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  1. Thank so much guys!! Really appreciate the quick responses!!
  2. Any recent muscle theft stories that you guys have come across? I really enjoy the symbiote war, the roommate kind of stories. Also, any muscle growth induced by swallowing cum, along the lines of mike gets huge. Really appreciate your help!! We've got a great helpful community going on, on in this site. lala
  3. Hi! Was wondering if you guys know of a story where the main character is a demon in a human's body. He begins by stealing muscle from his brother (by asking him to service him or submit to him) then when his parents or friends get home, he drains them as well. From what I remember, he becomes more "demon-like" as he steals more and more muscle - not sure if he gets a tail or horns.... I appreciate the help! Thanks in advance, lala
  4. Thank you soooo much!! Really appreciate it
  5. Hi! I have been searching for a story that was on the old forum. It was about a "nerd" that got some vials for a muscle growth formula and brought them to school in his locker. Some bully saw him put it in his locker and managed to get hold of one of the vials and grew huge. Eventually, I think, some other jocks from the school also got hold of the other vials. It was really hot..not sure what it was called or who wrote this great story!! Thanks, lala
  6. Thanks for the story Xyggurat!! The story was amazing though. And all of your other works. I'm glad I got a response from you!
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if there were more than two parts to this story? I know the author Xygurrat is on this forum. It's an amazing story. If there happens to be more than two parts, would anyone know where I could find them? Sorry this might seem like a lot to ask. Thank you!! Lala
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