they realized Margaret was no longer in view. As they flipped through cameras they finally found her coming towards the office they were in. They watched her approach the doors to their office, and then her knocking. “Come in.” The director cried out. The Reaper looked at him confused, but he shrugged and mouthed 'what else was I going to say.' Margaret came in and stormed up to the both of them. “Good, Reaper's here, I thought I saw him skulking about.” “Margaret. How can we help you?” Margaret looked over the director intently. “You know, I almost would chock it up to family resemblance, if I didn't suspect that family has nothing to do with it. I didn't immediately, but I thought you looked familiar. Then I saw Reaper sneaking around and I was pretty sure it was all coming together. I don't know how, but I know who you are. Both of you.” The exposed director stood up and came around his desk, while the Reaper slid around the other way and circled around her. “Margaret, why come here to say all this? Have you told the others?” Margaret made a point to look over at the Reaper and then went back to talking with the director. “I wasn't sure until I got a closer, better look. It was ballsy of you to strut in there with us. I'm not here to start anything or ruin any plans. In fact, I came because I want to help.” The director stood up a little straighter and looked confused. The Reaper behind Margaret breathed a little sigh of relief and put a hand on her shoulder. “Margaret, you could have led with that.” “Yes, but that would be no fun. You both seem so up tight.” The director advanced, not quite convinced. “Why help us?” “Because I trust both of you... Well I trust the Reaper, and I know that he trusts you. I believe that's called transitivity. I imagine some help would... well help. So, what can I do?” She seemed eager. The director went back to his desk, and grabbed a bag from it. He tossed it over to Margaret who caught it and saw shards of a very familiar rock. “Margaret, do you know what to do with these?” Margaret felt them in her hand, then stowed the bag between her breasts. “Yes, but I want to know, what are we doing here?” “We are trying to stop an apocalypse.”
  7. Astromuscle: Ok @canon and I have both been a little on the busy side but as promised, here's the second part. The Visit As I got there, Mark showed me around his house: his and his dad’s bedroom, the bathrooms, a jacuzzi, an office room and a big living room. The kitchen was also very roomy and there was enough food in it to feed an army. After the first pass through the house he opened a new door and told me to follow him downstairs to a private room. What hit me first was a very manly smell that caused me to get hard instantly. I was really surprised to not only find another bedroom but also a fully equipped gym with a huge mirror wall, a small juice booth with a lot of supplements and a big sofa in the corner of the room. Looking around I noticed that the bench and the squat rack were loaded and the bar was slightly bent from the heavy weights. I asked him if all the heavy weights and protein powder were his. He just smiled knowingly and said that he usually works out at the college or the nearby gym and not here. Everything I saw here was his dads’. I just looked at him in shock with my mouth open again. Suddenly after checking his phone he tells me that one of his friends had an emergency and needs a lift somewhere and asks if I would want to come, or if I'd prefer to stay and try to get settled. I told him that I would stay here and get comfortable, and I went over to the other room in the basement, which was supposedly my room. As I set down my bags and made my bed I hear Mark head out the door. Now that I am alone I walked around the gym, imagining how big his dad must be, using the ridiculously heavy weights I can see in the room. I start getting a boner as I see some used briefs and a torn tank top on the floor. My eyes almost pop out of their sockets when I see the shirt is a 3XL. It couldn’t be Mark’s, big as he was it would drape over him like a canopy. I step closer, picking it up and smelling the fabric. It has such a sweaty, manly smell and my penis gets hard at the combined scent and thought of what someone who wears that must look like, not to mention rip it. My cock keeps growing down my left leg, pinned inside my pants. I may not be big in other areas, but having a large cock was definitely something i revelled in. It would always makes me feel very proud of myself, especially recently in the gym locker room. I eventually decide I want to take a tour upstairs again, going up and finding the main laundry. My mind is racing about this legendary dad who must be a true beast, and now my eyes pick up on things I hadn’t done before. One whole cupboard was filled with every supplement I had heard of, and some that I didn’t even recognise. One even looked foreign. As I keep looking I went to the fridge. I had noted earlier that it was full, but looking closer I now saw that while there were some fresh produce, I saw a lot of meats of different varieties, as well as cottage cheese, greek yogurt. The cupboards had tuna and flaked chicken, lentils, beans and rice. I was never a bodybuilder myself but I did know enough out of sheer lust for them to know exactly what most of this stuff was. My god this is all protein, and high carb foods. Building blocks of muscle. Next I moved on to the living room. One large couch sat across from a very large TV. The couch itself looked very well used. It was odd, since it didn't look old per say but the middle cushion sagged down and looked about as flat as a pancake. A couple shaker cups littered the table, all empty and some of the dumbbells from downstairs were also up here. The lowest weight I saw was 80lbs and my dick did a twitch, trying to free itself from my pants. It took me both my hands and heaving back to lift the weight adequately, which sent my mind reeling. Ok so his dad brings weights up here for while he’s watching TV. If this is the lowest weight then it must be for the smallest muscles. Does he bicep curl these monsters?! I take my dick out of my pants and begin massaging it as I look at the den of someone who I figure must be from my imagination. I close my eyes a little as I slip into my own thoughts trying to visualize Mark’s dad. Picturing a masculine muscle guy like Mark and then morphing his muscles big enough to handle the weights around the house. *Boom* A loud noise came from the back door into the kitchen. I can hear heavy footsteps, and am not sure if it’s my roommate or not, but I know if anyone sees me like this I’m going to be in trouble. I shove my cock haphazardly into my pants and rush down the stairs as quietly as I can, though it didn’t end up being that quiet. I make it downstairs, winded. Looking down I noticed my cock is still half way down my left leg. I try to cover it up and make it disappear, but having a big cock also has some disadvantages. I hear the footsteps thumping again and it is making my heart race. My heart beating isn’t exactly helping the boner go down. God damnit. I listen now and think that the footsteps and creaking sound louder than when Mark left, making me think this must be the dad. My penis twitches, as if trying to find a way out so it can see for itself. I hear the footsteps approach the top of the stairs, and the stairs creaking heavy as he comes down them slowly. I go to hide in my room, too shy to be seen alone here with a huge boner, but too interested not to peek. One massive foot slams down into view, extending over the edge of the stairs. I can hear the stair creak as I watch even the shoe seem to cry out as weight is being transferred to that foot, the next foot comes down, this time I get to see the calf. The dad was clearly wearing shorts because his calf was exposed. Or he’s naked I think but shove the thought away, he’s wearing shoes after all. The man’s lower leg is thick and strong, and becomes so much bigger halfway up where his calf starts, exploding out in all directions. I can see the muscles bunch and work as weight moves to that leg instead. Two more steps and the bottom of his quads came into view, even his knees were thickly built, but it was still not enough to prepare me for how big his thighs would be. They came out hard at the knee, bulky and thickening as they travelled up his leg to what I was beginning to think of as the promised land. Unfortunately that’s where his shorts started and I couldn’t see the upper half of his thighs. I was so disappointed. I realised he was still coming down the stairs and turned away from the door. I was breathing heavy even just at what I had glimpsed. That was the biggest person I had ever seen in my life, bigger than any person I had seen in the gym. His size put him up there with the biggest that I had masturbated to online even, and he was real, just on the other side of the door. My cock was twitching into overdrive and I became scared I might cum right there. I had to turn around and take a break from watching him. Then I could finally hear him stepping down onto the landing and walking around a little. “Mark? Are you down here?” His voice was so deep, manly, almost like a growl. It had a little roughness to it, but otherwise it was a deep bass and strong. I almost moaned but I caught myself and covered my mouth. I prayed he wouldn’t come in here and see me like this. After a minute of walking around and moving some things around I can hear a grunt.I figured the dad must have started lifting some weights, and my curiosity got the better of my common sense. I slowly sneak over to the door and I turn to get a better look at what is happening inside the weight room. What I can see, I can barely believe. Right in the middle of the weight room stands the most massively muscled beast I have ever seen. My eyes didn’t know where to look at first, because all I saw were bulky muscles on top of more muscles. All of this was made even more clear because he was not wearing a shirt. The only clothing was the shorts that half covered his massive thighs. His back was so thick and wide, lats coming from so far out and curving down and in to a narrow waist. I was wondering why he didn’t fall over. My gaze fell lower, back to his quads. Holy shit. Those are fucking tree trunks. His thighs each were almost bigger than his waist. You could clearly see the outline of some really heavy Hamstrings, striations leading into his shorts. At the other end of where I knew those lines would lead were two globes that formed a large, hard as steel ass big enough the shorts looked like they were straining to hide it from my view. I followed the spine up his back, muscles exploding out to either side as they grabbed hold of the bones for support, but came out after for space to hold their mass. Huge traps popped out at the top of his back, and converged on the back of his head. If he had a neck, I couldn’t see it. To either side were two massive shoulders formed on that were almost the size of small watermelons and anchored two of the biggest, most ripped and vascular arms I have ever seen. He was doing curls, and swear I could see his arms swell up bigger with every rep. His triceps were so visible and thick, they were blocking my view of his biceps a little. Each curl was accompanied by soft moans and grunts that made my cock throb and twitch hard. Looking at that muscle beast was like seeing a living and breathing 3D anatomy chart, and I was studying it like I was about to take a final exam. After what seemed like an eternity, Dad put the weights down with a loud boom and went straight into a double biceps pose. FUUUUUCK. Those bicep peaks are almost higher than his head. He turned around slightly to find the best lighting to show off his huge guns, making the shadows between his biceps and triceps even darker and more pronounced. From where he was now I could see his face. He had a military cut head, cleanly buzzed that lead into a trimmed and well kept beard, thick but shorter. The square jawline was still visible and made his face look so much harder. Altogether, he was the picture of masculinity and handsomeness. He turned towards the mirror again and began shaking his quads. I could hear the muscles move on his leg left and right until he flexed them, at which point the thigh became a solid mass of crevices and peaks of strength. Fuck he’s so fucking massive. Is he even human? Big, thick muscular legs were always a huge turn on for me, and his were like something beyond what even I had dreamed were possible. He straightened up and stretched a little and my heart skipped a beat. He might be leaving the room, and there I was in the doorway, staring at him pose without making a sound or introducing myself. My heart almost stopped as I thought he caught me. Then I was shocked to see what happened next. Before my eyes I saw the dad lower his shorts and pull out a semi hard cock. It flopped big and heavy into his hand, almost as big as the silicone dick men online, but I’ve heard that doing that takes away the sensitivity, and judging by his face at his own touch that was not the case. He swirled it around once or twice with one hand, the other posing and cupping his own muscle until finally he was at full mast, magnificent and huge jutting from his body. Veins twisted around it more so than on his arms, which I hadn’t thought possible, leading to a mushroom head that looked so swollen at the tip of it all, adding an extra 2 inches to the length. His hands were clearly big but even still his dick was large in them. He brought down both hands on his dick and even then couldn’t cover the whole shaft. He begins jerking it off, and before I even realise mine is out of my pants and I’m doing the same. Eventually the dad returned to posing and jacking off, making the whole display hotter as I stroke my member, trying to savour what I saw without making noise. Eventually the beast reaches down and his hand goes to his asshole, putting one large finger in. I moan and my body buckles, ready for the next part, although everything shuts down when both our eyes open at the noise. Dad looks at me, dick in his hand, and steps back, falling over and hitting his head on a bench. OMG I don’t know which is worse, the first time he saw me I was jacking to him, or that now I hurt him. I tuck my dick away as best I can in a flash and rush over, nervous but also needing to check if hes ok. “Man I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have been doing that, you were just working out and-” I decide it might be better to stop talking about it and I help him up, biting my lip at the feel of his back muscles hard and flexed in my hand and the heaviness of his weight as I try to help him. “Fuck man where did you even come from?” He shakes his head. “You can’t just jack off to the sight of people man. Who are you even?” As I was about to say something we both hear footsteps coming down the stairs. “You down here Dad? Tommy?” We both look at each other and then at our hard dicks. I panic and grab a heavy dumbbell nearby, just lifting it enough to clear the Dad’s body and get it to the other side of him, taking my body with it. I land over his crotch with my own, both our dicks rubbing together as the weight thuds on the other side. “Shit man I’m so sorry.” I look over at the dad from where I am as Mark enters the gym room. “I thought I could handle the weight, I guess I was just cocky, and maybe wanted to try to show off, you were throwing these weights around like it was nothing. I should just go probably.” The dad looks down at me, confused but when his son enters the room and doesn’t notice their boners he clues into what I did. “Buddy listen, it’s fine I guess I can see where you are coming from, can’t say I might not have done the same in your position but man you gotta do things the right way. Talk to me and tell me where you are at, and we might be able to work something out, but promise me you will never try something like that again.” “I promise sir.” My god did he imply he might be gay? He may have been keeping up the act, but what if he meant it! Mark coughs a little form where he stands. “Were you going to get off him Tommy?” I look down at our crotches, neither of our dicks having gone down at all, especially with the added pressure of the other dicks against it. I reach the hand away from Mark down on the dad’s abs, as if for support then i fake a slip. My hand shoots down the dad’s shorts and I grab his dick, it’s so veiny and huge, and pulses at the new visitor but I try to keep my head. I quickly shove it around and behind one of his thighs. It offers some resistance but it’s long enough that I manage it quickly and recover my hand. I get up, facing directly away from Mark and tuck my dick into my waistband and over it with a thankfully loose shirt. I turn to Mark, seeing if my trick had worked. “Mark, your dad hit his back pretty hard off the bench just now. Do you have like some muscle relaxing gel or something?” Mark thinks deeply for a minute. He doesn’t seem to notice we are rock hard, that’s a good sign at least. After a moment the dad pipes up, “In the upstairs medicine cabinet. The boys right. Could you go grab it for me please Mark?” Mark nods and heads off up the stairs. “That was some quick thinking there Tommy. I’m Rent by the way.” He holds out his large hand and I shake it, enjoying how hard and calloused it is and how big it feels against mine. “You are the new roommate I hear so much about. Not much for first impressions are you?” I look terrified now that Mark is gone. I have returned back to this giant of a man, the man of my dreams and fantasies berating me because I couldn’t keep it in my pants. That is until he reaches down and grabs my dick with one hand, his own with the other, and begins jacking us both off. “What are you doing! I’m so sorry but I’m really confused now!” My mind is racing, the big man’s actions not matching his words. “Mark is going to be back down here any second and these beasts aren’t going to go soft in that time unless we cum. We were both at the edge anyways.” He picks up the speed he is going, ripped bulbous biceps lengthening and tightening with each motion. He plays with his chest a little and smiles as he looks over at me and shows off. That proved too much for me and I came on the floor in front of me. Now Rent began to focus more on himself. He spread his legs and began using his other hand on his dick as well. I could hear Mark upstairs and knew we didn’t have too much longer. I go over to Rent and put my fragile thin arm next to his. Mine looks like the bone that MIGHT be strong enough to support the sheer muscle Rent had. I put my leg against his for good measure and show him how big he is. “You’re so big, I can’t believe it. I can’t even compare, your arm could hold 5 of mine, legs too.” Rent grunts as his eyes roll back. Thick white goop shoots from the end of his cock against the wall and floor. I so want to enjoy the sight but I already messed up once today because of my lust and I was not about to do it again. I grab some nearby towels and make quick work wiping up our mess. As I pass I nudge Rent who is coming back to his senses. “Hunch over, you’re hurt remember?” Rent nods his head, traps stretching and then bunching at the movement and he bends over as if his back was weak. Seems more just like a realistic representation of how that big upper part would weigh down over that thin waist. Those abs are big, but it looks ridiculous to think they can hold up that giant piece of perfection. Mark comes back just as I drop the towels into the hamper, the hamper itself has a scent I recognise as a cum smell. Clearly this was common fair, except for the interruptions. The idea of him coming down regularly to work out and then worship his own muscles was so hot I felt my dick ask if it was time for round 2. I pushed the idea from my head and started to think of gross things that would keep me soft. Mark hands over the gel stuff to his dad and gets a thank you. Rent excuses himself to go apply it, saying he should cut his workout short due to his back. “Thanks for this Mark, and it was… interesting meeting you Tommy. Welcome to my home.” He smiles a little and leaves. “Do you want to work out then?” Mark asks. “Man I think after how badly I botched that I better call it too. I don’t feel hurt, but I don’t want to risk it” Mark wished me well and I went over to my room. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and my mind was exhausted. I crawled into my bed for a nap. I fell asleep with a boner at the thoughts of living with Rent, and also at the sounds of Mark working out in the other room.
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  9. Happy Birthday man! May you hopefully grow large on your birthday! Make sure to make a wish ;)

  10. Hey @Kymuscleboy Im glad you are enjoying the story. I have been around but haven't really been posting just for lack of time and energy. I hope the amount of story I have so far doesn't stop anyone. Worst come to worst anyone can start their own part of the story in a different setting. You could also continue with my characters I don't want to limit anyone
  11. you know arpeejay, you are decent sized, you are clearly going to the gym, and you are going for muscle I'm sure

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  12. Victor drove home from the police station. Gavin had called him earlier in the day in a panic, but Victor's phone had been off. He drove home moderately quickly, but given that Gavin hadn't called again, he assumed Gavin had taken care of the situation. As he pulled up to the apartment he noticed Andrew in his truck off to the side. As he got out, Andrew also hopped out. Victor looked over, and then up as Andrew came over. Victor took a ready stance as Andrew approached, hands up, but towering over him. "Listen Victor, I just want to apologize ahead of time." There was then a long silence. Victor did not drop his guard, but did move over to the door. "Are you going to tell me what you are apologizing for?" Andrew diverted his gaze. "Well, I overestimated your relationship, and I got a hold of some private knowledge and I can't say anymore because Gavin asked me not to." "Then Gavin is OK?" Victor stared up at Andrew, slightly worried. "Gavin is fine, though whether you will be after tonight, who knows." Victor unlocked the apartment building to go in. "Gavin would never get violent with me. He is non-confrontational by nature." Andrew put a hand on Victor's shoulder, though his grip did not pull him back. "Listen Victor, once you become strong like us, feel the power surging through you..." Andrew made a fist with his other hand, making the large vein running down his exposed forearm jump even more prevalently. "It can change you. To the wrong person, the power imbalance can cause a lack empathy in other, smaller humans." Victor laughed a little, then turned around to face Andrew. "Gavin is not like that. I can't even picture him getting in an angry tussle." Andrew turned back to his truck. "Just be careful buddy. I like you both, and don't want to see something unfortunate to happen." Victor shouted back, "Says the spy!" Andrew just shrugged his wide, round shoulders as he got back to his truck. Victor headed up to the apartment. He hesitated at the door, weighing what Andrew had said. He then laughed to himself and opened the door. Victor went from humour to pure panic as Gavin rushed up to him. Victor was swept up in his meaty arms, crushing the breath out of him. Victor was worried that Gavin may in fact be attacking him, until he felt wetness fall on his shoulder. Victor looked up, shocked, and then realized Gavin was sobbing, which is why he was being squeezed so tight. Victor began to pat Gavin's trap, which was all he could reach with his free arm. Victor coughed as a sob wracked his body. Gavin dropped Victor down lightly. Victor caught his breath as Gavin stepped back and leaned to grab a tissue off the counter. His muscular arm showed each crevice and divot between the large muscles mere millimeters below his skin, bulging out with new strength Victor hadn't seen. "Gavin, what happened? Are you bigger than before?" Gavin finished wiping his eyes and threw the tissue into the garbage. "Victor I was attacked by a girl today. I think it was that person who's been killing off the thievers. I can't believe I made it out alive." Victor's jaw dropped. "Gavin are you hurt anywhere?" Victor toured around him, looking for any problems. Gavin lifted his arms up to allow Victor to look over him. Gavin's shirt lifted up, exposing a core that had grown out, more stable and built than ever before. Gavin was not lean, but he had clearly added muscle, but not much fat. Gavin giggled a little as Victor poked and prodded. "I'm ok, really. She got a good hit on my nose, but that cleared up when I drained one of bodies. Did you know that I can heal by taking muscle from someone?" Victor walked back and took all of Gavin in. "Gavin... that is incredible... and a little scary actually. You are like an immortal." Gavin laughed hard. His whole body leaning back and heaving his massive body up and down. "That's an interesting view." Victor snuck a hand under Gavin's shirt, running it up his tummy, feeling the heavy abs underneath, until his hand eventually reached the large pecs bounding out from his torso. "Did the rest of the day go well?" Gavin's face changed from slight humour to something more serious. A smile hit his face, but it somehow seemed insincere. Gavin advanced to the wall, carrying Victor against him until they reached a wall. "I had lunch with Andrew, and he said the most interesting thing. The man who has been following my steps has been following you too, and he seemed to be under the impression that you may not be doing what you say you do. He seems to think you may not be working for the police." "Gavin, you've been to the police picnics. You've met my coworkers." Gavin's smile faded and he pressed Victor harder into the wall. "That's what I thought, but interesting thing, I called the bank today. I was checking our account, and they reminded me of something. When we were engaged, before we made a joint account, you made me power of attorney on an account. When I called the bank, they asked which account I wanted to investigate. I looked into your account. Specifically they told me the balance." Victor didn't look up, instead looking off to the side. Gavin grabbed his face and turned it to him. "Victor! Why are you lying to me? Victor there is a scary amount in that account how did you get that money?! Victor you go to a police station please tell me you don't do anything illegal." Victor finally met Gavin's eyes. "Gavin, I work for the CIA. We are based out of the police station." Gavin's jaw dropped. He walked backwards, dropping Victor hard on the ground. Victor continued, "When we were traveling to different countries, I was doing work. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. The CIA encourages us to keep it a secret, as it can be a privacy concern. It can also be dangerous for the significant other if they are to be used against the CIA." Gavin went into the kitchen. "Victor this is big. How could you not tell me this? I can't believe you. You aren't the person I thought you were." Victor got up, rubbing his arm. "Gavin... I knew this day was going to come. Would it make you feel any better to know that I have dreaded it. That I knew whenever I told you, that you would react like this. Don't get me wrong I don't blame you. You are completely justified to be angry, but I kept this secret because I was supposed to until we got married, but by then I was in too deep." Victor sat down at the table. "By that point I had already lied so much. How could I come out then and say 'Hey I work for the CIA!'" Victor rubbed his hands together over and over. Gavin turned to see Victor in his melancholy state at the table. Gavin took a seat opposite him. "Victor, what do you do?" Victor rested his head in his hands. "That's completely classified, I can't tell even you." Gavin kept looking at Victor, trying to decide if he was the same person Gavin had married, had shared his life with. Even now, Victor didn't look like he normally did. Victor was always confident, strong and happy. Across from Gavin sat a man shedding tears, not being able to look up, and looking like he was anorexic. The man across the table from him was not the man he had married. Gavin got up and walked over to Victor. Victor was so small as Gavin looked down at him. Gavin bent down to his knees, which still didn't bring Gavin down to Victor's level, but helped. "Listen. This has been eating you up. I don't want to put you in that position. Victor, please don't keep any more secrets from me. That being said, I love you. I'm not going to say this doesn't change anything, but everything's changing," Gavin took one of Victor's hands in his own. Gavin's hand was much larger than Victor's, but Gavin gently caressed Victor's. Victor looked up at their hands, and then over at Gavin, towering next to him. "You're changes are not your fault though." Gavin kept rubbing his hand, and never moved. Victor got up and attacked Gavin's face, pressing his lips hard against Gavin's. His lips didn't have much give to them, but Victor didn't seem to notice. Gavin kissed back, his big tongue coming into Victor's tiny mouth. Victor slipped his tongue around Gavin's, fighting for ground. Victor slipped his arms below Gavin's bringing his hands onto Gavin's back. It was broad and hard. Great massive hills peaked and fell as Victor ran his hands up and down the canvas of Gavin. Gavin himself began to move his large hands over Victor, feeling every detail all at once against his thick fingers. The action was causing his back muscles to move and shift under Victor's hands. He could feel the power in those muscles. Power Gavin could summon to do whatever he wanted. Victor kissed Gavin harder, and then brought his legs up around Gavin's torso. He had hoped to link his legs around Gavin, but given his size, and Victor's own reduction of size, this proved difficult. Gavin responded to the added enthusiasm and got up, supporting Victor as he went. He rushed over to the wall from earlier and collided hard with it. Victor gasped as he was hit from behind, and then had trouble getting his breath back given the pressure Gavin was forcing on him. The top layer of Gavin, the chubbiness he had taken from people, melded around him slightly. It held him in place, and took shape around him, almost sucking him into Gavin. Underneath that however was a less forgiving layer. This one was strong and hard as rock. It's what gave support to Victor against the wall as Gavin removed his hands and began fiddling with his pants. Gavin removed his pants without much issue, but he realized Victor still had his on. Gavin reached down under his belly, then wormed his hands up between his belly and Victor. The pressure increased in Victor's upper body as more and more mass was shoved up with Gavin's hands. Victor let out a moan when Gavin finally reached his pants. He struggled a little at Victor's pants, but eventually he just tore off the button and zipper. He then brought the pants down and tossed them aside. Victor began to moan and broke the kiss. His head went down and he began to kiss Gavin's massive neck, growing thicker by the day. Gavin began to bring himself in and up rhythmically against Victor. Victor moaned more and more as his hands gripped Gavin's shoulders like vises. The things were hard to get a grip on, being so big and round. Victor slid down a little between movements, and eventually his head was in line with Gavin's stomach. Victor began to maul Gavin's midsection, clawing at whatever parts of his back he could reach. Gavin's boner was pressing up Victor's own stomach, hitting little bumps of abs that had become more pronounced since the day Gavin had taken from Victor. In one particular gyration Victor came loose and slid down further. Gavin shoved his body to the wall again, catching Victor, who clearly was not going to break his own fall based on how his body was caught, right next to his penis. Victor could barely breathe for all the pressure Gavin had him under. Beside his face Victor could feel the hard, pulsing penis that Gavin was sporting. It was definitely bigger than before, and was approaching porn star sizes. Victor laughed a little as he stuck out his tongue and licked it up, and then down. Gavin's body shuddered in pleasure and Victor plummeted the rest of the way to the ground. Victor quickly got back up on his knees, reaching up higher than he ever had to before in this position to bring Gavin's penis to his mouth. Gavin's body wracked and moved with every touch, and Victor teased him with it. Victor started off light, gently caressing his tongue along Gavin's member up and down. Gavin's penis pulled his lips harder on each descension. Eventually Victor ran his lips over the tip of the penis. Victor did this for a while, the whole time rubbing Gavin's thighs, massaging them as best he could in his compromised position. Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity Victor took the penis into his mouth. Victor gently took the penis into his mouth, lightly tickling the half tip that was in his mouth, until Victor suddenly drove it home. Victor's tongue slid down the underside of the penis as the roof of his mouth kept bouncing back the prodding stick until it reached his throat, and then further. Gavin screamed a little and came crashing to the ground, sitting back. Victor seemed as if he had expected this, and dove forward. He swiveled around so that his ass was in Gavin's face, and ground his body down on Gavin as he went to town on the penis in his mouth. Gavin used a shaky hand to grab Victor's own dick and began tugging. Victor hummed a moan against Gavin's penis, causing him intense pleasure too. Gavin began to move his hips slightly with Victor, all pieces of the machine that was there naked bodies moving like the gears in a clock. Gavin began using his other hand to slip a finger into Victor's ass. Victor's body bucked at the attempted entry. Gavin's fingers were large and thick, probably approaching the size of some of the smaller penises that men could have. It proved to be enough for Victor, given his intense sounds and reactions as his ass finally gave up it's defenses and allowed passage to the phallic vessel. Victor continued to suck on the massive cock before him, he was equal parts excited and worried to learn that this beast of a thing was only going to get bigger as time went on. Victor devoured the cock, partly in fear that eventually he may not be able to. Victor grabbed Gavin's round masses of thighs, pulling them in as best he could. He brought his head back, slowly letting Gavin slip out of his mouth inch by excruciating inch, before bringing it all back in in a rush. Victor's arms were getting sore from all the work they were doing, so he dropped his left hand from the leg, to take Gavin's balls into it. Victor, on Gavin's stomach and chest at this point, felt Gavin's breath catch as Victor cupped the balls. He held his hand there, loving the anticipation, but then closed his hand around the balls. He began tugging and lightly squeezing them, and that proved to be all that Gavin needed. Gavin's body gave one final thrust as he relaxed completely onto the ground, hand dropping to the ground. His penis moved in Victor's mouth back and forth as the sperm shot straight into Victor's throat. Victor coughed, and took his mouth from the penis, stroking it on the way. Victor went into a coughing fit next to Gavin, and he turned once more so their faces were in line. "You get a lot bigger, and I may not be able to do that anymore." Gavin frowned a little and grabbed Victor at the waist. He got both of them up and walked them over to the kitchen counter. "True, but this is a give and take, and I wasn't done giving." He bent down low, and bent Victor down to. Victor reached out and grabbed the counter, his ass once more in Gavin's face. Gavin dug his face into Victor's ass. He moved his tongue around the crevice, forcing Victor's body out of the way. Gavin eventually found the anus with the tip of his tongue, and began teasing it. Gavin returned to grabbing Victor's penis. He ran his hand up and down the shaft as he dug in on his ass. Gavin eventually managed to get his tongue through the hole and moved it around. Victor almost lost his balance as between the hand job and the tongue he came wherever his penis was pointed. He let his body go limp, and Gavin retreated. Gavin sat down where he was, and Victor sat down cross legged in front of him, huffing and puffing as he got over his orgasm. Gavin spoke first. "You are so special to me, you accept me for who I am, what I'm becoming, and you even put up with all the shenanigans it puts us into. I love you. Please don't hide more things from me. I am open around you, and it's a relief to me because I trust you. I want you to feel that openness. I want you to feel like you can trust me." Victor leaned forward into Gavin's personal bubble. "You are an amazing guy, you are sweet, funny, and you are good to a fault. You are trusting and kind. I love you, and I only hide what I have to by law. I hope that that's okay, and know that I do feel open and safe around you." Victor kissed him then, and Gavin began anew with his tongue in a different hole than minutes before. Victor eventually leaned out of the kiss to add, "Oh and also the sex is..." he paused as he looked up at Gavin's face. "It's OK." Gavin's jaw dropped. "OK! Sex with me is only OK?!" Victor laughed and put his head between Gavin's shoulder and trap muscle. "Prove me wrong then lover boy." Gavin huffed a little as he looked into Victor's eyes. He knocked Victor to the floor, the shag rug of the entrance cushioning his slight fall. "You asked for it." His increasingly deep voice croaked as he brought his mass over Victor's body, eclipsing the light behind him with his back.
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