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    Bbing, MG, all kinds of muscle from lean fit physique types, to freaky roided bbers, to big bellied strongman bulls & powerlifters.<br />
    Obsessed with muscle an love meeting and chatting with like-minded guys into same.
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  1. Suma

    m/m The Big Boss

    It was a lazy Sunday morning in December. Big boss was at the local ihop for a hearty breakfast. The big man had a huge spread before him easily enough for four. Dozen eggs, double portions of bacon and sausages, several servings of hash brown potatoes, grits, biscuits , toast and big stack of pancakes. Halfway thru he could hear off to the side at another table a heated exchange. “Hey you little runt is that you that bumped your car into my bike and tipped it over parked out front?” “I swear my car never touched your bike. Maybe the wind blew it over “ Big boss turned to have a look and he could see a large biker man dressed in full leather gear berating and threatening a smaller guy. Big boss recognized the smaller guy as one of his trusted shop stewards. He stepped over to be of assistance “hey is there a problem here?” The leather biker responded with disdain “mind your business big man this ain’t got nothing to do with you “ “Correction” big boss replied with equal disdain and stepping forward to square up “this man works for me so if there’s a problem here it’s my problem too. “ The shop steward breathed a big sigh of relief that big boss intervened in such a way. He had heard how protective big boss often is with his loyal workers. The two big man stared eachother down for a few brief seconds then sensing the impending brawl big boss pushed aside with great force the nearby tables sending dishes glasses and diners flying. Big boss had the look of delight in his eyes relishing the opportunity to demolish this biker. He roared and his pecs rolled with fury just before the two men collided. The leather biker was foolish he was clearly no match for big boss weighing in at a solid muscular 450 lbs. the biker’s fists landed with little effect upon big boss’ chest and belly. In contrast big boss threw a blow sending the biker crashing into the counter knocking over one of the waiters. The biker picked himself up and tried again. This time attempting a flying drop kick. Big boss caught him midair and like a bug swatted him to the floor where he layed demoralized. Boss grabbed him by the neck and with one arm lifted this 280lbs leather man like a child whereafter he tossed him out the ihop window. His defeated body landed upon innocent passersby with shattered glass strewn everywhere leaving him bloody unconscious or dead. It was all over. Ms Hattie-Mae the ihop owner came out running “boss man what have you done? The cost to repair my place will put me out of business “ “You know my plant at the edge of town send me the bill for repairs and some of my workers can do the work. “ The delighted woman could not contain herself and jumped into big boss’ arms; as did the shop steward to show his thanks. The titan man held the two upon his big belly as they showed their adoration.
  2. Suma

    m/m The Big Boss

    Arpeejay I’ll consider that
  3. Suma

    m/m The Big Boss

    The angry and menacing look on Big Boss’ face is enough to show his displeasure at a worker’s fuck up at the job. Big Boss called him for a stern warning “one more fuck up and you’re out!” And that’s just what happened The employee fucked up again and so the big boss crushed the life outta him right on the loading dock for all other workers to see. Trapping him up against the wall the angry boss held him in place with no escape as the worker pleaded for another chance. “Too late you been warned” was the response. And with a sudden and rapid inhale Boss’ belly expanded enormously pushing all the air out of the worker till he was crushed and dead. OSHA got word of yet another work place accident so this time they sent in an observer to snoop around for a week. Big boss resented having such an intrusion on his facility. He was furious, his big chest and belly heaving with rage. His longtime shop foreman tried to calm the big boss fearing that the plant would be shut down for good if anything happened. “Big boss please don’t hurt this guy we all need our jobs” rubbing and kissing his belly trying to appease the mammoth man. With one arm big boss shoved him aside slamming him into the wall. “if that pencil neck bureaucrat shows his face around here today snooping around my plant it will not go well for him”. Sure enough the gvt inspector came once again asking questions of the workers and observing operations. But once big boss got word of him on site he exploded. His business shirt could no longer contain his bulk as he was heaving and tensing so heavily. The sound of ripped fabric and popped buttons could be heard as he stormed out his office to find the bureaucrat. And there he was inside the loading dock. Big boss angrily grabbed the nearest thing to him, a forklift with driver seated inside and with little effort he lifted it clear over head and hurled across the warehouse smashing a work table and crushing two workers. “What are you crazy!!” Screamed the inspector. “I warned you you little punk I own this factory and no one intrudes upon my way of doing business not even OSHA” And with surprising speed big boss was upon the poor man and had him within his clenches. Effortlessly he held the man in a one arm bearhug. Raising his fist with the other arm and flexing his massive bicep. Big boss put on an incredible show of power his employees stood awe struck and fearful. Big boss heaved his massive belly once more thereby crushing the inspector’s ribs and with a final bearhug squeeze the man was limp and lifeless. Big boss let the inspector’s dead body lie on the shop floor for several hours to bring home the message of his abilities to anyone who dare defy him. Afterwards he called a meeting of his employees and instructed them to secretly dispose of the bodies, the inspector as well as the two employees crushed under the forklift. He instructed them when questioned by authorities to say that the inspector never showed up that day to conduct his investigation. Likewise the two employees never reported for work. Big boss inhaled deeply and his belly once again expanded to ridiculous proportions. “Do I make myself clear!” he boomed. The employees were shaken with fear knowing what pain and mortal peril their boss could inflict upon anyone of them who failed to tow the line. “Yes Sir” they all exclaimed. And with that he ordered them all back to work. The employees had trouble retrieving the dead corpses under the forklift as it became wedged so forcefully into the concrete floor. Despite all the male workers attempts they could not budge it. The foreman informed big boss who later arrived and rolled up his sleeves. His forearms were like muscular ham hocks writhing with sinew under a thick coat of hair. Again he heaved deeply and grabbed the strongest ends of the forklift and with a mighty heave hoe he broke the machinery free where he set it aside to be dismantled later. Lifting heavy machinery like this and crushing people always made big boss horny and he began to eye his foreman who knew exactly what his boss wanted. The two headed back to Boss’ office alone for a closed door “meeting”.
  4. You too arpeejay Cool we can have avatars now
  5. Thanks to those for quick action in setting this new site up. Let the mg fun begin! Or continue!
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