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  1. Okay now I just want them to start dating!!! Hahaha I'm shipping them.
  2. I agree I always look forward to his growth the most
  3. Would love to see Marcus or Froy or both! Grow more if they do go to the beach... Just imagining them struggling with their bathing suits due to growth
  4. This whole story was awesome... Thank you for sharing it!
  5. Please do... this was hot
  6. Is there a chance for a next part?!
  7. Would love to see a public growth situation! Loving this story so far. I get excited every time I see a notification.
  8. This was a good read but no doesn’t wasn’t it. Thank you though
  9. I remember it was on metabods and the story involved a jock named Matt. He goes to this scientist that gives him muscle growth serums occasionally. Matt decided to tell the scientist that he’s going to stop coming and the scientist made a twist. The twist was a punishment and the serum was making Matt a werewolf. So during the conversation, Matt was transforming and kills the scientist and that was the end of the story. Hopefully someone here is familiar with what I’m talking about.
  10. This story is awesome! It gets hotter every chapter.
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