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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Anime and Video Games
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    Height: 1.66m (5′5″)
    Weight: 72kg (158lbs)
    Body fat: 26%
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    Motivation to workout and grow!
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    72.5kg (160lbs) with 10% body fat would be a dream come true... for now
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    Harvard Man, The Evolution of Corbin Brantley, The Rivalry
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Sagi Kalev, Hwang Chul Soon, Ricardo Delgado, Denis Sergovskiy
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    Any means of muscle growth

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  1. Voy notando que nunca me presenté en este foro jaja Saludos a todos, yo soy de México, gusto en conocerlos.
  2. Happy new year, everyone! Hope you had a great one!

    1. amu23m1


      Happy new year to you too!!

  3. We need this app to be real, NOW! Also, love this story ?
  4. Great story, and I've always loved the twist
  5. Thanks for following ?

  6. Thanks for the follow, amazing growth, keep it up! =D

    1. amuo


      Thank you! I’ll do my best ?

  7. I like this story so much! Couldn't stop reading it, great job
  8. Thanks for the follow =D

    1. Tobias


      Thanks, too! I follow your tumblr as well.

    2. Kinnikunonaku


      Great, thanks! Got nothing in queue now but I'll update it in a few hours 

  9. Happy birthday! 

  10. Happy birthday! Wish you another year full of gains

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