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    Bodybuilding, cocky, dom, growing bber muscle, VERY into worshipping it for/on others and building for myself.
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    Bodybuilding, cocky, dom, growing bber muscle, VERY into worshipping it for/on others and building for myself.
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    many - ie Tom Prince, Big Ramy, Roelly Winklaar, Mohsen Samadi, Ahmad Ashkanani, Nicolas Vuillard, Steve Kuclo, etc
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  1. I think title is fine - look forward to next chapter, keep up the great work!
  2. Incredible personal story - great read! More than agree re: you ARE fucking bb'er muscle GOD!!!
  3. Great continuation - like progression - especially the unexpected growth (and increased confidence, cockiness, ego etc) for Andy - and assuming more to come, given his 6 shots pre-encounter.
  4. Agreed re: cool if don't continue - but, does have great setup for an added chapter or two (that can go several different directions). Agree with muscledrain above re: power source etc. as an option. Another option would be Rob, normally, good, nice guy it seems - finally getting to point of dispair re: situation and having what he worked so hard for taken from him that he learns how to return what was taken from him. (if wanted to tangent to being able to take even more, that'd be a different/additional tangent/direction, but not in keeping with current character (though, viable, IF once learned how to return what taken - he intoxicated by "easy way" and begins to learn how to that as well - becoming, in a way, not unlike Tuck. Is GREAT story/premise/flow as is though. THANK YOU for creating/sharing!
  5. Simply, THANK YOU!!! Great work as usual!!
  6. Great story/start!! Yes, more please, there is definitely an appetite for more out there I am certain. :-)
  7. Great ending to a very nice, short story. Thank you!!
  8. Great continuation - look forward to so much more. Thank you again for another incredible chapter.
  9. Great new installment - definitely leaves craving next chapter and all the possibilities to come. Thank you for sharing in your great work again. :-)
  10. Thanks for the new story! Like the others - I love your work and look forward to more chapters in this one, hopefully soon. I'm quickly (and easily) thinking up possibilities with my own "selections." :-)
  11. thanks for the +rep on my comment man...got a bit behind and just noticed it.  You built an incredible body my friend...have any interest in competing or just like to lift!  That bod of yours just scream POWER...you've built a great combination of good looking muscle on that frame, and you also look strong as hell.  An impressive, winning, and damn sexy look, congrats...that's gotta feel amazing, add me to your long list of men volunteering to give you a massage!  take care my friend, tom

  12. Great continuation - descriptions of session - look forward to continued story, development. THANK YOU for another great chapter.
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