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  1. Awesome you're into both muscle and especially strength.  Strength of others or for yourself?   Love to chat more.  Any limits?

  2. Yes!! One of my favorite parts as well. I loved when he foiled the actual criminal robbery by snagging the truck himself even with them firing at him. lol 


  3. lewj99

    Dork to Beast, Pt 5

    Love it...reading that was the perfect remedy after a stressful day at work!
  4. lewj99

    Dork to Beast, Pt 4

    Great continuation. Got me all worked up here. I need to start reading these stories just before I go to the gym!
  5. lewj99

    Dork to Beast, pt 3

    Great chapter, love reading about muscle freaks testing out their strength. And I would totally be the guy crashing into a tree if I saw two studs like that in the park...lol.
  6. Hey man, I'm really into strength, and I really love your stories. You are fucking awesome 

    1. lewj99


      Wow, thanks!  With how dead the Yahoo group is now, I didn't know if many people were reading them anymore.  Nothing hotter than a massively built dude with freakish, car-bending strength.

    2. inhumanyuyin


      Hell yeah, nothing like a man who makes steel screech under his power. A very big buff man, a giant and god among men!

    3. MuscleStrengthFreak


      totally agree, guys.  I love muscle, but I think superstrength is even better...able to do anything, lift/squeeze/crush/bend/break...even snuff another guy with his bare hands just by squeezing and toying with him.

  7. VERY into strength here.  let's chat in chat rooms or on Skype.  [email protected]  Like your pic, big guy.


  8. very into strength too.  Do you like being superstrong or are you more into the strength of others?  I'm in the chat rooms if you'd like to chat, big guy. 

    1. lewj99


      More into others' strength, I'd say...that's fueled my stories, especially the whole 'man vs machine' idea.  I'm not generally into chat rooms but may check it out when I have some free time.

  9. Hi Lewj99! Your stories have always pushed all the right buttons for me. I love strength fantasies too, especially man versus machine. I wrote something the other day, which I am eager for you to read: 

    If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it. :)

    1. lewj99


      Thanks for the heads-up...that story is really hot! Very vivid writing. And I totally agree with the last three lines - need to read more about what this muscle beast can do.

  10. Happy birthday big guy!


  11. Wow, thanks! Well feel free to bounce ideas off me...sometimes I just need a good spark to get a story going.
  12. When I saw the title, I thought it might be one of my stories...ha ha. Nothing I've written, but sounds hot as hell!
  13. lewj99

    90's TV Muscle

    Oh yeah, American Muscle was the best place to check out bodybuilders in the dark pre-Internet days (and before I had Internet at home). Any segment with Mike Matarazzo or Paul DeMayo really got my blood pumping. I also remember a workout scene/interview from the late 90s with Mark Erpelding and Eddie Moyzan...I probably wore out the tape from rewinding it so often! It's on YouTube now (of course) for anyone who wants to check it out.
  14. lewj99

    Muscle Cousin Eddie , Pt 2

    Amazingly hot...oh to wake up and find an untamed alpha beast like that in my kitchen!
  15. lewj99


    So when do the meetings take place? I'll be there!

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