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    The Internet Stalker pt 2

    Yes, please continue.
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    Any fellow Christians?

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    This was a great rant. You've got a point about them not telling you how to deal with it.
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    Dominating the dragon pt 1 by weiss.sean

    Are you going to continue this story?
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    Please don't stop there! I understand being busy but please let us know if you are going to continue the story?
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    Big Tyler part 2

    Can hardly wait for more!
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    Big Tyler

    Amazing! Keep up the good work and please continue!
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    Little Mouse - Part Eight

    Please tell me there will be a chapter 9?
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    Inch High Muscle (Pt 2)

    Thank you for making the link.
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    The Muscle Professor: The Entry Exam (1 of 6)

    Please continue.
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    The Adventures of Roswell

    Yes, please continue.
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    I personally love the idea of having a blog space on here. I would post in the spot as well as watch/read what others post if allowed.
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    I hope there will be more to this story.
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    Inch High Muscle (Pt 2)

    Here is another chapter to Inch High Muscle. I hope you all like it as much as the first. I just want to make it clear that I am not a writer. Enjoy, I hope. Link to Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12097-inch-high-muscle/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As he woke up enough to drive I started asking questions. Finding out that he lives alone and on over 15 acres of land. He keeps looking over at me staring at the now three feet tall, naked and massively muscles body sitting beside him. My cock resting on my mammoth size quads. I look back at him and notice his cock is stirring in his pants. He is so good looking. "So what is your name?" I ask him. "Hank" he replied as he rubbed his messed up face, winching at the touch. "Why would you help those people do this?" I inquired. "I don't..... didn't help them." he said softly. "I just guarded the equipment. I thought they were working on mice that is why I called you mouse. It did not register that you were a man until I came to with you standing on me." "How did you know how to work the machine?" "I am not stupid." he snapped. "I know how to read and how to operate a machine. If you would not have thrown me into it may have worked, correctly. At least you are taller than a foot." he scoffed. "True!" I laughed. "I guess since I left my job in the middle of my shift I will need to find another." As we pulled into his driveway I said, "We have time to figure things out." This urge to show my strength came over me, again. I need to lift things heavy as I get out of his vehicle and walk around to his door. He starts to get out of the car but I reach in and grab him. Using one hand and the top of his pants I lift the big man out of the car. His huge muscular body still so light and his cock instantly rigid. I hoist him up and stare at his engorged cock. Smiling to myself knowing that I am the cause of this handsome muscle hunk's raging hard-on. "You love being manhandled don't you?" I ask with an evil smile on my face. "I never been manhandled until you. I never thought anyone could manhandle me." he says nervously with lust in his deep voice. "Why, because you are so big and strong?" I sarcastically ask curling his incredibly muscular body higher. Moving him bodily closer so his engorged member is at my mouth. Nibbling at the steel rod through his tight pants watching his muscles go rigid as a wave of pure pleasure runs through him. My own cock growing to half mast from the smell of his musk and knowing I am holding him in the air and giving him pleasure. I stop nibbling and wait for an answer while I look up at his handsome face. He tries to gather his thoughts as he looks down into my face. "I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 225 pounds." He said this with little conviction. I guess I would not be so sure either if I just got beat up by a foot tall man and now being held off the ground by three feet tall man using one hand. I set him down on the ground and go to the front of his '65 Mustang. Taking hold of the front bumper I curl the car off the ground. Hank's muscular man's body tenses hard as he unloads into his trousers. I laugh as I watch the huge wet spot form and run slowly down the his quads. His tight pants showing the path it is taking. Holding the car up and flexing my now massive biceps, Hank instantly is at my side. His massive and calloused paws groping my huge muscled arm. Even his huge hands cannot wrap around my ball of power. I squeeze my biceps tighter and watch as his hand expands as my cock continues to grow harder. I'm amazed to see just how big my new muscles are. I lower the car back to the ground and once again I seize his pants, but this time I don't lift him up by them, I rip them off of him. His cock flops against his hard, hairy abs, standing at attention and leaking. Hair at his cock base is matted from his explosion along with the hair on his quads. I love the way he looks, this mountain of muscle, dark hair across his massive chest, abs, arms and legs. The hair is thick but not thick enough to block all the hard work he has put into building his body. I move to him placing my lips against his hard stomach, grabbing his muscular ass and slowly, very slowly, lifting him up tonguing my way to his raging erection. My tongue is strong enough to indent his brick road of abs. I probe each brick and crevice of his abdominals with my tongue feeling him wince as my tongue smashes each brick. Slowly, I raise him off the ground, up he easily rises, his cock being bent downward until I am tonguing the base of his huge member. I slid him bodily outward, his long member traveling up my neck and then my chin. Stopping when his purplish red mushroom shaped head is resting on my lips. I gently, but firmly slide his fat head between my lips. Slowly sliding his hard member deeper into my mouth and down my throat, until I am back at its base. The smell of my saliva, his cum and musk fill my nose while I flex my throat muscles around him. He lets out an animalistic moan as I work his member. He tries to move his hips but unable as I hold him firmly. The feel of him struggling to move his hips and failing to do so makes me hornier than ever. Knowing I my once tiny arms are now big, strong and able to hold such a muscular man in the air and keep him from moving even his hips. I tighten my throat around his member, he is loosing control and has gripped my head trying to move me faster. I will not give him the satisfaction. I make him groan and moan and thrust his head back until he can't take it any longer and unloads. His body shakes like he is convulsing as his sperm shoots down my throat and into my stomach. I continue to suck and work his cock until I have every last drop. He lets out a loud yell before he collapses across my wide shoulder. While poor Hank is recovering from the pleasure I let him have I retrieve the keys from the car. Carrying my new toy towards his front door. He moves about the time we get to the front door, asks for the keys and unlocks it. I shift him to a bride like carrying position and carry him through the door. He looks into my eyes and moves close and kisses me. His tongued inserting itself into my mouth and mine into his. The kiss is that of pure lust and passion. My engorged cock rubbing against his muscled ass cheek. I reposition him so that my member is now rubbing between his cheeks. He breaks the kiss and asks that I be gentle. "You're a virgin?" I ask not believing him. "I've plowed men but none have ever been strong enough to plow me." he says with pleading eyes. "I'll go easy." I say but not sure if I will or not. What can he do to stop me. "Which way to the bedroom?" I ask him as he locks the door. "Straight down the hall, sir." "Sir? I like that." I smile up at him and turn to head down the hall. As we start toward the bedroom I slide my huge cock between his muscled ass cheeks. He instinctively tightens his glutes but that don't even slow me down. I slam my titanium rod up his virgin ass as he screams at the pain. My 11 inches long and 3 inches wide rod is buried completely up his virgin ass. Once again I am bodily moving my muscle toy up and down my tool. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. He is rock hard again and leaking like a faucet. His bellows of pain are slowly changed to moans of pleasure. Down the hall we go and into the bedroom when I explode and he does the same, all over my chest and his abs. Entering I remove Hank off of my slowly shrinking member and toss his 225 pounds across the room and onto the king size bed. Strolling over to grab his thick, hairy thigh and flip him onto his stomach. Moving him to the edge of the bed I shove my hard rod into his ass. The big man tightens his ass cheeks again to stop me but it does no good. He is just too weak compared to me. Once again impaled on my rod I grab his hips and lift him up off the bed and turn him facing me. Tears are streaking his face from the pain of being turned around like a stuck pig on a spit. Hank slowly wraps his muscular legs around my tiny waist and I seize one of his nipples in my mouth. This big bear is being supported only by my rod as my hands are on his broad back forcing his soft chest against my face. I move one hand to his ass and raise him up and down. His cock is leaking again as he is being drawn across my steel abs. I move his hulking frame up and down faster and faster. Finally, I explode again as he also explodes across our bodies and some on my chin. When I am finally done with the earth shattering orgasm I make him use his tongue to clean me up. "Sir will you stay with me forever?" His question takes me surprise. Nobody has ever wanted sex with me let alone want me to stay with them. "What?" "Will you please move in and let me be your toy?" "Yes!" this is all I could say. I have abused this man and used him and now he wants me to stay and use him as I wish. I could not believe how fast things can change.
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    A Stranger's Fantasy

    Please tell me there is more to cum....oops, come.