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  1. hi man, great pic!

  2. I enjoy this kind of stories (guys growing into muscle monsters) because this is also my new year resolution! ??
  3. 0000

    is that you in the pic? Mate you are huge!

  4. Toro

    Symbiotic Bonding Part 07

    Wonderful story. I hope there is soon a change also in attitude in Andrew, wanting to be a real alpha and getting it from is brother! Yum yum
  5. Me too; I like brutish selfish men who take what they want. Keep on this line. What is causing the change is not that important
  6. I would have expected something more than 7 inches from a big bear man! :-)
  7. That's it!!! Thank you very much Ypsami!
  8. I was looking for a group of stories (I think there were three of those), with a guy who has the power to transorm other guys. He makes three guys huge (the last one was a police officer), even if they keep being themselves (unwilling to be big with monster cocks). Anyone remembers the titles?
  9. It would be nice seeing him being overwhelmed by his own testosterone/violence sometimes (too much self control till now; it soed nos sound realistic). And what if there is something the genius did not considered and makes him lose control over what is happening to his friend (for example, he can not take him out of jail so soon)?
  10. Toro

    strength Antialpha

    Ha ha ha. Nice! He doesn't want to be hung. But we do! ;-)
  11. Yeah! Make him a huge roid head. Maybe add also something huge between his legs :-)
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