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  1. To anyone who was around in the time of the Original Forum I am in need of assistance. I am looking for a story that was originally posted to the forums but then removed because the author PUBLISHED them! (YAY!) He recompiled the story he gave us on the forum and edited/ added things. The Plot of the original story was of a small boy who agrees to go work on a farm for a family friend and take part in an experiment that has him ultimately grow HUGE! He also falls in love with the a college Boy who is working as an assurance for the experiment. Among other crazy things ultimately happening. If anyone can assist me either with copies of the original or when the titles he gave the story when he published them that would be great.
  2. *Forgot the add this prior to posting. This story was not written by me but by my buddy CaptainMuscle. This will probably be the last story I’ll be posting in his behalf but I’ll still be editing his work. So please look forward to his posts and thanks for the support. As always enjoy & tell us what you think. ————————————— Muscle Scent by CaptainMuscle, edited by vga518 OK so I have this thing that I can do that; you know what I’ll just explain it to you from the beginning. I was running late that day so I left in a hurry from my apartment. I ran down the stairs and greeted our doorman Craig. He was a nice guy. we’ve partied a few times at the nightclub a few blocks over. “Hey Jake you got a package here the Fedex guy dropped off.” Jake said I walked over to him and grabbed the package from him. “What’s that smell?” Jake said. I noticed that at the end of that sentence his voice lowered. Then he went stiff and started to grow. Every muscle started to expand and explode outward. His uniform was starting to rip down the seams of the jacket and pants. Revealing a poser?! He was moving again and was starting to pose. “Oh yeah! Look at these bi’s dude!” Jake said as he did a double bicep pose followed by flexing his quads. “Check out these massive quads little man!” WHAT IS GOING ON?! I thought to myself. He literally just grew out of nowhere. “My Mr. Quinn” I turned around and Greg my neighbor from my floor waved at me. “Oh my god that smell…….” Almost instantly he exploded with muscle everywhere. His massive glutes and huge muscular chest pulsing with new massive muscle. His clothing ripping off revealing another poser and Greg just like Jake started posing. “Gawd look at my pecs! I can barely see over them dude!” He turned around and flexed his glutes revealing a shredded bubble butt. Looking at them they both had massive boners. You could also see the pre cum dripping from them. “OH YEAH! Fucking huge dude! Hey Jake check this out!” They both go into a posing contest then they started kissing each other and then mailman walks in as I ran out. “Oh god that………” RRIIIPPPPP “Such massive delts!” I could hear him say as I ran away. What the fuck was happening?! Three men just exploded with muscle! As I got outside I ran around the corner and into 2 police officers. “Whoa sir slow…….what is that smell?” they both say and just like the other 3 guys, there was ripping and moaning and groaning. As the 2 officers exploded with new muscle their uniforms gone, now showing nice sparkling posers. “Yeah Rick look how ripped and shredded my abs are!” “Oh yeah my cock is so rock hard and big Steve. We’re so massive!” They both grabbed each other and started making out. Feeling each other up while also grabbing each others new muscular bodies. Oh my god I need to get FAR away from here! The smell must be coming from me. I lift up my arm and smell my armpit and BAM! I explode in size new muscle forming and growing. Muscles jutting out everywhere. My jeans ripping down the seams revealing massive tree trunk quads and a shiny poser where my boxers once were. What the hell………. “Oh yeah my huge bi’s and massive horseshoe triceps!” I start flexing and posing running my hands up and down my abs and chest. “Oh my cock, is so huge it’s dripping pre all over the place.” I start posing right there as a guy comes around the corner. “Hey dude watch where your………. OH GAWD YEAH!” RRRRIIIIPPPPPP dude look at my calves! Dude I need your cock NOW! I push the now massive stranger into the alley and I pull down his now only piece of clothing his poser and shove my massive cock into his rock hard ass and start driving my massive prick in and out of his eager glutes. Listening to him moan and groan with pleasure with each thrust. “Oh yeah… oh oh god yeah! Dude were so buff!” He grabs his massive cock and starts masturbating while I fuck his muscular butt. While that's happening 2 men walked outside from the building a few feet from where we were currently fucking. “Oh WHAT THE FUCK really right……….. OOOOOHhhhhhhh gawd RRRRRIIIPPPPPP YEAH!” Both screamed as they revealed their new muscular bodies. They both walked towards us with there muscle struts and new posers. One walked in front of the stranger and face fucked him while the other walked around behind me and shoved his muscled up cock into my massive bubble butt. I let out a massive moan as we all fucked each other for what seemed like hours. That is what happened to me. Whenever I get near someone they smell my muscle scent and exploded in growth. I know we’re doing this interview over the phone but I need to spread my growth. I’m right outside your private office. I need to make you grow, NOW!
  3. vga518

    Muscle Pack- MGSS

    More stories are coming. I just have to proofread and edit them.
  4. vga518

    Muscle Pack- MGSS

    Hello everyone. Here again with another Short Story provided by Captain Muscle. I hope I was able to do this story justice with the editing. Enjoy! Muscle Pack by Captain Muscle So there’s this urban legend about this video. I’m not really sure what it shows cause I’ve never seen it. I heard about it a week ago and have been obsessed with trying to find it ever since. All I heard is that it will change my life! I’ve also heard stories about what it does to people. It was used to make super soldiers for the military however it changed more than just the soldier’s physical appearance. So they scrapped the project. But the rumors are that a scientist made a copy of this “video” and put it on the net. So I’ve been looking for said video since then. RING…. RING…. RING…. I reached for my cell and tapped the Answer button. “Hello?” “Is this Jake?” The mysterious voice said “Ye…. yes, this is, who’s this?” I say. “Never mind that I have what you’ve been looking for. I sent an encrypted email. one warning however! This “video” will WILL change you in more ways than one. It’s also VERY contagious.” CLICK “Hello?? HELLO??!!” “Fucker hung up!” Even with the mysterious guys warning I still wanted to check out the “video”. But I was still a little hesitant, I mean what was it going to do or change and what did he mean by contagious? I opened my email and saw the email with a zip file attached. I saved the zip file to my computer just in case anything happened to the email. I was shaking with excitement as the file unzipped. I backed up the zipped file and opened the folder with the video. The video was labeled Growth.m4v, and I doubled clicked on it. It started with a large man sitting down naked, he grabbed his hard cock and started to masturbate. He looked at the camera and said “GROW!” That’s when I went into a trance and unzipped my fly and noticed my cock was hard as steel. Throbbing and pulsing with pre cum dripping from the pulsing head. The guy on the video kept saying “GROW” as he was pumping his cock. With each time he said the word a pulse shot through me with my muscles flexing and unflexing. He started saying it faster and faster and I kept throbbing and pulsing. Still in a trance my muscles started expanding and growing all over my body. I was growing and growing as cum was shooting out of my steel cock. Muscle growing onto muscle, my biceps growing so large that a split peak was forming. Quads so large I would no longer be able to wear pants or boxers. Pecs so thick and full of muscle they looked like I could milk them. The video finally ended and I was finally out of the trance. I shook my head like I had been asleep for years. I lifted my heavy arm to my forehead and saw my massive bicep bulge and a split peak pop into view. I shot up and turned to look in the mirror and saw my cock flopping around swinging like a pendulum. “HOLY SHIT IT’S FUCKIN’ HUGE!” I grabbed it and went stiff as a board as the feeling of my hand touching my now gigantic cock shot right through me with a jolt of sexual pleasure so hard that I shot a massive load all over the mirror and floor. “Shit! That was amazing! What the hell happened, that video turned me into a freak.” I started feeling my huge ass pecs and my extremely cut abs. “Fuck my lats are just SO wide! I look fucking hot!” KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK…. “Hey Jake it’s me, Guy! Your dad let me in.” Guy just walked right in on all my muscle and cock hanging out. “FUCKING HELL JAKE what happened to you!” Guy walked toward me as he slipped on my cum from earlier and fell getting it all over him. I saw the cum disappear into him like it was being absorbed. He went into a trance like I did earlier and unzipped his fly as his cock popped out dripping cum. He then started repeating what the guy on the video was saying. “GROW, GROW, GROW, GROW!” I went into another trance as Guy was repeating that word. Growing all while my cock was spurting cum all over the place. Guy finally reaching where I was growth wise earlier was now out of the trance along with me. “Dude what the fuck! I’m HOT, so are you master!” Master? What the hell? “Guy you ok?” “Master you made me I’m your beta you’re my alpha. I obey you.” I kind of shake my head in a “what the fuck is happening” kind of way. OK so a few things. When someone touches my cum they start to go through what Guy went through. Then they join my what? Pack? I kind of laughed out loud thinking to myself; “The Muscle Pack”. “Guy scoop up the remaining cum into that water bottle, we got some betas to make.” “Yes Master!” “Don’t call me that, call me Jake like you always used to like pre muscle.” I kind of rolled my eyes. “Yes Mast……. I mean Yes Jake!” I jogged down the steps into the kitchen with Guy behind me. My dad was making breakfast not even realizing that I’m now way larger than a super heavyweight bodybuilding and not wearing any clothing. “Hey Son you hungry!? Got scrambled eggs and bacon.” Guy quickly ran up to him and dumped some of my Cum on him. “HEY GUY What the fuck!!?” “Sorry Jake but you said you wanted to make more Betas. Plus, your Dad is really hot!” “True we need more Betas but I wasn’t planning on making my Dad one. On a side note EW that you find him……I’m not gonna even say that word and my Dad in the same sentence.” What I didn’t realize was that Guy had also immediately imprinted on my Dad upon entering the kitchen. After Twilight I don’t think I need to explain what “Imprinting” is. Guy was really just looking to make his soulmate like him. My Dad was locked in a trance and jacking off as he started saying that word like Guy did earlier. “GROW, GROW, GROW, GROW!” Muscles everywhere exploding like Guy’s did earlier. As Guy bent over to make sure my now massive Dad was ok I found myself staring at Guy’s now incredibly muscular bubble butt. My cock starting to plump up and harden the longer I stared. I looked away and to make my cock stop. Thankfully my Dad came out of his trance as my 2nd beta in my “Muscle Pack”. “Master thank you for this gift!” “Dad PLEASE for the love of God please don’t call me Master! It’s really gross, just call my son or Jake.” “Ok son thank you for this amazing gift.” He turned and looked at Guy and they stared at each other for what seemed like hours. They then started making out right there in the kitchen. “Mr. Kennedy you’re so hot I just can ‘t even!” “Guy I’ve always found you to be quite handsome. Now I need to plow your muscular ass RIGHT NOW!” He turned Guy around and shoved his rock hard ramrod into Guy’s egger ass. Pumping into and out with pre splashing all over the place. Well those 2 did that I had to plan what to do next and to understand what exactly is going on here.
  5. The Link doesn't show anything :'(
  6. It has been a while but posting another short story on behalf of Captain Muscle. Comments are always welcome, any comments about spelling and editing should be directed to me. Any comments about the story proper should be directed to Captain Muscle. Comments help writers improve and provide you all with better MG Stories. But please enjoy this short story!! Testosterone Bomb- Muscle Growth Short Story So wasn’t a huge fan of bodybuilding or muscle in general. I mean yeah I had good genetics but never wanted to be massive like I am now. It had all started last week when a series of……you know what let’s start from the beginning. 1 Week Earlier I woke up last Monday to get ready for work. I started my normal morning routine, took a shower, made breakfast that kind of thing. I turned on the news while eating to see that a bomb had gone off. At the place I WORK no less! Fortunately, there were no casualties that I could tell. On the screen I could see what I thought was the cloud of smoke from the bomb encompass the entire news crew and building but there was no actual fire or explosion. It must have been some kind of gas or something. Then all the men on the street right there for the entire state to see and live on television started exploding in growth and I mean they were getting massive! They were growing and grabbing themselves on camera like they either didn’t care or didn’t notice. I heard A LOT of moaning and clothing ripping. A few of them started masturbating live on camera while the growth was happening. Then they interrupted their own news feed. “We are sorry that you have to see that folks! We pride ourselves on been family friendly. Once again we apologize. What we are apparently seeing is some kind of “bomb” that has gone off causing only the men to grow. Wait……. what……. OK! We just got word that another bomb has gone off a few blocks away at the Wells Fargo Bank on Main street. Our own Steve Quinn who is live via phone call is on the scene from a distance as to not be in vicinity of the gas. STEVE can you hear me!?” “Yes Marilyn we are at a safe distance. We see people running from the building and the men are exploding with growth! They’re ALL growing! I don’t want to get to close as I don’t know what these “bigger men” would do. All the men are just so huge and are now walking around naked exposing themselves! Oh wait now there…. OH MY GOD!!!! They’re having sexual intercourse right there on the street all of them! OH [email protected]#K they saw me! [email protected]#K I gotta get out he………… BOOM! Other bomb goes off across the street right where Steve is and he gets caught in the gas. “Oh [email protected]#K Marilyn another bomb just we……ripppppppp arghhhhhh” “Steve, STEVE what’s happening!!” “Mmmmmm so big……rrriippppppp grrrrrrrr mmmmmmm. Marilyn…. I…. growing every…. ripppppppp aaaarrrrgghhh man in here……. Growing. RIRRRRRRRIIPPPPPPPPP!!! My thighs……so…… large, ass so rrrripppppppp huge! Need a guy to plow my meat pie. “CUT CUT!!! We've just received word that more of these so called “bombs” are going off all over the city and surrounding areas! Once again a series of “bombs” are going off all over the city and seem to only be effecting MEN! So we urge all Men in the area to be careful! More on this as it develops after the break!” I just sat there with the fork in my mouth as the commercials played out. Flabbergasted at what was happening! It was like something out of a science fiction movie or something. I mean men growing and getting huge, this must be a joke!? BOOM……BOOM I jolt up and looked out the window and saw a cloud of green gas spreading across the neighborhood. I could see Greg my neighbor from next door running outside and he literally just exploded and is now Massive Greg. I heard moaning and groaning like it was the zombie apocalypse. Greg was walking around with a HUGE boner spewing pre all over the street while Nick from across the street was masturbating to the apparent sight of Greg’s pre spewing boner. They both ran up to each other then Greg bent over and Nick shoved his massive ram rod into Greg. They'd started plowing each other right then and there! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Greg and Nick are or rather were straight to the point where they hated the LGBT community. Now they were both fucking each other on the street and WOW they were really going at it; like jack rabbits! Present Day Little did I know that I'd left the window open in the bathroom so a large amount of the gas was wafting into my house really fast. 1 Week Earlier I stepped off the couch after seeing Nick and Greg going at it when I felt the cold embrace of something. Looking down it was the gas! I tried running but it was too late. I exploded in growth, my work suit expanding and ripping apart at the seams. My now huge cock flopped out and started dripping pre all over the floor. Thoughts of muscle, growing and fucking other men flooding my mind. My height increased from 5 feet 9 inches to 10 feet. My entire body was just massive. I could feel my glutes enlarge, the feeling of them while I walked was amazing! My thighs became cut and bigger then tree trunks. My traps swallowed my neck as my jaw became nice and square. My shoulders broadened and became bigger then bowling balls. My arms so engrossed with muscular growth they bulged like crazy. I ripped open my front door and ran outside and saw one of my other neighbors Rick who had also just finished growing. We ran towards each other and he bent over showing me his glorious hole and I shoved my now massive prick into it. Filling him with my muscle cum! Present Day Now I wasn’t Gay before but I am now! Seems these bombs were set off by a group of people that stole them from the government. The government made these Testosterone Bombs for war. They could drop them on their rival’s countries and cause a riot with all the men growing into Muscle Whores. Only they scrapped the idea but never destroyed the bombs. Cut to a few weeks ago and this group stole them and set them off in the city. Every man in my city has become a Muscle Whore just like me! All I can think about is Muscle and fucking other guys. I have yet to experience forcing a normy to drink my cum. My kind has yet to try this. I say my kind cause we are restricted to the city while everyone else that didn’t change was relocated. Every once in a while they place a new recruit in our city it rarely happens but it’s nice to…. never mind...my mind went elsewhere just now it often does.
  7. vga518

    The Grow Fish

    He used to write on the old forum. Not a lot but the stories were always hot. Glad he was inspired to write this one.
  8. vga518

    The Grow Fish

    I enjoyed this story a lot!! Glad to see that you're writing again man! I look forward to more of this.
  9. vga518


    Something different but none the less hot as fuck! Thanks for the story.
  10. I am VERY happy that everyone is enjoying this. This format is an interesting and fun one that I'm using to convey the story. There will be more posted soon. Stay tuned.
  11. ​I was inspired a while back by one of GiganticBeast's many side projects and finally got around to making a little something. It's starting off a little slow but please bear with me. I do love me some muscle growth but I'm also a romantic and I wanted to convey that kind of story here. Enjoy, criticism and feedback are always welcome. A GROWING Relationship Pt 1: First Contact
  12. Nothing against the author. Your writing is great but I'm sadly done with this series. I bearly got passed part 8 before saying done. I grew up being bullied and with an alcoholic father so I hate jerk characters and the like. At first I didn't know where this was going, then I started to see where it was going and wasn't fond of it. Everyone has likes and dislikes and sadly I'm not a fond fan of the development that happened to Samuel's dad and how he's become the punching bag of now THREE men. Anyway to the author I give you nothing but good luck on the rest of this series and to the fans of it enjoy it.
  13. Wow this was AMAZING! Very different and fun. I'd like to hope that this continues but if it doesn't it was still a great story.
  14. I don't know where this is going but I am intrigued. My heart goes out to the protagonist though. I look forward to reading more of this. *Edit: My one critique is that 5'8" and 130 is nowhere NEAR 'total shrimp' level speaking as someone who is 5'9" & 160 lbs.
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