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  1. Another wonderful chapter with such graphic, detailed descriptions. I'm sure Dean will be totally un-affected by any of the red pills when they crop up in the future. They were made for a being that was only slightly enhanced and not the millions of times stronger Dean who lives now. My highest praise to you Speech500, a great addition to your work on here, my friend. Once more, many thanks.
  2. I know what I'd be doing if I were Jake, but Catholic influences in the region might be a little annoyed perhaps. I just love how you have built such larger than life characters around 'our' Dean. Despite his God like powers, he's so vulnerable which makes me want to reach out and protect him too ( me being old enough to be his grandfather - he, he). Just fully read the whole story once more. Thank you Speech500. Its just superb!
  3. You sure did and I'll second that. Speech 500, you have surpassed yourself with the last few chapters. Its like you have tapped into some form of energy which is creative, passionate and bubbling with brightly lucid imagery. From the dark plotting of Government, your feel for the undercurrents, machinations and counter arguments is like the scene from a good spy thriller novel. Then glossing over what must have been one almighty sex-fest between Dean and Jake, you bring us the wonderful trusting, soft, warming, gentle, caring and sharing scene of Jake learning to gain confidence in open water - finally learning to swim. You are an astonishing author, a talented imaginative artist and wordsmith. I feel very privileged to read your work. Many, many thanks.
  4. Lewis is such a tease and enjoying his growth and power. I hope the punishment involves huge weights, masses of food, loads of muscle worship and the hottest sex but that would break the military rule book. This is so spell bindingly good. Many thanks Florida20.
  5. Just as I was about to 'stir' and that feeling launch, I find myself suspended, eyes bulging at my screen hunting for the thrilling words to ..... This is getting very interesting and very enjoyable. Thank you.
  6. On a point of interest, I have a friend State side who tells me a little story which I think should be implied here. A few years ago, my friend J and I were speaking in a transatlantic phone call about the series of movies starting with The Matrix. He told me about a writer friend who had written a screen play which involved major parts and plot lines that appeared in the 1st movie. This was many years before the film was made. This writer friend submitted his script as a result of 'any talented or budding writers' request by Hollywood studios. It was rejected and returned. Yes, names and certain details were changed from his script in the movie. Not quite sure how he got on, but I believe he started a lawsuit claiming plagiarism. If, in a few years time, Hollywood releases a film with uncanny characters, narration and plot lines, I would hope that Speech500 has the full proceeds of his work rather than being plagiarised by a team of back room nondescripts.
  7. O M G. This story is truly a great work of an extremely talented artist and writer. Having returned to work this past week I have not had the time to follow any developments. I have now caught up, - a much broader canvas which gives it far more depth. Its feeling as if I had originally been watching this story unfold on a my phone's screen only to realise in the last few chapters that I am in an Holodeck, so fully immersive is your narrative. I am so pleased that Jake and Dean have support from characters in their past. Even though Brad mistook Dean for having sex with his Kat, when the dust has settled I suspect Brad and Dean may become allies, Brad able to teach combat skills and planning manoeuvers to them both. If the government is involved, I suspect, in time, international interests will show up next. I can't help but suspect the red pills will prove ineffective against Dean's powers. If the only way to obtain the formula is by taking a sample of Dean's blood and Dean totally destroyed all the previous evidence of the old lab, how did these pills survive? Dean is exponentially more powerful than when he escaped the experiments and possibly may gain vastly more power. This work is worthy of feature film status but I can't see Hollywood producing it. Apart from the glitz and glamour, Hollywood is known for its politics - oppressive towards LGBT rights. There are other production studios and it could be shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Many, many thanks to you, Speech500!
  8. Ultimately, Dean wins but there will be a price to pay. Dean's mental health is my concern. The anger and rage without the calming control of his love, Jake, is strong and overpowering. Should Dean discover that Jake is further harmed or worse, Dean may descend into a black hole of seething fury and rage from which he may never escape. I sincerely hope not, or the Earth and all life here could be in peril. Just loved the imagery of the destruction of the truck colliding with Dean's unmoving muscle. A billion hits on YouTube with the dozens of clips posted by the school students.
  9. Jan hat von den 220kg nur 170kg erreicht, und er hat bereits gewaltige Proportionen.Ich hoffe, David kann Jan immer noch helfen, den Rest seiner Entwicklung zu genießen, oder gibt es vielleicht einen Weg, Dinge zu ändern? Dies ist eine ausgezeichnete Geschichte und ich genieße es sehr. vielen dank für das post. Google translater ist nicht so gut wie das Lesen auf Deutsch (meine zweite Sprache - Deutsche Familienwurzeln
  10. It the removal guys. There is something up too, that Dean's super powers haven't detected anything wrong when you think back to the drunks at Jake's work. Excellent twist and can't stand this suspense. Many thanks for cranking up that dial to 11, lol
  11. This last chapter was so good. They have finally 'cemented' their love, if I may say. Thank you. With regard to the direction of this story, I feel happy with any direction you choose. You are the artist and we are your audience.
  12. Thanks for another thrilling chapter. I feel a slight tension building with the sighting of this truck, twice and I can't help but wonder if the young guys drinking were perhaps staged, to discover Dean's identity - by him protecting Jake. Before Jake throws out the pastries, could I offer to maybe do some mopping for a couple to take home with me?
  13. What an episode, but just as I was easing into that last few lines of the story and thinking the future may be brightening for these two lovers....... I'll quietly ponder what evil plot or scheme may befall them. Thank you for another gripping chapter.
  14. I am so enjoying this story and the way you lead the reader into the detail of the background of each of them. I hope your getting enough rest and sleep for your body to grow, as you seem active on here in the small hours -my excuse is, I recovering from knee and ankle pain/injury. Thank you for this latest posting.
  15. Thank you so much for that update. I for one, fully understand how time can escape you, so I very much appreciate that you posted a longer chapter - so soon!
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