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  1. Muscle worship

  2. Ok, I'm sorry, I made a mistake. It's because I thought that if you started training with him, you'd eventually become serious about it and in that case you would need a professional trainer. Anyway, I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to hide your agenda (hang up with him) for a long time. I think I'm quitting this thread. Good luck to you, anyway.
  3. Ok, but having been with co-workers doesn't necessarily mean that he has had sex with them, unless you have heard it from them first-hand. Anyway, whether he is a virgin or not isn't really very important. Probably he was teasing you. To work out would be an excellent idea. But first of all you need a professional trainer. Are you sure he is one? If he is not qualified, then he should be honest enough to say so but he could perhaps suggest one or two names. Don't worry about family and friends. You don't have to account to anyone for whatever you do. If they ask you and if you feel you have to reassure them, just let them know you have been to a doctor and now you are following his advice to work out. It is not really something you like to do, but you need to do. I know many people aren't just into physical exercise, but once they begin to see the changes in their bodies, they may take a liking to it and even become an addict, lol. Just picture yourself having those biceps and pecs that - allow me to say so - you lust after on him. Nothing could be hotter!
  4. Now you got me curious: what was it that you thought of? Can you share? Out of character? Why? What can really be 'out of character' for two guys/males? Anyway, what really matters is the way you'll approach him.
  5. Let's grant him this one, I mean, that he's a virgin, why not? But I don't think he can avoid jerking off completely. Next time around he mentions his virginity, put him on the spot. Ask him (with a smile): "But then what do you do to 'relieve the stress'?
  6. Maybe, but to be fair not all closeted guys are like that or act like that. I for one am closeted (married), but would never ever dream of doing this.
  7. I think we need two things, at least: First, in the grand scheme of things, so to speak, on an international level, we need more dialogue among our nations, even including those 'evil' nations and groups. Second, in the small picture, that is, on the individual level, we need to address anger and hate in everyone, in primary schools, in the communities, in the churches, in the workplace, wherever. I guess serial killers carry a lot of often unrecognized anger in themselves and if it could be dealt with early on, from childhood, then there would be less probability for them to act as such.
  8. In fact, it affects all of us, not only the LGBT community.
  9. Hi 228lbs When is the next instalment coming? Any news?
  10. Your next challenge is to get him to take off his shirt... You got to feel his bicep. Now you need to see it unclothed, right?
  11. Oh, I had no idea he is no longer a moderator. In this case, maybe we should leave him alone, whatever.
  12. Anyway, what do we have to lose? I just contacted our redkage. Let's see if he has something to share with us. On second thought, maybe raven is right. Do you think we are making a mountain out of a molehill with this search?
  13. I know what you mean, but at the same time he is/was a moderator on here. It is not typical for a moderator to leave his position without an explanation, right?
  14. FREaky and rdalrt2 and anyone else concerned: This could be a pointer. Muscl4life wrote a story together with someone called redkage. We have a member in this forum by that name. Could he be the co-author of the story? If so, he possibly knows the whereabouts of Muscl4life. What do ya think?
  15. I hadn't noticed this until one of the administrators contacted me recently. He knew I was Brazilian like Muscl4life and asked if I had any news about him. I said no but then I offered to write him an e-mail, which I did a couple of days back. So far my email got no reply, and I find this very strange. I know Muscl4life's location and first name, but not his family name. If we knew his surname, this would of course help us a lot find what happened. I hate the thought that he could be dead, but frankly this possibility grows all the time. Since he had stories in several sites other than this one, I thought maybe someone could try to see if they have heard from or about him these days.