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  1. I'm definitely not used to writing a slower paced story, so please bear with me on this one. Part 1 Part 2 ____________________________________________ I actually ran to the campus cafeteria as fast as I could, considering my legs were like jelly. Usually I'd never run like that out in public since I hated anything that would draw attention to me, but I didn't care about that right now. I just wanted to get there so I could see Jack. I was really nervous that he'd already left. I ran up to the building and through the front double doors, not even paying attention to the loud noise I'd just made as I entered. No one seemed to really notice anyway; it was already relatively noisy inside since it was around dinner time. I stood in the entryway, looking around but trying not to be too conspicuous about it. I did have my pride, after all, and didn't want to look like the loser who had no friends. Of course, I knew, rationally, that no one was probably going to think that anyway, but I still got in my own head sometimes. I scanned the room, looking at any tables I could see, trying to locate Jack. He didn't say he was going to go change or anything, so I was looking for the same Jack I saw in the gym. Light jacket with the school colors and logo, sleeveless shirt with the dark gym shorts, and messy hair. I couldn't find him, though. I started looking at the tables with several people, even the full tables, thinking he was probably popular and met up with a bunch of friends. I just couldn't find his face. I was internally searing and kicking myself, wondering why I could let my horny and hard dick control my actions earlier. I could have jerked off any other time! I dejectedly walked towards the food line and decided I should at least get a bunch of food and just go back to the dorm. The line only had about 3 people in front of me, so I was happy at least I wouldn't have to wait too long. I had almost reached the back of the line when someone bumped into me from behind, damn nearly knocking me over. I'm a passive person, even though I liked to imagine I could be a tough guy, so my first instinct was to apologize to the person who bumped into me and let them go past me. "Sorry," I muttered, moving aside, not even looking at the person. "Shut up." I looked up and it was Jack, just standing there, shit-eating grin on his face. He gave a small, half-hearted wave when I finally looked up at him. "Jack! I figured you'd left!" "No, I was sitting on the bench outside and saw you run right by me." "You were outside? You actually waited for me..." "Yeah I waited for you, what'd you think I was gonna do? Just leave? I told you I'd wait and I meant what I said." "Yeah I just... I don't know... I guess I didn't think you'd stick around for this long." Jack kind of chuckled at that. "You're so me. Past-me." I must've gave him a look of bemusement. He continued, "I had the exact same thoughts back when I first started working out. About my friend who'd gotten me into it. I didn't think he'd stick around. I thought I was just a burden to him and he'd just disappear. But he didn't. And I don't intend to. I'll stick with you as long as you stick with me." He gave me a smile. "Cool?" "Y-yeah, we're cool." I was relieved, but his assurance that he was just like me was also a bit concerning. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, yet. "Relax, dude. Come on," he said, and put his arm around my shoulders and guided me towards the line. The weight of his arm was unmistakable, and it was clear it was a muscled arm, even under the sleeve of that jacket. Remembering when he flexed his arm for me, my dick started to plump and harden. He seemed to know me all too well, and I guess we were a lot alike, based on what he's said so far, so I couldn't help but wonder if he did some of these things knowing he was teasing me. Jack was very knowledgeable about nutrition, based on the explosion of information he'd given me as soon as it came time to select our food. He told me what types of food to avoid and which ones to prioritize, saying that I wanted to get a lot of calories in, but they had to be "good" calories, not just fatty calories. "You'll never grow if you don't eat," he said. "People always think the hard part of gaining muscle is lifting weights, but it's really the nutrition. So many people give up because they never bother to learn about the nutrition." And he made me get a lot of food, too. I expected as much, but I worried I wouldn't be able to consume it all. He assured me, though, that even though it seemed daunting, it was just a matter of consistency and routine, and my stomach and body would get used to the amounts of food I would need, and with the amount of work I'd be putting my muscles through, my body would metabolize the food fast. Which means I'd have to eat a lot, and often. "That's a lot of eating..." I said, sort of trailing off. "Yes, it is, and I'm not lying when I say it's the hard part. You got really into your workout earlier, so I don't think for one second you'll have trouble doing that part. The nutrition is where you're gonna have to show you really want this. Do you really want to gain muscle, or are you gonna disappoint me?" I looked at his face with that question, looking for a hint of joviality, and I saw none. Wow. He wasn't trying to be funny, and when I pondered an answer to the question, I realized that I already respected him so much that I truly didn't want to disappoint him. I wanted to impress him. I wanted to show him that he hasn't wasted his time on me. "No man, I won't disappoint you. I definitely want this," I said, and continued eating. "Cool," he smiled, and continued eating his own dinner. "And uh... I want to thank you for taking the time to show me these things. I've never had a friend that's done anything like this for me." He smiled again, "Dude, I told you, I was able to read you like an easy book. I just wanted to be there for someone who was clearly just like me. But, I'm also glad you think of me as a friend, already." I smiled, and I'm sure I blushed a little. "But dude, we gotta do something about--" he gestured his hands at me, "--this." "What?" I had legitimately no idea what he was talking about. He sort of waved his hands at me when he said it, and my first guess was that he meant my body, but I thought we'd already settled on how I was doing something about it. "Your clothes, dude. You look like a ten-year-old nerd who still lets mommy dress him." I blushed with embarrassment. "I... I've never... I don't..." Jack started laughing. "It's alright, I'm just giving you shit. But if you wanna work on some style, I can help you there, too. It's just that you're wearing yet another sweater and it's kinda lame. We gotta get you dressed like an athlete. Soon you're gonna have muscles growing from your limbs, and you want your clothes to show a hint of it, but not all of it. Let people know you got something going on, but let them guess what they can't see." I don't think my face stopped being red, but I felt more excited now than embarrassed. As long as Jack was willing, I was going to let him guide me in any way he saw fit. I left the campus cafeteria with a lot to think about. I'd actually bothered to take notes on the nutritional aspects of bodybuilding. And yeah, I actually used the term "bodybuilding," which is a term I'd never have dreamed of using to describe anything that I was doing. And yet here I was. Walking back to my dorm room, still with shaky legs, the phone number AND SnapChat of a new friend added to my phone, and the main things on my mind were what foods I needed to start eating and cutting out, and when I could workout again. Jack told me I can't do too much or it'll just be harmful. He said he'd call me when it was time for me to go back. I finally made it to my dorm room, and this time the lights were on already when I walked in. My roommate was back from wherever he was, finally. He was sitting at his desk, and it appeared as though he was studying. He turned towards me when he heard the door click shut, and I saw a bit of a smile creep across his face. "Hey maaaaannnn--" he drew out the 'man' part, "--what have you been up to?" He asked the question then sat there, a strange smile across his face, looking expectantly at me. "...Why are you being weird?" I asked. He chuckled a little. "Am I being weird? Well, I guess I was just a little... surprised... when I came back here and walked into what smelled a little too much like... well, cum, and then I saw your mirror. What have you been up to?" FUCK. I didn't even think about it! Shit. How do I explain this? "I, uh, errr---" I was stammering. I didn't have anything to say. But then it occurred to me that we're both dudes. I'm sure he's jerked off before. Probably right in this room. So who is he to judge me? "We're dudes, sometimes we get horny and gotta take care of business, you know? I just couldn't take it anymore and had to rub one out." I felt really cool for coming up with that. I felt like Jack was already rubbing off on me. "Uh huhhhhh..." he responded, still looking right at me, his eyes narrowed a little bit. "So, can I ask what made you so horny?" "It was... I... I was thinking about... No, you may not." Okay, the 'cool' factor took a major hit on that one. I tried to take a step forward and of course my legs decided that this was the best time to let me down, literally, and I stumbled and landed on my knee. My roommate, Cory, just started busting up laughing. "Trouble walking?" he said, between the laughs. With some struggling, I was able to finally pick myself up and put weight on my legs again, as Cory's laughs finally subsided enough. He spoke again, "Seriously bro, what's going on with you? In just the last few minutes you've shown behavior I've never seen out of you. Is something going on? I mean, you jerk off all over the mirror, and I'll admit it's a shit ton of spunk for a skinny guy like you, and then you walk in here unable to walk. Tell me what's going on, because I'd rather know now if you're doing some illegal shit, like drugs." Drugs?! He thinks I'm on drugs?!? It'd be funnier if it couldn't potentially get me into trouble. Or at least disrupt my life a bit. I sighed. "No, I'm not on drugs. I'm not that stupid. Promise me you won't laugh." "Dude, we're roommates. AND friends. I think I've shown you that you can trust me." "Well, I decided to start hitting the gym. I want to gain some weight. Some muscle." I half-heartedly flexed my arms, just to extraneously prove what I meant when I said 'muscle,' not that he'd see anything anyway since my arms were covered by my lame sweater sleeves. "Oh, dude that's awesome. Why would I laugh? Plenty of guys hit the gym. It's actually what many would consider, uh, normal?" Cory has this tendency to mark pretty much everything he says with a hint of sarcasm. I was relieved, though, that he wasn't making fun of me. I was starting to feel like I was making this whole fitness journey out to be much more scary than it actually is. "I guess I've always just been intimidated by the gym," I finally said. "Dude, so is like, every other guy out there before they finally get into it. You broke that barrier, and now you just have to keep at it." He actually made me feel pretty good about myself, if I was being honest. "So... what made you horny?" he asked again. "Cory don't you think that's a little personal?" "Get used to that sort of locker room talk, because you're probably gonna hear a lot more of it. So tell me what made you horny." I felt like my whole world was changing. Was he right? Was I really going to hear a lot more talk like that in the future? "I, uh, finished showering earlier, and I guess I was still pumped with adrenaline from the gym, so I was a little horny to begin with, but then I saw myself in the mirror and couldn't help imagining what it'd be like to finally have some muscle on my body. And it made me get even hornier, and I couldn't help myself." "That got you horny?" he asked, and I got worried he'd now make fun of me. "Well... yeah." "Seems pretty normal to me. Lots of guys get horny from working out." I was relieved, yet again, that he wasn't about to make me feel like a loser. But then he stood from his chair and walked over to me. He stood in front of me and said "I used to hit the gym before college started, and I tried to keep up with it, but I'm finding it hard to make time. But I think my work is still holding up." He then hooked his thumbs into the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head, revealing his torso. And fuck. Cory had a body. He wasn't as toned as Jack, but his muscles definitely had more size. How had I not noticed this before? And then he flexed his biceps, and they rose up like baseballs under his thin skin. "What, umm, what are you doing?" I stuttered out. "What's it look like? I'm flexing," he nonchalantly said, looking at his own biceps. But then he relaxed his arms and ran his hands over his chest and abs, which weren't all too defined, but still evident. And his chest definitely still bulged out nicely. And I hated to admit it, and I tried to keep myself from letting it happen, but my cock was starting to thicken and grow. And just then, Cory relaxed again and let his arms hang at his sides, and I once again wondered how I'd never noticed how thick his upper arms were. I guess I just figured he was simply 'chunky.' But he was pretty built. "This is how I know about gym stuff," he said, "But I'm more interested in something else right now." He stepped closer to me, close enough that I swear I could feel his breath, and he reached his hand out and placed it on my crotch. FUCK. "Yeah, muscles make you hard. Period. I thought so." I felt completely mute. I had no words. I don't think I even had coherent thoughts. He was right, though. All my eyes wanted to look at right now was Cory's body. And with his hand on my crotch, my dick throbbed uncontrollably, and I felt pre beginning to build up and leak. My breaths were becoming more shallow. He took his other hand and grabbed my hand, and placed it on his chest. He flexed his pecs and I felt the undeniably hard muscle flex and bulge. My cock once again throbbed, hard. He took his hand off my crotch and slowly reached down my pants and grabbed it, skin to skin. "Wow, you're really hard. You're a muscle nerd. Good to know." And with that, he took his hand out of my pants, turned around, and grabbed his shirt and began putting it back on. His back was wide, too, and clearly a muscle back. It was actually hot, and I couldn't believe I didn't know my own roommate had this much muscle on his body. I stood there, mouth hanging open, with no words to say, not because I didn't want to speak, but because I couldn't form any thoughts. I was now sexually frustrated beyond belief. My dick was flexing and throbbing, and there was even a wet spot forming on the front. Cory, now clothed, turned back around to face me and, with a grin on his face, clearly pleased with himself, said "You should probably take care of that thing." But then, to my astonishment, and beyond anything I could ever imagine, he pushed up his sleeves and gave one more double bicep flex, saying "Boom," in a low yet commanding voice. Those nice biceps rose back up into the baseballs that they were, and just seeing him flex this one last time sent me over the edge. My whole body shuddered, my hips bucked involuntarily, and I felt that sharp and intense pressure at the tip of my cock as my cum exploded forth into my boxers. I had to have shot at least four times, the wet spot growing ever bigger on my pants, and I felt a soft moan escape from my mouth. I heard a low chuckle coming from Cory, and he let his arms back down and plopped himself back in his chair. "I guess I took care of it for you, then." I stood there, still, quivering, my sensitive dick receding and the friction against my wet boxers causing me to squirm, with my mouth hanging open. Again. "W-Why, Cory?" He grinned an evil grin this time. His eyes darkened, and I could tell he was thinking something different from what he said, but I had no more energy to put forth right now. "Because I wanted to have some fun." I wasn't satisfied with that answer, but I had to get out of these wet boxers. I wondered if Cory was secretly gay. He never hinted at it before, and he'd sometimes talk about girls he thought were hot, but the fact that he'd just done what he'd done was making me question him. What will happen in this dorm room when I actually do start getting big? Well, if I start getting big. I want to be confident, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. I also started to feel really tired, and I knew I'd need to sleep soon. Jack was sure to mention how I'd need to get rest if I wanted my muscles to grow. I sure did cum a lot, considering I'd just jerked off a couple hours ago. Time to shower. Again.
  2. Part 1 I looked like a damn fool. Or at least felt like one. I'd swear people were staring at me. I was walking back to my dorm after my first attempt at a real workout. Jack, the dude I only just met who's already proven to be a kind friend, worked me hard, although he seems to believe it was all me; that I was only pushing myself and he had nothing to do with how hard I worked. We had to agree to disagree on that one. I remember smiling big, though, as we walked out of the campus gym together. I'd felt accomplished. I felt more proud of the work I'd put in there than on any piece of school work I'd ever completed. Jack wanted to go straight to the cafeteria, but I looked like a hobo. I needed to go shower and get new clothes. I couldn't help but admit that even after working out, Jack looked good. He had a very clear athlete appearance to him, and no one could say his body wasn't aesthetically pleasing. His hair was a bit messed up thanks to his sweat, but it gave him that messy just-out-of-bed look and it was... cute, to say the least. I keep using the term "walk" in one tense or another. I wasn't exactly walking, which is probably part of why I kept getting looks from passers by. I was more like... hobbling. Or staggering. My legs were in pain. Jack showed me all kinds of leg exercises, and I pushed myself to not only learn every single one, but I worked hard with each one as well. "Never ever skip legs, bro," he said, "Trust me." Jack said I definitely worked harder than he did on his first night. But there was also my weird appearance. My jeans were still rolled up so my legs were exposed to the cold outside air, and my sweater was still wet with my sweat, while I carried my jacket in one arm. I must've looked like a weirdo. But I didn't really care, because I knew the end results would be worth it. They can stare all they want at me. They can watch me get bigger. Yeah, I'd say I was actually bitten by that iron bug. My mind was so focused on everything having to do with weight-lifting. But, part of me was also worried that I'd wake up the next day and find that I'd lost all the motivation and never try again. It was quite a tempest of thoughts in my head, and what surprised me was how none of it was about school work. I really just wanted to get back to the dorm so I could shower and then go eat. I really needed to get out of these clothes. Jack said I needed to make sure I ate as much as possible. Growing required food and lots of it. I basically tripped my way through the front doors of the dormitory, and then dragged myself up the stairs using the hand rails. I was thankful my dorm room was only on the second floor. I felt so done with moving when I finally got to my door, and I basically fell right to the floor as soon as I entered the room. But I also think I was being a little dramatic. I moved my way onto my bed and just sat there for a bit, staring into space, letting my legs regain feeling. They were throbbing, and had that burning feeling that hurt but felt so good at the same time. I imagined this is what a lot of gym rats meant when they talked about that "burn" and "feeling it." I was glad my roommate was still out. I didn't want to have to go on some explanation marathon about what just took place at the campus gym and why I was there. I oozed off the bed and put weight back on my legs and began removing my clothes. I lifted my sweater over my head and tossed it into the hamper, and then carefully peeled my jeans off my legs, the sweat making them feel stuck. My boxers were wet, too. Not a very comfortable feeling. In the hamper they went, too. I grabbed a towel and put it around my waist and snuck my way down the hall and into the showers. Luckily people weren't too active at this time, and I still wasn't comfortable showing my naked torso to others. I usually showered at less busy times of the day to avoid being seen. As of right now, I'd say the only person by whom I was comfortable being seen was Jack, which is still odd to me since I only just met him. Fuck. The shower felt good. I made it as hot as I could stand it. I stood there for a good while just letting the hot water run over my body. I didn't move. I had one hand on the wall and just leaned there, and it felt so good. But eventually I had to actually clean myself and get moving, since Jack was waiting for me. Or at least I hoped he was. He said he was. But then again, I can't say I'd blame him if he moved on to the rest of his day. I grabbed my towel and quickly dried myself off. My hair was a mess, but I didn't care. I checked to see if the coast was clear and moved as quickly as my legs would allow me to back to my dorm room. I re-entered the room, noticing my roommate was still not back, and dropped my towel. I had a mirror on my closet door, and I couldn't help but stand in front of it and check myself out. Yeah, I know, it's a dumb thing to do. I wasn't actually expecting my muscles to be any bigger. But I liked imagining it. I liked envisioning myself with bigger muscles all over. I never knew how much I was enticed by the idea of getting bigger until today. I was so scorned, I guess, by the douchebags from high school who'd used their growing bodies to intimidate and humiliate and bully that I'd never once considered the idea of making my own body bigger. But then I met this dude named Jack. I wondered to myself what I'd look like a month from now. Still in front of the mirror, I tried to imagine my body with maybe about 10 pounds of muscle added. I saw abs, and pecs protruding from my chest. I ran my hand across my chest, imagining how it'd feel to have hard muscle mounds there. As I bent my arm, I imagined what it'd be like to have a big bicep bulging out. I imagined what it'd be like to be able to fill a shirt sleeve with my entire arm, no space to spare. I imagined what it'd be like to be able to lift my shirt, showing my abs, and making girls swoon... and guys. It wasn't at all lost on me that as I pictured myself with muscles, my dick was hardening up and growing. I saw it expanding and rising in the mirror as I stood there completely naked. I was definitely getting into the mindset of being a gym rat. I raised my arms and flexed a double bicep pose for myself, showing what little muscle I had in my arms. I didn't care that I was still the same skinny guy as I was before, it just felt good to flex. My cock throbbed as I flexed. I reached one hand over and ran it across my flexed arm. It felt hard. I had no way of really knowing for sure, and it wasn't lost on me that I was probably just imagining it, but my arm definitely felt harder than it ever did before. I kept my arm flexed, looking into the mirror, and I continued imagining what it'd be like to have bigger muscles. My free hand moved down to my throbbing dick and began stroking. God it felt good. Actually, my dick felt harder than ever before, and I was almost certain it was because of the exercise I'd just put my body through. I imagined being big enough to flex my arm and make my sleeve rip in one of my old shirts. My cock throbbed hard on that thought, and my hips involuntarily bucked. FUCK. The feeling was so intense, and I felt like my eyes would roll back into my head permanently. I then thought back to when Jack flexed his arm for me and let me feel it. I remembered how hard it was, and how he had this thick vein running across the peak, and how his forearm was also clearly thick with muscle. I wanted to touch his entire body as he flexed for me... FUCK FUCK FUCK I was cumming! An image of Jack completely naked and flexing popped into my head and my dick just exploded all over the mirror, splattering it. I kept stroking, squeezing every last throbbing jolt of pleasure I could out, and I noticed I'd shot 4 whole times, with a 5th almost-shot that was really just a bit of dribble. I'd never cum so much before. I checked the time and realized it'd been way too long since we parted ways, and I felt like an asshole. Jack said he'd wait for me, and we never bothered to exchange numbers. If he was even still there, he'd probably be pissed. I quickly grabbed my sweater and used it to clean off the remnants of my orgasm from my dick and threw on some clothes. I put my shoes on and ran out the door, rushing and hoping Jack didn't get too impatient and eat without me. I didn't even realize I'd just shot cum all over my mirror and left it there.
  3. I write best when I place myself in the main character's shoes. And I don't sit down with an outline or notes or anything of the sort for writing... I just let my imagination go and I write what I'm imagining. And then I write what I'd be thinking or saying if I were in these situations. I've always been a better writer when I just wing it. Planning and outlining things just make everything so... boring, I guess.
  4. Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm glad you've enjoyed this so far. The next part is already well underway. It's definitely already going in a completely different direction from what I'd originally intended. But that's okay because my original idea will be made into a story, too.
  5. I know this is an idea overdone. I think. I don't know. I usually sit down to write something with one idea in my head, and then the story will often take on a mind of its own and I lose control. I hope you enjoy. ________________________________________________ I sat in class, bored out of my mind, listening to the professor droning on and on in the background. It was an Anthropology course, part of my required general education credits, and so far this semester, it had been overwhelmingly easy to succeed. I learned early on in the semester that I didn't need to pay much attention to be able to pass assignments and tests. The work was relatively simple and common sense, and what little reading needed to be done was quick and painless, although boring. I actually would have probably skipped a few classes if the professor didn't count attendance as part of the overall grade. So I sat in this lecture hall, which could seat about 50 people, but this course only had about 20, including me, taking it. I somehow wound up sitting in the middle of the room, with some people behind me, and some in front. I usually liked to sit in the back to remain inconspicuous, but not the very back because even that had a tendency to draw attention. I was not an attention-seeker. I liked to be left alone. I didn't need to raise my hand and ask questions or answer them. I'd only participate when required. It was about two months into the semester, and I was actually enjoying college life. The independence was great, after having lived at home til college. I came from Pennsylvania, but always had my heart set on going to this school. It was rather well-known, and I felt it would open more doors for me in the real world when potential employers saw from where I earned my degree. I was a freshman, so my dorm wasn't exactly the top pick for any student attending here, not when there were... fancier dorms on the campus, but it was perfect to me. I had what I needed. A bed, a room, internet access, and plenty of food from the campus cafeteria. We had a meal plan that would allow us to eat as much as we wanted. I also had a pretty cool roommate. He was normal, which isn't exactly descriptive, but it meant a lot in my eyes. He didn't have any weird tendencies that you see in a lot of people you encounter. He kept to himself, did his own thing, and let me do mine. Of course, that doesn't mean he was anti-social with me or anything. We talked and got along great, actually. We'd play video games together when we could, we'd often go get food together, and we'd even help each other with studying if it ever became necessary. One drawback, however, to being a first-year college student living on campus is my inability to have my car. Freshmen aren't allowed to have their cars for whatever reason. I guess it's to cement the permanence of our presence on-campus for prioritizing our studies. Without any ability to venture too far away from my new, if not temporary home, I'd found myself with a lot of spare time. Even with studying, there was often empty blocks of time in which I'd be bored, trying to find something to do. I'd tried passing the time with video games, or simply Netflix, or even reading. Those would get boring, fast, and I'd quickly started feeling lost in my own free time. One Saturday afternoon, my roommate was out, and I'd already tried playing literally any of the video games I owned, tried watching Netflix and even YouTube, and I found myself eventually just sitting in my chair staring at the wall. Once I shook myself out of my daze, I picked up my phone, grabbed my jacket, and walked out the door. I didn't even have a destination in mind, I just started walking. I walked down many of the paths I'd usually take to get to various classes and to the student union building where the cafeteria is. I went in a circle, twice, before deciding to try going where I'd never been. I figured if by some strange stroke of luck I got lost, I could call my roommate. Or someone. It's a college campus, how lost could I get? So I went down a path that I'd often pass between my dorm and the main classroom building, and I saw more buildings like the usual ones I'd see. Probably additional classroom buildings. They became quickly irrelevant though, when I passed a building with some large windows in the front near the entrance. I'd never seen that style of architecture on this campus yet, and it quickly got my attention. I stopped briefly and looked through one of the windows, and I remember I sort of scoffed. I actually felt the small puff of air escape through my lips as I scoffed. It was a gym. The on-campus gym I'd heard about. I'd never been a gym-goer. I was never an athlete in high school. So, I never had much interest. I actually used to think the dudes in high school who spent a lot of time in the gym were idiots. Not because I thought it was a worthless venture, but rather because they'd created this perception for me that gym-goers were assholes. They were always too cocky, and were often rude to people around them, including me. So I automatically resented people who would use a gym. I stood there like an idiot for probably too long, staring through the window, when the single dude who was using the gym at that time looked up from his bicep curls he was working on and saw me, and met my eyes. I instinctively looked away and began walking, briefly turning my head one last time to check on that dude before I was entirely past the windows, and I saw him smile and give a brief wave. And then poof he was out of my sight as I was out of his. I continued walking down this path on which I'd never traveled before, my mind suddenly filled with thoughts about the tiniest of interactions that just took place. No longer paying any attention to my surroundings, I had to wonder if that was all just a joke. I immediately began to believe that it was about to be an attempt to make fun of me or bully me. He was going to invite me inside or something, only to mock me for being skinny. "Hey!" I heard it in the background, and I paid it no mind. I continued walking, my mind still angered because of the perceived attempted treachery I experienced. "Dude!" Louder. I actually noticed and reacted to this one, and was about to turn toward from where the voice came when I was forced to turn against my will. I felt a hand on my shoulder, gently pulling me and turning me. Fuck. It was him. The guy I saw through the window at the campus gym. He was wearing a jacket now, when in the gym he had on just shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I'll admit, his arms were quite nice, toned, and big. At least from where I was standing. I guessed he threw on his jacket to come outside, as it was the only additional thing he had with him, if not the only thing he'd brought to the gym with him to begin with. So, great. I wanted to avoid the gym-jerks, and I managed to literally seek them out without intending to. One of them, anyway. "What's up, man?" He was slightly out of breath. "Saw you checkin' out the gym. You a freshman?" Hmmm. I opened my mouth to speak, and only a squeak came out. I cleared my throat and tried again. "I'm a freshman, yeah. I was just taking a walk and never knew it was there." "You interested in using it? I mean, I'm a freshman too, but I never worked out in high school. A friend introduced me to it, and I got hooked pretty quick. It'd be great to have a workout bud, if you'd be interested." I just stared at him. What was he doing? I'd never expected this. "Uhhh... errr..." "Have you ever even considered it?" "No. To be honest most dudes--" I paused and looked down. I saw his lower legs and they were pretty toned, too. Actually very toned. "--All dudes I've ever met who work out have been twats." He laughed a little. I awaited the mockery that was to follow. "I remember that. I know how that feels." Wait... what. "I think it's just a thing about high school kids. They need to exert dominance and if they're getting bigger and stronger it's so easy for them to do that. Timid guys like us wind up screwed, when if we really wanted to, we'd bulk up just the same." I blinked several times just staring at him. My mouth may have been hanging open. This is, by far, not what I expected to hear from this guy. I'd at least expected him to want to start something with me just because he'd assume I was staring at him through the window like some sort of weird pervert. He continued "This is college. It really is very different." He chuckled. I looked down at his legs again. Those calves bulged nicely. "I don't know... if I could be a partner for you. I'm probably too weak compared to you and I'd just get in your way." He laughed loudly at that. I guess I looked annoyed at that. "No, dude, don't take that the wrong way. I laugh because it's literally the same thing I said. If you have time to spare, and I'm guessing you do since you told me you were on a walk in the middle of the day, then come with me to the gym. I saw the look on your face and I remembered it all too well. You were the image of how I felt several months ago." "Why are you doing this? You don't even know me." I felt kind of bad for blurting that out. He had been super nice so far, after all. "Are you interested? I mean, you're right, I don't know you that well, but you're in one of my classes--I guess you haven't noticed me in it--and I want to give to someone else what I got when I arrived here. If I can help anyone get past their gym-jitters, then it's a great thing." I stammered a bit, trying to make words come out, and I just made noises instead. The telltale sounds of uncertainty. I think this is where he knew he hooked me. "Come on, dude. We're going," he said, with a kind but nevertheless huge grin on his face. He grabbed my upper arm and started pulling me in the other direction, back towards the gym. He squeezed my arm a little too hard, and I reflexively flexed. "Oooo, feels like you have plenty of room to grow, too," he said, smiling once more. "You want to do this right now? I mean, I have--" "You have what?" he asked, his hand still around my arm, gently but firmly guiding me towards those double doors that lead into the campus gym. "You have video games to play? Nah, dude, we're doing this now. Tell me you hate it, then I'll never bother you again. But how can you know if you never even set foot inside?" I resigned myself to my fate. He knew he had me interested even if I couldn't admit it to myself. It was that uncertainty he heard in my voice. And in my words, or lack thereof. But he never let go of my arm, pulling me all the way through those double doors and past the entrance to the weight room into the men's locker room. He finally let go, and he pulled his jacket off and opened a locker, putting his jacket inside. I was finally getting an up close look at those arms I saw flexing earlier, and damn, they were pretty damn big. Nicely shaped, and with his arms hanging by his sides, his triceps were standing out. I suddenly heard him chuckle. "Yeah, you want to at least try this. You can't look at my arms that long and not want to try," he said, that grin on his face again. I looked away, feeling my face turning red. "Dude, it's okay. Remember, I was right where you are. You're basically past-me. Or I'm future you. I looked at my friend's arms the same way the first time I set foot in here. It's enticing, isn't it? You want bigger arms. I can tell. Let's get you started down that path." I was still looking away, not wanted to be perceived as some muscle-pervert. He grabbed my hand, not my arm, making me snap my attention back on him, and my eyes went wide as I saw him flex his free arm into a beautiful ball of muscle, and I watched as my own hand was being guided right to it. He put my hand on his bicep, and held the flex. My instinct was telling me to pull away, but it was so hard. I'd never felt another dude's muscle before. I actually started to squeeze it and run my fingers over his arm, and not just the bicep. He straightened his arm and flexed his triceps, letting me feel that as well. I felt myself getting hard, and he relaxed his arm. I kept my hand there, in some sort of reverie, until I heard him chuckle again. "Past me." I yanked my hand back. He laughed again, and said "Take your jacket off. You're definitely going to get hot." I suddenly realized I was definitely not wearing the proper attire for gym-work. "Shit," I breathed, "I'm wearing jeans to the gym. And a sweater." "Then all the more reason to take that jacket off. Use my locker if you want. But don't worry too much, you're not about to go through some advanced grueling workout. I just want to show you the basics, hopefully allowing that iron bug to take a big bite." "Iron... bug?" "Yeah, y'know, the motivation. The drive. The hunger. The need to get bigger. To do what it takes." So, I finally took my jacket off and threw it into his locker. We walked into the weight room finally, and damn, I saw his water bottle and even his keys still sitting where he was when I'd first walked up to the window. He dropped everything basically just to chase me. I was actually starting to become quite convinced that this dude really was a good guy. I finally noticed a very disinterested looking security guard, or some sort of campus employee, sitting behind a desk. She didn't even look up. I guess she was just here to make sure nothing got stolen, broken, or no one got hurt. So, he started going through various types of exercises with me, showing me basic stuff like bicep curls, bench press, squats, etc. He explained to me that push-ups and sit-ups, while basic, are still important exercises and can build a surprising amount of strength and muscle. Everything I did, he'd do with me. He'd use a lot more weight than me, but he'd still show me everything. I could barely even get the bar off the supports on the bench press, which made me feel so embarrassed, but he didn't even chuckle about it. He was extremely encouraging. He left that jovial attitude in the locker room. "Dude, I've never met a single guy who was ever able to start with more than just the bar on the bench press. You got this. Before you know it, you'll have a plate on each end of the bar... and then two plates. And then bigger plates. It's a process." I realized over an hour into this that I was quite focused. I was hot as hell, which I expected, but I found that I wasn't as repelled by this as I'd initially thought I'd be. I was actually really into it. My muscles were burning, but they were crying out for more. But I was sweating a fuck ton and I'd overheat if I didn't take a break. "I'm so hot, man, I have to stop." My sweater was soaked with sweat, my sleeves were already rolled up as far as they'd go. And I even rolled up my jeans so they were like weird shorts. "Take a break, it's about time anyway. You realize you've been at this for two hours?" "What?" I looked around and couldn't find a clock. My phone was in the locker. "You're joking." "Dude, no, take a look." He showed me his phone and he was right. It was actually going to be dark soon. He chuckled. "I think someone got bit." I looked down, bashful as always, but I realized he was right. I felt a smile creeping across my face, and I was somewhat too proud to let him see it. But I was also sure he could see it anyway. I was actually enjoying this. My muscles, although overheated at this present moment, were crying out for more. It's like my body was hungry for lifting, and I'd finally let it get a taste today. "You wanna stop? Or do you wanna keep going. There's plenty more I can show you." "Errrmm... Yeah, I think I wanna keep going actually," I felt myself grinning some more, and he grinned right back, "But I'm just too hot with this shit on." "Dude just take it off. There's no rule here about being shirtless." "Are you crazy? No one wants to..." I trailed off, realizing I was being loud, and even though the only other person in the gym was the security woman, I still didn't want her to hear. I hushed my voice to a whisper, "No one wants to see my skinny and frail body." "Shut the hell up and just do it. You either want to continue or you don't. Do what you have to," he forcefully said these words, and I was slightly taken aback by how harsh he suddenly became. But he was smiling, and I got the distinct impression he was trying to be motivational. He was eyeing me up and down as I stood there, surely red in the face from the heat, and I felt something in my consciousness snap. I grabbed my sweater-bottom and pulled it off and over my head in one swift motion, and tossed it to the floor. "Yeahhhh man," and then he whistled at me. I was suddenly embarrassed and I felt my face blushing even though no one would be able to tell right now. But god it felt good to take that off. The cool air felt amazing. "You said you were frail and skinny. I see an amazing base to work from. And I can already tell you're gonna have that awesome V line beneath your abs that many guys would kill for." "Suuuure," I said, feeling like he was just egging me on, but I had to admit to myself that'd be so cool. I was stifling a smile, which was weird to me when I considered how I'd just exposed my embarrassing torso to a stranger, which I'd never have done prior to this day. But I felt excited, and I knew I had to get bigger. "Let's get back to it, bro! You ready?" he asked. I looked at him, and then at my reflection on the nearby mirror. I saw my weak body, but inside I knew it wouldn't be weak for much longer. "Yeah man, I'm ready," I said, and walked back over to the tricep machine. I was ready. Part 2
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  7. Hey all, this is the first story I've actually bothered to see finished in a long time. It's been difficult writing, lately, and I don't expect this to be as well-received as some of my previous stories. But, I'm just happy to have finally finished something! So, let me know what you think. I hope it's at least somewhat enjoyable. OH! Also, this is a college story. No one is under 18. And of course it's entirely fictional, based on no real person or place. _______________________________________________________ He stood in front of us, visibly upset, breathing heavily, his chest and shoulders rising with his deep breaths. "You all think you're so smart, huh?" he said, the venom clear in his voice. "Well, maybe one day you'll see that not everyone is born to be your victim. Not everyone will take your shit lying down." "Dude, calm down, it was a joke," one of my friends said. And it really was just a joke, at his expense, of course, but a joke nevertheless. They... or I should say technically we just made fun of his thin size. Oh and we made several comments about him having a small dick. He really did have a small dick, though. Several of us had seen him naked in the shower. But this is what dudes do! We make fun of each other, give each other shit. We did to him nothing that we haven't done to each other. I was honestly confused why he was taking it so personally. Maybe he was far more insecure than he let on? "It's only a--ughh--joke if what you're saying isn't--rnnngg--true!" He had his hands clenched into fists, arms arched a bit, still breathing heavily. "But you know what? You'll see I'm a grower not a shower. Watch this." And then, to our uncomfortable horror, he put his hand on his crotch and began rubbing it. I say "horror," when really it was just one of those really weird and awkward situations where you have no clue what to do with yourself. Do you respond? Try to diffuse the situation? Look away? Walk away? My own mind was a tangled mess of nothingness. I felt the urge to look away but my eyes remained fixed on him, particularly his crotch where we could all see him rubbing himself with an intensity we're all surely familiar with. I mean, we all jerk off, no doubt. But here he was doing it in front of us. "Dude we've seen you hard, too. You're not that big then either so--" "Sam, dude, shut the fuck up!" I snapped. Apparently he was too dense to realize this wasn't a time to be an asshole. "Let him talk shit, it's okay. Mmmmyeahhhh..." I looked back at him and his crotch had a definite tent there. He was wrapping his hand around it and squeezing and rubbing it, and he looked like he was enjoying it. I felt myself starting to get a little hard, too. "Ready? Mmmm yeah... Watch." I noticed that none of us had turned away, averted our eyes, or anything. As uncomfortable of a situation this was, it seemed that we were all more curious about what he was trying to prove than anything else. But I'll admit I was enjoying watching him jerk off, even though he was still fully clothed. Something about it was enticing. I suddenly wondered, though... what was it that made him get hard? It almost seemed as though he willed it to happen. But then he took his hand away from his crotch and just stood there, eyes closed, head tilted back a little. He had a little grin on his face, and I suppose he truly was enjoying this, whatever it was. But then I looked back at his crotch, and his tent was super prominent. There was no mistaking he was hard. Wait... yeah, he was definitely clearly hard, but... why was I able to tell that? We all were a bunch of douchebags and pointed out how small he was. We've seen his hard dick. It would barely create a bump in his shorts. Now it's a prominent tent. "I see Jake's figured out what's happening," he said, thrusting his chin at me. "Uhhh..." I gulped. "We're... mere seconds away from seeing indecent exposure?" I tried to say it sarcastically, but I suddenly realized I was super nervous. Why was I nervous? I really ought to be repulsed by watching a dude make himself get a boner and partially jerk himself off. He flexed his dick and I couldn't believe what I saw. The tent bulged out farther. I heard some of the other guys gasp and a single "What the fuck..." Now I definitely was nervous. "Ohhhh yeah..." he moaned slightly, his hand moving toward his tent. But then he jerked it away, as though he's trying to restrain his impulse to touch himself. I guess we all know, as dudes, how it is, to want to jerk off when you're hard. "Fuck yes!" he suddenly cried. "It's happening! Are you guys watching?" We were all definitely watching. I think at first we were all sort of annoyed with his seemingly whiny outburst, but now we can all see there's a lot more to this than just whining. I think he may have wanted any excuse to do this, to be honest. "Mmmmm fuck," he moaned again, and we all watched the tent push out farther, and I heard a slight groan. It was his fucking shorts! His tent had grown so much, he was finally straining the front of his shorts! "Here we go... Unnnghhhh!" He clenched his fists, and... "POP!" A large, thick cock popped out of the front of his shorts. At first only the head was visible, but the cloth of the shorts receded and his dick became more and more exposed. He was pretty fucking big, now. He took his hand and pulled at the front of his shorts so more of his dick would be visible. He flexed it again, and yes, it grew even bigger, right before our eyes. "FUCK yes! Still think I'm tiny now?" And even as he said those words, his cock was ever so slightly still growing, and I realized I was staring at it intently. Protruding from the front of his shorts was his hard, throbbing, growing bigger dick. What the hell was happening? No one responded to his question. Did he actually want an answer? "Well?" I guess he did. "N-no, you're not t-tiny," I managed to squeak out. Why did I answer? Why? "What's with the stuttering?" he grinned. "I wouldn't think such a weak, small-dicked 'baby' would make you nervous, Jake." I cringed. He was using my own words. I'd actually called him that one time. It was forever ago, and he remembered. "I'm not... n-nervous..." I couldn't stop stuttering. But why was I nervous? I mean, yeah, this is very off-putting. But he just proved he's definitely a grower. So what if he has a bigger dick than we all thought? He probably took some Viagra and just had to prove us all wrong about his dick. He was still a skinny, weak dude. He simply laughed. "Well, whatever dude, I don't care." He looked down at his own dick for a few moments and flexed it again, and it bounced a bit and grew some more. FUCK! "Ohhhh yeah, it's coming. Are you watching? I can feel it." Some of us looked at each other, and I'm guessing we all were thinking 'what the fuck does he mean?' He wasn't about to cum, was he? He reached his hands down and started to stroke his big throbbing veiny dick. Yes, he needed both hands to cover it. He was lovingly rubbing his dick, back and forward his hands went, slowly. "Unnngghhh" he moaned. His movements were hypnotic, and I couldn't avert my eyes as I watched a dude jerk himself off. I suddenly realized I was harder than steel, myself. "It's happening. Ohhh yeahhhhhh..." he closed his eyes, moaning, and we all finally saw what he meant. What was happening. His entire body was growing. At first I thought I was imagining it, or maybe he was rising up on his toes, but he was definitely getting taller. Slowly but surely. His hands never stopped moving, and he continued growing taller, and he'd grown maybe three or four inches in height before I realized something else. His chest had begun to push out. "Holy sh--" I involuntarily spoke in a hushed voice, stopping myself just before getting the entire word out, not that it mattered since there was no hiding what was going to be said. "Yeah, just watch," he said. His arms had some veins snaking around them now, and I could see his forearms thickening, too. He was growing muscles! FUCK! How was this happening? My dick throbbed in my shorts, and I was immediately brought to realization that I was genuinely enjoying the show. Still growing taller, his arms thickening, his chest pushing out, I also noticed his calves were bulging, too. And his dick was still growing! His shoulders had begun to broaden as well, and I suddenly realized his shirts was getting tighter and tighter, and it was at this point I finally noticed his biceps. They were wrapped in the cloth of his t-shirt, when before the sleeves were loose with plenty of space to spare. "Fuck yeah, keep--unghh--watching..." he said, as he continued to stroke himself, his hands wrapped tightly around his throbbing rod. I watched as those sleeves got tighter and tighter, his arms growing with each stroke of his now huge dick. His traps were rising up, too, and soon that shirt was painted on his body, and he looked like he practically lived in the campus gym. "Oh fuck, fuck... fuck..." his stroking was becoming more rapid, speeding up, and so was his growth. It was like the faster he stroked his dick, the faster he grew. I glanced down and saw his calves were now fucking enormous, bulging out, making it clear he never skipped leg day. Wait, can I even say that? But then more groaning sounds came from his shorts, and I realized his quads and hamstrings had been growing, too. His shorts were tightly wrapped around his muscled legs, and thanks to his new height, we could even see the heads of his quads right above his knees. "Here it--unghh gunnnghhh-- oh it's coming!" His stroking was fevered and wild now, full-on jerking off. His shirt was so tight I couldn't believe it was still holding on. "It's coming!! I'M CUMING!" And he did cum. Oh did he cum. We could literally hear the first burst of cum shoot from his huge dick. It hit my friend David right in the face. "RIIIIIIIIIP!" His shirt finally tore down the middle, his heaving pecs protruding from the tattered cloth, and his biceps ripped the sleeves, a rend going all the way up to his cannon-ball shoulders. "POP! POP!" His legs exploded out of his shorts, each leg ripping up to his belt. More cum was still shooting from his dick, his muscles throbbing as he shot each blast of cum. He was deliberately aiming for us with his cum, hitting not just David before, but two of my other friends as well. Actually, he somehow missed me entirely, but got everyone else. And then his dick was simply dribbling cum, still very hard, though. Cum was dripping down his shaft, onto the hand still holding his dick, and dripping onto the grass. "You like that? HUH?!" He had a wild, somewhat evil grin on his face. "Who's fucking small and weak, now?!" His free hand not holding his dick rose into the air and flexed into a mind-shattering bicep peak, his shirt ripping further, all the way up to his collar until "SNAP!" it too ripped off, leaving the entire one side of his shirt to fall into tattered cloth dangling from what was left on the other side. And then came his other arm, finally releasing his dick, still semi-hard and staying aloft on its own, rising into the air and flexing into yet another huge bicep peak, destroying what was left of his sleeves on that side. His entire shirt fell, revealing what none of us could see to this point. A perfect set of 8-pack abs. Clenching and unclenching with his breaths, washboard enough to actually literally wash clothes on. "WHO'S FUCKING SMALL AND WEAK NOW?!" he asked again, and I guess he was looking for a real answer. It wasn't until now that I finally realized he was towering over us, too. He had a good foot of height over me, at least, and I know I was taller than most of my other friends. He was sure as fuck stronger than any one of us, now, too. Probably stronger than all of us put together. He started to walk towards us, his still semi-hard dick bouncing with his steps, and with each step, more small rips could be heard from his shorts as they struggled to hold on. "What? Y'ALL SUDDENLY GOT NOTHING TO SAY?!" "W-w-we are...?" David actually managed to respond, and I saw he was literally shaking. Was I shaking, too? I couldn't even find my own thoughts, much less feel my own body. "IS THAT A FUCKING QUESTION?!" He reached down and picked David up by the front of his shirt and tossed him across the grass a good ten to fifteen feet. David quickly scrambled to his feet and ran, clearly not caring in what direction since his dorm was in another direction. "GET. THE FUCK. OUT. OF HERE!!" he shouted to the rest of us, and I didn't need to be told twice. I was somehow surprised I'd managed to stick around this long. "OHHhh no, where the fuck do you think you're going?!" he half shouted, grabbing me by the front of my shirt and lifting me off the ground like David, his bulging biceps flexing into gigantic relief from his massive arm. I closed my eyes, bracing myself, prepared to be tossed away. "You're fucking retarded, you know that?" he said, still holding me in the air. I opened an eye, only one eye, and saw his scowling face looking up into mine. Was this another question he wanted answered? How could I fucking know? "Such an asshole," he continued, "Can't see what's in front of you. I've been in love with you for ages now, and you're so concerned with keeping appearances you've never let yourself realize you're fucking gay." He reached out with his other hand and grabbed my crotch which was, yes, still hard, and leaking, too, apparently. "So now what do I do with you?" he asked. I honestly had no clue how to answer that question, even if I could muster the strength to.
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    I'd really love to continue this, and I do hope to in the future, but writing has been difficult for me lately. I'm sure eventually I will write something new, even if not a continuation of this story. I just need to find the proper inspiration!
  9. Hello Parasidious i love what u do and even urself are in muscles grow. Thanks for all !


  10. Thank you! I'm glad people are enjoying this. @MadMutter and I are trying to come up with another story scenario.
  11. Thanks, guys. @MadMutter provided the inspiration, all I did was write it! You should see HIS work.
  12. Before it becomes an issue, this is in fact a college story. The characters are both 18 and 19. No one is under 18. The character, Jolias, was indeed used with permission from his original creator, @MadMutter. ________________________________________ Oh god... fuck... It feels so... goooood... My biceps contracted into huge balls, swelling into the fabric of my sleeves, and I quickly heard threads snapping as my arms blew out of them. My back was widening with every one of my breaths, and again, more threads were snapping and I heard tearing cloth as air began touching the skin of my back. My butt was growing too, muscle packing into my rear, making me rise off the seat on which I was sitting. And my legs, my quads, were growing, too. The hands that were worshiping me were roaming all over my body, and it felt so... fucking... GOOD! My dick was hard and throbbing, snaking its way down into the right leg of my shorts, growing thicker and longer with each second. Pre was leaking from its tip, and I could feel the wetness rapidly spreading, and it was so much it was like I'd already cum when I knew I hadn't. I felt myself shudder, the roaming hands worshiping my growing body kept up their pace, and it was such a hot feeling. My shoulders were widening and spreading farther apart, and my shirt was continuing to tear all over. I couldn't help myself. I reached down, my muscled forearms finally entering my view, veins snaking all around them. I watched as my hands approached the outline of the snake in my shorts. I was taking it slow, I was so excited. I was thrumming with sexual energy, my body throbbing all over. I was involuntarily flexing my dick as it was growing, sending jolts of pleasure through my growing body, hastening its growth. The hands I felt around my muscles were still roaming, and FUCK does it feel good. My hand was so close to my dick now I could feel its heat rising into the palm of my hand. My breaths were quick and deep, my heart was pounding. And then, as soon as the skin of my hand touched the throbbing appendage barely contained within the cloth of my shorts, I felt an immense explosion of pleasure that no one else on Earth has ever felt. My vision went completely white. And then I woke up. My eyes opened, and I was looking up at the ceiling of my room. My dorm room. I shifted my legs, and then I felt it. Yep, I'd shot off a load into my sheets. Wonderful. I was weirdly lucky because by some very small stroke of luck I'd managed to get a dorm room with no room mate. I say it's lucky because moments like this one weren't embarrassing. I didn't have to try to hide the fact I just came into my sheets. But what the hell was that dream? Before I got to college, I'd worked out. I mean, of course I did. High school guys do that. I'd built up a pretty nice body, but I'd never had any fantasies about growing bigger or being worshiped. I threw the blankets off me and grimaced as I felt the cold stickiness in my crotch and boxers. I removed my boxers and tossed them into my dirty clothes hamper, walking over to the mirror. Yeah, I still had a nice bod. My pecs were tight, I had decent abs, and nice arms. I flexed a bicep and admired it's nice shape, and then the unmistakable feeling of being turned on enveloped my body. Movement caught my eye as I watched my dick plumping up and rising, standing straight out before I dropped my arm. How am I getting hard again already? I just blew a load into my bed! And from looking at my own muscles? This was weird. But... I think I liked the feeling. Fuck. The memory of the dream flooded back into my mind, and I remembered the vivid feeling of growing and growing, and I felt my dick throbbing intensely as it quickly went from just hard to full-mast steel. I couldn't resist, and wrapped my left hand around my rod and began to stroke, and waves of euphoria washed over me. I was overtaken by the immense horniness I was experiencing, and I couldn't help myself; I flexed my right arm, and when I saw it bulge into my nicely shaped bicep, that was all it took. My dick throbbed one last time, and I felt the sharp pleasure of cum erupting from my balls and entering my shaft, shooting a huge rope of cum onto the mirror in front of me, splattering. And then another few shots burst out as I came off the high of cumming. I stood there, in front of the mirror, panting, my dick dribbling a little bit of cum still, and I suddenly felt bewilderment. Why was I so horny from muscles all of a sudden? I looked at the clock and realized it was getting late. My first class was about to begin. It was actually my only class of the day. Physics. I rushed and grabbed a towel, and ran to the showers so I could get ready. I passed a few other dudes on the way, and I saw them looking my way. I thrust my chin at them and said "'Sup?" as I walked past. I turned my head and saw them out of the corner of my eye looking back at me. I never noticed that before. Do other dudes always look at me? I'd have to start paying more attention. I quickly showered, not wanting to be late. I ran back to my room and threw on some clothes, picking out some nice ones because, well, what can I say? I'm stylish. I wanna look cool. I put on my blue and white button-down shirt, black undershirt, sleeves rolled up. This was one of my favorite shirts because it hugged my body nicely and showed my slight V shape. I put on my khaki shorts that go down past my knees, but still kind of tight in the rear. I put on some long black socks, and my red Supra shoes. I thought about wearing a hat, but I often keep my long brown hair free. Hats are often a distraction from my ears. What? I liked my ears. I was unique that way. My ears are pointy, sort of like Link's from The Legend of Zelda. It's a genetic anomaly, but I think it's awesome. My eyes are red too. I like being different this way. I think it's cool, and it makes me feel kind of hot. I looked at the time. Fuck. I was running way behind. I dashed out the door, still making sure it was locked, and ran out of the building into the spring air. It was nice outside today, and I would ordinarily enjoy a leisurely walk to class, but I didn't have time for that. I continued my jogging, my backpack bouncing off my ass as I did. I approached the building where my physics class is held, and threw open the door. I rushed down the hall and found the entrance to the classroom, and once again, threw open that door, making all eyes turn on me. I did what I always do in this situation and smiled, flashing my white shiny teeth, and moved to an empty seat. It wasn't until I sat down that I realized I had my timing wrong, and there were still fifteen minutes before class started. Ugh. I pulled out my phone and started looking through Facebook, which is usually what I do when I'm bored or just trying to pass the time, when I noticed the dude next to me was still looking at me. Or rather, he kept stealing glances at me and looking away. I looked over at him, and he was definitely looking, because as soon as I turned my head, he tried to act all nonchalant. But damn, I don't know what it was about this dude, but he piqued my interest. I don't think I'd seen him before today. He was cute. He had dark hair, darker than mine, and it was cut in an undercut fashion, and the long parts were swept back. He had a chain around his neck that looked remarkably similar to the one Sora wears in Kingdom Hearts, but definitely not the same. He was wearing a button-down shirt, like mine, only his was kept open, no buttons fastened. It was red and black, and he had a purple undershirt. Strange color combination, I know, but it was unique and it definitely didn't clash. He also had khaki shorts on, like mine. I guess we dudes are a bit unimaginative when it comes to lower-wear. Suddenly my mind had a brief and sudden flashback to the dream I experienced this morning. I felt my cock twitch in my shorts, but it wasn't because of the muscle-growth in the dream. I suddenly had an image of the dude who was worshiping me in the dream. There's no way it was this dude. I hadn't seen him before today, and you can't dream of things you've never seen before. But why was my mind suddenly placing his face on my dream-worshiper? I suddenly realized I was still staring at him, and he had to have been aware as well. My dick was still twitching, slowwwllyyy plumping up. I had to say something before this was just plain awkward. "Hey man, what's up?" I asked, in my usual cool-guy tone. He glanced over briefly, and I saw his cheeks go red. Cute. He turned away again, looking out the window. I guess he was mentally wrestling with the idea of pretending he didn't hear me. I kept staring at him, now that I had control over this situation, and waited. After only about 20 seconds, which felt longer, he turned back towards me, and said "Hey." His cheeks were still a bit rosy. "What's up, dude?" I asked again. "Uhh... nothin' much. I just enrolled in this class, so it's my first day. I dropped another course in favor of this one." "Cool!" I replied, genuinely interested. "So then I guess we're classmates now, huh?" He nodded, finally smiling a bit. I put my hand out. "I'm Jolias." He looked down at my hand, and then I saw his eyes travel slightly upward, looking at my vascular forearm. His eyes wandered up to my own, locking with them, and then he blushed violently, instinctively looking away again. My dick hardened a bit, again, watching his reaction to me. He swiftly turned back again, taking his hand and grasping my own. "I'm Max," he finally reciprocated, face still red. I thought about playing with him a bit and making a comment about his blushing, but I didn't want to embarrass him. He's probably sitting there praying to God that I haven't noticed his blushing. Or the fact that he's now got a decent tent pitched in his crotch area. "Max, huh? I like that name. Not a lot of Max-es in the world, y'know?" I grinned, once again flashing my bright white teeth. My teeth are super healthy, and since I have darker skin, they stand out. He smiled, and looked down at the floor, before muttering "Yeah? How many other Jolias-es do you know?" I couldn't help but laugh. He was right about that one. "Touche!" I responded. Good, he was opening up a bit more. He seems like an introvert. It was right then that the professor walked in and greeted us. I guess it was time to pay attention now. After the professor started talking, I was ready to take notes, but as I sat there listening, I kept catching Max stealing glances at me. I kept feeling my dick twitching and wanting to harden. When class ended, I gathered my belongings and stood up, getting ready to leave. Max was doing the same. I walked around my little desk so I stood closer to him. "So, Max, what've you got planned for the rest of the day?" He looked taken aback. He took a step backwards as though he were uncomfortable with how close I was to him. I didn't want to scare him away so I turned my body a bit and threw my backpack onto my shoulders so it looked like I only moved to gain space to do so. "I, uhh, don't really have anything planned for the rest of the day. This was my only class for the day." "Right on," I responded. "I was actually gonna head to the library so I could work on reviewing some of this physics stuff since I feel overwhelmed and don't seem to get it too well," I said, looking at the ground. "Would you wanna study with me?" I asked, hoping he'd help me review some of this material. "Y-yeah. Yeah I can help you with it. Luckily physics isn't too hard for me, so I should definitely be able to help you understand whatever you're having trouble with." Max's face seemed to light up at the idea. I smiled at him. "Cool, man! Wanna go now, or--" "We can go now. It's close to this building and I'd rather not have to walk all the way back from the dorms." "Awesome." I put my fist out for a fist-bump. He looked at my fist and seemed hesitant. But then he brought his own hand up and made a fist and bumped mine. He was awkward, but cute. We noticed other students were walking into the classroom for the next class, and I figured we had been in there for way too long after a class had ended. I began walking toward the door and said "Ready, dude?" Max was already on my heels when I asked, but he said "Yeah." We walked side-by-side over to the library. People kept looking at us as we walked, but, to be fair, I had pointy ears. People were most likely looking at me and my ears. I didn't care. Every time I saw someone staring I'd thrust my chin at them and smirk, sometimes even throwing out a "'Sup?" knowing that any other reaction would potentially make me a target for mockery. It's never been lost on me that mean-spirited people feed on low confidence and anxiety in others. My ears were sexy, and I didn't care who disagreed. It wasn't a long walk, but having Max beside me made me feel strange. Good strange. Every time I looked at him I felt my dick twitch a little. I actually had to mentally fight off getting a boner a couple of times. When he and I first interacted, he was sitting. Now, I finally paid attention to the fact that he was a little taller than I was. Only a little. Maybe by an inch or two. But I never would have imagined he was taller than me. While we were walking, I asked him "So you're good at physics, huh? Did you take it in high school?" "Yeah. It was just a regular class, then. But I realized I must have some sort of natural talent for it, I guess, since I never really had to try that hard to get everything right, while I knew plenty of people who struggled with it. This class doesn't seem much different." "Awesome, bro. I'm glad to have someone like you to study with, then," I replied. We got to the doors of the library and walked inside, with me holding the door for Max. He graciously walked by as I held the door without a protest, which was pretty cool, since so many dudes hate having the door held open for them by another dude. Inside, there's like a foyer area, which isn't exactly the library itself. The bottom floor had some actual classrooms, and the library was actually up a set of stairs. Max was already on the stairs before I knew it, and I made a short dash to catch up. I guess he was eager to study! "Wait up!" I called after him. He turned his head briefly to see me skipping steps to catch up to him. He smiled a little. "Hurry up, man. I wanna study," he said, in a serious voice, but then grinned and laughed a little. I was slightly surprised because his personality just changed a little towards one of more extroversion. Which was good. I guess he felt more comfortable. "Shut up!" I playfully said, giving him a light punch on the shoulder. "Owwww," he said, acting like it hurt, still smiling. At the top of the stairs there was a little coffee shop with small tables with chairs. Right next to it was the entrance to the library portion of the building. We walked to the doors and I opened one, and again, Max walked inside past me as I held the door for him, saying thanks as he brushed by. Inside, we stopped after a few steps in and I asked him, quietly, since it is, after all, a library, "Do you wanna just find a table, or would you prefer one of the study rooms?" "Umm, let's a get one of the study rooms. Then we don't have to be so quiet," he replied swiftly, already walking down one of the rows of books to where the study rooms were. I followed behind him. The first two rooms we passed by were taken already by other students. The first one had a single student inside, and he appeared to be drowning in work. He had books everywhere, opened, and plenty of notes strewn about, and a laptop that was open with some document on the screen. The next room had 4 people in it, all of whom seemed to be chatting about whatever they were working on, with their own books all around the table. The next room, though, was in the corner, and it was actually window-less. The door was cracked open, and we saw it was free. Max pushed the door all the way open and turned on the light. It had a small table, plenty of space for at least 4 people to sit comfortably. I walked in after Max and dropped my backpack on the floor next to a chair. Max did the same at the chair next to mine, and sat down. He opened his backpack and removed the physics course textbook, and then his laptop. He then pulled out his notebook, and a pen. I realized I was staring at Max, and had to shake myself from my reverie and get my own things out of my backpack. "So, what do you think you have the most trouble with?" Max asked me. "Huh?" I asked, still bent over digging through my things. "What do you need help understanding?" "Oh! Uhh, I guess I had some trouble understanding the equations and math that go into the concept of torque. I remember the formula being force times lever-arm, but I never did understand how that equation made sense when talking about an engine. How does a car have torque? How do you figure out the torque when there is no lever-arm?" There was more I didn't understand, but I figured I could start with that one. It was actually the first thing that came to mind. "Oh. Alright. Do you have any notes on it?" he asked. "I'll find that section in the textbook." "Ummm yeah, let me see if I can find them." I pulled out my notebook and went through some of the pages, looking for the parts I know I had written on torque. I looked over at Max and he was flipping through the pages of the textbook. I few strands of his hair had fallen out of place and were hanging as he looked down at the textbook pages. He looked so sexy right now. I felt my cock begin to stir again, and I had to look back at my notes to hopefully stop myself from getting hard. Why did I find this dude so enticing? I've gotten hard over girls and guys alike in the past, but this guy was over-the-top cute and making me feel crazy inside. "You find the notes?" I suddenly heard Max ask. He was looking over at me with a somewhat serious face, and I felt myself go a little red. "Y-yeah, I found 'em," I felt myself stutter a little bit. "Okay, let me see what you wrote so I can see for myself if you missed anything." He reached over and grabbed my notebook and slid it over, brushing my hand and arm as he did so. I felt chills from his touch, and my skin tingled where he made contact. It felt good. I was looking down at my forearm where he touched me and I suddenly felt my dick growing. Fuck. I wondered briefly if I should just let it happen. We're sitting down, so he probably wouldn't notice. I shook my head, as if saying no to myself. I had to stop myself from getting hard. If he notices I have a boner, he may not appreciate it and leave. I looked down at the textbook I had, and started reading. I didn't care what I was reading, I just picked a spot in the writing and started reading it. I had to focus on something else other than the sexy dude I had next to me. I felt my dick deflating slowly, as I read the boring physics information. I had my hands on the table, holding the book in front of me, and I let it back down so it sat flat on the table. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief as I averted what I, maybe irrationally, imagine could have been a disaster. "You alright?" I heard Max suddenly ask. His voice shattered the focus I had on staying level-headed. I turned and looked at him, his face filled with concern and curiosity. "I--" I started to reply, but then another flashback to the dream I had this morning filled my mind. Max's face. His cute face was the one from my dream. It was him! He was the one in my dream! But my mind was wracked with questions and I was completely confused by how I could dream of someone I'd never met before. But it was definitely Max who, in my dream, was feeling me up and running his hands over my body as my muscles inexplicably grew and hardened. "Jolias, what's wrong?" Max asked again only in a different way. I felt my face going red with embarrassment, but my dick was hardening again. I felt it growing fast, and this time, there was no stopping it. My mind was re-experiencing the sensations I felt in my dream, and that alone was enough to make me harder than steel. But now, Max was here, a dude I found insanely attractive. Also the dude from my dream who caused me to grow into a muscle beast. My dick was still growing, swelling into full hardness. I felt it beginning to throb, and I knew my shorts had a nice tent by now. My body shuddered, and all I could think about was... how badly I wanted my dream to be real! Wait... what? Did I really want to grow? I've never wanted this or imagined it before... but the throbbing in my shorts was telling me I did. I felt myself beginning to perspire, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to start flexing. "Jolias?" And suddenly I snapped back to reality. My dick still throbbing, I looked back into Max's face, seeing more concern than before. "I... umm...--" I felt my dick throb again, hard. I gulped and tried to speak again. "I just got distracted for a second there. I'm alright." "Distracted by what? Maybe if you talk about it you'll focus better," Max said. I gulped again. Do I tell him about my dream and what was going through my mind? No. I just met this dude. Even if he only wants to be friends and nothing more, I'd still rather have that than have him think I'm a freak. I responded, "I was just thinking about how confusing this stuff is. I guess I'm just anxious, dude. Nothin' to worry about." "Oh! Well, it's not as difficult as it may seem. Let me show you where I think you messed up in your own notes, and it might all make more sense," Max said, with a bit of a reassuring smile. He slid my notes back over to me, and then scooted his chair closer to mine. My heart started to pound within my chest as he got closer and I could actually feel his body heat. My dick was pulsing within my shorts, and I was resisting an urge to start groping myself. I felt like there was immense sexual tension in the room, but I was the only one feeling it. I felt that other urge again to flex my arm like I did in the mirror earlier in the day. Maybe Max would like it? God what was I thinking?! Who the hell just flexes out of nowhere? But FUCK did I want to! "Jolias?" "Yeah, I'm listening. Where'd I mess up?" "Right here, where you neglected a specific portion of the formula." He reached over and pointed at my notes, but my eyes were immediately drawn to his hand as it brushed across my own. He continued, "There's more about it in the textbook." I heard him say the words but I had already closed my eyes, feeling that tingling again where he made contact with my hand, and it was taking everything in me not to moan. I felt a strange sensation over my entire body, and I felt like I was thrumming with some sort of energy, while my dick continued to throb. I suddenly felt his arm across my forearm, and I opened my eyes to see it. He was resting his arm on mine, pointing at the textbook where the information was. His warm skin, his breath, everything about him was making me crazy. I couldn't take it anymore. Something inside me snapped. I reached out with my left hand and grabbed his hand. I saw his eyes go wide, and all I could do was grin. "Check this out," was what I heard myself say, without even thinking about it. I turned more towards him, and I pulled his hand to my right upper arm and put it there, and raised my arm and flexed it. GOD it felt so good to just do it finally. I felt my bicep bulge up into its nice ball of muscular strength, and I felt his fingers spread as my arm contracted. I looked over at my own arm and felt proud that I'd maintained some good muscle over the last couple of years since I started working out. I couldn't stop grinning, and I looked into his face and saw a look of complete wonder. He wasn't looking at me, he was looking at my arm. And something else I realized: he wasn't removing his hand. He was squeezing my arm. "Yessss..." I breathed, barely above a whisper, as I was enveloped in the satisfying pleasure of feeling him touch my body. His eyebrows furrowed slightly from my reaction, but he seemed much more intent on keeping his hand where it was, as he continued to squeeze and feel my bicep. It felt really fucking good. "Fuck," Max finally said. It's all he said. Just that single word. "How about this?" I asked, as I flexed my other arm, now in a double bicep pose. He immediately reached his other hand out and grabbed it. Both of his hands were now filled with my biceps, and it felt so fucking good. My entire body was throbbing and tingling, and I wanted more. It felt so fucking good. As if he read my thoughts, Max removed one of his hands and placed it on my chest. I felt a jolt of electricity and I groaned a little. I felt an energy I'd never felt before, yet it was familiar. I flexed my chest for him and he smiled, prodding it with his fingers. My dick was in a constant state of contraction, harder than ever, throbbing, and now drooling. I moaned again, the feeling now getting stronger through my body. I grabbed his wrist and guided his hand under my shirt so he was now touching skin-to-skin. FUCK! "Ohh god, Max, this feels so... fucking... gooooood!" I moaned. Max seemed unphased by my reaction. He seemed actually to be enjoying himself, touching me. His hand started to move a bit under my shirt, running from one side of my chest to the other, then actually down across my tight abs. "Fuuuck..." I felt myself say. I didn't even mean to say it. I closed my eyes, and suddenly I felt it. And everything fell into place. My dream wasn't a dream. It was a premonition. It's happening right fucking now. And I wanted it. And right on cue, my entire body throbbed, and my muscles all flexed almost at once. I was growing. FUCK! I was growing! Max's other hand was now on my thigh, and squeezing it through my shorts. I felt my dick throb again, only this time, it was like I was getting harder somehow. My cock was growing, slowly inching its way down my shorts leg. FUCK it felt good. I looked at Max again finally and saw him eyeing my tent, his eyes wide, but with intrigue. "Fuck yeah," I said, knowing what was happening. I flexed my right arm, and wow. It was bigger. Veins were starting to snake their way around my arms, and my bicep peak was swelling as I held my arm flexed. Max didn't waste a second and had his hand there again, squeezing the growing muscle, throbbing bigger with each heart beat. His hand was running over the peak, and he was squeezing it with his fingers, testing the strength of it. "Unghhhh" I moaned, as I felt my bicep grow bigger in his hand, and then I felt my shoulders widening, the cloth of my shirt pulling taut across my chest. My quads were swelling too, and I felt his hand running up and down my pulsing leg as my leg muscles expanded. His hand ran from one leg to the next, and I could feel the growth accelerate each time he touched me. I felt my calf muscles contracting on their own, and I looked down, Max following my attention, and we both watched as my calves were bulging and swelling, bigger and bigger with each of my heartbeats. The elastic on my black socks was forced to widen and stretch more and more as my lower legs expanded. For the first time, I heard Max moan. "Ohhh god..." he said, and I finally noticed he had a tent in his shorts. I wondered how long that had been there. My own dick was so amazingly hard. Feeling that, coupled with the euphoric sensation of my entire body swelling and growing, my mind was racing. I felt my dick continuing to inch its way down my leg, still growing harder and bigger. I saw the outline of it through my shorts, and it was getting huge. And it was leaking. I nice big wet spot was forming, and as it grew, it was starting a trail. "AHHhhh" I moaned again as I felt my ass suddenly bulge, packing muscle into my rear and making me rise off the seat. "Fuck!" I exclaimed, never realizing before how it felt to have big rear muscles. Max continued roaming his hands everywhere, and it felt soooo... fucking... goooooood! "Oh god, fuck yeah..." I breathed, feeling Max running his hands over my back, and I felt it widening and growing with his touch. My back was expanding, and I felt my lats pressing against my shirt. "Growinggggg..." I moaned again, flexing my biceps as I did. My biceps bulged up huge, flexing into the fabric of my sleeves, and suddenly "RRRRIIIIP" my sleeves blew apart, my biceps on full display as the tattered fabric hung down from the shoulders. Max's hands immediately went to my arms. "Oh god, oh god..." Max was saying, his hands rubbing each peak lovingly yet feverishly. "Fuck yeah, Max. FUCK yeah. Feel me grow!" I responded without intending to sound so cocky, but it all felt so good, and I wanted to keep growing. "I'm... becoming a... GOD!" I said, as I felt my quads flex on their own, and a loud "RIIIIP" as my shorts ripped up both sides, exposing my now huge legs, each quad head now in relief. Hands continued to roam over my body, still growing, and I felt my dick throb super hard. My boxers were still holding on, barely, as my dick continued to grow. I saw it snaking its way down my right leg, just barely contained in my boxers, and just about at the threshold before it popped out of the leg opening. It was so hard, though, and I felt it trying to escape. I needed it to be exposed. It wanted to stand tall and strong and proud. Inch by inch, still it grew. My tip was about to breach the edge of my boxer leg, and I sat there, my arms now at my sides, fists clenched, watching my own dick growing and elongating. Max's hands were caressing my triceps as they flexed in stark relief, I felt my pecs pushing more and more against my shirt, and it was getting tight, too, but first, I was waiting for my jack-in-the-box. Suddenly I felt a hand on my face, and my head was turned forcibly as my lips met another set of lips. Max was kissing me! FUCK! "RRRRIIP!" And there it was. We both looked, and my dick sprang up, ripping through my boxers like a sword, flinging pre into the air as it did. And holy shit, my dick had to be over 12 inches long now, thick as shit, and STILL FUCKING GROWING. Max didn't waste time, though, and continued running his hands over my body, feeling my muscles grow. My chest was flexing on its own, and I felt the shirt growing tighter and tighter, my shoulders still widening and growing, getting more and more round as muscle kept packing into them. I heard threads beginning to snap from my back, and I guessed I was finally too broad. I stood up, shoving the chair back and knocking it down, and Max followed suit. My dick stood up at 45 degrees, drooling onto the floor, my torn shorts hanging from my hips. I looked at Max and noticed I'd grown taller, too. I was taller than Max now, by several inches. I closed my eyes, feeling the tingling energy still coursing through me, flexing my arms at my sides, "Come on, dude, unngnggg..." I moaned, coaxing Max to help me grow bigger. I felt my pecs flex, and Max suddenly had his hands up the back of my shirt, running them across my undulating back. "Oh fuck..." I said, and my body bulged. I heard a stretching noise, and my body suddenly surged bigger, and there was more tearing. My shorts were ripping in the rear as my ass grew bigger, and somehow my shirt was still holding on. It was basically painted on at this point. I flexed my arms again, relishing in the huge mountains that rose on them. Max's eyes were filled with lust as he continued rubbing my muscles, and I was still growing. I felt it with each throb and pulse of my heart, pumping muscle-blood through my veins. My dick was still getting longer and thicker, my head was inching towards the ceiling, and finally-- "RRIIIIIP!!" my shirt tore down the middle of my back. Both shirts. I took both hands and literally ripped the rest of my button-down from my body, tossing it across the little room. My undershirt was still clinging on, and i liked the look. It was like body paint, it was so tight. My pecs were clearly outlined, even my abs were showing through the shirt. "Fuck, dude, I'm ready to get naked. Are you ready?" I asked. Max nodded rapidly, his eyes still wide, a look of lust in them. I was so filled with sexual energy my dick was so hard and throbbing, I didn't want to touch it because I felt like it'd explode if I did. "Then make it happen, dude," I said. He lunged at me, wrapping his arms around me from the side, his head only up to my shoulders now. His hands were roaming everywhere, all over my back and my chest. His right hand was tracing the crevices of my abs, poking into them, feeling the bricks of muscle there. "Ohhhh god, fuck yeah, here it comes..." I moaned yet again. And right on cue, I felt my body swelling outward and upward, muscle packing onto muscle. My ass was flexing on its own as muscle was making more of a bubble butt than I ever thought I could ever have. Max's hand was right there on my rear, feeling it flex. I grew taller, and my hips finally widened. "RIIIP!" and my shorts finally fell to the floor. My cock was standing up, completely uncovered and out. I jerked my body a little, turning to face Max more, and he backed off for a second while I brought my arms up into a mind-blowing double bicep pose. My entire body bulged with muscle, my arms exploded with size, and finally-- "RRRRIIIIP!" The rest of my shirt fell to the floor in tatters. Completely nude now, I stood there, panting, my cock standing up and drooling pre onto the floor. Max was drooling in two different ways. He had a wet spot on his shorts, and I swear he had some drool running down his chin. "Ready for more studying?" I asked, flexing my muscles some more. I was at least a foot and a half taller than him now. Max looked worried for a second as he looked at the table with our books, then back to me. I imagined he was thinking to himself 'Is he serious? What do I do?' I laughed. Max looked confused. I flexed some more. "Let's... study," I said, in a calm, deep voice. I stepped forward and took Max's right hand. He looked worried still. "Don't worry, dude." I held his hand within my now huge hand, and ran my fingers over his, enjoying the erotic contact with this super cute dude. I heard Max's breath's getting shorter and shorter, and I realized he was super excited. Knowing that made me even harder, if that were even possible. I looked down at my own dick, and noticed it was still fucking growing. Each heartbeat, throb, it grew slightly more. I guided Max's hand closer and closer to my cock. He realized what I was doing, and looked hungrily at my dick. His hand was so close now, and I felt my body shudder. I felt the heat from my cock rising into my hand, and I'm sure Max did too. "Ready?" I asked, more for myself than for him. I didn't know what would happen. I wanted it to happen, I just didn't know what it would be. Everything within my body and mind told me I needed release, and that feeling was concentrated entirely in one spot. My dick. It was throbbing so hard, sooo hard, and drooling so much there was now a pool of pre on the cheap carpet. Max was nodding. I took a breath, my big chest expanding with my lungs, and placed his hand on my dick and let go. He instantly wrapped his fingers around as much as he could, and squeezed. He didn't hesitate for a second to bring his other hand over and grab on. My mind shattered. I saw white in my vision, everything went completely white. I couldn't see. All I felt was insane pleasure. Even my ears were ringing. The ringing subsided rather quickly, though, and all I could hear was my own moaning. The unmistakable sensation of cum exploding from my balls and into my shaft was sending shivers down my spine, the pressure unbelievable. I realized my eyes were shut and when they opened, I watched a huge volley of white hot cum launch across the little room and splatter against the wall. It went everywhere, landing even some on Max. The first volley launched, I felt something else. I exploded with size. "OHHHH FUCK!" I was suddenly pounds heavier with muscle, and before I could even think, the next volley launched, and again, another several pounds of muscle packed onto my frame, my height increasing ever still. I thought for a moment my knees buckled, but I realized my head made contact with the ceiling and my legs were instinctively bending, forcing my quads to bulge in amazing relief. Another volley. BAM! Splattering everywhere, covering our books, and Max was getting pretty wet. Taller and bigger I grew, still, muscle exploding from my body with every surge, flexing without even trying to. "Here I fucking go, becoming a god..." My hands and arms rose up, and I pressed into the ceiling, and soon, plaster and wood were falling as I was outgrowing the room. Max's hands never left my cock; he continued rubbing and squeezing, coaxing out more and more of my hot cum. BAM! Another shot, splattering everywhere. "Unnghhhh!" I moaned again. The ceiling continued to fall, as my shoulders were soon making contact with what was still there. I couldn't keep myself bent over like this, and I wanted so bad to stand up straight. I used my new height and strength and brought down more of the ceiling, shielding Max, of course. I felt one more volley, and it was weakened. I surged slightly bigger, my head, shoulders, and part of my chest rising into the ceiling. I realized I'd closed my eyes again, and opened them to notice there was another floor above the one we were on. There was another study room above ours, and there were people in it. Two other dudes I'd never seen before were now looking down through the new hole in their floor, watching with open mouths as a god was rising. One last volley. "Oh god, oh god, oh fuck..." I breathed, and I grew bigger again. The two new friends I'd just made backed up into a corner as they watched me grow bigger and take up more of their space. I felt my dick finally just dribbling cum onto the floor, but still throbbing and sending jolts of electricity through my body. Max was now roaming my entire body with his hands, rubbing and loving on every one of my muscles. He even kissed my abs, each brick at a time. "Holy shit, is this for real?" I heard one of the dudes whose study session I just interrupted ask. "Fuck yeah," I replied, and sat down so I was more in the room with Max. I shoved everything out of the way so I had space to sit, and Max threw himself into running his hands over my chest and arms. "Should we get someone?" one of the dudes asked. "Yeah. Yeah, get someone. Get everyone." I flexed my biceps for them, and they only stared wide-eyed, mouths open. Max pulled away from me for a second, rubbing some of my cum he'd gotten on him into his skin, rubbing it between his fingers. It was really everywhere. "Uh, sorry dude," I chuckled, watching him wiping cum over himself. He took some off his arm and licked his fingers clean. "Don't be," he said. "You're the sexiest guy on the planet." "Well, I don't know about---" I started, but suddenly Max pulled back his sleeve and flexed his arm. It was big. Bigger than it could have been when we met. "Oh yeah," he said. "I think I'm ready to experience round two myself!" he said, flexing his other arm, this one ripping his sleeve. "Unnnghh, here I growwwww..." Max moaned, his form suddenly swelling and bulging. I could only smirk.
  13. pasidious

    Camjerk 2

    Just an update for any who are interested: I'm still working on a short one-off story, but I've made decent progress on it. It's been difficult to sit and write for extended periods of time, so this is going much slower than I want, but there will be something coming!
  14. pasidious

    Camjerk 2

    Alright guys, don't be mad at me, but I really did sit down to begin writing the third part to Camjerk. I got one sentence down when I was hit with inspiration for a different short story. So, I'm working on that first! It should be a one part short story so it shouldn't take long to write, but I figured as long as I'm feeling the inspiration to write it, I should get it all down!
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