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    Bulking up, writing, photography, travel
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    5'7; 131.6 lbs; 11.7% bf; 43" shoulders; 35" chest; 35" hips; 29" waist; 12" bicep; 13" calf; 20.25" thigh
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    Local and online growth buddies, friends, occasional RP
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    IRL: 5'7 200 lbs; 18% bf; 50" shoulders; 45" chest; 40" hips; 32" waist; 18" bicep; 16" calf; 28" thigh - FANTASY: 8' 500 lbs
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    Public relations; Three bowls one chili; Sardinian Curse; summer research
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    Jeff Long, Cody Lewis, Derek Lunsford
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    Macro growth, clothes ripping, love a mix of weight gain and muscle growth, belching

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  1. Back on the bulk with a new feeling of commitment. This is it. The year I get BIG.

  2. blank

    1. ravenweremuscle


      Love seeing your progress! ;)

  3. Thanks for the follow!

  4. The dream: Finding a big guy near my age who wants me to BLOW UP to his size #relationshipgoals

  5. Thanks for following me

  6. Back to bulking! Nothing but lifting and eating 'till March. :D

  7. When you're sick and the first concern on your mind is losing size...:unsure:

  8. Nothing like putting on a white short sleeve button down and feeling it pull across your arms and your lats. I could get used to this :)

    1. expandingmuscle


      Soon you'll tear that shirt right off of you.

  9. 140.4! Not a lot compared to some of the guys here, but this have been a great two months. Here's to another two! https://3dthis.com/share.htm?h=LTM2Mjg0MTg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. blowingupmassive


      Keep at it before you know it you will have surpassed your greatest expectations.


    3. expandingmuscle


      Dude, you're growing like a weed! What, like 7 pounds a month? Project that out a few months and . . .WOW!

    4. ExpandingRunt


      @expandingmuscle thanks! I know it will slow down soon, but it's definitely motivating to picture 7lb/month for another 2-3 months :)

  10. So close to 140 :) feelin' big!

    1. GiganticBeast


      Fuck yeah man! Keep GROWING! You'll be staring back at 140 in no time!!

  11. Thanks for the follow! Great profile: good luck on the road to hugeness!

    1. bigmanphi


      thanks a lot! 

  12. Woke up feeling BIGGER today :) Also caught a glimpse of myself in a door reflection and noticed my body definitely looks broader. Good start to today!

  13. ExpandingRunt

    A Most Productive Year V

    Bump! would love to see this story continue!
  14. Thanks for the follow mate.


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