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    Bbing, MG, all kinds of muscle from lean fit physique types, to freaky roided bbers, to big bellied strongman bulls & powerlifters.
    Obsessed with muscle an love meeting and chatting with like-minded guys into same.

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  1. Brad HollibUgh Butch Stratford And a whole slew of other escorts
  2. File not found for me. But girl looks absolutely tiny. Size difference with women and big bbers is very hot.
  3. Warlock dips @350lbs!! I salute you.
  4. You may like this http://mymusclevideo.com/media/videos/mobile/57042.mp4
  5. I absolutely love being called daddy and calling other men daddy. I've even had straight buds call me big daddy which is super hot.
  6. Good questions timsf hope someone can answer them.
  7. Huge hulking traps get me and a big neck. Also large hands on a man.
  8. Where does Lou make his home now?
  9. True bodybuilding is pure aesthetics the concern is sculpting the body with muscles, with dieting playing a vital role. Crossfit athleticism, building strength and endurance. The two are completely different.
  10. Luckily I go to one these smallish gyms open 24 hr with member self-access. So yes I'll be lifting on a very full stomach Thursday
  11. I'm pretty particular about penises. But this one is just about perfect http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=InpH7-C491-
  12. I agree Jaco Perhaps bbers with the most gruff/ coarse looking face? Which I'd describe as having some of these features: Heavy pronounce nose Manly broad nostrils Maybe wrestler's ears Thick neck A small brow much like an ape A rough shaped cranium again much like a gorilla When shaved often has heavy shadow Doesn't look intelligent if that can be quantified.
  13. George Foreman had a line of men's clothes at Walmart and they came in big sizes that fit me good, button down collared shirts.
  14. An easier poll would be bber with ugliest face.
  15. I'm 3xl too. Besides the obvious shops like Big & Tall I do find that at least some shirt manufactures make xl sizes for big buff beefy dudes and not just fat slobs. The big chains carry 3xl Walmart, Target, SAMs club.