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  1. 116 for me...that test made my head hurt
  2. AussieJock

    Why you started work outs?

    It was a suggestion from my dad, he was a weightlifter when he was young, so i started going to the gym when i was 16.
  3. AussieJock

    Body Dysmorphia

    Had it during university, luckily i knew i had a problem and went for help straight away. I still have image issues, but i guess everyone goes through rough patches
  4. AussieJock

    Holiday season a time for growth

    Summer almost here in Australia, working on my bulking and six pack
  5. Making good gains...want to take it up a few notches!

  6. AussieJock

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    It's really good!
  7. AussieJock

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Bought my first pump two days ago. Really nice!
  8. AussieJock


    It's a prescription i got from the doctor's
  9. AussieJock


    I use 'Colese' medication for it.
  10. AussieJock


    I have IBS...combined with a gluten/lactose/dairy intolerence, it makes eating and bulking hard.
  11. us Aussies use Preferential Voting for our Lower Houses (except Tasmania) and Proportional Representation for the Upper Houses (except Tasmania), while the Australian Capital Territory only has one chamber (proportional) and so does the Northern Territory (Preferential)
  12. AussieJock

    Forum Mission, Purpose and History

    The question of existence! how very...umm.....what's that word? spiritual? mythical? something along those lines. I'm sure most websites go through issues like this. Newer members like me may have difficulty trying to get into the whole forum as we're not sure where to start after introductions. But that guy who started this argument and then fucked off, he sounds like a wanker, we're better off without him.
  13. Hey everyone, I have the triple whammy of having a gluten, lactose/dairy intolerances, plus IBS......so you can imagine that makes my eating plan a bit of a task. I've almost finished my current gluten/dairy/lactose free protein powder, but I'm looking around for something better. Any suggestions (If International, it must be able to be shipped to Australia)
  14. Hello AussieJock welcome to the forum! 


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