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    Bodybuilding, cocky, dom, growing bber muscle, VERY into worshipping it for/on others and building for myself.
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    6' 240 50c33w19a and growing
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    Bodybuilding, cocky, dom, growing bber muscle, VERY into worshipping it for/on others and building for myself.
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  1. Great ending to a very nice, short story. Thank you!!
  2. Great continuation - look forward to so much more. Thank you again for another incredible chapter.
  3. Great new installment - definitely leaves craving next chapter and all the possibilities to come. Thank you for sharing in your great work again. :-)
  4. Thanks for the new story! Like the others - I love your work and look forward to more chapters in this one, hopefully soon. I'm quickly (and easily) thinking up possibilities with my own "selections." :-)
  5. Worth the wait
  6. thanks for the +rep on my comment man...got a bit behind and just noticed it.  You built an incredible body my friend...have any interest in competing or just like to lift!  That bod of yours just scream POWER...you've built a great combination of good looking muscle on that frame, and you also look strong as hell.  An impressive, winning, and damn sexy look, congrats...that's gotta feel amazing, add me to your long list of men volunteering to give you a massage!  take care my friend, tom

  7. growinmuscl on kik
  8. growth

    Great continuation - descriptions of session - look forward to continued story, development. THANK YOU for another great chapter.
  9. growth

    Great story - look forward to MORE chapters
  10. dominance

    look forward to continuation...
  11. NeedSize - thank you for your list, you made it very easy to create my own :-) Generally larger than me - smaller great, especially if cocky, muscle ego/attitude (intense/hot to me regardless of size) Into big muscle, growth, and building (and being grown) to total muscle freak, mass monster - especially heavily roided, gh look to body Into worship - having his muscle worshipped, submitted to and worshipping his own Into my continued gains, growth - so he someone big to play with Into my pushing him to continue to gain, grow, become massive muscle freak More than OK with supplements - Juice positive (This one is a deal breaker) Doesn't have issues walking around in tiny briefs or flexing spontaneously Doesn't mind that I love seeing reaction he and that muscle get from others
  13. Definitely attracted to huge, dom muscle guy types, even dom muscled (though I am bigger) types, if guy is truly into his muscle, dom with etc - love to be able to push smaller guy to grow past my own muscle mass/size. But, though I much prefer dom muscle - perfection would be someone that occasionally allowed me to do same. Most of time I prefer to be sub to other muscle, but, there are times I prefer experiencing other side of the world. :-)