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  1. This is just a little something that I wrote for my friend Beastpup for his birthday. But are you Satisfied It was early in the morning. Just one bird was singing outside of my still sunless window. Only the faintest crimson light was peeking out from over the horizon, just enough to silhouette the mountains not far in distance from my little village. I was not sure what had woken me up so early. The bird wasn’t very loud and they had never woken me before, and my alarm wouldn’t go off for another hour or so. I didn’t have a nightmare, quite the contrary going off how my sheets were tented in the faint glow emanating from my bedroom window. I was so hard that I was quivering, pity I couldn’t seem to remember what the dream was about. What struck me as odd, at least more so than waking up for no reason, was the fact that every one of my muscles ached, yet at the same time, felt more pumped than they had ever felt before. I felt like I had just come from the hardest workout of my life! True I was a bodybuilder and I worked out hard, but I focused different parts of my body each day. Yet and still, every fiber of my body seemed to be pumped to its maximum potential girth! So thick and rigid that it was actually hard to move! I tried though, gods did I try. I wanted to walk over to the mirror to see what I must look like in this state, but alas, my muscle betrayed me. So tense and full of blood that I couldn’t bend my joints properly, and when I managed, I moved with such sudden force that I would end up just flopping awkwardly under my covers, eventually knocking them off to the floor by accident. Every attempt at movement seemed to force my muscles to swell even more, getting thicker and harder to move. And with every attempt, my cock would pulse and spasm. Every attempt at movement seem to swell me even more, reducing my movement further. In the manner of minutes, I was only able to flex my fingers and toes, and when even that became impossible, I had the greatest orgasm of my entire life! Unable to move, to stroke myself further, I was left with only watching the fleshy tower erupt, watching it as if I was an outside observer. The orgasm lasted what felt like an eternity. When it finally ended all at once, my consciousness left me and the world faded to black. The alarm went off and I shivered myself off of the bed. As seemed to been happening for the past couple of weeks, I had tossed and turned in the middle of the night and kicked my covers off of myself and judging from the layer of cum dried on my chest , face and bed board, I must have had another wet dream like I was just starting puberty! “Jeez! What is wrong with me?” I thought aloud, walking groggily towards the bathroom barefoot and naked. I couldn’t help but make a stop in front of the mirror. As if by instinct I paused and flexed, turning at just the right angle, in just the right way to catch just the right amount of light to best show case the gains I have made over the past few years. I had posed in this mirror a million times and even set my alarm so I could catch the best light in the morning. At two hundred and sixty nine pounds at 6’3 I was “fair”… I could always be bigger and never felt big enough. I could never quite push harder enough or eat enough food. No matter how big I got I never “felt” big despite what the people around would say. I flexed and turned a few times in the mirror, twisting this way and that for the best angles. After getting what I felt was the best light and angle, I pulled my cellphone off of its charger from a nearby counter and snapped a few pictures to post to snapchat, twitter and tumblr. My frequent haunts on the web in my favorite poses that I felt made me feel the biggest. Even though I didn’t feel big, others felt I was, and I sought the praise even though it never stuck. There were plenty of people who wanted to worship a guy with my kind of build, and when word got out that I was submissive, more that wanted to own it, but I have yet to find the right kind of guy to actually submit to. I sighed as the first few likes and lust filled comments started to pour in and stepped into the shower. As soon as the water hit me, I felt more animated, awake and alive. I started to step in the shower and hum, soon enough it evolved into a full blown dance and song. I imagined myself dancing naked in the rain without a care in the world scrubbing down my body and loving the feeling of being lathered up and clean. All too soon it was time for me to dry up and get ready to hit the gym. The day was young but I always have a busy day running my restaurant so I had to get my work outs hammered out early in the day. I stepped out of the shower and toweled myself off, moaning as I felt the towel run over my warm and wet muscles but caught myself before lingering. The gym was more important. I quickly put on one of my favorite new aussiebum jocks, some pants, my favorite shirt and went to the kitchen for a bite to eat. After a quick breakfast I hopped on my vespa and headed towards my favorite gym. It was a pleasant ride and when I walked through the door, I was greeted with the usual familiar faces, a couple of them congratulated me again on placing fourth in my last competition before getting absorbed in their routines again and I was glad to do the same. I practically skipped passed the cardio machines, glad to be done with them and went straight towards the weights. I sighed as I hit the iron. The kind of sigh one makes when receiving a particularly pleasant massage, sitting in a warm bath, or putting your head on the chest of that special someone where you feel absolutely safe. This, the feeling of the dumbbells in my hands, the strain in my muscles, the rush of blood that each rep promised, the coming pump, this was my sanctuary, a time and place I could forget about everything but GROWTH! I could never get enough, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give it my best! “But are you satisfied?” I paused, mid rep. Someone just asked me something. It sounded close and I got the feeling it was being directed to me but I didn’t know from who, or why considering I hadn’t said anything. I tilted my head up to look at my reflection in the mirror to see who it was and found that there was no one close enough to have been the one to ask the question. “Maybe it was just in my head?” I thought to myself as I continued my routine without any further incident. After putting the weights back in their proper place and a few waves to the other friendly gym goers, I headed out, hopped back on my Vespa and headed towards work. On route to work I noticed that I had a little extra time and I was about to pass a familiar café. I was feeling good and thought I would treat myself to a drink before work started so I turned and made a slight detour, parked and headed in. The café was lively. By the time I got there were more people waking up in town and stopping by. I didn’t mind though, I really liked this place. The ambiance was calming, the smells of freshly baked breads and brewed coffee were delicious, golden beams of sunlight were streaming in through the windows facing the mountains and despite the number of people here, the place wasn’t loud. There was just the quiet hum of people chatting amongst themselves, working on lap tops or drinking grade A coffee prepared with love. I waited in line only briefly before it was my turn to order my favorite brew. I took delight in watching them brew it, step by step, taking in the sounds of its preparation, softly cooing as I was enveloped by the smells. Truly, this was heaven on earth in the early hours of the morning. “But are you satisfied?” The voice in his head challenged again. This time I was certain it was coming from my head, but it also wasn’t. It wasn’t MY voice that was speaking and I got the distinct sensation that it was coming from somewhere else, somewhere behind me. I looked and this time spotted a young dark man sitting two tables away in one of the chairs closest to the window. He was sipping his coffee, tilting his head slightly as he did so with his eyes close. “Well bull boy?” the voice echoed confidently throughout the room yet only I was able to hear “Are you satisfied as you are now? Struggling for growth” he continued to sip, eyes closed with a look of contentment on his face. Maybe I was going mad, he probably didn’t even know I was here. No one was talking to me in my head, maybe I was just stressed from work. “Do you want to grow? To be guided towards your dreams or….” The voice continued “are you just going to sit there and stare?” and at that final word, his eyes snapped open, and he was looking dead center into my eyes through the corners of his own. I froze, dumbfounded gazing bake into the calm and confident gaze of this strange man, paralyzed by an intense internal fire that belied his calm eyes and slowly grown smile. He didn’t speak a word, not physically at least, but somehow I knew that he was beckoning me to him, an invitation to sit at his table. I hesitated, sucking air into my lungs as we looked into one another’s eyes. There was something clearly different about this man, something otherworldly in everything about him. The way he sat, the way drank, the intensity in his gaze, how he carried himself, his confidence, the way he demanded you attention with his very presence without actually trying to stand out, and the words he spoke in my mind… it all made me feel… submissive. My hands were quivering, and my heart raced under my still chest. I was still holding my breath. It was odd. I wanted to approach this man, to sate my curiosity, to ask a million questions, my mind was now racing in step with my heart when this strange man’s voice echoed again “Breath bull, there is nothing to fear, no need to be anxious. Be calm, and step forward. I would speak to you” To my surprise, all was as he said! With just those few words, I suddenly felt that all was well. My heart rate slowed, my body relaxed, my mind quieted, and all anxiety and worry fled from me all at once. It was as if his silent voice washed over me, bathing me in his presence, his very being. I could FEEL him though we were yards apart… I stepped forward, slowly and deliberately and with every step closer to this man, the more the rest of the world seemed to fall away, become unimportant. With each step closer, the world seemed to change. After the first few steps, the smells of the café melted away. Another couple of steps, and I could no longer hear the hum of activity in the building. There was only the two of us, nothing else mattered, and the closer I got to him, the more powerful he felt. I was standing directly in front of him now, towering over this much shorter seated man and yet… I felt completely and utterly powerless. At the same time, I felt safe and warm. There was an air about this man. He radiated strength and compassion like lesser men radiate heat. I whimpered and fell to me knees in front of him. I didn’t dare speak, I couldn’t even hold his gaze anymore. I looked down at his feet, overwhelmed by desire and unconsciously flexing for him. This was familiar. I was falling into subspace but it was more than that. This presence, HIS presences, was familiar for me. I have never seen his face before but part of me was absolutely certain that we had met in the past, recently, within the past couple of weeks… “Raise your head” came the commanding echo. I obeyed, and again our eyes met. This close to him, I felt like my muscles were full of nothing but jelly. For all their size and power, I felt helpless before him. “Y yes sir” I managed to whimper out He smiled, and my heart fluttered. I didn’t know why this man had such an effect on me, but he smiled and spoke again. “Do you know who I am?” I didn’t know what to say. We hadn’t met before, but I was certain I knew him. He was familiar to me, but it also felt like a recent familiarity, like we have known one another but not for terribly long. I honestly didn’t know what to say so I answered truthfully. “I am not sure s sir” I said, completely oblivious to the others in the café looking the 6’3” bodybuilder on his knees silently looking up at this man like a puppy. “I feel like I know you but I don’t know from where” “I am not surprised Beast” Answered the strange young man “I only approached you from your dreams. It was then that you shun brightest” He smiled again, and I felt tears forming in the corner of my eyes. “You see, to most, dreams are just thoughts, swift flickering of your eyes under closed eyelids. To me though, they are a window into the potential of a person. Dreaming of what you wish could be, what you would do or be removed from the shackles of natural limitation. To me dreams literally glow making some stand out to me more than others.” He leaned in closer to me, so close I could only see his neck and this time he actually spoke, I could feel his breath on my ear “and I saw you from the other side of the world.” My eyes widened. What praise he gives me, surely I was not so special I thought but then the echoing came back to my head “But of course you are sweet bull.” He pulled back to face me touching our noses together looking deep into my eyes “But are you satisfied” I knew who he was now. He was the one bringing such sensation to my dreams. He didn’t say he was, but I knew somehow that it was him. He could see into my dreams, see into my mind, my soul and saw something and wanted to see what I would do if unrestrained, so he brought feeling to my dreams. All those weeks of waking up with dried cum on my chest, waking up without covers and on some occasions on the floor, all those body shaking dreams that I could never quite remember when I woke up came flooding my memory all at once. I knew who he was now, and my answer came with certainty. “NO!” “you want to be bigger?” “yes…” “You want to be transformed?” “yessss” my breathing was becoming ragged. Something big was coming, I could feel it, feel the slightest trickle coming from his stream of consciousness but I couldn’t tell what “I can do this, but there is more bull. You know it, and I know it. At the heart of it all, you want something more.” He tucked his finger under my chin and raised my head, I had unconsciously turned my gaze back down, subconsciously lowering myself to show this man what we both knew was the answer he no doubt anticipated “I want to hear you say it Beast” “I….I want to submit! To belong to a man worthy of me and that I will strive to be worthy of” “You want to give everything to that man?” “YES!!!” “Then I ask you again Beast. Do you know who I am?” “Master” The word left my mouth as effortless and as natural as breathing. It felt right, familiar and saying it made me feel even more, like I some restrained had loosened on me and at the same time, I felt every muscle fiber in my body swell. “You are my Master” I said again, and again my body begain to swell. My shirt tightened against my widening form, my pants did too and my belt snapped. I heard the unmistakable sound of tearing fabric and realized as a flutter of movement caught my eye and I looked down to see my tattered favorite shirt hit the floor what it was. It felt like a dream, the same dreams I had been having for weeks, since Master first caught sight of my dreams and entered them somehow, but I was unmistakably awake, and I was GROWING! “Good bull Beast” Master uttered. And hearing that made me whimper like a needy pup, which made him smile and made me whimper even more. I lowered my head and wrapped my bare arms around his waist; I could feel them swelling further. I felt a warm hand press against my head and ruffle my hair and through it, I could feel genuine compassion and love flowing from him, my heart fluttered once more, and I felt my shoes tighten and tear off of my growing feet, followed by my muscular legs ripping from the seams, leaving me naked there in the café in nothing but my jock. There was a change here as well, my bulge had grown 3 fold or more, even soft, it looked like it could be at least a foot in length with an impressive firth on it and my balls were threatening to spill out of the pouch . I didn’t care that I was sitting so exposed in a public space. In fact I felt invigorated. I don’t know how, but Masters power was actually making me grow, not just dream it, and I was happy to grow. It wasn’t for me anymore I was growing for him. I was his, and all of these people had first row seats and seeing what my Master was capable of. Every submissive thought, every act of service to him seemed to make me grow more! I nuzzled my head against his loving hand, giving in more to him and my chest and back swelled outwards. Then my arms, thighs, butt, shoulders all followed suit. Growing thicker, weighing more and more heavily on my bones. It was just like my dreams, but it was so much more intense when it was actually happening! What really got me was I could feel Masters emotions as he poured his power into me to feed my growth. He loved me, he really did and the more of myself I gave him, the stronger this feeling seemed to grow. I could feel something else too. This bond of ours was growing, just like I was, and I could feel more and more from Master. He loved growing me too, loved it as much as I loved growing for him, but whats more is I could feel him getting stronger. Not from my size, but from my submission. My submission to Master made him more powerful, and no sooner did Master gain this power, did he flood it back into me. A feedback loop of growth feeding growth but suddenly, Master pulled back. No sooner did he do so that my jock snapped and fell to the floor. I had outgrown every shred of clothes that I walked into the café with. “I think it is time to take you home Beast” My heart sank. Had I disappointed him, offended him somehow? I was about to start crying when he said “Your brothers are dying to meet you” My eyes widened, still streaming with tears. I didn’t know he was communicating with others but sure enough, I could feel the presence of other connections streaming from Master. There were dozens of them and each connection seemed to be, for lack of a better term, buzzing with excitement. “you learn fast bull boy. It took even the sharpest of your brothers many months before they learned use telepathy as I do. Its still sloppy, but I felt you trying to listen in to your new family” Master smiles and clapped his hands together and one of the walls seemed to evaporate, giving way to a completely new environment. The sun was high in the sky here, where in the window on another wall it was just coming up over the horizon. “this is a portal Beast” Master said “I tend not to like stating the obvious but it is pretty common to not really believe what you are seeing at this stage in knowing me. For many, what I do doesn’t register to them till later. Still, come through, I would like you to meet them” He said, walking through his newly made portal. “I want to meet them too Master” I exclaimed bounding towards the portal and immediately stumbled, hitting my head on the ceiling and crushing two tables on my way to the ground, the people sitting on them having to dive out of the way. I hadn’t realized how tall I had grown since my “little” growth spurt with Master, nor how wide I had become. I was going to have to let my mind catch up with my body before moving so suddenly in the future, so I crawled out to the portal, saying sorry and blushing through it as it closed behind me. Before turning my head, I could already hear a stampede approaching, when I looked around I saw the peculiar sight of dozens of massively muscled men with varying degrees of bovine features about them. Some had tails, some horns, bovine faces and fur, some had thick cherry like nipples and others had a set of cock and balls that might have knocked someone over if they turned too quickly, and every single one of them came to a halt and knelt as close as they could to their Master, kissing him or whimpering if they weren’t close enough to reach him. Tails flicked and a chorus of moos and “welcome home Master” sang through the air. “Is this him?” one exclaimed, looking in my direction “of course he is! Look at him silly. One day with Master and he is already taller than any of us!!” They all seemed so excited but none of them approached, then Master made a gesture giving them permission and they all practically pounced at me in their excitement. I may have been bigger than any one of them but being tackled by literal tons of bull slaves still knocked me onto my side. They were all so happy and excited to see me that I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at their attention, which only seemed to make them happier. Master smiled at our exchanges, and we all felt it through our link with him. He was happy and proud that his bulls fell instantly in love with their newest stable mate The effect was immediate. All at once, every single bull, including myself grew hard, the “smallest” of which was still over two feet long. Mine though was easily over twice that now and around a foot and a half in width. My brothers were in awe at how much I had transformed in such a short period with Master. From their excited chatter it became obvious that my growth had been unique and knowing how Master’s power worked, was proof that I was a good and pleasing bull to Master which made them happy that there was someone who made him so happy and why they warmed up to me so quickly. Masters smile soon became a mischievous smirk, and I felt a hum go through his connection with every pup but myself, which he seemed to dangle just out of reach of me, teasing me with it. Just moments later, I saw that same smirk cross over to his stable, my stable, before my brothers rolled me over on my back. “since today is your first day Beast, I thought it would be appropriate to ‘get to know’ your brothers and I more intimately. Make this even more of a day to remember” And with that, my dozens of brothers swarmed around me on every side, pinning my arms, my legs, my torso and began licking and kissing and groping every inch of my muscular form. One pulled out a comically large tape measurer and started inspecting me on Masters command “Eighteen feet nine inches tall… eighty four inch arms…. Chest is- hey guys its hard to measure when you are still latched to his pecs” sure enough, there were seven bull men fighting over who would get to suck on my nipples, furiously wrapping their lips around them and sucking like their lives depended on it before another sibling dove in, persing their lips in an attempt to take it into their own mouths. They weren’t fighting, but competing with one another, betting amongst themselves over who could make me feel the most welcome. I was apparently three times the height I was before meeting Master, but every measurement I heard fired off by my brothers was well over three times what they were when we met. I wasn’t just literally bigger, but I was proportionally bigger. A moan escaped my lips, long and deep and hearing it made my brothers… moo. Starting off as a lustful human groan and then evolving into a chorus of animalistic bovine bellows. All together like… a herd! I wanted to be like them, to be one with the herd, MY herd, MASTERS HERD. And I mooed with them. It didn’t sound as animalistic, it was very obviously a human imitation, but Master seemed pleased and my brothers groped my muscles harder, appreciating the sentiment. I blushed a little at how out of place it sounded in comparison to theirs and Master noticed. “Aww, you want to be more like your brothers do you Beast? A bull in more than spirit?” he said with a chuckle in his voice. “Yes Master! I would give up being human for you!!!” With that Master climbed on top of me, standing over my chest and said the words “Good boy” I could feel my body swelling, growing bigger, thicker, but I didn’t notice. Because this time Master was unbuckling his pants and pulling out his ample cock and was aiming it towards my mouth and began stroking. My lip quivered. Master was going to feed me his very own protein! My felt my cock stiffen even more as several mouths wrapped around it, hands stroked it, and caressed my boulder sized balls forcing my legs apart. All at once, I was receiving a blowjob from four maybe more brothers, so many hands and tongues moving in concert with one another that I couldn’t tell, my balls were being lifted and I could feel their growing weight and more hands than I could count were exploring my every muscle, the crevices between, kneading them as swelled outward like some sort of hot air balloon. “Open up Beast!” Master commanded, and I eagerly obeyed, just in time for him to spill his seed all over my tongue. It was divine. I could taste my Masters manhood, his masculinity, his power. I was so grateful to him for sharing this with me that I didn’t notice that my ample body hair was thickening, and growing coarser becoming fur. I didn’t notice as my ears elongated or my nose became a snout, didn’t notice the nubs growing on my head, forming into large, prominent horns or the tail growing out of my back side. All I knew at that moment was ecstasy knowing I had made Master cum for the very first time. My balls suddenly lurched up against me with such force that it made my brothers down there moo in confusion just before I shot into the air, a creamy white geyser that flew up, and showered every one of us, even master in my cum. Master laughed and my brothers were quick to lick him clean. He was sopping wet, giving kisses or pets to his nearby bulls and extending the sensation of this to those not close so that all felt loved and cared for. He took such care of that, delighting in the feeling of us knowing how much he cared for us and that only made me love and respect the man more. My muscles pumped suddenly, surging with a familiar energy and I began to grow and grow. My brothers were having to climb on top of me, one by one to prevent from getting crushed under my growing form. “I can feel that pup. I can sense all that you feel for me” he said leaning in to kiss me “I am so proud of you. You make me very happy” tears began to stream from my eyes as my rate of growth surged faster “You make me happy too Master. I love you!” I bellowed, ending in an animalistic moo. I was now more bull than any of Masters other bull slaves and on top of that, I had grown so larger that they were ALL able to fit on top of me now with room to spare. There was a crash somewhere near my foot and Master turned around laughing. “Well there goes the house” despite the smile on his face I felt aweful. I had just destroy Masters home and I hadn’t even seen it but I felt his warm and calming presence washing over me. “Don’t feel bad Beast. I am actually very proud of you! We didn’t even make it to the door and you have already outgrown the house. I told you. You are special” Gratitude welled up in me like it never had before, and my muscles seemed to be keeping pace with this deluge of emotions I was feeling. My legs grew so thick that they were pushing a ninety degree angle, unable to close less than that, and my lats were more like wings at this point. I couldn’t see my feet and I couldn’t lift my head. My back and chest muscles were pinning my head in a single position. I moaned feeling the weight. I felt like my bones would crack any second but I couldn’t care less, I was growing more and more huge by the second and I could feel Masters love and pride along with my brothers love and awe. So much love, from every one… another happy moo escaped my mouth, making the ground shake violently and somewhere in the distance, I could hear a car alarm go off. My feet were rising higher and higher above the ground as my legs were being suspended in the air by their own muscles. My calves were preventing my heel from touching the grass. My arms would only bend a couple of degrees and I could feel even that mobility slipping away. My head wasn’t touching the ground either. This was amazing! I loved these feelings, I loved my brothers, I loved my Master!!! Master climbed over my pecs and slid down towards my face, sitting on my chin. My back and chest had forced my chin to look “up” and all I could see was an upside down world, though I could tell I was looking down at the canopy of the ancient trees near my Masters home. They must have been impressive in height for me to even see them as huge as I was growing. Master slid down further, sitting on my back muscle next to my ear and kissed me, sending his feelings of pride in my still growing form through our strange and familiar connection. We didn’t need words anymore, not really, we could send exactly what we were feeling to each other. I could hear dull popping sounds coming from somewhere and pain all over, I was getting scared before Master spoke. “That sound and the pain are one and the same Beast. Your bones are breaking, being crushed under the impossibly large weight of your muscles. They will be little more than dust soon but the pain will subside.” He kissed me again and it washed it all away. There was nothing in the world I wouldn’t do to feel him kiss me, to feel his love and pride. A shadow crossed my field of vision. The knowledge that my muscles were so huge my bones were shattering made me hard as a rock. The shadow was my cock which had grown to the point that it was hanging over my mountainous chest in front of me. My balls were pressing up against my toes now too. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch it but my arms just wouldn’t budge. The muscles on my forearms, biceps, triceps and deltoids made it completely impossible. They had all grown so much that they were practically stacked on top of one another and on top of that, my lats had grown so wide that they couldn’t even stand straight out, my arms were sprawled out over my head, making my make a bulbous muscular X on the ground. Thinking about it, I guess I didn’t really need my bones anymore. I couldn’t move an inch anymore, I couldn’t even open my jaw enough to speak! All I could do was move my eyes and whimper at Masters continuous affection. I was becoming a being of pure muscle for Master and hearing him whisper in my ear how much he loved it only made me more proud to be his. I could never repay him for what he was giving me, or express how much he meant to me. All I could do was grow more for him. And so that Is what I did. I grew and grew, so much so that Master and my brothers could comfortably walk between the crevice of my pecs and that is where they made their new home. I grew and grew more, my pec and back muscles had grown so massive that they were forming a sort of fleshy tunnel between my head and the outside world, making it seem more and more distant. All that existed to me was my body, my brothers and my Master. I couldn’t see as my body swelled up over the surrounding forest, or how it inveloped an entire city! Master told me though, Master always came out to my ear to talk to me. To tell my how much he loved me and that I was his good bull, his prized bull. My brothers would come out too, always busy rubbing or teasing me. Sometimes, when they weren’t greedily drinking the milk that was now flowing out of my nipples like a river, they would bring tubs of it to my mouth so that I could taste it too. They were all getting bigger. Angus, a bull that nearly always seemed to be at Masters side told me that it was all because of me. That my milk was helping them to grow too and I felt even more proud, and aroused, that my milk had this property for them. I didn’t even know I was lactating! I had grown so huge that all sensation felt like it was blurring together. So many muscles were touching by now that I was taking on an almost spherical shape. I was becoming a muscular planetoid! A fact that Master noticed. He had grown in power too and used it to levitate me off of the planet. Something about the worlds governments being afraid id break a tectonic plate and hovered us over the moon. I had grown so massive that my body was pressurizing itself. I even had my own atmosphere! It felt like a dream but it wasn’t. I was awake and in a family that loved and cherished me more than I had ever felt in my life. I loved them all so much. And I could still feel myself growing, only now I didn’t have a point of reference. Master told me one day that I had grown larger that Jupiter, that I had grown so massive that I had stolen several planets from the sun and that they were now orbiting me! I kept growing and growing, Faster and faster the more I felt for them all. I whimpered, and time and space itself vibrated, echoing my voice across the cosmos. I had no idea how Massive I had grown. Master says that I had grown so larger that I had actually bisected the galaxy and had long since started crashing into others. My body was so huge that I couldn’t feel a thing. My cock was by now, trapped between my pecs and every time Master told me how large I had become, an avalanche of cum would flow down on my head. “But are you satisfied” I heard a voice say in my head. Masters voice, and I knew that the answer was no. I grew in relation to how much I loved and submitted to Master, and I would never love or submit enough. “As long as there is space in the universe left, then I will always grow more for you Master” I thought, and I knew that Master heard me, I could feel his love and pride well up in our connection. “I will outgrow the universe for you!” “I am sure you will one day Beast.” Answered Master “You are already halfway there.” I wasn’t sure how, but I knew that Master spoke true. The universe had become very cramped since my growth began. Countless starts and galaxy clusters were pushed further and further towards the very edge of creation, with me at its center, serving my Master as the very ground he walked on, producing testosterone laden and growth inducing milk from pectorals larger than comprehension, from nipples that were so heavy they hung down on their own. I was the largest thing in all the universe! But I would grow still further for the Master I love so dear.
  2. There is a part two under the title "Out of Control" part one is already written part two of the same story started taking on a life of its own and is still being written. There are more characters, character development, and the environment that it all takes place in is being flushed out a lot. When I say its taking on a life of its own, I mean that somewhere in the writing I ended up accidentally world building around a city that revolves around exponential muscular growth. I will either end up cutting the story into smaller chunks, create a setting I use for multiple different stories or really flesh things out and let the community have at it and have their own adventures in my creation
  3. This is a still growing story. I set the characters loose in the setting and it ended up getting much much larger than I thought it would if you will forgive the pun. Expect more in the future. More muscles, more growth, more transformation! Give your thoughts on what you liked, or didn't like about it. I welcome any comments
  4. I had gotten up early as I always did to head to the gym. The sun wasn’t up yet but the sky was a slowly brightening shade of crimson and there were barely any clouds in the sky. The air was still cool from the now waning night. I yawned and stretched myself out of bed. As I did this the metal of the frame groaned as if in relief, creaking as my three hundred and sixty four pound body slid off of it. I needed to support myself by pushing off of my knees to help myself get up, I really was getting pretty heavy. I loved it. I just wish my friend was around to celebrate my growth with me. I haven’t seen him since his trip to my steroid supplier. Knowing him, he probably took the experimental serum offer that I turned down. It was tempting to take, growing into a huge monster like we both wanted, but the side effects were just too much for me. I wasn’t sure if I could leave everything behind… even my humanity. The serum I am on now works wonders on its own, still sometimes I feel that familiar curiosity take hold of “what if I did take the offer? How big would I be now, and would we be growing side by side in that giant barn of the Trainers?” I could feel myself getting hard at the thought. Growing into a massive beast of burden without a care in the world, finally achieving our dreams of unnaturally huge immobile muscled growth. I started to pant heavily, and my hands found their way down my jock as if they had a mind of their own. “Anything to grow” we always told each other. Maybe that’s why I had been pushing myself so hard in the gym lately, even harder than usual. I felt like without my buddy there with me, I had to work out hard enough for both of us. For whatever reason though, my growth tapered off around three hundred and forty pounds. I have really had to work hard, comparatively speaking to before, to get to my current weight. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was eating correctly, and surely eating enough to fuel more growth, but the growth wasn’t coming. Still, I was the biggest guy in the gym now with my friend gone which was a little bitter sweet. The guys there who once mocked the old little me had long stopped trying to get my growth secret out of me and had been possessed with a desire to admire and worship the big guy in the room. I did outweigh most of them by around a hundred pounds but I just wasn’t interested. There was a sea of both men and women wanting my attention or just wanting to see me take my overstretched shirts off, but my thoughts always returned to my missing buddy. That was about when I first encountered a couple of new friends. I spotted them in the reflection of the mirror in front of the incline bench while I was lifting. A group of three pretty small guys. None were quite as tall as I was but those lithe bodies reminded me at once what I had worked so hard to leave behind. The intensity of my reps never changed, nor did my form, but I continued to watch them. The looked timid, looking around as if they were suddenly on a complete foreign world where nothing familiar resided. The other guys at the gym didn’t help them feel any more welcome; not so subtly sneering as they approached, making snide comments or not even acknowledging their existence. I could practically hear my brow furrowing. I set the weight back into its position on the bench and took the weights off of the bar, putting them back where I got them. When I finished, I could see the three friends from earlier walking towards the door, heads hanging low and looking defeated as the guys ridiculed them for even stepping in. I walk towards them with purpose, my footsteps landing heavily on the ground. The jokes and comments stopped when I glared at a group of them as I passed and called out to the three friends just as one of their hands were reaching for the door. “Hey! Don’t leave yet, you haven’t even had a tour of the place! My name is Jim by the way. What’s all of yours?” I said to them smiling warmly down at them. They paused, I could see the intimidation on their faces but I was used to it being as big as I was. They all looked at one another, incredulous at my upbeat tone. I understood of course, all of the other big guys at the gym had been nothing but unkind, why would they believe that the biggest of them would be any different? Man, if they only knew! “Don’t worry, not everyone here is as big a jerk as those guys are.” I said warmly, holding out my hand to them invitingly. “I saw you guys come in while I was working on a set over there” Gesturing towards the back of the gym where the heaviest weights were. “Saw you through the mirror” “Erm.. a thanks but we don’t seem to really fit in here…” the smallest one said, looking behind me and watching the other builders lifting their weights to the symphony of grunts and clanking metal. “Yeah, we would love to grow, but it will be hard enough without having to deal with them every day we come. We will just look for another gym” “Oh don’t mind them! They treated me the same when I first got here and look at me now!” I flexed, throwing both of my arms up and making my bicep peek. I could see their eyes widening and loved the sound of them sucking air through their teeth. The attention, the silent praise, I loved every second of it, and now that I had their attention… “Now I am the biggest guy here and half of them have begged just to be my spotter, some even offered me blow jobs if I said yeah.” The knowledge I could get other bodybuilders to want to worship me was hot but they would never compare to my buddy “But I never would have gotten this body if there wasn’t a nice guy around who showed me the ropes. He doesn’t work out here anymore, but I feel like paying it forward you know? If you’ll let me, I would love to do the same for you guys.” They looked at each other again. It was pretty clear they didn’t believe me and their eyes practically screamed “this is a trap” so without another word, I pulled out my wallet. I hadn’t been this huge for long and my ID still had my old picture and stats on them, so I pulled it out and handed it to them. Their jaws dropped. I just grinned as they passed it back and forth among one another, looking up at me then back to the ID. “HOLY CRAP you weighed less than I do!” “Were you starving?” another said looking up at me “Haha no, lets just say a diet of slim jims and instant noodles wasn’t the most substantial meal choice one could have. But I spent most of my time either on my computer or at school telling myself that I didn’t have time to fix a proper meal back then.” The tension was all but gone. We shared a few laughs and they were all looking notably more relaxed. After chatting with one another for a little longer, I realized that I didn’t know any of their names! I had introduced myself but then we started talking and I never got theirs. So I asked. The shortest of them introduced himself as Alex. He had dark, short, perpetually messy hair no matter how hard he seemed to try to keep it neat, and the other two were two identical blond twins named James and Ben. “It’s nice to meet you all! Sorry I didn’t ask earlier, that was pretty rude of me..” “Nah, it’s cool man.” Ben said smiling at me “Sure thing.” And I did just that. I showed them the weight room and where all of the benches and machines were, and told them that we could come back to them later and I could show them the ropes on how to use all of them. I showed them the locker room where people were understandably changing, showering, flexing in the posing area that the gym had built in practicing for competitions or just admiring their own hard work. Alex looked uncomfortable, half hiding behind his friends when we walked into that area and avoided looking at the mirrors I noticed. I knew that on his face, knew exactly what he was feeling. He wasn’t happy with how he looked, didn’t like his size and thin frame. I knew how it felt, and could feel something in me well up, like I HAD to help him feel that boost of confidence that he came into this place to seek out, the pride in one’s form. I looked in the mirror and thought I saw my friend, but it was just my reflection staring back at me from the other side of the mirror… wearing the same face he was when we spoke for the very first time. I smiled, just as Ben and James started posing in the mirror too, laughing at each other and commenting on how one day they would grow huge muscled twins. I laughed with them and said id loved to see that happen just before leading them back out and continuing the tour. I showed them the cardio area. The stuff in here was pretty straight forward and they already knew how to use it all, so we all went back to the weight room. I showed them around the weight room again, recapping all I had introduced to them earlier, showing them how to use each on, warning them against just dumping weight on and trying to lift it without first finding out where their limits were. I told them what each machine was for and proper form. We talked about dumbbells and the many varieties of exercises we could do with them. They told me about their goals, naming their favorite bodybuilders and how they would love bodies like that. Seeing them as super heroes of sorts before realizing that it was getting late and it was time to go home. We exchanged numbers and said we would meet up again the next day and went our separate ways. The next day, we met up at the gym again. I saw them when they walked in and they sought me out. As soon as I finished my set, I scribbled down the weight I was curling, how many reps, and how it felt before during and after like I usually did while they all started themselves. We talked with one another while we in between going from one machine to another, setting the weights and so on before becoming completely focused the seconds our hands touched the metal bar. We would work to failure, switch with our spotters and they would do the same. I had to slow down with them around but I didn’t mind, and something about this felt nostalgic and put me in a pretty good mood. I wanted to tell them about the Trainer but I didn’t have another ticket to hand out. I tried emailing the guy but he danced around the question being pretty cryptic about it saying stuff like “it won’t be necessary soon” Which was weird but I didn’t press it. I just wish I could share the gains I have with these guys too. We had been hanging around each other for about a year since we met and ended up telling them about the Trainer anyway after they swore they would never tell. And I believed them. We had all become inseparable since that first day and they had all grown impressively serum or no. I was proud of them, and they were all proud of themselves. One day while we were working out at the gym, we sparked a conversation about what our fantasy goals were. Not that we hadn’t had this talk a million times in the past, but this one seem different somehow. We walked into the gym and all walked to the back where the heavy weights were and began working our chests. We reached a point where we were all comfortable talking while working out, keeping track of our form and reps throughout our conversation. Ben and James were chugging their pre workout shakes while we warmed up our muscles for the exercises ahead when Alex asked after catching my eye in the mirror “So Jim you are already pretty huge! What are your ultimate goals, really, like if you didn’t have a limit to how big you could get?” I finished gulping my own shake and wiped my mouth before answering, belching just as I opened my mouth to respond “You mean from more steroids like we are using now?” I leaned in lowering my voice “Or do you mean from more serum?” “Yeah with serum. You haven’t seem to have been growing like you used to even though you really want to get huge… you have been jokingly saying you might take up the Trainers offer if it came up again” “He just wants to be a giant muscle beast along with his buddy” James chimed in. “Growing along each other, widening lats, thickening necks, muscles growing so massive that you both become immobile, helplessly huge” Ben added in a teasing sing song voice. They weren’t entirely wrong. They all knew how much I missed my first gym buddy. The guy who introduced me to how to lift and the first person I introduced to the Trainer. I think the combination of me fantasizing about how huge he must be right now growing under the personal guidance of that man and my growing frustration with my size was making me really want to make it a reality, to just let everything go and grow into a massive freak. Odd that I still have body image problems at just shy of four hundred pound. My body may have grown but I guess I never out grew the feeling of being too small I had when I first walked into the gym almost a year and a half ago… Body dysmorphia disorder is a stubborn little tarte. “Mmmmff! Stop it you two, you know how talk like that gets me! And it’s hard to bench press with one hand while I’m jerking off with the other.” Fidgeting a little, not realizing my hand was already down my shorts. “Doesn’t seem to be stopping you know.” Alex teased with a wink, nodding towards my crotch bringing my attention to what I was doing. “Uhg, see!” I pulled my hand rapidly out from my pants, blushing red as a tomato. “Well what about you guys? If you could change one thing about yourselves, what would it be? “Hmm” Alex said, biting his lower lip. The brothers fell into contemplation too. Obviously we all wanted more muscle but of the four of us, I was definitely the one who wanted it the most. “I think I would be hairier” Alex finally said, breaking the silence between us. “I am only five feet and nine inches so even though I way just as much as Ben and James, I look a lot thicker than they do” God I was envious of that. True I was bigger than Alex in size weight and proportion but I had to use Serum and steroids to do it! Eating enough to feed a family every day. Wanting to a massive freak of muscle and being so tall at the same time kind of makes that harder, or at least feel harder. I had to have MUCH thicker muscles than my friends did just to look bigger because they had more space to occupy. So Alex at 5’9 ballooned out faster than anyone else. I felt envious of him, but proud and happy at the same time, elated that I could help someone else grow like I did. Ben snorted and threw up his arms, flexing from one pose to another “Nah, I DEFINITELY look thicker than you man!” James rolled his eyes, smirking and sighing “Here we go again” just before Alex rolled his head over his shoulders and cracked his knuckles, sliding off of his bench and walking up to the nearby mirror beside Ben and mimicked his posing. They went from pose after pose, losing each other and themselves in the motions. The feeling of their own muscles brought to tension in had become as hypnotic to them as it was for me, as it became for anyone who pours their blood and sweat into that beautiful thing known as the pump! I sat back, watching them as they flexed as hard as they could, not so much competing against one another anymore as they were seeing if they could make each new pose more impressive than the last, and it had not gone unnoticed to the other gym goers. A crowd was forming just behind us. I was so focused on Ben and Alex that I didn’t notice their approach, even with the mirror just in front of me. The guys were taking time out of their own workouts to watch. Some were walking up to join in the impromptu competition between my two buddies. It was close between the lot of them. Ben and Alex had gone from skin and bone practically competition ready bodybuilders in just a year, working out hard and eating like starved maniacs! But it worked. God did it work, and their unwavering dedication in the gym and outside of it was having its effects on everyone else. The whole gym, once a pretty hostile place to new comers was becoming a more and more welcoming place. The guys, after seeing the likes of me and these three rise from zero to hero in such a short amount of time, and the biggest guy, first my first friend, then me helping them was rubbing off on them too. Someone always welcomed the new men and women who walked in, showed them the ropes, helped them get situated in a plan then proceeded to guide them. The membership in the gym just kept growing and growing, the staff didn’t even have to try to convince new people to want to be here, they just came all on their own learning of the atmosphere of the place from a friend or neighbor. As a result, the place was more packed with muscle than an IFBB stage, and so was the surrounding town! Every other person it seemed to be bodybuilding in town now, so much so that the place was becoming known for having more bodybuilders per capita than anywhere else in the world, kind of made me proud to be a part of it. After nearly half an hour of this everyone started to calm down and return to their own routine, talking amongst themselves over who was bigger than whom and we did the same, deciding to talk while we lifted and promising not to let ourselves get distracted again. While we lifted we talked through ringing of metal and choir of grunts about our desires. Alex reiterating that he would like to be hairier. “But not just normal hairy. I want it to be practically fur. Like a trail leading from my crotch to my chest. Ya know, something fuzzy to lay on” Blushing as me mentioned it “Never liked how smooth I am naturally. It feels as if I skipped that part of puberty! I don’t even grow a beard!” Alex said, blushing. Or at least I think it was blushing. Just in case I took a tighter grip on the bar as he lifted it. “Yeah I could see that” James said while watching his brothers form as he bench pressed “Me? I think I’d want a bigger package” “Who doesn’t” I chuckled “Nah man, Im talking about weirdly huge! Like the way you want to have larger than life muscle. I think id want a package that matched the size of my growing body ya know?” “Yeah I could see that I guess” I said “What about you Ben? You have been unusually quiet. Get tuckered out after your little flex out with Alex?” “As if! Little guy could barely keep up with me” He said through a playful smile. Alex just smirked as he pushed through his last rep and we switch places. “I think I’d just like being more attractive…” “What? Are you calling me ugly?” his brother teased “’Course! You’ve got a face only a mother could love.” We all broke out laughing. When Ben caught his breath he continued. “No I mean magnetic, like I’ve got an aura about me” “You pretty much have that as it is buddy.” I said, pushing though my first couple of reps, gritting my teeth unconsciously from the effort “Your big, but not so big guys are intimidated so much they are afraid to approach you. It feels like you get a number every time we go out” “Heh, true…. But it’s not every guy in the room” He winked “Hah, like you could handle that many men! Sounds like someone wants to die of exhaustion!” I said laughing. “This coming from the same guy who wants to be so heavily muscled he can’t fit through his bedroom door?” he retorted “Fair enough” I said. And that was the general tone for the rest of our workout. It even continued when we walked out and sat down at Ben and James’s place to eat. Those two are pretty good cooks. On and on, getting more and more to our intimate fantasies and desires, bits and pieces we hadn’t even shared with each other before. I feel we are closer for it. No one was shamed for their desires or insecurities, we all have them after all. We spoke of the conflicting mixture of remorse for not taking up the Trainer on his offer to test his new serum, but joy that I have for sharing it with my friend and mentor, and getting to meet the three of them. Alex’s envy of my body hair and wanting it to be out of the norm, as well as the twins. It seemed like whatever our wish, we wished for it to be extraordinary. Mine was at least fairly possible with guys like the Trainer around, as was Ben’s fantasies for the same reason, the other two I wasn’t so sure of though. At the end of our meal and an impromptu movie night together, we all said our goodbye’s, shared a few bear hugs, and headed home for bed. When I got home, I immediately stripped and walked in front of a mirror. I flexed for a while, seamlessly flowing from one pose to another. My biceps were peaking, my abs were rippling hills, my lats were wide as a hang glider, my thighs and calves were thick as tree trunk, so much so that it made it difficult to walk like a normal person and instead forced me to move in a sort of awkward waddle that I had simply learned to live with, even my forearms and neck were thick and powerful. Pausing and biting my lip. “It still isn’t big enough…” were the words that crept from between my lips in an inaudible whisper, like the words had willed themselves into being on their own volition. I continued to flex halfheartedly, obsessing over the memory of the conversation me and my buddies had today. We all wanted more from ourselves, some aspect of masculinity that we simply weren’t satisfied with. Something that we not only wanted to enhance, but wanted to be well beyond the realms of what is the physical norm, enhanced to the level that we aren’t considered normal anymore, even indecent to look at in mainstream society. I smiled and paused in my flexing, shaking my meaty butt in the mirror making me feel sexy all the way to the shower to clean up before bed. In the bathroom I turned on the hot water and stepped in, lathering up my body and relishing in the sensation of my sliding up each muscle, cresting over the peak before sliding down the other side. I did this for each muscle, progressing purposefully slowly over each and every rolling hill of steel hard flesh. My broad shoulders were sore after today so I spent time caressing them, feeling each portion of my deltoids, kneading them under my meaty, callused hands. It felt so wonderful running the warm water over it, feeling the suds building up on my body. I worked down to my bicep, moaning as I flexed it and felt the great bulk in my hands, its size, its density. I quivered as I ran my hand down to my tricep, thick and broad in its own right, filling out my arm. I loved how tight the sleeve of shirts felt around them when I dressed myself, always threatening to rip and tear from just everyday motions. Even my forearms were the very soul of size! Broad, vascular, powerful, like every other part of my body. Next I gave this same attention to my other arm and came to my pecs, my huge bulging pecs made it a little difficult to see my own feet without bending over to see them, the nipples pointing downward from the pectorals filling out in size, something I would never tire of seeing, or feeling. Both of my callused and powerful hands worked their way up to my pectorals, pressing against the giant mountains of flesh. I flexed against them reflexively and moaned again feeling the impressive power born from hard work, eating, serum and the dreams of a tall scrawny guy who wanted to be of freakish proportion and proud of it. I was getting hard as the water ran down my body. A respectable size on its own, veiny and pulsing, begging for attention… but my muscles begged so much louder! The feeling of hands caressing my body, feeling me up, inspecting me like a piece of meat, reminding me just how big I have become has become far more pleasurable to me than touching my cock. In fact I often cum hands free now from just the feeling of someone, anyone squeezing my pecs. My legs quivered as my hands pressed down on those meaty slabs again, like jello trying to support my weight. I had the thought that maybe I should sit down and take a bath rather than a shower. With that thought, I turned off the shower head and reached for the bubble bath, mixing it into the rising warm water. The suds were pleasant smelling and thick, like clouds hovering in my tub. I sat down in the water, and as I did, the water level rapidly rose. My shoulders were sliding along the sides of my porcelain surface as I lowered myself. Unfortunately as I had grown larger, my poor tube had grown to be a tighter and tighter fit. This was unfortunate because I absolutely LOVE bubble baths! I only reluctantly switched to showers because of how tight a fit my tub was. No space be damn today though, I was GOING to have my bubble bath! As I got as comfortable as I could in the bath, comically squeezing myself into it I let myself go and fell into a deep sense of relaxation. I sighed heavily, letting all the tensions of the day go, all of my muscles warming up and loosening under the sweet balm of the soapy water. I closed my eyes and let myself drift into near sleep in the water, letting my mind wonder where ever it would. As the bubbles slowly floated across the water like clouds on a gently breeze, my mind was again returning to all me and my friends had talked about. I thought about Alex desire for body hair, I imagined a thick forest of fur on his chest, sitting proudly on his now well defined pectorals and trailing gracefully down towards his crotch. Hair on his shoulders, arms and legs, even on the knuckles on his hands and feet. I Thought about what he would do if he ever found a way to get this miraculous level of body fur. Images flashed in my mind of him laying down, sprawled out on a rug and me laying my face against his fuzzy chest, smiling as he pets my head. I didn’t care that he was nearly a foot shorter than I was, it would feel nice to have that sort of attention. I thought about Ben and his desire for a larger cock, testicles and libido. Not that his libido was lacking, far from it. But he wanted more. He wanted to have inhuman levels of testosterone flowing through his system, wanted to be able to lay with a guy for days on end without ever needing to rest, wanted to be able to ejaculate dozens of times a day with each load enough to fill a bowl! He mentioned the kind of proportions he would like. He wanted his testicles to be large as soccer balls and be able to lay his forearm against his manhood and his manhood to be both longer and thicker. Once he grew large enough that he could no longer penetrate anyone anymore he wouldn’t care as long as his unnatural size could be shown off and admired. “You guys can put me on a leash if I ever become that much of a freak and parade me around town if you like. Hell, I might even beg for it!” were just some of his words. He loves attention, loves showing off, loves to tease and make both happy and aroused by his actions. The feeling I have for my muscles and feeling their weight is what he wants to have out of such a growth, even if it more or less makes his cock worthless and unusable. It’s not about using it for him, it’s about showing it off, being something someone else can play with and admire. In fact, the juxtaposition of having a massive cock like every man wants, but having it so big that it is pointless for sex makes him even more aroused. Then there is his brother James. He wanted something a little different. He wanted to be more attractive, but not in just in the since one would imagine. Like his brother, he is very good looking, and has the kind of personality that draws your attention and makes you want to get to know him, share a drink and hang out with, but he wanted to be attractive on a chemical level too. Something primal like you see in nature, pheromones that makes you lose control. He wanted something that would make drunk from, something that when he entered the room, he filled it with his presence rather you were aware of it or not and reduce every guy present into overly aroused beasts. Inevitably my thoughts returned to my own body… large as it was, it could be larger. It could always be larger. I wondered too, how big my friend must be by now. He has been under the direct care of the Trainer for around a year now, and if he was still doing what he propositioned me for, there was no telling the kind of size a man could have at this point. I knew of course that he wouldn’t be the same. He would be lucky if he still remembered his own name which is why I turned him down but… I always wondered… what if I said yes? Would I be as big as he is now? Probably not, the serum, though miraculous increases size based on what it had to work with when you started it. Since he was bigger than me I was when I started using it on top of it being the Trainers strongest experimental cocktail… GODS he must be a monster by now! I wanted to keep my intelligence true but I think maybe it would have been OK if we did it together let it all go side by side, grow into real live hyper muscled, hyper endowed forerunners in the world of size! But the night was only getting later, and I needed to get ready for bed. I couldn’t sit here and contemplate the “what ifs” that my insatiably size hungry mind had to offer. I climbed myself out of the tub, having to awkwardly roll myself onto the floor to accomplish it and stood back up, unplugging the drain and drying myself off lazily, again working over my body a little more than was actually necessary to dry off and walked, naked towards my bedroom. On my way to the bed, I could feel my feet getting sluggish, like there was something more to be done and they were trying to turn me back to finish whatever it was I neglected to accomplish during the day. I let my feet direct my path and I found myself walking back out of my bedroom and to my desk where my computer sat quiet and cold. The bath may have been over, but my thoughts had followed me out of the bathroom. I don’t think I will be able to sleep if I don’t at least check to see if I can find something that can help me and my friends with the transformations we desire. I had the Trainer of course but what about them? We have been growing for a year together, been through a lot in a short time, shared much… I wanted to give them more So down I sat on the simple chair in front of my desk, eliciting a long groan from the chair taking on my weight in protest. As my body settled in the seat and the groans of the chair beneath me stopped I hopped onto the internet and started searching. At first I started with simple key words, body hair enhancements, pheromones, penis enlargement, things that we had talked about together and got bout as much as I expected. There were a handful of things about body hair enhancement but not much, a doctor here and there who had experimented with it with mixed results and one or two actually seemed pretty promising, but too expensive to be in our range to buy the sort of thick hair he was going for. I looked up more and more. I looked up supplements that might work, increases in testosterone perhaps? Some of what he was taking now already involved that and though he got a little hairier, it was nowhere near at the sort of level I knew he was looking for. Alex wanted really dense man fur, the kind only a few men are blessed with. I saw magic pills or lotions here and there, not unlike what you would come to expect from all the penis pill ads or spam mail that seems to find you even when you never touch a site that might link you to them which I just ignored them and continued on, not wanting to waste what time I had before I absolutely needed to get to sleep. I got even less than I thought I would looking for pheromones. As I looked, I found brief descriptions of the human pheromone that we supposedly have and react to without realizing it, having to do somehow with our immune systems lots of things that to me sounded like mumbo jumbo and some things that were again some sort of pill or powder, that sounded like pure science fiction, vaguely scientific sounding with little proof to try to trick you into thinking that whatever product was more legitimate than it actually was to get you to buy their “lab tested test proven” secret ingredient that would never be mentioned to you. And if that wasn’t the case then It was mostly talking about something in the animal kingdom that was not applicable to humans. I was just about to head to bed when a banner on one of the dozens sites I had open caught my eye. There was a simple yet familiar logo on it that was ringing a bell for me. There was a Double helix followed by a sort of hexagonal symbol with lines leading off of it to other full or broken hexagonal shapes, the sort of thing that makes you think about a diagram of a chemical compound. I didn’t know why so I stopped and looked at it for a while, wracking my brain as to where I had seen it before. I had seen it a few times before, just some unassuming banner with not much on it except for that logo and a couple of tiny lines of text. It was simple and didn’t grab my attention so I paid it no mind up until now. Even noticing that this was the same symbol something else was clawing its way to the surface of my memory. I had seen this symbol before, in the real world, not just on web sites, somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where exactly. So I thought about places I go to frequently, which is pretty much the gym, the post office to pick up my serum in my PO box, the grocery store and to the guys house every so often. I thought as hard as I could but the memory wasn’t coming to me. If it wasn’t AT one of these places, maybe… I thought about the paths I would take on my way to and from my frequent haunts and it gnawed at me more than before. Clearly I was on the right track but it wasn’t quite close enough. Then I remembered a few months back when there was construction on the road between my house and the post office that forced me to take a detour that brought me near the outskirts of the little town I lived in, to an area I never really went because nothing I needed or that interested me was in that part of town. I drove past a construction site with this very symbol on it. I thought maybe I was mistaken but I had to pass it a lot until the roads were done being repaved so I had plenty of memories of seeing it in passing and at red lights. At first I thought it was going to be some kind of warehouse but it ended up being some sort of research center or something, for what I didn’t know and never bothered to check until now. Looking at the banners closely I saw a series of symbols that wouldn’t mean much to most, may even have been written off as a scam to the unenlightened. But to me they were the labels of various series of serum… SERUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trainer was making the stuff public and he was setting up a location right here in my own home town! And from the looks of the research center, he was going to be sporting a lot more than his ranch would have been able to offer. I went to their website and it was there, every serum the Trainer ever talked to me about and more. There were things for bodily growth and shrinkage, libido, full body hair growth and targeted, production EVERYTHING you could think of and it was coming to town! My hands started to shake, my heart was racing. The talk on the website made it sound as if it would be affordable too. Places for test subjects who would get experimental agents for free to test the results. Knowing the trainer he has something to undo any changes in case things go wrong. Well at least if it wasn’t his last batch of serum I suppose but still. I would definitely have to look more into this in the morning and tell the guys all about it when I wake up in the morning. Something tells me tomorrow is going to be a long and interesting day. To be continued
  5. I am glad my story is being enjoyed so. I wrote it in a single session on a whim after talking to a friend. I am also happy to see someone wondering what they would do in the same situation and am curious what others would do in the main characters shoes. So share with us, if it were you and you were presented the opportunity to grow to your dream fantastical size and endowment never having another care in the world save for the constant pleasures of your own size with your humanity as the price, would you take that opportunity presented?
  6. It was a quiet day off. With my workout at the gym already taken care of and no pressing matters to attend to, I decided that now was a good a time as any to get the house in order. It wasn’t unsightly by any means, it actually looked fairly neat, but more could always be done to make it look better. Little things like dusting surfaces, watering flowers to keep them looking bright and healthy and the like. With that in mind, I turned on some music and turned up the volume so I could hear it throughout the house and got ready to clean. It was a bright and sunny day, beautiful outside. The sky was blue and clear, the birds were singing, the air was aromatic as could be. It also unfortunately meant that it was very hot out today, and even with the windows open filling my home with a wonderful cross breeze it was still uncomfortably warm. “Now is a good a time as any” I said aloud to myself, tucking my fingers under my waistband and lowering my pants, struggling a second over the ample butt I was so proud of, made larger after years of training and dedication in the gym, my own personal temple of iron. Immediately the cool air hit my skin and I breathed a sigh of relief. I wiggled my bottom, letting my pants fall to the floor revealing my new aussie bum jock. Next came my shirt, and this I took my time with, slowly pealing it over my head, pretending there was an audience watching me strip. I could feel myself tenting my jock, I do so love the thought of being on display for others to see and ogle at. Another wave of pleasure hit me when my chest was exposed to the cool air. Today was chest day at the gym and I could still feel the pump in my pecs. GOD did it feel good! The residual tension from blood rushing to the muscle after a hard work out, the warm the… I let my shirt drop to the floor, forgetting myself and groped my own chest, lifting up the heavy pectorals and letting them fall, moaning when I felt the heft of my own upper body. I groped myself for a second, running my hands over my body and looking over into the open door of the bathroom. There I stood. 6’3 and over 250 pounds of lean powerful muscles, hairy chest, thick beard, men would kill for this body I know, and there was a sea of people who admired me for it, or rather the muscles themselves, I doubt they saw me as more than something for their own consumption, but that wasn’t enough. The admiration felt great sure…. But I wanted to get BIGGER! Needed it with every fiber of my being! That is why less than a year ago I resorted to using steroids. It was daunting at first but I had done my homework, tons of it. I understood the risks, the dangers, I had heard every PSA in the book about steroid use and abuse and it really didn’t matter to me. Because to me, getting bigger was paramount! For your everyday guy, 250 plus pounds of vascular muscle might be enough, their end game, where a few days a week in the gym to maintain their “beach bod” will suffice. But for someone like me, who always dreamed of being huge, not just big, but monstrous, someone who was naturally very thin and had to fight hard for every inch, every pound, someone who not only wouldn’t mind becoming what most of the world would consider a freak but welcomes it, what I had simply wasn’t enough! I am proud of my body, I really am, I have come far since I have started years ago and am already at the point where family and close friends barely recognize me when they see me. But I want to grow and grow and grow and I can stop when my heart gives out! But I have distracted myself from my chores long enough so I got back to cleaning, dancing to the music as I went. “I can take a break when it is time to take my next injection” I thought to myself, giggling to myself and flexing unconsciously. I loved the boost in my testosterone, it always makes me so horny! It’s one of those things that you both love and hate for the same reason. I did the dishes, dusted the shelves, swept and mopped the floor, all while wiggling my butt and pretending whatever was in my hand at the time was a microphone. I must be a sight to anyone who can see through the windows. Already, I could feel heat welling up in my loins at just the thought of being observed, shaking my bulging muscular body half naked for an audience… it was time for my sixth orgasm of the day, and it wasn’t even noon yet. “No need to stroke, mmmph” I said aloud, already groping my muscles and flexing as if I were on stage, posing in front of judges. I am sure most aren’t sporting a chubby while lifting and groping their chest…. Maybe I could sell it off as a “new pose” haha, wouldn’t that be something! It didn’t take me long, just a few good squeezes and the knowledge that ANYONE walking down the street could see my exposed form playing with my muscular body was enough to set me over the edge. I came right in my jock, could see the spurts darkening practically the whole thing. With my cleaning mostly done, and a new mess to clean up, I decided now was a good time to take a shower and take my injection for the day. I walked over into the bathroom, taking my jock off on the way and tossing it into the dirty clothes bin. I crossed the mirror on my way to the shower and stopped, lifting my arms up in a double bicep pose. I tried a few others. I was… something. I could bigger, I could always be bigger. I looked at my little bottle sitting on the sink. The wonderful steroid I was using now. It worked pretty well, made me horny as a rutting stud which made everything else hard to focus on but no one could argue with the increase in gains I have been making lately. A smile crept over my face at the thought of that. “I am going to get even bigger! I am going to gain even more mass over my natural limit and this wonderful stuff is going to help me do it!” With that I practically hopped into the shower, turning on the cold water and letting it run down my skin for a while before getting to cleaning myself. I had a little trouble with my back but I got everything in time when I wasn’t singing to my own tune under the water. After my quick shower I grabbed a towel and dried myself off moving on to my sink where a familiar bottle was sitting. I opened little cabinet where my syringes and cleaning kits were. I picked one and opened it, taking the supplies from the kit and sterilizing the needle. The package says they are already sterile but it really, really doesn’t hurt to be sure with this sort of thing. Once it was ready lifted the bottle and inspected it. There was just enough in it for one more dose. I readied the needle, filling it with the bottles contents, did a final inspection, and in it went. Just the slightest pinch, but oh the impact it would have tomorrow at the gym! I through our the bottle and the needle in their own special trash bin and opened the cabinet to set out a new bottle but I didn’t see one. I looked behind the cleaning kit, under it, in the back and corners of the cabinet, but there was nothing. I started to panic thinking maybe it fell and broke on the floor when I took out the needle and cleaning kit but the floor was clean and that’s when, to my dread, my eyes glanced over to the special bin. There were two empty bottles, not one. “I let myself run out!” I screamed slapping myself on the forehead. How could I let myself run so low! It had been a stressful couple of weeks but still. Growing was one of the most important things to me and for me to forget to keep myself stocked was unacceptable! Without even getting dressed I ran into my room and hopped into the chair facing my computer, turned it on and went right to my suppliers sites to see who I could get my next few months’ worth the fastest starting with the first. They had always delivered what they said they would, their product was spot on and not some cheap knock off. Unfortunately it said it would take up to twenty four days before my package would arrive. “Well that just wont do… my cycle would be way off by then” I thought to myself, tapping my foot as I went through source after source. I loved where I lived but sometimes it takes far too long to get anything from out of the country and unfortunately, no one in the country made what I need to grow… I don’t like it, but I might have to head to the gym and hope someone there has some extra. I hated resorting to this. Though the guys were pretty friendly for the most part, you could never tell where each bodybuilder got their steroids or what was really in it. I trusted my sources at this point but theres were a mystery to me. I would also have to hope it wouldn’t negatively react to what was already running through my system. Even taking all that into account, who do I ask first? There were a lot of big guys in the gym but who would have something strong enough for me to use? I was the biggest one! Well… second biggest now I suppose. There was a new guy at the gym who had only been there for four months. Just as tall as I was standing at 6’3, he came in at an unimpressive one hundred and ten pounds. He came, clearly knowing nothing about the gym but eager to learn. He always had a note book with him that he would scribble in before and after every set and would ask, or at least try to ask other bodybuilders pointers and questions about what an aspiring bodybuilder should do, usually stating something along the lines of “I don’t really care much about proportions, I just don’t want to fit in clothes anymore. I want to be a monster, a freak!” Most of the guys around the gym wouldn’t give him the time of day, the chatter in the locker room was them pretty much saying he would be gone in a week, just some unrealistic dreamer who will quit the second he realizes how hard building really is. But he didn’t quit, and I didn’t like the attitude that the other guys had. We all started somewhere, we all wanted to be bigger, and being a tall guy like me, his gains weren’t going to look too impressive for quite a while, more of our bodies to fill out and all that and some of the most vocal guys were a lucky 5’9. With smaller measurements than me but looking huge because of their height. That said, I was the first to talk to the guy, give him pointers. He said his name was Jim after introducing ourselves to one another. It took all of 5 minutes to realize that this man was EXACTLY like I was coming in, maybe knowing a little less, but he was completely driven by the same goals as me. To be a freak! Even though he was at a much lower weight class than I was and just starting, I ended up becoming his lifting partner. If anyone could guide him to be bigger, I could, and seeing as we were so similar, I didn’t mind too much that slowing down for him. He wasn’t selfish either. He was always at the gym waiting for me before I got there, and the second he got off the bench, no matter how tired he was, he would hop off and make sure to get my target weight onto the bar, he even remembered both of our weights by heart, took not when it started getting too easy for me and would up the weight at just the right amount to keep it just where I needed it to grow. A great partner all things considered. Together we both made pretty decent gains together for about two months. He started looking more defined, and I was, well… I can already feel my muscles tensing to flex. Jim however, somewhere around when month three of his membership started to explode with size and weight. By the end of the third month, he had gained eighty pounds on top of what he gained the two months prior, and this month like clockwork, gained another eighty two! It was no secret he started taking something when that third month started. Everyone in the locker room was pretty open about their steroid use, but no one knew what it was he was using and everyone wanted to know. But he never told. All the people asking him, buttering him up, admiring him, complimenting him to try to get him to tell what he was using were the very same people who not long ago were taunting the new skinny guy that he would never get any bigger and so many people were bugging him about it, I didn’t think It was right to ask him myself, not wanting to be a bother. I was just happy to see him grow! Even though he grew to be two hundred and eighty pounds, passing me up in a fraction of the time it took me to get here. Today though I would ask him. I was out of my own supply and I was desperate! And we were friends, I am sure he will understand. With a deep breath and a tinge of guilt and anxiety, I pulled out my phone and dialed his number. Jim picked it up within the first two rings “Hey buddy! How are ya?” he exclaimed on the line. I could hear the sounds of clanking metal coming from his end. Was he still at the gym? “Up for a round two, or did you want to go out on the town again?” “I’m doing fine Jim thanks! I actually called for an emergency.” I said. I could hear my own shyness as the words left my mouth And Jim caught on immediately. “What’s the matter buddy? He said, sounding a little worried, I could hear him shuffling with something as he spoke. “I um… I hate asking, especially with how often the guys at the gym bother you about it now… but you wouldn’t by chance have any more of your mystery stuff would you? I forgot to restock.” “Holy cow really? But you have never done that before! Is everything ok? I know you would never have allowed that to happen under normal circumstances.” “yeah, its just work. I have been so stressed with it lately that I barely have room in my mind to remember much else other than lifting with you these days outside of it, and sleeping, and it has been particularly hellish lately” “Ah, I understand buddy. Well, for you, yeah, I can definitely share some of my ‘mystery stuff’” he said with a chuckle. “It’s not like what you are used to. It’s kind of thick going in, get a rush of warmth the second it hits your veins but it will do you good I promise. Want me to come over with a batch?” “Oh no you don’t have to, it sounds like you are still in the gym, I don’t want to stop you too long if you are in the zone” “Nah buddy I’m fine, I was just packing up anyway. I can be over in twenty minutes or so” he said. I could practically hear the smile on his face. “I’ll be over in a jiffy” Eighteen minutes later and I hear a knock on my. I hop over to the door and greet Jim who immediately smirks “I didn’t know it was going to be that kind of visit!” I had forgotten to put on some clothes in my anxiety riddled state! Well it was too late now, and we had seen each other naked in the locker room anyway so I didn’t feel that self-conscious though I still blushed a little. “Uh, sorry, just stepped out of the shower and forgot I wasn’t wearing anything. Come in, come in” Jim did just that, taking his shoes off at the door and coming with my to the freshly cleaned living room. He even commented on how he couldn’t put his finger on it, but it felt nicer in my home than it did last time he was here which made me puff out my chest in pride a little that he unconsciously noticed my handiwork. We sat together on the couch and he pulled up his gym bag, setting it on the table in front of us, unzipping it and fondling around for a second before pulling out a very plain clear bottle with a white liquid inside and plain white label with the text “BT serum 04” on it and nothing else. “Well, this is my ‘mystery stuff’ as you put it” Jim said with a wink, “The strongest steroid you’ll ever find! It was made designed and created by one guy. He is pretty secretive, and people only ever hear of him from word of mouth from someone else who is already using his product” he said suddenly looking dead serious “And he has a few rules that he strictly enforces about telling other people what it is and where you got it. Break one and he will never sell to you again. So I really need you to keep this hush hush ok buddy?” “Of course!” I exclaimed in a hushed, excited voice, speaking as if the walls had ears. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I could feel myself starting to perspire; my hands were trembling pupils dilating. Jim just looked at me and smiled with a knowing expression. From what he said, he was no doubt in the same position I am in now just two months ago. He put the bottle gingerly down onto the table and wrapped his arms around me in a warm hug, calming me down somewhat. As I came to, I returned the hug, heart still beating but I felt better. “There aren’t many rules but here goes. One, he will only sell to someone he has met in person. So for a new buyer to get their hands on it, they would need to visit him. Two, he dictates the shipments. He knows how long the bottles will last, some people have tried tricking him into selling them more so they could sell it around on their own and he didn’t like that, which brings me to rule three, no reselling. And finally four, only talk about him, and the serum with someone you really trust.” “So you have to know a guy” I smirked “Yup, and that guy has to trust you. And I really trust you friend so here it is.” This made me blush, And Jim pretended not to notice so I wouldn’t feel more embarrassed. “You take it just like you take your usual stuff in the locker room. It is weird in that its nonreactive to practically everything else you put in you so you could take some now even if you have already started your latest cycle like I know you have” he smiles “you always did take your roids like clockwork” “Observant as ever Jim” “Well that’s me for you!” he said, handing me the bottle and a fresh syringe “Are you sure its ok to take so soon after another?” “You will be fine, I wouldn’t have brought it if it would hurt you” this time he was the one blushing as I took the syringe from him, holding it and the bottle like the holy grail. Before I could breathe a word, he was pulling a cleaning kit out too. As prepared as he always was. I realized though that there were no instructions, I didn’t know how much I should take. Thinking this I tilted my head like a pup in confusion and asked him. He simply replied “the whole thing” so I filled the syringe like he said and made one big injection. It was uncomfortable but not painful. I wasn’t used to so much fluid at once, but just like he said, there was a rush of heat. I was expecting it so I didn’t panic as it filled my body. When it reached my cock I felt a tingle, like I absolutely needed to jerk off and I starting getting hard then and there, completely forgetting that my friend was sitting there inches away from my naked form. My whole body felt pumped, like I worked every single muscle group on the same day! It felt amazing! I needed to- but before my hands could even reach my cock, I was already cumming, and came clear over the table, hitting the tv screen several yards away with over a dozen spurts, leaving me panting. My mind was still in a fog, from the intense feeling still coursing through my body before Jim broke the silence. “There are two times that are ideal to take this stuff. Just after you have had a heavy workout, or just before you are about to go to bed. It is up to you to decide when that time is.” He winked “And after that, I am willing to bet you are going to sleep soundly tonight! Try not to cum too much, it’s always hard to keep it in that first moment but the seller says that for this serum, its best you try to keep all of your loads in” That would explain his celibate behavior despite being what most would call a “catch” and an unapologetic tease. My hands shook with the need to masturbate and my cock was harder than it had ever been in my life, the full body pump I was feeling was driving me nuts, but I wanted to do this right, especially since Jim is apparently risking never getting this stuff again by sharing with me, so we hugged each other and wished one another a good night. He took his bag and headed home, while I jumped into bed, trying my hardest to go to sleep and failing for an hour or so before fatigue suddenly rushed over me. In the morning I laid in bed for a moment staring up at the ceiling. Something felt off, not bad off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The full body pup had worn off unfortunately. Thinking about it was getting me hard again and as I reached for my cock, I remembered what Jim said and reluctantly pulled my hands back to my sides. I through my legs over the bed and suddenly realization hit me. That took more effort than it normally did. No that couldn’t be right, I had only been asleep for a few hours, its impossible to have grown right? I patted my body down, looking up and down my arms, my legs and abs. something was definitely different, maybe not visible but I could feel it. I ran to my scale and sure enough it read 254. I had gained four pounds in just a few hours! “Jeez! Whatever is in that stuff is a miracle!” I yell just before my stomach let out a sound like a ravenous animal God was I hungry! I guess that mass means I am going to have to eat more if I am going to be growing like Jim now. I went straight to the kitchen and made myself a full dozen eggs and toast and whatever else took my fancy a the time something quick and filling, before me was a spread of bacon, eggs, oranges, oatmeal, my usual gainer shake and more, taking up half of the table and I tore into it like a man who hasn’t seen food in weeks, finished every bite, cleaned the multiple plates it took to set the food out… but it wasn’t enough! I was still hungry! I threw open the fridge, tossing foods into pots, into pans, boiling them, baking, searing, whatever it took to get it cooked. I wasn’t even waiting for it to cool, I didn’t feel any burning anyway, just the roar in my gut for food. My stomach was getting more and more packed, I felt as if I was going to explode but I was still starving! I went back to the fridge only to find that I had eaten literally everything that I had, including two weeks’ worth of gainer shakes I had. My stomach was a round dome and I still wanted to eat but it was time to head over to the gym and meet Jim for our morning workout. The trip to the gym couldn’t have felt longer. The full body pump was returning and there was an aching feeling building up in my loins needing release. I was shaking the whole drive there, squirming and fidgeting all the way to the door. When I stepped into the gym, eyes went wide. No one was expecting me to walk into the gym with a gut big enough to hold another person. I could hear every other word of their whispers, feel their stares, but I didn’t care. I was just ready and eager to start my workout with my friend, more so today to START my workout with the pump. The after math of this workout was going to be unreal I just knew it. Jim was the only one who didn’t look surprised. He just nodded and we went about our routine. But this time he didn’t seem to know where my weights needed to be. They felt too light. I mention this to him and he said that he put them to the same spot they were last time we did them, but he grinned and put on more weight. The same thing happened though. It was just too light to get a real work out with. It wasn’t until he had added another sixty pounds over what I lifted just a few days ago that I finally felt it. I couldn’t believe it! Overnight, I was pulling off weights I didn’t think I would be able to lift for another year or more. My stomach felt like it was on fire while we worked out. It didn’t hurt, just really warm and gurgling loudly. We worked out one machine at a time, piling on impossible weight each time, pushing and straining our muscles to their limits. I could feel it, the pump, unlike any I had ever felt creeping over each muscle group I trained. We were there for hours, completely losing track of time, so deep in the zone that the rest of the world had completely dissolved into nothingness for the both of us. It was closing time when we finally stopped. The sun had long since set and my gut had dwindled down visibly since the beginning of the day. My muscles were so tense they ached beautifully, as I walked, I felt weight that was definitely not there when I walked in this morning. Throughout the day, it seemed as if roughly half the mass in my round dome of a gut had relocated into my muscles, fueling them at an inhuman pace. Looking into the mirrors lining the gym I hadn’t even noticed that my shirt had torn along the arms and chest regions and my pants were following suit! My eyes widened and I spun my head around to look at Jim who was smiling and nodding knowingly “That’s just the tip of the iceberg buddy. Let’s see where you are in a week” And see we did. At the end of the week, when it was time to take another dose of BT serum 04, I had climbed from two hundred and fifty four pounds, to a hulking three hundred and seven pounds! I outgrew everything I owned and was now wearing what was once my covers, hastily sewn together in a kilt like fashion in a rushed attempt to clothe myself to head to the gym. When I stepped out of the door though, I saw Jim standing in my door way, apparently about to knock and stopped when he noticed that my face was what he was about to knock on. “Enjoying your serum fueled gains?” he said mockingly, as if he even needed to ask. I was loving how it felt harder to move around, how I could see my skin pulled taught over my bulging body. It was a dream come true and it was only starting. “Well, I called my supplier telling him that id vouch for you and that you were someone he could trust. He sent me over this ticket for you so you can meet him in person. From what I have told him, he thinks you will be another buyer or ‘something more’, I don’t know what he meant by that but if it’s a new serum I would go for it! He is an amazing chemist” he said, flexing and I followed suit, getting into a little flex off with my friend. We shared a laugh before continuing. “I wouldn’t mind, I’d do anything to grow!” I bellowed, throwing up a double bicep flex again. “Yeah, that’s what I told him, and he seems genuinely interested in meeting you. The flight is tomorrow. Sorry its such short notice with work and all that” “It’s not a problem! I could drop everything if it meant becoming a monster!” “Don’t I know it! He said to pack light, you can probably guess why” Jim said looking at my impromptu kilt. “Yeah, cause I won’t fit anything I pack haha.” We shared a laugh as the realization hit me while looking at the ticket. “This is really early tomorrow! I should actually be packing up and getting read now!” “Yeah, I can help with that” and he did. We packed, ate, wrestled even and went to the gym for a work out. It was intense and I was excited. Instead of heading home, he drove me to the airport. The TSA looked at me oddly wearing my strange garb and stopped me. Seeing that there was nothing dangerous being hidden other than a pulsing member, they let me through. Aside from that, everything was pretty uneventful till I got on the plane. I ended up taking two seats. No one complained though because the plane wasn’t packed and there were seats to spare. I will admit that I felt a twinge of pride at knowing I had grown so wide. The eating was a little cramped on my legs though. One of the hostesses noticed and asked if I wanted a first class seat, there were free seats and they said it was going to be along flight. I wasn’t about to say no to extra leg room, they didn’t even charge me extra, how nice of them! So I waddled up front and sat in a nice couple of seats and fell asleep just after takeoff, exhausted from my workout with Jim. When I woke up we were still flying but heard the fasten your seatbelt message alert us that we would be descending soon. The plane landed in what from my window looked like a fairly small city. Very few cars could be seen driving around. Most people seemed to prefer bikes, and scooters or small motor bikes. When I got off the plane, there was someone standing in the gate holding a sign with my name on it. He wasn’t hard to miss seeing as he was a head taller than I was, towering over everyone around him in clothing that was stretched comically tight around inhumanly bulging muscles, not that I was one to talk wearing what was essentially a loincloth. Jim did say that he called ahead and that the supplier had sent the ticket so it made since that someone was waiting for me here. I didn’t know if this was the supplier himself or someone else but I went along with the impressively large man. Considering his build, he must at least be connected with the person I was here to meet. We locked eyes for a moment, there was a look in his eye that he recognized me and he gestured for me to follow him. His face was stern and without needing to try to make small talk, I could tell he wasn’t one for talking. I felt small next to this man which was triggering some body dysmorphia disorder in me but the prospect of what I was who knows where at this point to get some miracle serum pumped into me I was starting to get excited again. I heard the man huff just as we approached a large beat up red van. I watched him squeeze into the driver’s side, holding in a chuckle and a moan. It was amazing watching someone struggling to get into this massive vehicle, and seeing how he had to hunch forward in order to fit, and how his knees were nearly shoulder height, it might as well have been a clown car. He looked over at me seeming annoyed that I wasn’t already in the passenger seat and I hurriedly hopped in and he drove us off towards the mountains that I could see in the distance. It was a long and quiet ride. He was silent the whole time, never speaking a word. Even when I tried introducing myself, all he did was grunt and look forward as he drove. We passed the mountains eventually and into what looked like a very rural area. There were fields everywhere, barns and ranches every so often. It turned form fields to forest soon and we turned right at the first cross road. I was starting to fidget a little. Getting nervous at how little I knew about my driver, how I didn’t even know what country I was in let alone anything about the area. The long silence was making my mind wonder to very horror movie-ish places until the trees parted and we entered what looked to be a very nice ranch with a big barn and silos near said barn on one of its sides. My nameless chauffer parked in front of a neatly built house and climbed out of the truck. I could feel the truck tilting to a more normal position and lifting as he got out and I followed suit as he walked towards the barn. I didn’t take two steps before he spun around putting a big, callused hand against my chest and pointed at me, then to the house. I took the hint and we parted ways. My heart was pounding on my way to the door. It the driver was any indication of what I should expect to look like I was all in. well, more all in than I was when jumped onto a plane going to an unfamiliar country to an unfamiliar man’s house, but Jim trusts him and that was enough for me. I stepped onto the sturdy porch and rang the bell. This was soon met with a deep but friendly voice calling out from inside and footstep growing closer to the front door. When It opened, I was with a 5’11 man of about two hundred and sixty pound, decently muscled, but normal. I was about to say something when I saw what must have been an eight foot tall muscular behemoth sitting on the floor cross legged in his living room, taking up the space where a couch would normally go. My eyes went wide and my mouth went suddenly dry. I could feel a familiar need welling up in me again. The behemoth hugged and looked up in my direction before the shorter man glanced at the exchange and spoke. “Careful now, this big boy can smell ‘need’ a mile away and will be all too happy to oblige you, pity most can’t handle two seconds with him and from what your friend Jimmy has said over the phone, I would hate for my pup here to break you before we every got to see just how big we can get you” “H-how big you can get me sir?” I said shaking. Whimpering at the sound of what the man said. The proof was all around him, the driver, the behemoth in his house, this man could make someone as big as he pleased, and I. Was. Standing. Right. Next. To. HIM!!! He chuckled “No need to call me sir big man, we have only just met and I have done nothing to warrant being called such. And not me big guy, I am not the one who will be making you bigger, WE are.” He gestured for me to step out of the door way and then follow him towards the barn. “You see. I may be providing you with the fuel and serum you need to grow beyond human limits, but it is still your choice rather or not you are going to do that. I am not going to force you, I never force, it needs to be YOUR decision to grow into an inhuman monster.” The more he spoke, the faster my heart beat “Your friend tells me that you encouraged him when no one else would, that is commendable. He also tells me that that like him, you don’t want to be normal, but to be, in your own words ‘a freak beyond what nature has deemed acceptable’ AND that you have grown at least fifty three pounds in just a week! That’s fast even for my mixture. With that in mind, I think you would be a perfect candidate for my newest serum. BT serum 07. You have already used number four, and you have already seen the effects of five and six respectively. I have a few test subjects for this newest serum already but its an even number and I need one more to break a tie I have been coming along with in my notes. Serum seven is my strongest mixture yet” he continued, “but I will be honest, it does come with its fair share of side effects….” I snapped out of my muscle fantasy fueled haze just long enough to ask what sort of side effects did he mean. “Memory loss mostly” he said and my shoulders slumped, of course there was a catch “loss of identity, muscular immobility, dumbing down to animalistic levels an-“ “Wait, what was that last one?” I interrupted” “Dumbing down?” “No, before that…” “Muscular immobility?” “Yeah that one! Tell me more about that one!!” “Oh well serum seven is my strongest by far, it will likely grow you even bigger than the pup you saw in my house, in every respect, height, muscular size and definition, and in the crotch region.” My eyes widened as he spoke. “Every man who has taken serum seven so far have quickly grown so much so fast that their bodies strength hasn’t caught up to their size, so they can’t lift their own limbs in order to walk or even crawl, and even if they could, their muscles have grown so thick that they barely have enough space to bend their elbows and knees more than a couple of degrees in every direction. It’s so bad that I have had to take care of them all twenty four seven since each person took their first, and they cum so much that if I don’t pump the stuff out of the barn they are in they will drown themselves! I don’t know where the matter for their growth or cum production is coming from but it’s nothing to sneeze at. And here’s the rub. I have a counter serum for all of my mixtures except for this one. No matter what I do, any mass gain comes back as soon as the person goes to sleep so I can’t undo it. Once the weight and muscle is gained, its gained, there are no do overs if we over do i-“ “I’ll do it sir!” I exclaimed, I had heard enough. What this man was calling a side effect I call dreams I didn’t dare believe could come true until today, goals I thought my heart would give out on me long before I reached them. “I can’t revers the effects if you decide you don’t like it, you will essentially be giving up you humanity if you agree to this…” he said, raising an eye brow incredulously. I fell to my knees and put my head on the ground before to show my sincerity. “Please sir. This is all I have ever wanted! I don’t care if I can’t move afterwards. I don’t care if I get dumber, I don’t care if I can’t remember left from right or how to read or anything else. If you can do what you say sir then please, please use me in whatever experiments you can think of. I will give up everything for the privilege!” The Ranch owner looked down, surprised by my actions and smiled. “Well, well. I half expected you to want to return home after me telling you the risks, several have and accepted much weaker versions of my serum because of it. I don’t blame or fault them for it but I would one day like to perfect this one and make it commercial. Your help is greatly appreciated. That said-“ He opened the door to the barn and I saw ten men lined up five on each side in the barn except they were not mearly men. The smallest of them looked like he could easily be 20 feet tall if he stood up. But none of them were standing, each and every one of them were either on their hands and knees, or laying down on their front or back, all trapped in said position by their own size, unable to move. Immobile, just as the owner had said. They were all grunting and groaning, being milked endlessly through industrial sized milking tubes while tree trunk sized dildos were plowing each of their asses from motorized machines that looked to be borrowing a semi-trucks engine to give them enough force to push past the monsters powerful mountainous butts. Not a word was spoken among them, and the driver could be seen inspecting each one, and the equipment being applied to them. My knees were turning to jelly. I dreamed of this, I NEEDED this my entire life and now I am standing on the precipice of what I thought was impossible and what reality is showing me now! The man led me to a padded platform like all the giants were on, one with a massive bar in front of it. “for support” he said, pointing to the ones who were on all fours with their chest balancing on the bar, as well as the ones on their backs with their legs being supported by the bar and it made total since to me. He pulled out a syringe filling it from a bottle that was brought to him on a medical tray by his massive ranch hand and simply asked “are you ready?” Tears filled my eyes and I nodded. My dreams was finally coming true. I got on all fours and he stuck the needle in my but, pumping out all the fluid and I groaned. Already I could feel the warmth over taking my body. Stronger than any sensation I had ever felt before. My muscles were inflating, each and every one of them felt heat like I couldn’t believe, I could feel, I could HEAR my body growing. It was unreal, it was beautiful it was, it was everything I ever wanted. I could feel the weight of my body outstripping my ability to hold it up and I became dependent on that metal bar to keep my up, my arms and legs so thick that I couldn’t move them on my own anymore, and so heavy it wouldn’t matter if I could. I was trapped here now, restrained, IMMOBILE!!! Orgasm after orgasm hit me. The floor was growing further away from me, the room was shrinking yet becoming my entire world. I moaned and groaned, thinking about everything that I just left behind on a whim. Thinking about… somewhere and someone. Someone I was pretty sure was a friend. I didn’t see them though in the room, perhaps I imagined him, and the weird place I was thinking about. That place didn’t have corners like the world did. It was too cramped for something like me…. ME, who am me… what is me name again? No, my name… mmmmmy nammmmme……. Mmmmmy………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooo.
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