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    Improving my general health, getting BIG
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    237 lbs, 6' tall, 50" chest, 38" waist (working on that!), 20" calves, 29" thighs, 14" forearms, 16" biceps.
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    Advice, inspiration, and fellowship
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    Reduce my waist back to 36", add at least 2" to calves, thighs, forearms, and biceps. <br /><br /><br /><br />
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    Muscle Service Station, The Librarian, Assembly Line
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    None that I can name
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    Leather - men look best in skin, either theirs or a cow's.

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  1. RecoveringLearner

    Gym & Depression

    Sir, it was time well spent. That will be more helpful to people than you might know. Many thanks.
  2. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line : Finale

    Interesting conclusion... very nice twist.
  3. That's kind of horrifying. The tagline of "Tastes better than it looks" is an example of damning with faint praise.
  4. RecoveringLearner

    Hope Springs

    Let me find that place and he won't be.
  5. RecoveringLearner

    Hope Springs

    I think we all WISH to find that fountain. Love this, and also hope you do more with Hope Springs. Is the sheriff taken?
  6. Thanks for the follow. 

  7. I have some ideas that are LIKE goals, but I call them "mileposts." The idea being that I get to the milepost, and then see what the next one becomes. (I'm currently moving toward "drop bodyfat by 5%, and add 2" {approx 5 cm}" to my upper arms." When I get to the "be built like the man I'm using for gymspiration " milepost...I'm not sure what's after that. It may be a case that I find a bigger, brawnier guy to use for gymspiration, or it may be that I set a milepost of "maintain this for a year and revisit." I guess I'm more about the "process" than just the "results."
  8. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line : Station Six

    You subjects (now the Units) were fortunate men.
  9. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line : Station Five

    True enough. I've a personal theory on a 4-part "create a super soldier" plan. You've DEFINITELY got one of them here with the incredible physical enhancement. You appear to have two others in the unswerving loyalty to The Program and the personality suppression/obliteration. I'll not say the 4th phase yet, so as not to risk influencing the flow of this great tale. (And if I had to experience a super-soldier conversion, I'd be ok with my 4-phase scheme, scary though the personality obliteration part is here on the "before" side -- on the "after" side it's inherently welcome)
  10. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line : Station Five

    Not so much into the personality obliteration aspect...but the subjects probably wouldn't have wanted it either. Of course, after the physical changes, they had no life to return to anyway, so it's probably for the best.
  11. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line : Third station

    If I expect to be sore after a good gym session, I'd expect an ultra-science (like this) or magical muscle growth to be damned intense.
  12. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line : Third station

    It gets better and better. Thank you.
  13. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line : Second station

    Exactly. It made it MUCH more believable, despite being a werewolf movie.
  14. RecoveringLearner

    The assembly line

    This is wonderful...I'm glad you've added Second Station , and hope to see several more stations as the lads are altered beyond anything they could have dreamed.