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  1. I’m sitting in the front row drooling over James Llewellin for the entire comp, which he easily wins. Well, he must have noticed me staring because immediately after the trophies are passed out he walks down to where I’m at, grabs me by the collar and starts dragging me backstage! We’re behind a privacy curtain in the main prep room where he shoves me down onto a bench. I can see his big dick starting to swell up, barely contained by his tiny posing briefs. Damn he’s hung! He stands in front of me, his massive, shredded, hulking bodybuilder physique towering over me, beads of sweat are rolling over his massive pecs and trickling down his incredible washboard abs. Oh my god his arms are HUGE up close! I’m so scrawny… Anyway, he speaks for the first time, “You want this don’t you?” His muscles are heaving and rippling with excitement. I can see the giant, thick base of his cock exposed as it grows, pushing the posers down. I nod yes, and that’s all he needs. He pulls my pants and underwear off so fast I can’t believe it. He slings his posing briefs under his gigantic bull balls leaving his monster hanging there, almost hard. He shoves the tip in my mouth and I start licking. Not much of it fits in my mouth, but I do my best to get it all wet and slobbery. It’s ROCK HARD in less than a minute when he grabs me by the ankles and yanks them up, slamming my back onto the bench. He spits right onto my asshole and I feel the giant head of his monster pressing up against me. I take a deep breath in and he’s already shoved it part way in, by far the biggest thing I’ve ever taken. His girth is crazy! And I thought I had some fat dildos in my collection… His rough hand his grabbing my face hard. I reach down to my tiny rock hard dick pressed up against my stomach and stroke a little. He looks down and chuckles a little, “prev.” Great, I’m getting called names as my asshole is getting split wide open. I might as well go for the trifecta, “hit me” I manage to eek out. I guess it was a welcomed invitation because he slapping me across the face HARD. His palms are rough and callused and they hurt, but not as much as the superman cock slamming into and out of my ass. He’s long-strokin’ me good! I guess I am a perv because I squirt my load all over my chest and stomach. James picks me up while he stands, hugging me as he bounces me up and down on his pole. He’s fucking me like a little rag doll, and I take the opportunity to hold onto him tight. I’m hugging him, gripping onto his massive bowling-ball sized delts, feeling the lumps and bumps all over his muscular back and arms. Everything’s rock hard but warm and rippling in motion. Then I felt him erupt a couple times deep up inside me as he shoved it ALL THE WAY IN. Quickly lifting me up off his dick and placing me on the ground, he grabs a big handful of my hair and pulls my head back. I open my eyes and there was the biggest anaconda cock is aimed right at my face. It erupts with fury, spraying cum at the back of my throat and up my nose. I gag and cough spewing cum back out of my mouth, only to be met with more spraying right back at me. My god there was a lot! The thick white goo is matted in my hair, dripping from my brow, up my nose… everywhere! Oh yea, and it’s now falling out of my wide open asshole as I squat. His heavy member is just resting across my face. James took a step back. His cock flopped down off my face, softening, just hanging there in front of his giant balls. He kinda, sort’a shoved some of if back into his posers, and I laughed to myself noticing the number from the competition still pinned to his briefs. This champion bodybuilder muscle daddy had just destroyed me backstage! Fuck! “Well kid,” he said, “nice job. See you at the next one!” he said walking away. James looked relatively unscathed as he walked out from behind the curtain, except for his ridiculously huge package bobbling back and forth between his legs. Large knobby semi hard protrusions were pushing out everywhere from his pouch, but it was mostly contained now. The back of his posers were disheveled, not entirely covering his rock hard muscle ass, striations and sinew clearly visible. I look down at myself and realize I’m covered in tanner. I grab a towel on the ground and wipe it but it just smears. I put my underwear and pants back on and do my best to wipe the cum off my face. I know its all still in my hair and I try to just style it a little as if it were hair gel. I walk out from behind the curtain to leave and James is interviewing. I look in his direction. He’s gotta look fucking awesome on camera, huge and ripped to the bone. Veins popping out everywhere. And his obscene monster bulge just hangin’ out there for the world to gawk at. He see me and winks. I smile and walk away. Damn I need to get a bigger dildo
  2. Yikes! A260+ pound teenage Mr Olympia freak... in high school?! Now you're speaking my language! Thanks dude! When's his next bodybuilding comp?
  3. So I got this new boyfriend... he's a bodybuilder that I met at the gym... I know, I know, it's f'ing crazy! This guy is crazy! Totally not my type. You know I go for clean-cut guys, boys with metro style and model-quality muscle. So this guy drinks Bud, listens to death metal and country, and drives a freakin HUGE pick 'em up truck that's dirty as shit. So much for my Mercedes driving pretty boys. And you know I always top... I banged the fuck out of those twunks! Well get this, uh... the first time we met at the gym he hit on me hard, I mean aggressive. Dude wanted to hook up BAD. So we go back to my place and he proceeds to tear me a new asshole with his thick ol' cock. I've never taken anything like that before. I'm usually the one plowin ass! This muscle freak dominated the fuck out of me and then completely unloaded a metric shit-ton of cum all over my face! I was still trying to process the whole experience days later. All I could think about was that ripped muscle monster man-handling me. My asshole was just starting to feel better when he hit me up on facebook, "Hey man, sorry about the other night. I'll take you out for some dinner to make up for it." I was totally confused. This guy was the polar opposite of my type. In fact, I hated tatted up redneck honky-tonk fucks. But I just couldn't resist. So, he picked me up in his dirty-ass pickup truck. I had to climb all the way up in like I was scaling Mt Everest or something, diesel fumes stinking, rumbling and loud as fuck. Anyway, he took me to a fairly nice restaurant and was actually very nice, even gentlemanly I might say, and not stupid either. Plus I got to stare at his freaky forearms all evening, inhumanly thick, crisscrossed with popped-up veins. This guy was definitely a bodybuilder. His shoulders were so broad it was like out of a comic book, and his traps pushed the collar of his shirt up to his ears. This country boy was starting to grow on me. I stared at his ass while walking back to his truck like I was an adolescent boy or something. His wranglers could barely contain his muscle butt, and bodybuilder thighs made the jeans look more like leggings. I did my best to burn in my memory the image of his massive bulge as he helped me up in the truck. This dude had a fucking hog, and some serious bull balls to match. He drives me back to my place. "Come in for another drink," I suggest, and he agrees. "You know I'm a bodybuilder right?" he asks inside. "Yea, looks like it," I answer. And before I know it he's peeling off his jeans to reveal his massive striated quads, crazy rock hard and ripped to shreds. Not only that, but he's not wearing any briefs, just a tiny, skimpy pair of competition briefs with spaghetti-thin straps and a MASSIVE bulging pouch that is STRETCHED to its limits. He reaches down and adjusts his package. Oh fuck! He's wearing a cock ring! After the adjustment, everything gets shoved back in the pouch resulting in a MONSTEROUS bulge that defies gravity and sticks way out, macho as fuck! "I need to practice my posing. Wanna help me out?" "Uh, ok," I managed to eek out. The shirt came off a fraction of a second later. His waist is tight, narrow, shredded. His chest, arms and back are huge, swole, jacked up, very unlike a normal 'fit' guy. This is different. This is bodybuilder different. I mean, I'm fit. I hit the gym hard and take some pride in my muscles being big and well defined, but when I get next to Dillon, I look like a ten year old boy. His pecs stick out past his stomach and create deep shadows, emphasizing their size. They ripple and pop with each little move. His arms are massive like a comic book hero's, only his are real, and right in front of me. God those triceps stick out... normal people do not have arms this thick! His delts sit like huge round cannon balls on top of his arms and his traps pop out for that extra freak factor. Fuck! He hasn't even started posing yet and I'm rock hard! By the end of my private muscle show, I was naked from the waist down with a raging hard on and Dillon's cock was fully erect laying flat up against his stomach, while his balls continued to occupy his posers, making a bulge that would still be the envy of most bodybuilders. So I walk over on my knees and start to suck... clearly he was waiting for this, because he started to face fuck me. That fucker had me licking his cock and sucking his tip for no more than 30 seconds before trying to shove that huge thing down my throat! I fell back choking and gagging. I've never trained my gag reflex or practiced deep throating, and now he thinks I'm going to swallow that monster?! Crack! He gives me a good firm slap across my cheek. Fuck! I used to be the one slapping little bitch twinks around in bed. Acting like a dominating muscle stud. I couldn't even begin to try and slap this guy around. And before I could even finish my thought, I felt his strong hand on the back of my neck guiding his monster cock back towards my mouth. Well, no time to train my gag reflex or practice with a dildo because Dillon just decided he was going to do it anyway! I couldn't believe something so thick and so fat could even fit in my mouth, let alone go down my throat... all the way down my throat. Holy fuck his giant bull balls were all the way up to my chin, my eyes felt like they were popping out. My neck felt like it would explode. His hand let go and his giant python slid back out of my throat, allowing me to gasp for breath, my face red and saliva dripping from Dillon's monster. I coughed, hacking, trying to catch my breath. He does it again. Oh my god it hurt! He goes in and out a bit and lets go again. I gasp for breath again as I stare at this muscle beast about to gag me again with his monster cock. His ripped sinewy abs are rippling and heaving as he breathes, huge thick heavy pecs tower over his tight narrow waist. Now I understand those tats. I hate tats, but these are war paint... heightening his intimidation, making him look scary. His cock comes back for a full-on face fuck. In and out, in and out, hard. I literally don't know if I'm going to survive this, and then right as full panic sets in, he pulls back out and blasts my face with cum. I've never seen cum like that... he just blasts me over and over and over, painting my face with thick cum. It's all over my lips and mouth, up my nose, dripping from my brow, in my hair, on my chest. Fuck! I've hardly caught my breath before he throws me on my hands and knees and I could feel the cool lube being squirted on my exposed asshole, then the intense pain of his long thick cock entering my ass. Fuck! What kind of monster is this guy? I though he was done, now he's gotta stick it in another hole. I'm looking over at myself in the hallway mirror, cum all over my face, cum dripping from my ear, a look of despair... He's got a fist full of my hair holding my head up and back as he rides me. I see his huge arm extended out, packed with muscle on top of muscle. His arm measurement has to be as big as my leg measurement, fuck, bigger... and he's shredded! His tricep is popped, sticking out like crazy with striations and veins. And his unflexed bicep is just sitting there on top of his arm like some massive mound of meat. And those forearms... intertwined with thick woven ropes of muscles. Popping out like some enormous giant muscle group. What a fucking muscle monster! Dude's in full on beast mode! I though he was going to go soft after blowing that load, but no, he's still rock hard and plowing me like a mother-fucker. He's got to be at least 12 inches... feels like 24. Thank god it wasn't long before he flips me on my back, pulls out and shoots AGAIN all over my chest and 'abs'. "Nice job city boy," says Dillon as I lay there about to cry. He's trying to sweet talk me with his country twang. "Wasn't so bad now, was it?" Fuck yea it was bad, I thought. I'm trying not to loose it. "Pose some more," I manage to get out laying on my back. He smiles. His cock is softening and hanging down, but still engorged and full. His muscles are swole, pumped up from all the exercise and excitement. I can't believe his body. I've never been with a bodybuilder before. He starts hitting poses, abs and thigh, double bicep, most muscular. Fuck, this guy looks bigger than the pros. I'm now rock hard and beating off furiously. "Hey Dillon, try those posers back on," I shouted out, gaining more confidence. He smiled and happly obliged. I love a good bulge, and a rediculously obscene bulge it was. He struggled to cram everything back into the pouch. "That's a good look for your next comp!" I said, his swollen package barely contained by the fabric. I feel like I'm in a fantasy. "Yea! Extra points for the complete package!" he agreed grabbing his bulge. I can't hold it anymore and I blow my load all over myself. Shot all the way up to my face! Coating myself with more cum on top of all of Dillon's. He's still flexing away like some sort of porn star/muscle monster/bodybuilding champ. What a fuck! I slip back on my briefs, and Dillon re-applies his skin tight wranglers before sauntering back out to his truck, shirtless, shoeless glistening with sweat in the street lights, and he drives off in the middle of the night. Facebook again, Dillon is keeping in touch. We're asking about each other. Talking about our growing relationship. He sends me a ticket to his upcoming bodybuilding show, and I'm ecstatic! I've never been to a competition before, although I wacked off to a few on TV. Competition day comes, damn this is a good seat. How the fuck am I going to conceal my hard on while watching a parade of muscle studs?! Anyway, Dillon show up on stage for comparison and my heart skips a beat... fuck he looks good, tan under the stage lights. OK, he's not bigger than Phil or Kai like it seemed before, but god damn is he huge and shredded! You know, after a good workout, I used to think that I looked like a competition ready bodybuilder... haha was I fucking wrong! And oh my god, the package between Dillon's legs is beastly! Everyone else on stage looks like they have a little colored triangle patch in front of their crotch, but not Dillon. He's got a fucking PACKAGE! What a stud. The other competitors are looking over, catching quick glances of what a real man's bulge looks like. Dillon's acting like nothing, just smiling big, oh shit, he just found me and winked. Is he getting hard? His swelling cock is starting to strain his posers, but he's able to keep it under control. There's no way that thing could contain Dillon's fully erect cock! They turn for a side pose and his bulge is obscene, sticking out, packed FULL to the limit. Everyone else's bulge disappears behing their thighs, but not Dillon's. Nowhere for that to hide. My non-expert eye can't quite tell if he's going to come out on top or not. The pre-judging is over and Dillon comes out to say hi... wearing nothing more than his skimpy competition posers... "I made the cut to be in the evening show," he said excitedly. Dam he looked hot! This is the first time I really ever saw him up close like this. He was musty smelling and sweating from all the posing. My eyes lingered at his massive protruding package, and scanned across his impossibly thick muscled quads. "Yea, that's awesome!" I said, despite the fact that my mind was way elsewhere. There's nothing more that I wanted to do than sling those briefs under his gigantic nuts and start sucking that cock! He clearly noticed me staring... "Hey, I'm doing a special posing routine just for you," Dillon said as he grabbed his package with a wide open grip and shook it a little, giving a coy grin. God, you could just see the weightiness of it. It's substantial size and mass made evident by the grab. "Noticed how turned on you were the other night by my package, so I'm highlighting it in my posing routine." And with that he winked and went back stage. Damn, it always seems as though I'm left staring at that rock hard muscle butt has he walks away! Any what the fuck does a special posing routine mean? The evening show begins, and several other bodybuilders go first. They are hot... it's like foreplay... they pose to music, acting cocky and strutting around. I have to admit, they're fucking jacked! Then Dillon comes on stage, and he looks HUGE. Instaboner for me! And it doesn't take long for me to see what's special about his routine. In the prejudging he was very calculated, doing all the mandatories and nothing extra. Now he was one fire! I swear to you he didn't stop touching his posers. Every pose he did he managed to tug and pull on those thin little poser straps, making his package bulge up, down, sideways. There was no overlooking the fact that he was HUNG AS FUCK. Dillon made it cocky and in your face. He tugged up hard on both straps for his lat spread. He hooked both his thumbs under the straps and tugged his posers down low, low, low to show his abs. Fuck, I thought I saw the top of his dick for a minute... One pose he grabbed just one of the straps and pulled it so far out I though it might snap! God his package was huge! There were even a few times where he just grabbed it, made some 'fuck yea' faces to the audience. I was cumming in my pants. He ended up winning the overall despite being marked down for "inappropriate posing gear". Best of all, he immediately hustled me back to his hotel room. Blew off all the interviews, gave up any extra money from post-contest photo shoots, said he'd pick up the trophy and check later. Back in the room, he immediately pulled off his sweats. Fuck! Dillon still had his posers on...
  4. So my roommate is this 6 foot muscle jock with a GIANT porn star sized cock, and he brings the HOTTEST chicks back to our dorm room for all night fuck sessions. Doesn’t even care that I’m in the room! Fuck it… I just whip it out and masturbate ‘till my dick feels like its gonna fall off. Live porn performed right in my own room! F’ing awesome! Last night he brought back three cheerleader sluts that had tits straight out of Maxim, and they were all sucking his dick and licking his balls and ass. Unbelievable! After a while, one of the chicks noticed me wackin’ away over on my bed. She got up, pulled me over to them and started stripping off my clothes! Then her and another chick started workin on me while the third was riding his monster and screaming bloody murder. UNBELIEVABLE! My roommate, who usually doesn’t give me the time of day, looks over at me, smiles and nods. Well one of the girls had the bright idea that it would be really hot to watch two guys fucking… and it wasn’t long before they were in full campaign mode. “No fucking way!” he said, but I was secretly all for it. We all argued for a while until they finally convinced him to fuck me up the ass. (They were threatening to leave and he was pretty drunk.) I got down on my knees and started licking the tip of his dick. “Hey, fucker!” he shouted and shoved me to the ground. I stuck my ass up in the air, he put his cock on my hole, and then unceremoniously shoved in the whole thing all at once. I don’t think I caught my first breath for a full minute. That muscle stud pounded me into oblivion for like an hour with the longest, fattest cock I’d ever taken in my life. My jumbo-dildo I use when I’m feeling extra crazy isn’t even close to being that big! My asshole was on fire! “How does that feel ya little bitch?!” as he slammed all the way in and and all the way out. “You girls think this is hot?” (He was clearly having fun.) I would catch a glimpse as he spun me around onto my back, sweat rolling down his abs, his pecs pumped with blood. The chicks were all giggling, playing with themselves, cheering us on. I stayed rock hard the whole time despite the pain, and my cock was tight up against my belly. I couldn’t stand it anymore staring at his hot face, buzz cut, cute smile as he fucked me hard. I blew all over my face, no hands. Cum dripping from my nose, dripping from my chin, in my eye. The chicks went wild! I let out a huge sigh as he just kept pounding, and then before anyone knew it he pulled out and started spraying all over them too. The cum came out in big globs shooting half way across the room landing all over their tits, hair, faces. It just kept coming! They were all screaming and ducking as he kept soaking them with cum. CRAZY! He just kept laughing and smiling as his foot long monster cock stuck out, still rock hard. “That was nice” he proclaimed. “You got a nice tight ass little buddy.” “Yea, not anymore” I said. “Well whatever. That felt amazing! Who’s idea was that again?” One of the girls confessed, and he started eating her out with vigor. My asshole throbbed, but my nuts were empty, and at least I had a story to tell. “Hey fag! Why don’t ya thanks the ladies for their brilliance?!” he shouted. And so I started eating puss too. As I looked over at my studly roommate his cock was still huge, hard, crisscrossed with veins. He never went soft after blowing all that cum. So for the next hour or so he proceeded to fuck the three babes with his monster tool making them cum over and over and over, rotating between the three like a fucking stud as they screamed in pleasure. Until finally the dorm resident came knockin. Guess we were making too much noise… after all, it was going on 4 AM. The pounding on the door persisted, “Hey! Enough! Time for everyone in there to go home!” Clearly he wasn’t going away. I swear to you, my roommate pulled out, cock dripping, and opened the door butt naked “What the fuck do you want?!” It was a sight to behold, the skinny dorky residence adviser standing in the doorway trying to act tough. My roommate just standing there muscles ripped and pumped up from all the exercise, sweaty, smelling like must and pussy, thick erect cock pointing out at the resident. It was dark in our dorm room, and from my perspective the hall lighting made his muscles pop like he was on a bodybuilding stage or something, sweat glistening, cocky smirk on his face. The resident sheepishly persisted, “Everyone’s gotta go! Out!” as he stared around taking in the sights. My roommate stepped a little closer, towering over the dweeb, “If you don’t buzz off, I’m gonna shove this cock so far”… two of the girls intervened at this point stepping between them, their big round tits sitting up high and perky. The resident did looked shocked, no doubt the hottest babes he ever saw IRL. They managed to slam the door in his face and diffused the situation. “Come on girls”, the other chick said slipping on her shorts and tee (no bra, duh). “Let’s bounce. This is about to blow up.” They all had on the requisite short-shorts and crop tees that left the bottom half of their tits practically hanging out. “Awwwww! Come on!” my roommate exclaimed. “Let’s keep this party goin!” “Sorry Joe, we’re outie.” <giggles> He quickly slid on his skimpy briefs like some sort of underwear model with elephantiasis of the groin, and went running out the door chasing after them, his semi-hard cock barely contained. “Ladies! Ladies! We’ll keep it down… come on and stay!” “Sorry Joe, bye!” And the girls were gone. My roommate comes sauntering back to our room, pushing past the dorm resident who’s still going on like a whiny little bitch. “God damn! Those chicks were hot! I could have fucked them till the sun came up!” “Yea,” I said, taking in the sight of this smokin hot muscle stud. His fat cock and huge bull balls combined together to make an obscene bulging package in his sweat soaked Calvins. It’s always nice to see a straight guy rockin’ some hot micro briefs rather than the usual gay boys. That muscle butt was stretching the tight fabric in ALL the right ways… “I’ll tell you what I’d like to do, pound that little resident bitch up the ass for a while… make him hurt!” “Yea,” I said again. My insides feeling empty. I swear to you my asshole still felt halfway open after being stretched out by that monster. “God! I’m still horny!” Laying half on my bed, I tipped my ass up a little towards him. “You can still stick it in here if you want…” I suggested. “Fuck off!” he shouted, “fag.” “OK, hey, just offering. You said I was nice and tight.” I could see him thinking. I could also see him getting hard again, straining his briefs with his cock becoming erect. Before I knew it he was over to me, the waistband of his briefs slung under his enormous balls, cock now fully hard. “Hold on,” I said as I went for my lube. “Use lots of this.” Joe pounded my hole for a while longer. Felt like an eternity. I directed my screams into my pillow to try and keep things down. God damn it hurt so good. Then, he pulled out, flipped me around and shot load after load all over my face. How much cum did this guy have? It was dripping everywhere. And before I knew it I was on my back again with his rock hard dick back up my ass! I guess that was his MO… cum and keep going. Wasn’t too long before I could feel him convulsing deep inside me, emptying what was left in his balls. “That’s like tighter than the tightest pussy I’ve ever torn up! Geez” He sighed collapsing on his bed. Fat-ass cock resting up on his abs. It was softening but still swole as fuck. “No girl’s ever let me in the back door before. Thanks little buddy.” “No prob,” I said. “No prob.” We passed out together as I contemplated having to buy a bigger dildo…
  5. MuscleMorphing

    Gym Daddy

    I let the fags at the gym gawk, let them feel my ripped abs, vascular quads, thighs. Their eyes keep going to my bulge, then away, trying not to be obvious. I grab their hand and have them cup my cock and balls, their mouths drop open a bit wider. When I tell them to come back to my flat, I see a twinkle of giddieness in their eye. Excitement. 'This guy wants me to go... and... HOLY CRAP...' Back at my place, I'll slip on some competition briefs and start flexing. By this time their mind is exploding, eyes wide open, staring at me. I do some pushups to get my pump back. Flex some more, and by this time they're either touching themselves or touching me. I let myself get hard. The small posers becomming more and more stretched, hardly able to contain my huge cock. Shredded muscles, giant monster bulge, I'm getting really turned on now being worshiped by the little gym rat. I'll sling my posing briefs under my balls and let my huge fat cock get rock hard, sticking up past my navel. I let the fag take it all in for a minute before shoveing his mouth down on my cock. After they suck for a while, I start to see a look of concern grow on their face as they imagine the progression of things. They were focusing so intensly my bulging arms, huge ripped pecs, muscle ass, thick legs, they weren't too concerned with where this was all going, only living in the moment. Blowing me for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, gaging, choking on my cock head, it starts to sink in what's next. "Your cock's so huge. I've never seen one so big" "Yea, I've been told it feels really good..." "Oh", the fag says. I'll try to make him feel a little more at ease. "You've got a great body. The gym's really doin you right." I'll suck his rock hard boner for a while as he feels my muscles. Let him get lost in the fantasy again... until he hears the flip top of the lube pop open, and cold gel gets squirted on his ass. PANICK! "Don't worry, I'll go easy." I try to calm him, but it only goes so far. Every time I see my thick cock laying up next to some skinny twink's ass, I have to laugh to myself a bit. How could that possible even fit? I'm going to split this little bitch in two! I push slow but hard, it never goes in easy. Little gym fag is either deep breathing and trying to man up, starting to whimper, or just plain screaming.
  6. Hey guys, you know who that is in the pic?
  7. Tunin tricks ain't that bad... actually it can be kinda fun. I mean, these little white dudes see my muscles and practically drive their cars into a lamp post. I act all nice like, "yo can I flex for you?" and grab my junk, wink, cheesy shit like that. Collect up front and suck 'em off for a while. Definitely make sure they got a good view of my big ass bulge. Tell em to get us a room if they want to see my cock. Again... collect up front. Once we're in the room, time for some fun... No more mr nice guy. Now you got em by the balls. No one in those motels give a shit if some dud is screaming bloody murder. I mean, what's little white boy gonna do? Run home and tell his wife? File a police report? So I take off the j-strap and let him worship my monster cock for a while as I flex. They'll suck it and lick it for a little while, not very well. I get off on the muscle worship, I mean I don't spend all that time bangin iron for nothin. Sometimes I'll oil up a little, shine a light on me like it's a show or somethin. I'll stash some posing briefs under my cap and slip em on. Get posers that are too small so they can't hold it all. Do my posing routine with my dick stickin half out. Make sure you catch em before they pop off, or they'll just leave. Usually by now I'm grabbing them and ripping their pants off. I hate using lube, but my cock is so fat I gotta. No John ever expects to bottom, I guess they think I'm gonna be their slut or something? Yea, this is where things get rough. Got em pinned down poundin like there's no tomorrow. They're screaming, sobbing, clenching their ass cheeks like its gonna stop me. God I love plowin these little fags. I'll flip em onto their back and and keep fucking so I can see their face... look down to see my thick ass cock stretching their asshole wide open, turning them inside out. I already got the money anyway, so I hurry up and finish, blow all over their face before they squirm away. Take the rest of the cash they got, then head back out for the next one.
  8. Thanks! I wanted to find some porn pics of Andrei and morph up his cock real big, but I can find a very good pic yet...
  9. At a gay resort: At long last! I was so excited to finally be on vacation! I immediately threw on my swim briefs and headed for the pool. All the hard work in the gym had really payed off and I was proud of my ripped, twinky little body. (I was never able to get very big. Oh, well.) And my package was looking right too! My shit's pretty average in size, but these briefs really push everything up and out there. Admiring myself in the elevator mirror, my confidence was boosted with the thought of other guys taking a glance and thinking "Hey, he's really packin!" ... All this self-admiration had me swelling up! How do people keep from walking around with raging hard-ons at a place like this? Now my package was looking extra bulgy... So, this smokin' hot guy caught me on the way down to the pool, and flashed me his abs. "Wanna go up to my room?", he said. There's no way I was turning down that offer! When we got to his room, he dropped his pants and I about had a heart attack. This stud had the biggest fattest cock I've ever seen! And he wasn't even hard yet! Anyway, we kissed and flexed and felt each other up, peeled off any remaining clothes, and by then we were both FULLY erect. Fuck he was HUGE! Like how is that even possible?! Any uncertainty about who was bottoming was quickly put to rest when he threw me over the bed and pulled my ass up in the air. I figured. After all, the hung ones always just seem to assume they get to play power-top. He tried being gentle and gingerly at first, easing into my asshole, but when it became apparent that wasn't really working he went with the forceful approach and just shoved it in there. I screamed... LOUD... and when he started stroking in an out I couldn't take it anymore. Sobbing from the pain I begged him to stop, so he shoved it ALL THE WAY IN, held it there, bit my ear and whispered "Just relax and breathe. You'll get use to it." We listened to each other breath for what seemed like an eternity. I'm whimpering and sniffling like a little child. This dream come true was starting to turn into a nightmare! My asshole was on fire and I had a 200 pound muscle jock on top of me. After holding his monster in for a minute or two, he slowly pulled all the way out, leaving my asshole gaping WIDE open. I had never taken anything so thick before, and so deep! "Your move shorty", he said with a smile. My rock hard cock stuck straight up against my belly. I looked down. It seemed like I had micro-penis compared to the anaconda that sat across from me. My insides were starting to feel empty and my cock was starting to droop. "I don't know if I can take that thing." "It's OK bud, most people can't. I surprised you didn't jump off immediately" "You were kind of pinning me down... and I was screaming for you to stop." "Oh, really? Sorry. I get carried away sometimes" *Sigh* "Well if I'm going to do this thing, I'm sure as hell getting proof!" and I handed him my phone. "Nobody will believe how big you are, or that I took the whole thing unless we get some video" I said. "I'm Chris by the way." "Oh yea, I'm Andrei." And with that, I bent over and stuck my ass right back up in the air. Over the next few hours I shot, he shot, I shot again. I came so hard with that big dick up my ass that I shot all over my face, and then with my own cum still dripping off my nose, Andrei pulled out and blasted me all over my face again too. Looking right into the camera, dripping with cum I said "Hope you're getting all this!" After that, Andrei shoved his muscle butt in my face and said "You want a turn?" "What?!" I said, "You bottom too?" "Yea, usually I have to because no one can take me! I just like trying to top first for shits and giggles. I can't believe you actually hung in there!" "You dick! Well it hurt like a bitch but that's the hardest I've ever came." Andrei let me pound away for a while, and when I was done popping off (again), we went down to the beach to jump in and cool off. We didn't even bother cleaning up, just walked straight through the lobby in our swim briefs, covered in sweat, cum matted in my hair and stuck to my brow. Tom looked ridiculous in his briefs... like they were two sizes too small... barely containing his cock and balls... stretched to the maxx. We definitely made some heads turn! Now, when I recount this story, everyone thinks I'm exaggerating until I show them the vid. I watch their faces as they stare on, jaws wide open. And they all say the same thing... "Dude! You got to send me that!"...
  10. Hello MuscleMorphing welcome to the forum! 

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