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    muscle growth, muscle worship, Domination, morphs, video morphs, voice and text RP, the list goes on :)
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    i'm 5'9 200lbs i'd like to lean out and gain some more muscle
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    I like to do RP (especially voice rp), enjoy chatting about our fetish, making new friends, ect.
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    just a more ripped version of what I am right now
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    the sitter, he's really that into you
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    Craig Golias, Brad Hollibaugh
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    I love big guys in general. I love huge muscle, huge guts, tall guys, guys growing fatter, guys growing bigger muscle and into giants. I enjoy size difference. I like the idea of me staying my size as you grow huge. But i can switch it up for the right guy<br />
    <br />
    I love singlets, wrestling, leather, rubber, being picked up, pinned down, being dominated like a younger brother, tattoos, piercings, body modifications.

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  1. I would imagine a swingers venue would be open to hosting an event like this. There’s one in Denver that has hosted burning man events along with organized swinger couples nights. I don’t see why they couldn’t host this too. Also there’s a possibility of planning a night like this at a bath house. That way they would be ok with public masterbation and would be able to play our porn and wouldn’t mind if Muscle for hire would be there. I can see this being a good location in Las Vegas during Mr. Olympia which is rumored to be full of Muscle dudes during that weekend.
  2. I find it interesting how many of you guys related to not wanting or needing sex to be sexual satisfied. You would think if that's the case more of us would get together and have met up and jerked off to muscle together. I always found myself to be more comfortable doing this than any actual penitrative sex. Every couple defines their own relationship so if all you do is masturbate and you're happy doing that together, then i don't see a problem. As gay men it's not required for us to do traditional sex in order to survive as a species. Nor is it for anyone beyond GLBTQ members at this point.As long as there are more breeders than gays, we will be fine. BUT to play devils advocate there's a difference between your fetish and sexual activity. Fetishes can be part of your sexual activity but for a lot of peoples fetishes stand on their own. I in my past have always loved muscle and growth but when I'm with the right guy I have found ways to rationalize sexually certain attractive attributes about them that I never found attractive before I met them. I also have been told that the more you actively try penetration (of either type) the more you'll grow to find it arousing or hitting the right buttons as they say. It's not a slam dunk right off the bat (pun intended). My trouble has always been finding some patient enough to let me be inexperienced and help me explore sex beyond muscle. I think the lack of traditional sex drive might also be due to our over saturation of sexual media that is easily a few buttons away at any given moment. If all of a sudden we lost the ability to use technology for sexual gratification we would settle for something less specific out of desperate need for release.
  3. I've hired guys twice and my best advice ive been told is to do every kinky fetish thing you dream up and if they aren't comfortable, they'll let you know. At the end of the day they are there to make you happy and want you to have as much fun as possible. So tell them how big you wish they were growing and don't hold back. Any good professional will play along
  4. So back when the old forum was shut down and the new forum wasn't up yet, I created the facebook group. I was hoping to meet new people and make a "fan" page of those who loved the old forum. Having lost my email password and my old facebook password, I no longer have access to control it and Like most facebook groups, it started to get really spammed out.
  5. Cool growth morph there, man.  I pump iron every day and get super pumped up myself.  It is a bit like that.

  6. As someone who's into muscle worship and someone who actually sells it for a living, I feel like I'd know a thing or two that would help. I agree with what acd889 on the body high. If you smoked a strain like chemdog #4 it'd give you a body high without feeling too spacy mentally. I've heard how bodybuilders and other athletes are using cannabis for pain relief and help with inflation or even just getting in a mind set to keep going. It's a lot better than using a ton of pain killers that wreck your kidneys. That being said, it takes some practice to get used to being productive and high but with enough of a tolerance and practice, it's totally do able. Personally I like using it because it helps me let go of my hang ups on my body image and just dive into worship without any hesitation. If I could just find a bodybuilder that liked getting high, my life would be set!
  7. Thanks for the follow bro!!! 

    1. Dominicrue


      How could I resist a muscle fiend like yourself (;

  8. I agree with everything. Denver totally does suck for bodybuilders(or at least ones into worship). I'm going to say Las Vegas is the best place for bodybuilders not only for what everyone has already said but also for cost of housing. Las Vegas is so much cheeper to live in right now than LA and Denver. Less money on rent more money for roids/gym/food ext.
  9. Sup Bro , MASSMANN here , I'm lookinn for huge muscle growth RP text & voice chats preferred  !  I love BB contest scenes 2 big guys being arrogant & cocky with each other ,.. Flexing and wrestling getting in each other's face with proving who's the champ as they FLEXXX they start to grow bigger & BIGGER total muscle domination  !

    1. Dominicrue


      I love doing RP's with you. If I ever have free time, i'd love to do a voice rp again



      hey Dominicrue ,.. you'll find me on skype as MASSMAN2000 hit me up and let's talk HUGE MUSCLE ! 

  10. I was recently in Vegas and though I didn't hire anyone out there, there's lots of options out in Vegas. Most of the gay bars are strip clubs so at the least you can get a dance from a beefy guy quite easy. Also remember that male escorts in Las Vegas are illegal. You have to go to a brothel outside county lines to have any "legal" escort sex. Even then, there's not many legal male escorts out there. That being said, sites like rent men are a good place to look. Also Las Vegas is the new gay porn hub of the nation due to California's bare back laws. So there's plenty of guys to choose from
  11. If I won the lottery, I'd so make a hulk porno. Build sets to make the actors look huge, do special effect makeup to make the muscle swell, have the main actors face cgi'd on a skinny body so it'd look like they went from a 5'6 skinny kid to a 20 foot 2000lbs beast. One can dream, eh? lol
  12. wow that GIF is so fucking hot... Darn you got me a huge boner now!

  13. FYI I'm not GB, im just simply a fan that saw his post on facebook
  14. I saw on facebook that GBMORPHS.COM is shutting down. Here's an offical post from the man himself. Sad to see it go. I hope he keeps an archive of everything
  15. Ah that's sad to hear. I actually met him once and he even gave me an autograph. He's super nice and so was his wife.
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