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    Improving my general health, getting BIG
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    237 lbs, 6' tall, 50" chest, 38" waist (working on that!), 20" calves, 29" thighs, 14" forearms, 16" biceps.
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    Advice, inspiration, and fellowship
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    Reduce my waist back to 36", add at least 2" to calves, thighs, forearms, and biceps. <br /><br /><br /><br />
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    Muscle Service Station, The Librarian, Assembly Line
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    None that I can name
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    Leather - men look best in skin, either theirs or a cow's.

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  1. Good Heavens, the market that would exist for this product! It'd be a a license to print money.
  2. Glad you did - I missed it the first time around...and it's one not to miss!
  3. This started out strong, and has great potential. I am sure I'm not alone in looking forward to your expansion of it into what you consider a "proper story".
  4. Can't help on finding Orc stories...but I'll admit that the picture of a sleeping Orc guard in the Pathfinder core rulebook can inspire some stores.
  5. I've loved this story...and clearly Evan made the right choice. Since you left us on a hot and messy cliffhanger, do you intend to continue?
  6. Now THAT's making the world better than you found it! That's a hot story, and I love the characterizations.
  7. Just a reminder - a lot of those stories were candidates for the now-removed "Unfiltered" section. It would be better for all concerned to leave them all in the past. We're actively trying to avoid anything questionable along those lines.
  8. Deleting your muscle-grrowth.org and cloudflare cookies should fix it. You will have to log in again afterward.
  9. He's going to need help getting the containers out of that narrow space. LOVE this story. Thank you.
  10. I go savory rather than sweet. My cheat is a slice of the veggie pizza (thin crust) at the place near my home. (note that one of their slices is about 1/3 of a store-bought pizza). Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, fresh garlic (YUM!), green & black olives, tomatoes, and extra cheese to hold it together. Not a bad deal at all for $3.90. They're a local chain that gets a lot of attention.
  11. Since I'm smooth as glass, I like furry men.
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