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  2. I occasionally work as an extra, and last Friday I participated in the making of some foreign film or a TV series. The site was an old high school, so the majority of the extras were young-looking people. While we were waiting in front of the school to be summoned to the set, I was having small talk with some of the older guys. Somewhere during the conversation, my eyes wandered around until I was watching the stairs at a bunch of extras. In their midst, I saw this guy who was much different than the others. Everyone else was skinny or teenage or elderly, but not him. Truthfully, I couldn’t determine his age, but judging by his appearance, he couldn’t have been less than 20 years old. His skin was darker than most people in my country, most likely because he had just returned from the seaside where he got tanned. His face was cute. His eyes were dark yet clear, and his lips were full and shiny. This is a photo-robot I did of him. I am usually good with Photoshop, but I can't be bothered with it now, so I made a tiny pic so that you can get a general idea of how he looks. Of course, what caught my attention was the fact that he was more massive than the people he was surrounded with, as well as the size of his arms, which he proudly accentuated by having his t-shirt’s sleeves rolled up to his shoulders. His bis and tris looked really powerful and thick, and his forearm was not losing out to those. He was neatly dressed, which displayed his narrow waist and a flat stomach, which in turn was a pedestal for his large pecs. I was captivated... Especially, when he started doing some shallow dips on that same staircase while looking at something in my direction. Now I was more than captivated. From then on, during that day, I would chat with the same people as at the beginning of the day, but I would always find him with my gaze, or I would straight up leave a conversation to find that guy and admire him from afar. We were all seated in a classroom, waiting for our turn to come to be called to one of the sets. I was one of the people that ended up not doing anything for the rest of the day, probably because we don't fit with how a high school student or a teacher would look. The guy was mostly by himself, only occasionally talking to someone. In some moments, I saw him entranced looking at his own arm and flexing it to see how much can his bicep pop out. Needless to say, looking at this caused me to lose my senses. I had always wanted to see someone admiring himself in this way. My imagination ran wild. If he was like this in public, in the presence of more than a dozen people that were n the classroom in that moment, what must he be like behind a closed door, with nothing but himself and mirror next to him? Then the moment came when he was called to a set. This is when finally my head cooled down a bit, and I could focus on the more mundane conversations I was having with some of the other people. After one hour of somehow not thinking about him, I started to notice myself searching for him. I went out to the school’s yard, where all the filming crew and the majority of the extras were. In the moments of me being able to be there, the crew was busy with planning out scenes, and the extras were just sitting around and waiting for the shooting to resume. He was not hard to spot. There were some young people on the basketball court, and he was the only one of the players who was shirtless. I could tell that someone from the crew was wasting no time with him. He was leaning on the court fencing and talking to a girl, who was hanging out with a friend. Sometimes he would crouch down and give her a massage… Quite an intimate contact, that was, though there was nothing erotic on their faces. There was just the massage. I concluded that they are friends, or maybe they know each other from other sets, like most extras in this business do. Then, the crew asked for everyone to stay clear and return to their original positions, which was a sign for me to skedaddle. I would return to the entrance to the courtyard to look at him some more, but on these occasions, he wasn’t chatting with the girl, but doing some tricep extensions on the fence to look good on the camera. Seeing his 6-pack abs and a firm butt, the shape of which was perfectly accentuated by his lower tracksuit revived the lust in me, and then I knew that I wouldn’t be calm by the end of that day. The shooting of the scene became more and more frequent and longer, so I couldn’t afford to keep standing on that doorway. I tried finding alternative angles. The school was devoid of life because it’s the summer vacation. And the school was really large and rustic. It reminds me of a hospital at the turn of the 20th century. I walked up the stairs to the higher floors and tried finding inconspicuous places from which I would be able to marvel at that perfect human being pretending to play basketball down there. I couldn’t believe myself at what I was prepared to do over this person who I knew next to nothing about. After looking at him for some 3 minutes, I finally decided to tone it down on the creepiness factor and head back down into the classroom from before. There I sat for a while as the end of that day’s shoot was drawing near. The extras were scattered around. The guy I was obsessing with came in with the two girls, sat alongside them for a while. As the girls were talking to each other, he was noticeably admiring his reflection in the window glass. He would grab the window with one hand, and then tense it up so that he can see his bicep peaking out and enjoy its size and shape while gently tickling the vein that was popping out of it. I enjoyed that scene, too. Occasionally he would lift his gaze towards me because he probably detected my staring with his peripheral vision, or maybe he was just checking if anyone was paying attention to him. Sometimes, I would avert my gaze, sometimes I would keep looking at his body or his sexy eyes. This was driving me even crazier than until then. I took a bathroom break to cool off my thoughts. I had intended to leave things as they were, but nowadays I am haunted by guilt over missed opportunities in my life. Therefore, I decided to write something down on a piece of paper and maybe consider giving it to him. I wrote down my phone number and email address on one side, and on the other, I wrote the following “If ever you get a desire to receive the worship that your body deserves…” My head was spinning as I wrote these words down. What the hell was I thinking!? Well, I was thinking about approaching him, commending him on his physique and maybe asking him about any advice he may have to achieving his look. That would’ve been what a normal person would do, but no way am I any of that. I have always been not only socially awkward but a damned coward as well. I folded the piece of paper and stored it in my back pocket so that I can look at it later as a testament to my cowardice, voyeurism and missed opportunities. When I returned to the classroom, I noticed him sitting much closer to the desk I was sitting at. I sat on my chair and continued talking with the guys I was with, pretending not to pay attention to his continued self-admiration. Suddenly, he left the classroom. Two minutes later, the extras' coordinator came in and announced that he is about to distribute the payments for that day. The guy was nowhere to be seen. All that was left in the classroom was his pair of sunglasses and his drawstring gym rucksack. The time was approaching for this day to end and for all of us to go our separate ways. As I became aware of this fact, something in my mind told me to act now. As the extras were slowly but surely starting to crowd the classroom, and the guy was still nowhere to be seen, I approached the window where I saw him last. I leaned over his drawstring rucksack as if to look out the window, and I subtly inserted the piece of paper into it. Adrenalin was coursing through my veins as I was doing that. I started getting some paranoid thoughts, such as “is the rucksack truly his?”, or “what if he finds the piece of paper early and causes a scene?” As the coordinator gave the money to all the present extras, the time came for me to depart with one of the guys I had been chatting with. We left the classroom. As we were going through the school’s hallway, the guy passed us by and went into the classroom. This is when I wanted to check if the rucksack is truly his. I told my friend to wait for me as I would be back in a second. I took a peek in the classroom and indeed saw the guy take the rucksack from the window. I was simultaneously relieved and panicking. The time came for me to finally go home. It took me 30 minutes to reach home. I was resting for an hour or so when, suddenly, I got a message on Viber from an unknown number: “Man, you are COMPLETELY out of your mind!“ I knew who it was because there was a picture of him next to the message. “Look, I am honestly sorry if I caused you discomfort. I didn’t want to embarrass you in public, which is why I made sure no one saw me smuggle that paper into your rucksack. However, I am truly sorry if you feel disgusted in any way.” I wrote, hoping that the situation gets alleviated somehow. “Nah, it’s okay, man! I said you’re completely insane, and… I kinda like that. :))) The name's Michael.” I stopped breathing as my heart rushed in my chest. ... To be continued.
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  4. I am so into the idea of young, tall, handsome, muscular serial killers. ? Similar to the American Psycho movie. A narcissistic unstoppable young man who only doesn't kill children and animals (I draw the line there, except when it's a large and powerful animal, and its death serves to display the character's own strength). I doubt there have ever been any stories like this. Anyone knows some? I am thinking about writing one in a fantasy setting, but I'm afraid my writing will be stylistically ugly. English is my second language, too. ?
  5. Hahah! Thanks for reading, people! The "retard units" thing is an ongoing joke on the Internet outside of the countries with the imperial system. I meant no disrespect, of course... But do switch to metric soon. xD
  6. So, I was talking with my friend the other day. She is a very direct girl, who doesn’t hold any secrets - perfectly blunt, in every way - and she is like that when she approaches men. She can afford to be because she is 26 years old, average height for a girl, intelligent, funny and hot - the full package. I will not name her here. One day, at a gym that she frequents with her boyfriend, with whom she is in an open relationship, she decides to approach this incredibly handsome guy, who also is a devoted gym-goer. He too seemed oh-so-very much like a good deal. Young, witty, but also very tall (198 cm, or 6'6 in retard units) and, clearly, quite strong. Through her telling, my friend recalled the ease with which he did pull-ups. This is his Instagram pic, I was told. At some point my friend started up conversations with the guy, whose name is Philip, she tells me, and through the weeks of getting together at the gym and through Facebook comments, she saw that she has a lot in common with Philip, especially when it comes to their preferences for genres in movies and books. She also noticed that he is into her. One day, they decide to get together after the gym. With my friend there is no beating around the bush. They went straight to his place - no dates, no romantic walks. She had already learned his humor, likes and dislikes. She wanted to know his primal side now. What is he like when passion takes hold of him? She got more than she bargained for. “Can you imagine what he must’ve looked like after the gym that evening? All that testosterone brimming inside him…” my friend recalled. She remembered him being larger than ever before due to the pump he was having. Veins were jumping out of him. Probably looked like this other pic from his Insta account. When they got into his bedroom, my friend couldn’t help but marvel at how the entire place was well organised and tidy. The bedroom was spacious, so he had set up a pull-up bar and a heavy-looking punching bag. There were also quite a number of large mirrors, which made the room appear bigger than it actually is. Another set of mirrors was near the bed - one on the wall on the side of it, and the other stuck to the sealing above the bed. By the time they got to the bed, their clothes were shed. This is, by the way, where she finally got a good look at his beautifully shaped ass. At first, he was being very gentle with her as they were starting foreplay and kissing. However, at some point, my friend said that she started to goad him, so that he would become more rough with her. I think she likes it that way. After a slap here, a wicked laugh there, he grew increasingly - and visibly - annoyed… He wasn’t amused at all. He grabbed her by her arms and forcefully picked her up with great ease, as if to correct her behaviour. Then, he laid her back onto the bed with some frustration. She described his face as barely containing anger and remembers his loud breathing. He got up, nude, with every muscle and every vein visible on his large tight body, and he walked furiously across the room in circles. The muscle mass on him, combined with his imposing height, makes him weigh at around 115 kilos - nearly twice her weight. His steps were booming. He then took a sturdy metal chair from a corner of the room and placed it in front of the bed. Still annoyed, he said to her “come here.” She could tell from his tone that he was in no mood for hesitation, so she got up from the bed and walked up to the chair. He impatiently turned her away from himself and picked her up off the floor onto the seat, so that her behind would face him. It looked to her that this was his version of foreplay, so she was still looking forward to what may come out of this all. He entered her vagina with his decent-sized dick and thrusted strong enough that her knees were no longer touching the chair, which was there to support them in the first place. It felt good, albeit a little violent. While she was moaning, she looked up into the mirror by the bed and saw that Philip was focused solely onto himself in the reflection. She said that she thought at the time “Fuck, I’d be looking at myself if I were as gorgeous as him”. He was staring into his own eyes and into the glistening muscles of his own large and powerful body while practically holding her 60 kilos constantly in the air. He was going like that for several minutes. When he finally turned his focus to the girl he was thrusting, she felt that he was getting a bit flaccid. Not too much, for he was still a clear presence inside of her. Philip leaned over her back and stretched his arm down, next to her head. He was again gazing at their reflection in the mirror, but now he had a renewed hardness to his dick. My friend said that she was enjoying the feel of his strength imposed on her, and said that it was even more than she had hoped for. He certainly knew how to move down there, not just simple thrusts. She was genuinely enjoying it, but she was still able to see that Philip was actually focusing now on the monstrous size of his own arm when put next to her significantly smaller body. He flexed it so that the peak of his bicep would be right next to her head. She remembered how she rubbed her head against his bicep and feeling that rock-like hardness. Then, she told me, something unexpected happened. He got out of her, then proceeded to put her back on the bed. He placed the chair on the bed too, so that it was above her head. Now he was above her, and she was facing him, and their sex organs reunited. He was straddling her like a mighty lion, and he appeared inhumanly large above her. All she could see were his stone-hard abs and huge pecs as they were thrusting up and down, along with her entire body. Here comes the weird part. He looks down into her eyes. She was feeling a mixture of ecstasy and fear in that moment. He was insanely hot, even in this moment of bestial mindlessness, yet everything that was going on escaped even her wildest fantasies, and I can tell you, my friend has some wild imagination. It was in that moment when he grabbed ahold of the chair and, while looking into my friend’s eyes, proceeded to crush it! It was here that fear completely took over in my friend’s mind. Crushing that chair is no small feat. According to my friend, it had a steel frame with elements of hard wood and was quite heavy and solid. Philip squeezed it with his powerful hands while relentlessly looking into my friend’s eyes. Soon, the chair’s frame gave way to his pressure and started to grind and crack loudly. By this point my friend was petrified with terror at what she was seeing. Philip was practically turning from a prince into a savage monster before her very eyes. He groaned with his deep and booming voice as he was distorting and destroying the chair. He was looking with his cold unyielding eyes deep into her while he was doing it. He pinned the frame of the chair next to the girl’s petrified naked body and ripped the bars towards himself. She could do nothing but watch silently this monstrous display of power because she was helpless. The strength that was needed to pull and rip the steel outward was bordering inhuman. Looking at those dark, cruel eyes of his, she was actually afraid… that he was going to switch the chair with her at some point. Philip got off of her and violently launched the remains of what used to be a chair onto the wall, shattering it into bits that scattered on the floor. His wrath wasn’t subsiding, though. He then furiously launched hits at his punching bag. The whole building was shaking at the shockwaves that his punching produced. His precise movement and enormous strength with which he was hitting made it evident that had the bag been human, there would be no more life left in it. During this unbelievably intense moment, my friend’s wits came back to her, and she thought of a way to prevent things from escalating. She got off the bed to her feet and silently said his name in a calm manner. “Philip?”, in response to which he stopped his punching and looked at her. His chest was heaving from deep breaths, and his pumped up muscles were covered with sweat. She approached him carefully, barely containing her shivering, knowing full well that he might lunge at her. This time, however, she had gotten to know him a bit. She took his large hand and brought him to one of the mirrors. The blood was coming back to his cock at the sight of his own reflection. In that moment, he was a personification of power - a god of strength and beauty. Every muscle fiber was bursting on him. He was enormous, bigger than life. He wanted to turn around towards her, but she stopped him from doing that, lest he get some new ideas. She stood behind him so that his frame would completely eclipse her from the mirror. Only her hands were visible because she was caressing his muscles gently. He realised that it felt good that his god-like body is finally receiving some worshiping. His dick was insanely hard now. He looked at himself as the petit female hands were passing over the massive landscape of his sculpted V-shaped torso. He flexed his arms and allowed my friend to feel the enormity of power emanating from his hard lats, triceps, and biceps. He knew that nothing could stop him in this moment if he went on a rampage, but getting some love and appreciation for the body he had painstakingly built over the years felt much more rewarding. He could no longer contain himself. His breathing and his twitching stiff cock became a signal of the fact that he could no longer fight his sexual urges. My friend realised that, so she jerked him off. When he laid down on the bed, she gladly sucked him because she was relieved. He came in a torrent of sperm. My friend told me about this with clear fear and disbelief at the events she was describing, but I, for whatever reason, felt like it was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. She says that they are still friends, and I still see his comments on her posts, but she said that that day’s experience is something she is not eager to repeat… I barely contained my breathing as she was describing all of this to me. What did you feel? This is based on true events that happened more than half a year ago. Here is another picture of “Philip”. I hear that he finally understood what a beauty he is, so now he took to modelling.
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