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    Improving my general health, getting BIG
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    237 lbs, 6' tall, 50" chest, 38" waist (working on that!), 20" calves, 29" thighs, 14" forearms, 16" biceps.
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    Advice, inspiration, and fellowship
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    Reduce my waist back to 36", add at least 2" to calves, thighs, forearms, and biceps. <br /><br /><br /><br />
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    Muscle Service Station, The Librarian, Assembly Line
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    None that I can name
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    Leather - men look best in skin, either theirs or a cow's.

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  1. RecoveringLearner

    Muscle Fetish Con/Convention?

    Well, we have Frolicon here in Atlanta. It's a "behind closed doors" sort of membership event -- the website describes it as "the unique juxtaposition of the geek and kink worlds celebrated in glorious fashion in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Each Spring we celebrate our unique sense of fun and frivolity with 2000 of our closest friends. What’s your poison? We’ve got it all. Kink. Gaming. Burlesque. Music. Costuming. Parties. Lots and lots of parties." Not a "public venue," but they somehow make things work that probably wouldn't/shouldn't/couldn't in any other hands. Membership-based, restricted access, minimal public face, 21 and up. A muscle-worship temple would be tame there.
  2. RecoveringLearner

    On the Couch / The New Model (Now with a Conclusion!)

    Oh, this has potential... thank you!
  3. RecoveringLearner

    What started this for you?

    I'm working on that! 54 now...plan to be a hulkoid at 60 as my birthday present to myself!
  4. RecoveringLearner

    What started this for you?

    I'd always lusted over the musclemen, but was just not on track. I eventually had a major health scare, and decided to work on remaining aboveground. Then I found out I actually *like* lifting, etc.... almost 50 wasted years.
  5. RecoveringLearner

    Growth by Association (Now with Part 7)

    Agreed...you quite literally went to a delightfully unexpected place.
  6. RecoveringLearner

    Americanised Stories

    Fascinating! Some of those are exact matches across the Atlantic (moolah, dough, bread, if a bit old-fashioned). Bills are given nicknames based on who's pictured on the front. (Very commonly, a $100 bill is a "Benjamin" for Benjamin Franklin.) Dollar bills are "greenbacks" because the ink on the back is...green. Our attempts at $1 coins have been less successful than elsewhere. Common denominations are $1, $5, $10, $20, $100. $2 bills exist and confuses people a great deal, as do $50's. Some US citizens can handle the pre-1971 pound shilling/penny notation...but most are baffled. If you set a story in that time, be braced for confusion.
  7. RecoveringLearner

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I'm at the "at least an hour a day" stage, myself. I'd love to have the option to do more.
  8. RecoveringLearner

    Americanised Stories

    Stones are the units most likely to confuse Americans. That usage is rare to the point of nonexistence here. Metric units are not impossible for US citizens to grasp (despite anguished claims to the contrary); however, they are, as BBadmirer implied, challenging. While it's a nice courtesy to give both in non-fiction, it can really disrupt the flow of a story. (example: I am 6' tall, 234 lbs. { approx 183 cm, 106 kg}. There's no graceful way to embed that information in a fictional narrative without it being rather jarring.)
  9. RecoveringLearner

    Americanised Stories

    That leads to another point. US school years tend to begin with the Fall term, so each year usually begins sometime in August. I'm given to understand that some other nations tie to the calendar year. Terms may be quarters (3 months), trimesters (4 months), or semesters (4.5 months - half of the 9 month school year, which makes the Summer term 3 months in length and an administrative headache)
  10. RecoveringLearner

    Americanised Stories

    I'd appreciate stories written from a non-American perspective. As for the school years, I've seen this handy chart. (Also known as the "What the hell, France?" chart. ) In the US, when extending to a 4-year BS/BA degree, the terms ""Freshman" to "Senior" repeat.
  11. RecoveringLearner

    Spank Bank (Commentary, NOT a story)

    Could be useful. It'd be an interesting experiment, certainly. Since you got a response so quickly on this, there seems to be a need. Would it get used? Beats me. 😈
  12. RecoveringLearner

    Muscle suit version 2

    Your craftsmanship is amazing. The suit "reads" as real. As an aside, you're also disgracefully cute.
  13. RecoveringLearner

    Big, Brawny and Blind

    Good development of the setting and characters. You've already taken some things into account for Hunter that would escape most people
  14. RecoveringLearner

    Where have you done it?

    And I'm surprised to see that they limited it to "at home" locations.
  15. RecoveringLearner

    Rationality of getting huge in order to get huge guys

    It makes sense. I'll admit that it is part of my rationale. "Be what you want to attract." Or, as a friend put it "BECOME the bait!"