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    Improving my general health, getting BIG
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    237 lbs, 6' tall, 50" chest, 38" waist (working on that!), 20" calves, 29" thighs, 14" forearms, 16" biceps.
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    Advice, inspiration, and fellowship
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    Reduce my waist back to 36", add at least 2" to calves, thighs, forearms, and biceps. <br /><br /><br /><br />
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    Muscle Service Station, The Librarian, Assembly Line
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    None that I can name
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    Leather - men look best in skin, either theirs or a cow's.

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  1. RecoveringLearner

    Tall people

    I'm the short one in my general crowd ( 6' / just under 183 cm) . In my office, I'm the tall guy. Go figure. I am attracted to taller guys, too.
  2. RecoveringLearner


    Thank you!
  3. RecoveringLearner

    Cheat Meal Day!

    I go savory rather than sweet. My cheat is a slice of the veggie pizza (thin crust) at the place near my home. (note that one of their slices is about 1/3 of a store-bought pizza). Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, fresh garlic (YUM!), green & black olives, tomatoes, and extra cheese to hold it together. Not a bad deal at all for $3.90. They're a local chain that gets a lot of attention.
  4. RecoveringLearner

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    Indeed. Garfield cartoons and flowers are "adult content?" Also, they're "straightening up" by flagging anything with a GLBTQ sort of hashtag... since a plea for help and support from a gay/lesbian kid is pornographic in their eyes.
  5. RecoveringLearner

    Some furry guys

    Since I'm smooth as glass, I like furry men.
  6. RecoveringLearner


    Can anyone ID this handsome young tank?
  7. Who can blame him?
  8. RecoveringLearner

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    I always run Discord in my browser. I do have the app on my tablet, but almost never use it.
  9. RecoveringLearner

    Leg suggestions

    I have a question for the Hive Mind. I've strained ( but thankfully not torn!) my rotator cuff. This means I'm not going to be doing any upper body weight training for a while. I'm actually kind of looking forward to Leg Month, since I like doing leg work and have reasonably decent "wheels." What I'm looking for are suggestions beyond the usual set of (single and double variations on each) Leg press Calf Raise Leg curl Leg Extension See photo for what I'm working with. My double leg presses are at 300lbs (136kg) as are my calf raises. So - any suggestions?
  10. RecoveringLearner

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Valid points all around. In most of the US, the presence of a kitchen scale still means that someone is either a very serious Cook, or they are on a strict diet or meal plan. (Or they got it as a gift ) Many of us are hybrid cooks and might serve dishes based on US volumetric recipes alongside other dishes for which everything was carefully weighed. I've started converting some of my old family recipes...step one was to measure out the volumes of the products I use and weigh them. There are differences, and the matter discussed in this article bit me HARD. https://www.tastecooking.com/kosher-salt-question/ Apparently the US fascination with "kosher salt" is also a bit baffling in Europe.
  11. RecoveringLearner

    Night at the Bar - By Dandicoot

    OH, now that was FUN! Well done!
  12. RecoveringLearner

    Death of Jack Chapman

    As a point of information, noodlesandbeef was banned from this site shortly after this thread went up. From what an administrator/moderator sees on his page:

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