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    http://secondlife.com/ Name "christian720 resident"


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    Eastern Time Zone, US
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    fantasy profile.
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    6'9", 450.75 lbs, 33.75" biceps, 81.5" chest, 47.75" quads, 30.25" calves, 28.5" neck, 37.75" waist
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    Worshippers. Fellow MUSCLE FREAKS.
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    Huge and growing
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    Muscle growth stories
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    Jay Cutler, Branch Warren, Gunter Schlierkamp, Francis Benfatto.
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    Muscle worship

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  1. Relaxing after achieving the 'Muscle Monster' level (strength 5,000!) -- SML @SecondLife.   💪



    1. TheGrowMaker25


      omg i love to see that biceps so big wow

    2. Freaker2


      The more massive the muscles the higher is his POWER to WEIGHT RATIO. The lighter he feels. The higher he can jump. The firmer his muscles become. The better he smells. The nicer he feels when we touch him and measure him..

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