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  1. The big man didn't know what to say. This smaller man beat eight of the strongest and toughest men the big man ever knew, men stronger than himself. He was honored and turned on like never before. The big man let out a long deep moan when the smaller guy scooped him up and carried him away.
  2. Please write it and if Hialmar if you don't want to know what happens next, just don't read it. Not trying to be mean just stating that more of us want sithspawn to continue.
  3. I'm looking forward to what Mighty Mouse is going to do to Jamal out and around the campus. I am looking forward to him going back to the others and showing them how easy it is for him to overpower the tough rugby player.
  4. I'm so glad you are continuing this story. Thanks.
  5. Once again you know how to push my buttons and make me moan. I can hardly wait for the next adventure of Mighty Mouse.
  6. This was amazing. What I really liked was how you showed just how strong the coach is and how he admits he likes to dominate, intimidate and use his size to get his way. Then a little freshman shows him what true power is. Thanks for the story and I do hope you either continue or write another one along the same lines. This is my favorite kind of story.
  7. The big guy strained against the small guy but nothing moved. Then with a little twitch of the small guys biceps the big man was forced down 2/3rds of the way. The big guy was huffing and puffing, sweat rolling as he turned red with effort. His massive biceps burning from the strain and the little guy was cool and calm like he was resting not armwrestling the state arm-wrestling champ.
  8. You're amazing! I love how they big jocks got off on the "wimpy little man" and his tiny feat. I'm looking forward to another chapter. Just a thought, what if he had to stop security officers from bullying? (Believe me they do it, too.) Keep up the great job and I can hardly wait for more to cum.
  9. The big man was in for a shock when the older man positioned his arm. The older man smiled and told him, "It's not MY bones I am worried about. " Thinking poor fella don't know what he's in for.
  10. I can hardly wait for mighty mouse to start his gym routine. Please keep it coming and thanks, your stories make my pole need some relief.
  11. Please continue! I love these type of stories. The little guy teaching the big muscular, tough jock a lesson and I loved how the football player wanted him to come back.
  12. Yeah I couldn't find it either.
  13. I was an amazing adventure. I thought it was a cool take on "Superhero's" and I always look forward to the next chapter. Thank you for closing your stories and never leaving it undone. Keep up the writing and good luck with your bodybuilding and Navy basic training, even though I am Army, lol. Great job and I hope you get to write other stories before you get to busy.
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