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    I'm a alpha looking for other alpha guys to workout and hang with. Bodybuilding, Strength training, nutrition, supplements, science, muscle growth
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    6ft. 3in 276lbs
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    Friends, lifting buddy's,
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    Shane Guise, Calub Von Mogar, Thomas Izzo, Abel Albonettii, Jeff Sied, Joey Swoll, Anthony Sanchez, Cody Cummings,

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  1. Wow, nice bulk you have Growthjisz

  2. Wow buddy your big as fuuuuck! Lol can you help me I'm trying to loose weight and I wanna what you think is the best fat burner to use

  3. Hey guys is if your into fitness and love DC and Marvel comics try taking a look at the workout clothes for sell at flexcomics.com

  4. Does anyone know the best and fastest way to lose fat?

  5. I've seen your art on YouTube before and it runs me on so much. You are a great artest

    1. Musclemage


      Hmm, my art is on youtube? Wasn't aware, got a link for me? 

  6. Wow you're cute

    1. Growing23


      Haha thanks man.


  7. How do I become a member+?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Growthjisz16
    3. flamedelft


      Not sure if it's instantaneous, it might need to be approved or something by a mod (just a formality afaik).

      Also welcome to the forum!

    4. Growthjisz16
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