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    Anime, Nutrition Science, food, film, art, bodybuilders, hiking, etc.
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    5'9'', 170 lbs.
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    Friends with similar interest mostly.
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    195lbs/lean/with a pair of pretty pecs.
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    Mass Hose the Series, hands down my favorite story from the forums of all time.
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    Bob Paris, Pierre Boselli, Sadik Hadzovik, Fransisco Barrios, Tyson Dayley (ALL TIME FAVE), just to name a few.
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    Muscle Growth and growth leading to immobility.

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  1. Getting my LA Fitness membership back this Friday! Really excited to work out again!

  2. So confused on how to register myself onto the forum chat!

    1. roboprobo


      login how you would login to the site. swiggity swag, it's in the bag.

  3. Totally cropped my on/off again bf out of my profile pic, with partial fucks given.

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